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  1. Since this is already a little off topic, I use a Gum Creek mount to solve the problem you referenced. Explanation in the video link if you're not familiar. If you're interested they have 10% sale and free shipping, but it ends today. https://youtu.be/xpTpcFGWBJc
  2. I guess I'm too late to the party. I'm assuming not seeing the original post/image is a good thing...
  3. You know, it's one of them that the person you're aiming it at, stares into the end of the barrel before it goes bang...
  4. Since the Shield is already a decent pistol especially for the price, I tend to agree with other on spending your money on ammo and practice time for the most part. There is one mod I added to mine that I really like and it was the Samson mag well for the extended mags. I posted about it here. As mentioned, as long as you plan to use the extended mags, I think it's worthwhile in my opinion. If you plan to run the flush mag sometimes, disregard. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/109509-mp-shield-magwell-samson-mfg/?tab=comments#comment-1516368
  5. @gfd_703You mean like this one that's in Nashville no less? https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/110768-wilson-combat-edc-x9-railed-ambi-grayblack/
  6. Just curious, your comment led me to think you don't subscribe to the "Young Earth" theory, correct?
  7. So sorry to hear this update. I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.
  8. Just as additional heads up for folks regarding passport renewals, some countries won't accept passports that are due to expire within 6 months from your last travel date.
  9. SGAmmo fan as well. Decent prices on the stuff I need, and quick shipments.
  10. I've been with Farm Bureau for quite a while since their rates have been reasonable at least in my case. Throughout the years, low drama on the claims I've had for both auto and homeowners. They've always worked things out to my satisfaction.
  11. You might get more action if this was in the Gear section since that's where most post ammo for sale..
  12. We use Vipre at work and it's always done a good job and doesn't have all the "bloat" like some programs.
  13. It may just be me but it seems all of Ruger's pistols over the last couple of years are a tad on the homely side. Not Hi Point ugly by any means, just not appealing to me. Yes, I know that looks shouldn't be a real factor in choosing a quality pistol, but most people do allow looks to play a bigger factor than we probably should.
  14. Since they seem to be pushing the "rebuild" option, does that mean that replacing the slide for fee, if defective, is no longer a possibility?

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