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  1. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    I bought a go and no go gauge for 7.62x39. I also ordered some KG Gun Kote in AK Black to see if I can match a receiver to a Polish underfolder.
  2. Elk rifle build

    That's awesome. I will go with my brother as well.
  3. Elk rifle build

    Very nice. Too much going on this year, but I'll be doing a CO elk hunt Oct 2018.
  4. CIP or SAAMI headspace gauge for AK47?

    Thanks. That's about what I've been reading as well. I'll just get the ones that are the right price and fastest shipping.
  5. CIP or SAAMI headspace gauge for AK47?

    AK builder is selling the CIP, so maybe I'll go that route. Any opinions?
  6. I'm about to put my Polish underfolder kit together finally. I have all he tools I need except for go/no go gauges. Should I get CIP or SAAMI? There's different opinions on the web, so I'll go with the advice I get here.
  7. I've just been doing the exchange. I have 3 tanks that I rotate through. I don't use that much, so it lasts a while. I keep 2 of them full at all times for emergency. I always transport them in the back of my truck.
  8. My Glock 29

    I really like my gen4 G20. I find it pretty comfortable to shoot with underwood 200gn HC and accurate. I've been meaning to take a look at the 29 some day to see how it compares in size to the 19. Nice gun!
  9. Insurance company?

    Nothing surprises me anymore with insurance companies... NOTHING! I would not pick it up until you and your doctor talk about it. Both the insurance companies and the pharmacy are in the business of making money off drugs. What you really need to be prescribed is a private matter between you and your doctor not Walgreens and your doctor. I would want to know if my dr really signed off on this over a phone call and if so, why. I'd tell them to put it back on the shelf because that's an odd scenario.
  10. The penalties are getting stiffer.
  11. Such an amazing airplane. Those CF34/TF34 engines are tough just like the airframe. Not many people get to fly one open-cockpit though.
  12. It looks like the grill may have launched through the roof and is now in orbit.
  13. Help! Goose Invasion!

    People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) Seriously, hunters are the biggest conservationists there are. I hunt AND love animals. I wouldn't kill an animal and leave it lay though. Without any real natural predators, just imagine how many deer there'd be running the streets of Nashville without "unnecessary" hunting. In an effort to stay on topic... @Volphin Canadian goose season opens Oct 14.
  14. Not so new

    Welcome back!
  15. advice on a decent 9mm

    M&P Shield is a nice gun in that price range

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