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  1. +1 on that for sure. In the early 90's I bought my wife a Plymouth Voyager since we had two young kids and needed a minivan. Read all the reports about the bad transmissions, but was assured that the factory had fixed that with the new design. The first transmission crapped out just out of the 60K warranty so I had to fight with them to get them to cover the majority of the repair cost since I had brought it in with a reported problem around 35K miles. About 60K later again that transmission crapped out. So two transmissions by 120K. At this point I was kinda stuck with a vehicle with a blown trans, so I put in another one since it was cheaper than a "new car". I'm thinking around 50K later it blew a head gasket and I was done with Plymouth/Chrysler/Dodge vehicles. I guess you could give me one now, but I won't buy one with my own money.
  2. I would agree that's a more appropriate use of the name.
  3. Yeah, that "just looking" intent turns into a purchase about 75% of the time on most items, about 90% of the time firearms are involved...
  4. Yeah sometime the folks in the marketing dept at SA make me wonder. Not that it would be a deciding purchase factor since I'm happy with my P365, but I'm not fond of the name Hellcat.
  5. Trekbike

    PC Advice

    Not sure what the total amount would add up to but you can add the above mentioned items to a laptop. Basically the best of both world, mobile when you need to, convenience of a full size keyboard, monitor, and mouse in the office. This is my setup at my work. I have a laptop for travel and home, but hook up to the other items when I'm in my work office.
  6. Trekbike

    PC Advice

    Are you set on getting a desktop, or is a laptop an option? If so, you probably can get more computer for less since they tend to go on sale quite often.
  7. Great to hear of the good progress so far. Highly understandable with his concern over his face. Hopefully he can focus on his recovery wound care so that he has the best healing possible. He's still on my prayer list.
  8. I currently use a Tuxton Tactical IWB/AIWB holster for my P365 w/the Lima laser. Attached pixs for reference. I've linked their page specifically for the XL version. https://www.tuxtontactical.com/shop/26730070/p365-xl-holsters Additionally you might want to check out Mutli-Holsters. They offer a version that is a IWB/OWB depending on the clips you use. I've gotten several other holsters from them over the years and have been pleased. They can be highly customized depending on what you want. https://www.multiholsters.com/shop/outside-the-waistband-holsters/2-in-1-multi-holster/
  9. Would the gun also have to function as a carry gun as well? If so, the G19 is probably the better choice of the group you've listed due to it's smaller size. If concealment size for carry is a concern, there are many excellent choices in the compact size category. My main carry used to be an M&P Shield, but have switched to a Sig P365.
  10. Sorry to hear about his accident. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Will be adding him to my prayer list.
  11. I'm seeing more and more people and businesses using Instagram over FB now.
  12. Whatever you do, don't hire this guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ7f-iitcAc
  13. When I read the part about the arthritic thumbs, the M&P Shield 380 EZ popped into my head as a good choice to check out. I agree the belly band is likely her best mode of carrying if she's not going to change the way she dresses. As far as the AR for home use, if she's intimidated by the AR, you might consider a 20 gauge shotgun.
  14. Looks like you're quite the troublemaker...
  15. Assuming it is rated for +P, I use Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 135g in my 642. https://www.speer-ammo.com/products/ammunition/gold-dot/gold-dot-short-barrel-personal-protection/23921gd

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