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  1. Yeah, I don't shoot there often. For clarification they only make you purchase ammo from them if you use one of their rental guns. Otherwise they just don't want you using reloads.
  2. Thing is, unless they've changed their policy, RR doesn't allow you to shoot reloads on their range. Good thing I have empty factory boxes.
  3. Correct, no coding. Yep, no excuse now.
  4. Technician at this point. Thinking about taking the General at some point to be able to get into some of the HF bands, but I want to get my "feet wet" first.
  5. It wasn't hard I guess, but I really studied since I wanted to learn the material. Got a 100. Used both the ARRL book and an app to take the section quizzes and sample tests.
  6. I took it down in Murfreesboro with the Stones River club since it was the closest one to Nashville at the time. I don't remember how they said they submit. They did said it would be at least the Tuesday after the test for them to submit. Checked again just now and nothing is showing up yet.
  7. I took my exam last weekend so it will be about another 1-2 weeks before I get my call sign. I got a Baofeng BF-F8HP a couple of weeks and have gotten a few accessories/upgrades so far. Thankfully I live pretty close to a good repeater. Looking to join the Nashville ARC club since they're the ones I been listening to the most.
  8. Take a look at some of the knives from Zero Tolerance. They are nice quality and not too expensive. A good number of them are spring assist flippers, if that makes any difference to you. (Typically these are not considered auto knives in most places, YMMV)
  9. Yeager know you took some of his dirt?
  10. Nice find. Not sure that's going to be topped in this thread.
  11. Sir, we do not kid, we are a very serious bunch.
  12. Looks that way on a Samsung S9 too.
  13. Maybe it's just the lighting in the photo that makes it looked blued. Either that, or Legion is jerking us around on purpose and did some Photoshop work. I checked again on Colt's site and they are still just showing SS.
  14. We got a phone message yesterday from Costco saying we bought some of the peaches that were suspect. That purchase was a couple of weeks ago so the peaches are long gone and now sitting somewhere in the sewer....
  15. What kind of jack-leg hicks are you guys? A real gun guy knows to use the Gorilla brand duct tape.

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