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  1. Now that's a word you don't hear very often, especially on TGO.
  2. Tercel89 has a model 17 Gen 3 for sale.
  3. The way I'm seeing this is the Dems need Biden to get the more moderate votes. All the future efforts will be placed in the VP pick. Assuming Joe gets elected, shortly after the election, he steps down as not being able to fill the duties of the job. Then their VP is able to take over and start implementing their "plan".
  4. He means get into reloading your own ammo. In the case of 300 blackout, it's based on the .223/5.56 brass that is shortened. I don't do it personally since I don't use that caliber, but hear it's not that difficult to convert the brass. Reloading your own ammo really opens up your options for ammo supply and is a great hobby to expand your shooting fun. You can shoot more for the same amount of money once you have your equipment.
  5. Shake awake for shake and bake...
  6. What's your opinion if it was one of the orange colored ones they offer? Wouldn't that kinda be like the orange tips on the barrel that toys are supposed to have?
  7. Just a heads up that date in the thread title appears to be the wrong month.
  8. Congrats! Noticed that you used the past tense when referring the training so I guess you're good to go. Hopefully you weren't a slow learner.
  9. Thx but looking for the black base. My normal source, Osage County Guns typically has them for $38.99 but is out of stock. A few places have them for $42-44 but also hoping someone had some gently used ones for sale.
  10. I understand the concept of making the window a little less rigid to lessen breakage if the rioter didn't have something like a crowbar, etc. Is there any information you can link that tests the concept? I did some very quick searching and didn't come across anything. Not saying this is incorrect info, just wanting to educate myself.
  11. Checking to see if anyone has any 12 or 15 round Sig P365 mags they're looking to sell.
  12. I would say the 365 is very shootable. It's hard to really give you a comparison since I had one of the (15) .40 cal Shields in the country. . So I changed from 16 rnds of .40 with a spare +1 mag, to 28 rnds of 9 mm with the 12 rnd mag in the gun and the 15 rnd spare mag.
  13. Yep, I'm a P365 convert as well. Transitioned from a Shield and really like the extra round count.
  14. Sounds like you don't have the proper priorities... I actually shoot a lot less than I use to. Some of that is due to being in conservation mode given today's climate.

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