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  1. I think you'll see more and more unruly bahavor at all sporting events since society in general is a much less polite and well behaved populous than in times past.
  2. Never seen an RV puling a Huey as a Toad.
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers sent.
  4. Make sure you leave some time to enjoy that motorcycle you got recently.
  5. Did you let him stick around and partake in the ice cream? That would have been the neighborly thing to do.
  6. I voted for navy vintage as well for the looks, but feel the dark background and white lettering is harder to read than white background and dark letters.
  7. Sorry, I believe that would be my fault with post #3.
  8. The loss in grain production will be offset by the increased pressure from the greenies to reduce the public consumption of grain fed livestock. Better start liking that lab grown meat and veggie burgers.
  9. Johnny B will be at the station as long as Johnny B wants to be there IMO. No offense to Dan or Pamela, but I don't think either one is a good choice for that spot, just a personal preference. I know by no means that he is ready or capable at this point, but his son Campbell that he did the Podgoats podcast with wants to get into the "industry".
  10. Several weeks ago they had a guy named Brad Staggs fill in for a week or so and he did a good job IMO. He currently does a podcast called The Daily MoJo. I don't remember the details, but Brad and Phil had a previous work connection I believe. I'm going to miss Phil on my 50-60 minute drive home commute. Been listening to him for almost 20 years. RIP Uncle Phil
  11. For those short on time and therefore unable to read the response letter to the ATF, I can summarize the letter for you in three words, "go pound sand"...
  12. Yeah, ditto what Greg said, you need to practice on what you'll be riding, Just take it slow and you'll be fine, Though with a bike that nice, I'd stay out of tight single track trails, etc. if it were me.
  13. Based on Mr Rotten's intel of the triple axle, that puts it in the highest size/weight category I believe. It's almost a guarantee he was over the GVWR for a F250. That one bites a bunch of folks in the butt since everyone seems to focus on the towing capacity. From what I've heard, if you have an accident, they're going to check, and if you're over the GVWR, it's a pretty good chance your insurance claim gets denied.


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