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  1. hmmmm... Maybe it is time to ditch the M&P's and get back to Sig. I still have all my original p-series but the wife refused to deal with sa/da so for commonality striker fired we went. A friend told me I was really going to like the new Gen Romeo and he was right... I'm thinking there are going to be some very lightly used higher end 320's on the market soon...
  2. If I owned commercial office real estate or a road building business I would be quaking in my boots. In one minute we've proven a tremendous lack of need for both...
  3. For that same amount of money you could buy (34) food grade 5 gallon buckets and lids at Lowe's. I know they aren't the fancy handles and spouts but for 10-15 more you could buy a bulkhead or 2 and cut your own spigot in. You could also order some Berkey filters in and store them in an empty bucket. If you need to use them you drill a couple of holes in one of the buckets and now you have the best water filtration reasonably available. I could store 125 gallons of water and have a set up that will filter thousands of gallons more for $190.
  4. Mark A

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    Well... I don't have as much time lately to keep up. I was looking around a couple of months ago thinking it was time to add a couple of 2.0's but wanted factory optics mounts. We have multiple 1.0's all dolled up with Apex stuff. We have one 1.0 C.O.R.E. I was surprised to see that S&W didn't have anything optics ready newer than the C.O.R.E. 1.0. Wife doesn't like Glocks. We were preparing to move to the new Sig 320 coming out in a few weeks but I'm happy to stick with the M&P's. I think once we each have a 2.0 and plenty of time on them we will send our older slides off for milling
  5. Is there a reason to have the slide milled opposed to buying the MOS version? Thanks and nice blaster...
  6. If you are trying to keep stuff frozen don't use ice. I use cooler shock packs or dry ice. My cooler stays much cleaner and with the cooler shocks you get more cooling per weight. Ice is almost always warmer than what you are carrying that is frozen. The only exception is beer. I use my cooler shocks to keep it cold but I pile ice on top because I don't want my first sip warm...
  7. 1965, I'm 3, my sister just turned 2, my dad ran in to the pharmacy where he worked to do something. Parking lot was on a hill and I apparently decided it was time to go. I got behind the wheel, knocked the car in to reverse and caved the rear end of my dad's brand new Pontiac after hitting a telephone pole. According to my dad, that pole was the only thing that prevented us from backing into traffic on a very busy road. I, of course, have no recollection of the alleged event and maintain my innocence 54 years later...
  8. It won't be too drastic. He wants to get re-elected. Next February is going to be the banners wet dream time.
  9. Almost looks like 2 different people. I would love to know the time difference between the 2 shots and if something significant happened in the interim.
  10. Anyone care to guess what color the boyfriend was?

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