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  1. Arby's Venison Sandwich

    I like the big deer better than the small deer Elk > whitetail
  2. Arby's Venison Sandwich

    I had some local elk last time I was out in OR. I also like it better than deer. Ok, now I'm hungry for early lunch!
  3. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    Maybe the public gets the perception that action is being taken as it goes to an ATF hearing and then fades away into the night like the M855 debate. Maybe Congress knows the ATF can't do anything about it, but they'll give the issue the DC shuffle to take the heat off themselves (for a while anyway). Or... maybe I'm giving them too much credit
  4. "Zippos" Sale on Amazon

    I did the same thing with the candle lighter and neck lighter. I would have got one of those if they were lighter fluid.
  5. "Zippos" Sale on Amazon

    I might get another hand warmer and a flex neck lighter. Good sale
  6. Hello everyone!

  7. Sagging pants explained

    Same here!
  8. Las Vegas Shooting

    Page 10 of this thread is the video I saw. He's strange.
  9. Suicidal Bird.

    Looks like a jail bird!
  10. keep us in mind tomorrow

  11. Las Vegas Shooting

    I doubt he was really aiming to hit anyone in particular, but rather just the crowd. Once they started scattering, I'd say he just fired in the direction of the largest group. With a bump fire what use would he have for a dope card? Then again, maybe it was a "dope" card... as in a list of drugs he was on.
  12. Sagging pants explained

  13. Las Vegas Shooting

    Yep. Some feel that the bump fire stocks facilitated too many rounds shot too quickly into a crowd. Then the conversation will shift to the high capacity mags that facilitated too many rounds shot into a crowd. Then it will shift to the AR15 that allowed too many rounds shot too quickly into a crowd. Then it will be the semi-automatic rifle that.... Opening the door on bumpfire opens the door on semi-auto. Plain and simple.
  14. Las Vegas Shooting

    Agreed!!! There is no reason to give anything. I don't have any use for a bump fire, but I don't see why my personal preferences in firearm configuration has anything to do with compromising our rights. Why negotiate with weasels in Washington that only have an agenda when you don't have to. There will be plenty of opportunity to lose stuff the next time libs take control, so I don't see this as being the time to do it now. Of course the ATF could make this a moot point with the stroke of a pen and a reclassification I guess I don't recall the libs giving anything up when they shoved obamacare down our throats. Why do we feel the need to appease the left so much? No compromise. The stock didn't do it.
  15. FMJ..... a tool for the tuff jobs.

    I've only trimmed trees, aerated burn barrels and odd jobs like that with those kinds of "yard tools", but I've never used them for foundation repair. I like it!

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