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  1. Assuming you type at the normal rate and including a quick proof, I figure you have 17.5 mins left on your aloted speaking time.
  2. Yep, just unplug. I've become a lot more disconnected with the news ever since I got into ham radios back in September. I use to listen to talk radio on my 45 min commute in the mornings and it kept me worked up. Now I interact with a great bunch of guys from about 5:30am to 6:00 to just cut up and have a good time. At 6:00 am we have a Bible study net with about 30 folks on the 147.015 Nashville repeater where we pray for each other, read the Bible, and then comment if you want. It's been a great blessing in my life. If anyone is interested, but isn't a ham, the repeater i
  3. I'm not a gamer nor a IT person so I can't add value to your processor question, other than totally agree the video card is the key to a good system just based on what I know for CAD workstations. Just wondering if the PC will be used for other things (school work, etc.), or will it be just for gaming? If just for gaming, is there an advantage of a PC over a game console?
  4. Do you have any friends that have a red dot setup you can at least try to see how it works for you? It does take a little getting used to based on my experience with shooting a friend's pistol, but I think the proliferation of EDC red dot's over the last several years isn't just a fad. Folks have found them to be beneficial for several reasons. While I don't currently have a an EDC red dot pistol, it's not because I don't think they are a good idea, I just haven't got one yet. Maybe some day.
  5. One use of the drug is a heartworm preventative in dogs unless I'm mistaken.
  6. Somewhat off topic of your question., but is that a smooth bore or rifled barrel?
  7. Just about everything comes with a risk. Not taking a vaccine has a risk, just like taking the vaccine has a risk, as we will see once it becomes widely available. As we have seen with the virus to this point, unless you are in a high risk demographic group, your chance of being very ill or dying is extremely low. In that case, most likely feel there is less risk in not taking the shot until more is known. I know I have an aversion to being a guinea pig.
  8. Wife is a nurse at a surgery center. Same at her employer with the flu shot. Nurses not taking it had to wear a mask. Now since everyone has to wear a mask regardless, it took that sigma away.
  9. There will likely be some legal challenges on forced vaccines due to certain medical conditions. What if the employee has Guillain Barre Syndrome for example? I don't know much about it but have heard they are not advised to take vaccines like flu shots, which I would think would fall into the same category as a covid vaccine. I'm sure there are other medical conditions that limit one's ability to get a vaccine. What if the employee already had covid and has been tested and shown to have antibodies to fight the virus? That's the purpose of a vaccine, to develop antibodies
  10. Beautiful display and collection. Not sure if the rack and rifles, or the word in red above made me say, "oh my..."
  11. Don't disagree on that statement, but he is definitely less hostile towards 2A than Biden's plan he has posted on his website. Link below. https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/
  12. Yeah, I don't shoot there often. For clarification they only make you purchase ammo from them if you use one of their rental guns. Otherwise they just don't want you using reloads.
  13. Thing is, unless they've changed their policy, RR doesn't allow you to shoot reloads on their range. Good thing I have empty factory boxes.
  14. Correct, no coding. Yep, no excuse now.


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