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  1. Try fermenting some of them. You can make a great fermented chili paste
  2. Well, I hate to break in to the Covid forum but I thought I would get some garden stuff going. Last weekend we got a start building our new greenhouse. It is a highwall (7.5') 24x48 structure. We did pretty good for a bunch of not very good layout folks. I hope to have it finished by the end of October. Still trying to decide if we are going to do in ground beds, or raised beds or maybe a combination. We like raised beds the most but they are expensive to build; especially now with the cost of lumber... Next year we will be adding a second layer of plastic and a fan to create an air gap betwee
  3. Commercial reloaders are presumed to have better (or at least verifiable) quality control. You also don't have to worry about them wanting to push the velocity limit. They want their ammo to be profitable and go bang every time.
  4. Ranges that use higher end bullet traps instead of rubber tire backstops have limits to the velocity of what the backstop can handle. Most of the ranges I've been to have a no reload and a max velocity limit on handgun ammo. Sometimes you have to ask. When I'm firing some of my larger caliber pistols I draw the attn of the range manager. I've never minded as I want the range to stick around and I don't want to needlessly damage equipment. Mark
  5. The new Outpost location is highly visible from I-24. It is a nice looking building. The Glockstore is close. I'm ready for it to be open. I have several customers who have their offices in the vicinity. I anticipate many lunch meetings with Glockstore receipts being turned in.
  6. 8 in a row... playing a real team this Saturday. Lifelong TN fan. They are back when the first 2 teams they played this year are being beat by 30-40 points. Wife is a Georgia grad. Most likely going to be a long weekend.
  7. You are squarely in HF Ham territory. Probably a lot easier to invest in Sat phones.
  8. And, they make a 10mm verison as well... I could see ditching the 33, 31 and AR pistol for a 20,29, and Flux 40 MOS combo for my on the road package... Very interesting...
  9. 357 Sig... Did someone say 357 sig??? Hmm... Lone Wolf makes a conversion barrel for the 35. I wonder if they would make one a couple of inches longer?
  10. This right here. No matter how much or how little you spend, you can't buy the ammo I load anywhere. And yes, it is kind of a pain to load different flavors of the same ammo to make the old rifle happy but somehow when I'm decently on target I seem to vaguely remember the angst in the distant past... I have a fair amount of factory ammo, both good and cheap flavors. I almost always buy ammo for my training classes. Most training companies require factory ammo for a variety of reasons and it is kind of a pain to watch 2500 - 3,000 rounds of my hard earned labor fly down the range on high r
  11. E4 No More: That may be the most over used and incorrect statement in the overall health care industry there is. Don't get your feathers ruffled because within the last 12 months I used to think the same thing. Please, no offense. You simply cannot get enough D3 via sunlight to move the needle 1/100th of 1 % in your blood serum. The only significant study done concerning D3 was research conducted back in the 20's and 30's on how to use D3 to cure ricketts. The eventual max dose out of that study was 400 IU was safe but since 100 IU would shut down Ricketts that became the maximum dose.
  12. I've looked for a 32 for quite a while. If the Gen 5 23 does show up soon I'm buying a barrel and calling it good...
  13. went to the store this evening. Didn't plan to but we are participating in a zoom dinner tomorrow night and we decided to splurge a little. Shelves were decently stocked. Was in and out in just a few minutes. 3rd visit in 2 months. Grayfox54 it sounds like you could do with a bottom of the line food saver. By those family packs to save money. Wild yeast is easy to harvest in our area. YouTube is your friend for that. Mark
  14. We got back on about 4:00 today. Overall it wasn't too bad. I do need a better plan for temp power to our water pump.
  15. We got the snot knocked out of us in Santa Fe...


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