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  1. I gave up on trying to sound that one out. Can someone help me figure how you can remotely get Noel out of those letters?
  2. Trekbike

    Hulu for 99 cents a month

    Well crap, I missed the offer by just over an hour. Ended at 12:00 central from what I can tell.
  3. Trekbike


  4. Trekbike

    What kind of car is this?

    Kia has been knocking off styling features from Lexus for several years now, why not go ahead and use basically the same logo but rotate it a little. (I say that assuming that Lexus used the logo first, without doing an internet search as to which logo came first, but my money is on Lexus.)
  5. Trekbike

    The birthday fairy brought me a smoker....

    203F, Spoken with the precision of a true engineer. At first I thought you meant to type 230F, but when you typed it twice, it made me think differently.
  6. Trekbike

    Firearms burnout

    I don't shoot much lately, and haven't reloaded in quite a while. Thinking back on it, I believe the decline for me started back a several years ago when we got into the "ammo supply crisis". Ammo and reloading supplies being scarce, or non-existent (mainly .22LRs), I went into full conservation mode so that I didn't use up what I had on hand in case the supply didn't start flowing again . Once you get in the habit of not doing something, it's hard to get back into it.
  7. Trekbike

    1965 IH Scout 80 Project Truck

    I get what you're saying on hating governmental mandates. Take the new back up camera requirement on new cars as of May 2018, totally unnecessary requirement. With that said, I do think the seatbelt requirement was one of the few that makes sense in my mind.
  8. Trekbike

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    I haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, but wanted to comment specifically on your comment. Being that TGO is an internet gun forum, unless someone specifically revels it in some form, no-one knows what race or gender someone is. We all start out on equal grounds and you are included or excluded by others in the forum by what you say in post comments. So to me, your inclusion into the group is for the most part, up to that individual. Yes, from time to time you meet other members at gun shops, face to face purchases, range meets, etc. but that is going to be very limited. This is kind of like a blind date over the internet, you get to know a little bit about the person first, then maybe at some point you learn what that person looks like. Yes, you can make assumptions and generalizations about someone's race (gun forum = white male), but to me race plays no part in welcoming someone to TGO, because I don't know their race.
  9. Trekbike

    Meet or don't meet

    Yep. Had an issue a couple of years ago with a seller that clearly backed out after full agreement of the sale terms. I discussed it with the Mods and the decision was to leave Negative feedback to the seller. If the person starts getting bad feedback, the problem will generally take care of itself by folks not willing to do business with them.
  10. Trekbike

    High Shooting in Texas

    Kinda makes the tinfoil hat wearing folks go hmm...
  11. Trekbike

    Yeti might win the Darwin Award....

    Yeah, I bet they will regret that one big time if people boycott them enough. They're way overpriced anyway. I my experience RTIC performs just as well at a lower price.
  12. Trekbike

    Waffle House Shooting-Nashville

    Yeah, kinda like the old saying, "not much good happens after midnight"...
  13. Trekbike

    School me on AR-15s UPDATE: I got one!

    I wish you the best in trying to abide by that statement, LOL. Unless you have tremendous will power, you'll be selling things to support your new found habit.

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