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  1. Nice shooting! Does anyone know her true stance on 2A matters? Just wondering if she pro 2A, or just willing to profit off making movies using guns like that hypocrite Liam Neeson?
  2. Well, I guess Mr. Becker's comment that I quoted is misleading IMO. I will though stand by my comment "good luck with telling folks in Alaska and Montana they can't carry a firearm", maybe just not in connection with this story.
  3. The US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit just ruled that THERE IS NO RIGHT TO CARRY – either openly or concealed in public. This ruling impacts RTC laws in AK, HI, CA, AZ, OR, WA, & MT Can't comment for for all the states listed, but good luck telling the folks in Alaska and Montana they can't carry a firearm...
  4. From Warrior Poet Society. Not cheap but very portable and versatile, IMO. https://youtu.be/yBHABJoHRNo
  5. Setting the cover aside which is bad enough, that one is more difficult than some due to the longer length of the arms of the star.
  6. I love my warrior as well. If you're wanting something for the vehicle, you might want to consider the Prerun 2 (headlamp model). Great output level and hands free if you need to do something on your vehicle at night. Due to the 90 deg design, it can can be taken off the head strap and clipped on a backpack or shoulder strap, etc. Very compact. Head strap is top quality. Highly recommended IMO. https://www.olightstore.com/perun-2-black.html
  7. @hipower. After the thread title got changed to "wrong forum", one might wonder what exactly you were referring to in your post. It certainly doesn't sound like a Walther...
  8. The DBJ-2 is the antenna I mentioned in my previous post. For reference that particular model is designed for backpacking/field use and is not intended to be "permanently" mounted outside base antenna for several reasons. Dr. Fong's DBJ-1 is what you would need if you want to use it as a base J-Pole antenna. With that said, a J-Pole design is a little more limiting than a ground plane vertical antenna, so for a base antenna I would recommend the ground plane route. If interested, just let me know and I can throw out some antenna suggestions. Another option if you are s
  9. Just to give you a frame of reference, I'm around 700' and participate in a 2m simplex net, and the net controller is out of Mt. Juliet so he is about 26 miles away from me. I think he is in the 900'-ish elevation range with a good base antenna. I can talk to him easily off my 5w HT using an dual band J Pole roll up emergency antenna. It's more about elevation, a good antenna, and no major obstructions between stations, than power. Obviously power helps but is only one component. You will lose some range since you'll be UHF compared to 2m VHF.
  10. I'm in the camp of the smaller capacity generators (2200W-ish) rather than the larger capacity ones that will power most, if not all, of the house. The larger generators are more of a "fuel hog" than the smaller generators. I'm of the mindset, I'd rather have a more limited amount of power for a longer period of time, than more power than I would likely need in an emergency, for a shorter period of time. Mine is a converted tri-fuel unit. In the event the power is off, I'm going to be in conservation mode so my energy requirements will be on the minimal side. Cooking will b
  11. For reference what are the distances and elevations of each area you're trying to reach? I got in ham radio in September of last year and have really been surprised how far you can simplex on 2m given decent elevation and a good antenna setup.
  12. I know you're looking for a puppy but throwing this out there just in case. Bio says a little over 3 years old. I'm sure she's a mix but don't know any history. My wife and I helped foster quite a bit in the past for this rescue group. Haven't fostered in a while because of "life". Ended up with three permanent fosters that we have, so it makes it hard to take in fosters now. The link below should go directly to the dog "Lizzie" mentioned above, but you can look through all the dogs by clicking on the "dog's tab" on the left, then "available dogs". https://proverbs12


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