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  1. Mark A

    Carrying a Completed 80% AR lower pistol.

    When on the road I take a Sig 556 pistol with me. legal pretty much anywhere my carry permit is. I'm all about 80% lowers but only as something that stays behind in a very secure and hidden place. I would not want the hassle of trying to explain the legality of an 80% lower while I wait for my lawyer to secure my release.
  2. Mark A

    The Moon

    thin air up there in CO...
  3. Mark A


    If I'm going to buy a high end rifle it is going to start with one of the following: DD Noveske KAC Having said that, I own 2 factory AR pattern rifles. Both are S&W. The first is a VTAC. Love the gun. It has been through 10+ classes and has never failed. I've never had a failure of any type on it. I'm closing in on 20k rounds through it. I'm starting to look at a replacement barrel but it is still minute of Mark A accurate. The other rifle is a M&P 10 that I swapped parts on to 100% mimic the VTAC. It runs great as well. I only have about 1,200 rounds through it but I do not remember any issues with it. I'm not even close to a gun whisperer but when I get a new one I take it apart as far as I am qualified to do so, clean it, lube it and put it back together. I then dry fire it 100 times a night for a week. The last 50 are with practice rounds. It is then put back through the cleaning routine. After that I beat the snot out of them. Modern firearms are pretty good in general. We live in great times....
  4. Mark A

    My weird life

    I'm thinking Mrs. GreginTenn is wondering how long it is going to take Mr. GreginTenn to figure out that she wants to "gig", just not frogs... I mean, how hard does a girl have to work to get her man out in the woods at night without the kids... sheesh...
  5. For me, even after fairly extensive practice, I've found that my first shot drawing from a holster always uses the sights. For some reason I have a hard time getting to the dot on the draw. Once the first shot is off the follow up shots using the dot are easy. I mentioned this to an instructor at a high end class I took last fall and he said he agreed. We had 4 students that were running red dots. Across the board we were 2/10th's slower on first shot if we found the dot. I don't know if this is because I've trained to look for the sight picture for decades or something else. I just know that I've settled (for now) on grabbing the sights and then moving to the dot. I'm out of practice right now because I had to get a house rehabbed and on the market but hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will be back to my regular dry fire and range routine. As an aside, this was completely opposite to my experience with a dot on a carbine. That I took to like a duck and water. I would say just go for it. It won't slow you down and for me anything 25 yards and out is like taking candy from a baby. Mark
  6. Mark A

    Shipping a handgun within the state?

    ^^^^^^^^^^ me too...
  7. Mark A

    Shipping a handgun within the state?

    I haven't sensed any unfriendliness, just one guy (who is wrong) arguing against several people who are right. I didn't pile on because the info being provided was correct so I had nothing to add. I will say that with the requirement to ship next day air it is sometimes cheaper to let 2 dealers ship it via USPS
  8. Mark A


    Prince's is the bomb. I've had all the rest (that I know of) and all are decent but none are Prince's. I've been reluctant to try the new location because I didn't want to be dissapointed
  9. Mark A

    RMR All The Things! (M&P M2.0 Compact)

    KahrMan, my delta point powers down and back up on motion. To be honest, I cant remember about the RMR. I never turn it off. I just replace the battery every new years day.
  10. Mark A

    RMR All The Things! (M&P M2.0 Compact)

    ok, the first of many dumb questions... Why a Glock rear sight?
  11. Mark A

    MagLite LED Upgrade

    big thumbs up for Malkoff conversions. i have plenty of new flashlights that I like but you can't beat D cells for storage and longevity. We keep 3 or 4 cell versions in each vehicle. They all have glass break tail caps on them. Nice solid tubes of hefty aluminum are useful for all kinds of things.
  12. Mark A

    1965 IH Scout 80 Project Truck

    Glad my wife doesn't poke her head in here often. She learned to drive using her oldest brother's scout and every now and then mentions that she would love for me to get one and restore it. Not only do I not have time for that I scratched that itch on multiple projects in my younger years. I still enjoy doing maintenance on our vehicles but I've had more than my fill of walking in to the shop and and looking at a vehicle that is in multiple storage crates...
  13. Mark A

    Carrying Gun In Place of Worship

    Oops... welcome 4F and OleJohnny. 4F, are you considering a move or just looking around?
  14. Mark A

    Carrying Gun In Place of Worship

    I'm consulting with a church right now that is getting ready to build a completely new church on the same ground and connected to the existing campus. Once it is done they are going to greatly expand their k-5 program and also expand their community outreach program which is already impressively large by converting the entire existing campus into the school and outreach. This is already a decently sized campus. They are security minded and have a decent team currently in place. They just recruited a recently retired LEO that has a lot of higher end security training and experience to attend church there and head the security team. As part of the expansion project they are going to greatly enhance their security system. Initially the new head of security was a bit standoffish but after a series of questions I began laying out my suggestions and soon his head was nodding a bit and by the end of the meeting he was smiling. When I was done he presented the summary of his site survey and a list of suggestions. We were perfectly in step. It was nice having someone the church trusted validate the proposed approach. This is still pre-construction so a lot of things could happen but the contractor that brought me in turned in his prelim budget. They added 10% to it and plugged it into their budget. This is a nice system that is very future proof yet properly scaled to their current needs. I used to hate talking with churches about security. It just felt wrong that they had to even think about it. I had a very scholarly pastor talk with me for about an hour about 5 years ago. He gave me quite the education about how the Bible felt about providing for the security of the church members. One other cool thing. All of their current service providers have multi-year relationships with the church. Once the church members became comfortable with the contractors they were given "the talk". As a result they have extra armed security anytime they are at the church. Each contractor has a letter from the church authorizing them to carry on premises. They regularly attend meetings with the security team so that any changes in procedures are communicated to all. To say I was blown away would be an understatement...
  15. Mark A

    I like this shirt...

    Dangit... I told my wife not to post that picture Sigh...

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