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  1. Netflix series

    I can't make it past 1/2 way on the first episode of Godless. I keep reading about how everyone likes it but neither my wife or I do, at least yet. I suppose we will try again soon. I've heard good things about The Throne but haven't looked at it yet. Being semi-old farts we enjoy binge watching series we enjoyed from the past... It is about time to order HBO for 30 days to watch the last season of Game of Thrones.
  2. Remington 870 DM (Detachable Magazine)

    Well, I run a shotgun decently but there is no way I could reload a tube as fast as I can change a mag. I like pump action shotguns and I like firearms with detachable magazines so unless they suck I will probably end up with one. Now I can build a shorter SBS and not restrict my load out. I think something with a 13-14" barrel might be kind of handy around the house. If they end up building one in semi-auto I will build one for my wife. Mark
  3. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Congrats on the new pup. I'm sure he will train you up in no time
  4. That It for Butch?

    I'm waiting for Bobby Petrino to come slithering out of whatever ditch he is currently in... Maybe Gus Malzahn is ready to get out of the SEC West.
  5. A different kind of 300 Blackout pistol

    Dolomite, have you used the PT&G stuff before? I really want a bolt action rifle in 300blk that takes standard AR mags. I'd become resigned to buying a Ruger Precision Rifle in 223 and having a barrel built for it. I would have been stuck with crazy expensive AI mags if I did that. This looks like a much better option. I need to get Mike to get me a barrel and weld a suppressor mount on it so it will be 16.1" overall. I await further details on your project. It looks cool...
  6. You might be a prepper if...

    You might be a prepper if you already cleaned out the crawl space to store (20) 5 gallon buckets of water...
  7. .357 sig

    357 sig is my self defense round of choice. In a semi auto the recoil is very manageable. To me, the recoil impulse of the 40 is much worse. I'm also not a big fan of running super hot ammo through a weapon not designed for it. It's been a while since I read up on it but I seem to remember +p+ is not a recognized standard. The bottleneck cartridge also aids in feeding the beast without issues. I once ran a high round count 3 day class with one. I used range ammo but my hands took a beating a bit so it was harder on me than the 9mm I usually train with. I just wanted to see the limit of what I could endure and compare my split times with times from previous classes I shot with a 9. I was about 1/10 slower on average. In that class we had an opportunity to test various rounds on a car. The sig penetrated much better than the 9, 40, 45, and interestingly enough a 223 fired from a SBR. Depending on your point of view that can be a good or bad thing... Mark
  8. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    I didn't make it to the end of the series and it takes a lot for me to not finish a series...
  9. Got to meet !!

    Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful there. I find that in general good people attract other good people and it sounds like you have the bersaguy dynasty well in hand. Mark
  10. Got to meet !!

    243 is one of my favorite calibers. That is a nice looking rifle. Apparently a keeper of a SIL as well... Mark
  11. Do you tip your barber?

    Yep, small businessman, busting his hump to raise his family which includes a disabled child. His wife stays home and they home school their kids and they are doing a great job. I'm happy to give him extra money.
  12. Guns N More Burglarized

    City, county, state, & federal law all get their chance to legislate small businesses right out of business. Toss in building codes and fire codes and handicapped access and you have a legal nightmare that has to be navigated. Build concrete bollards and the thuggies will steal a concrete truck. The guns may need to be put away at night. Cost of doing bidness and all that. How about we all go steer them some business his week to help them recover and put all these measures in place. I wanted to wait a bit but it is time for a rimfire can. I guess I need to start the process...
  13. Gobble Gobble...

    Monkey, ours will do that but we aren't up there everyday. Our egg laying birds have a coop that has several large runs fenced in. They go out into the runs every day and back in the coop at night. The meat birds are in the tractors to keep them safe, allow them to browse fresh grass every other day or so and fertilize the pasture. They do an amazing job of prepping the dirt. It takes a couple of weeks for them to move 30-40 feet. When they've gone that far I till up the dirt and plant various cover crops that I use to build soil health. The land was used for hay production for years and so depleted of nutrients that the only way to get hay to grow the last 5-6 years was with heavy applications of chemical fertilizer. So the meat birds and the turkeys chug their way across the land a little every day spreading happy poop. I wish I'd done this last year. I threw a lot of money away trying to broadcast seed cover crops. I had very poor germination and for any decent cover crop it cost about $100 per acre. Now that the birds are introducing fertility I can till a little at a time and do a much more controlled seeding. I've gone from about 5% success to near 100% and I get really great tasting poultry. The ladies in the coop are doing their part as well. I alternate which runs they are allowed in and grow crops in the closed off runs. I need to get some time to post some pics. I stuck about 15 bales of hay in one of their runs and they had a blast being chickens and scratching at it. Now, roughly 3 months later that hay has degraded into a nice thin layer of topsoil with lots of fertility. it will get tilled soon and a crop seeded to overwinter. It's been a lot of work but I've learned a lot. I can't wait to get up there full time. Mark
  14. Gobble Gobble...

    correct. Not from lack of desire but lack of money and time. Learning a lot though. We've got 50 meat chickens going now in chicken tractors. It really cuts down on the food bill when I keep them on fresh grass. Started running the electric fencing for the first pig paddock Saturday. My reward for being a good boy was to fly to California today for a week of training. We learned a lot from the aquaponics system this summer. We somehow managed to keep most of the fish alive. After the fencing is up we are going to rebuild the hoop house to be a little stronger and start running veggies in the system again. Mark
  15. Bob Corker

    Watch out... here comes mr conservative himself... Bill Haslam... he will make Attila the hun look like a pansy until he is sworn in. Then the only fight he will ever fight in the Senate is to try to sit next to John McCain...

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