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  1. Several questions. What is the manufacturing date of the P365? There has been some past complaints on light primer strikes with certain dates onthe 365s. Sig has done several design changes on the strikers over the past couple of years. Go over to SigTalk and do some searching on the P365 sub forum. Have you gotten any oil or grease in the striker channel? If so, clean that out since that can cause the issue. You mentioned switching to some Federal ammo, and didn't have the problem. Was that also NATO ammo? Just as a general comment, NATO ammo typically will have a harder primer than other ammo, but your pistol should still fire it. I have a P365 from 5/18 and haven't had issues with 124g NATO ammo that I can recall, but I mainly shoot 147's through mine. If you continue to have the problem, call Sig back. You can't always judge a company's customer service quality by one person. All companies have some crappy employees. The next person you talk to might be more interested in helping you.
  2. Not related to the virus, but in our house when you run out of TP on the toilet, we holler out, "code white!!", which means somebody bring me some TP.
  3. Not sure why everybody seems to be more panicked about TP, rather than food. If you don't have much food to eat, you sure won't need much TP. Nothing in, equals nothing out...
  4. I have one of the base models (19109) I got back in Dec in 40 S&W since I have a crap ton of it and wanted a little more "power" than the 9mm. I highly recommend the rifle in whatever configuration you like. It is a quality built rifle in my opinion. Seems to hold zero when you break down the rifle. I put an extended mag release on mine (you'll see why if you get one). I also put a Vortex Crossfire compact red dot on it. It's a hoot to shoot. They have many variants, so be sure not to get one of the State Compliant ones like you linked unless your location requires it.
  5. Heard that was very common right now. The XL I shot had the Shield RMSc.
  6. I'd lean towards the Sig out two listed if it were me. I know you mentioned carry was not a big factor right now, but you might want to also take a look at the Sig P365 XL with the Romeo Zero. I have the P365 and really like it. I have shot the XL with optics and it's a very nice shootable package. Both can accept the 15 round mags. I carry mine with the 12 rnd and the 15 as a spare.
  7. Anybody got any VV N320 powder they're looking to part with in the Nashville area? Not in a bad need, just looking to put a little more back.
  8. Checked out the options on the HST and noticed that you are required to be either an active LEO or a Law Enforcement Agency. They ask you to check one of the boxes. Being the law abiding citizen that I am, I guess that disqualifies me to purchase.
  9. Nice detailed report! As you mentioned, that mag release does look small. Also looks too far forward and close to the trigger guard, at least based on your photo since I haven't handled one.
  10. I haven't watched. Anybody take a knee yet during the National Anthem?
  11. Ha... Kinda like asking someone if they want to sell their willing multi-million Powerball ticket they haven't claimed yet.
  12. I'd rather discuss the proper vs general populas usage of a term than the 2020 election. I'm so done with the with politics right now an RMR discussion is refreshing.
  13. You missed my point. My use of the word "correctly" wasn't probably the best choice. I'll try to clarify the point I was trying to make. Yes, Trijicon has a registered trademark for RMR, which stands for Ruggedized Miniature Reflex. Holosun which you referenced, makes similar optics which they are not allowed to call it an RMR due to the trademark, so they call it an Open Reflex Sight which is a generic term. Is the Holosun rugged, yes. Is it a miniature size, yes. Is it a reflex optic, yes. I hear and see others use the term RMR generically to refer to this type of optic. Is it correct, no. But the same thing happens all the time with other products. I used Band-Aid and Kleenex as examples of the most widely used terms for an adhesive bandage and a tissue. Is that correct, no but people use it none the less. Back to RMR, to me that's the quickest way for people to identify what type of "red dot" is being referenced rather than an open reflex optic or a "tubular" type red dot. Just like the OP's title and lead post using the term RMR. It's just convenient. That's all I was trying to say.
  14. My understanding is that the RMR came from Ruggedized Miniature Reflex so yes, RMR can be correctly applied to any red dot of this style. Kinda like Band-aid and Kleenex.

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