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  1. Did y'all know that contrary to popular belief, a one legged duck does not swim in circles.
  2. Not my quote but it seems appropriate. "The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go together, and the memories you make.
  3. Nice looking ride. When does the "Now, a bike for mom" get posted? Get her one and that qualifies you guys as a gang, I believe.
  4. Before the days of Covid you could've asked him to let you double on the back.
  5. One Year After and The Final Day.
  6. I added a doorbell camera to my security system and got several benefits from it. I then added several outside cameras so I could see when someone comes on our property. Totally sold on the benefit of having them. Regardless of whether it could be used to determine who a criminal is, it allows you to see who is on your property, who just rang your doorbell, what just got delivered and whether the person treated the package properly, when someone you're expecting has arrived, when someone is around your house at night, check from work if it's actually raining at your house and will be able to mow when you get home, etc. Basic all around early warning system.
  7. Whenever I show stuff like this to my wife, the usual response is a question. What are you 12? But I show her anyway. If the shoe fits...
  8. Do you already have a overall home security system? Having systems that are compatible with each other makes life much easier than having a bunch of different apps to use. Some folks don't plan ahead well and end up with a home security system, outside cameras, video doorbell, etc. and none interface with each other.
  9. At least for me, after adding the red dot, it was twice as fun to shoot and much more accurate. YMMV.
  10. You know what they say... Pics or it didn't happen.
  11. I got a .40 cal version about 2 years ago. I wanted a .40 because I wanted a little more power than the 9mm plus I had plenty of ammo. I ended up adding a red dot because my eyes didn't agree with the "scout" rear sight position. I also changed out the mag release button because the stock one sucks. Overall I like the rifle and would purchase again.
  12. I wouldn't know anything about that but have I ever told you guys about the time that I was flying with Brian Williams in a helicopter over in Iraq? I think the year was 2003, we were taking enemy fire and forced to land. Brian and I barely made it out alive....
  13. Yes, I was specifically referencing international shipping for DHL. I believe they are the preferred shipper for most European countries from what I've seen. They are based out of Germany.
  14. Just for reference if you have to deal with an International shipment, DHL is awesome based on my past experiences. My latest shipment through them was from Estonia and I got it either 3 or 4 days (back last year so I don't remember for sure). The speed at which it was traveling across Europe prior to getting on a plane was impressive. The shipping charge was around $23 USD.
  15. Where there's a will there's a way... when you have a dire need. Link below, but in summary a 10 lane bridge (I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge) crossing the Mississippi River up in Minnesota was constructed in less than a year due to the collapse of the old bridge. Bridge construction started 10/30/07 Bridge opened 9/18/08 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-35W_Saint_Anthony_Falls_Bridge#:~:text=Minneapolis%2C Minnesota%2C U.S.&text=The I-35W Saint Anthony,collapsed on August 1%2C 2007.


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