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  1. You would REALLY love being in the bowels of one of the TVA dams that has an interstate bridge over the top... My personal favorite? In October or November of 2001 I was at the lowest level of Kentucky dam. They were building a new interstate bridge across the river because the current bridge on top of the dam was beginning to cause structural damage. We were there to look at relocating some piping and pumps so that some structural work could be done. The entire dam was shaking and vibrating. Then... the TVA police showed up and said we had to evacuate immediately due to a credible terrorist threat. If anyone remembers they found a couple cars full of men of middle eastern descent taking pictures of dams, rivers and bridges. It was a most interesting day. Fortunately, most of my TVA work occurred at the nukes where it was safe.
  2. ^^^^ That's a pretty scrappy reply sorry, close as I could get...
  3. Where is the rest of him? Just kidding, nice looking pup. Daisy the Blue Tic Hound gives 3 howls, her highest praise.
  4. Sequel is starting to film... And, speaking of film, 5/17/19 has been declared Mark's excellent adventure day. Going to start out shooting with a few buddies, have a good lunch and a cold beverage, then head out to see John Wick 3... First trailer looks pretty good
  5. Yes, I'm dragging this up from the almost dead... I've got several new series started that I haven't made up my mind about. If anything turns out promising I will let everyone know. This is not survival related but I've started read the Corps Justice series by C.G. Cooper. Just general save the day kick butt action by a group of ex-marines. The author lives somewhere south of Nashville and the base of the company that these guys work for is located in the Nashville area. The entire first novel was pretty much in Nashville. This is not deep thinking stuff. Much more along the lines of turning off your mind and drifting through the book while embracing your inner mall ninja... Mark
  6. Well, I have a pretty large sales territory so that consumes a lot of it. I used to have a list of AM talk radio station listed by area but I got tired of angry white guy talk. Next, when I'm at the office I have a 45 minute commute each way. Finally, I spend a decent amount of time on the zero turn and the tractor. I mostly enjoy that but some of what I do is mind numbingly boring. I've always been a huge fan of music but now I don't fish, I've been happily married for 26 years, my dogs like me, and I've never lost my truck so country music doesn't interest me much any more. Combine that with a desire to know a lot about a ton of useless topics and podcasts really work for me.
  7. Living Free in Tennessee The Survival Podcast Grass Fed Life Farm Small Farm Smart Hack My Solar - Another local podcast. Not super entertaining and he is in the middle of a big life change so it has been a while since he put out an issue but he has solid info on Solar. Homesteady - Also on Hiatus. Production value is really high and he has some great stories to tell. Hopefully he will get it going again soon. He and his family just moved to a new farm so he has been busy getting that under control (you can follow a lot of that on his youtube channel) I drop in on others from time to time, mostly in the regenerative ag or permaculture space
  8. I guess our invite got lost in the mail?
  9. Mark A

    Rural King

    Thanks for clearing that up. For some reason I got the impression you were trying to buy the pistol at the Rural King which is located in TN...
  10. Mark A

    Rural King

    Murgatroy, I'm I'm not trying to assert anything about anyone. I'm just seeking some clarification. Is the firearm you were attempting to purchase a pistol?
  11. Mark A

    Rural King

    I like Rural King. Prices are better than TSC. Sucks you had to go back and get your license but maybe in the end it was good you didn't commit a felony... A question for those more in the know than me, If you attempt to make this purchase, and are denied, did you commit a crime with the attempt?
  12. I assure you I did not forget. Mark
  13. It's been a couple of years so maybe I need to reread one year after. It seems like I remember not liking it very much. I'm hesitant to buy the final day...
  14. This article has a lot more info https://www.officer.com/on-the-street/k-9-equipment-services/news/21032824/sutter-county-california-sheriffs-office-k9-bandit-slain-during-pursuit

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