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Community Answers

  1. Take the old battery with you if you can. They will charge you a core charge for the new one if you don’t leave an old battery with them. If you can’t take the old battery with you just save the receipt. They will refund the core charge later when you take the old battery in
  2. I agree with others and would test/replace the battery. Also check the battery terminals and make sure they are tight and not loose or broken. A terminal clamp that can be moved will give you problems
  3. Looks like he had his a@$ handed to him
  4. I wouldn’t say he’s heads and shoulders above Obama. About even
  5. It’s amazing the animals that sunflowers attract. I’m thinking about planting a large area of sunflowers for deer to eat. I’ve never tried it before, but I know they love them
  6. Finally got the garden tilled. Beautiful day today
  7. For a range gun, 3gun, plinking or even home defense that doesn't break the bank, the Sig Romeo5 is hard to beat. It’s just a simple red dot that comes on when you pick it up. I also have and really like the Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24. Gives you a 1 power red dot or up to 4x magnification. Great optic for an AR
  8. That’s great info. Thanks! I have noticed that my other knee and shoulder have been hurting lately from favoring them to move around. I also pulled a muscle in my back from limping. That was when my knee hurt more. Knee feels much better now, but I am concerned if I put surgery off then I will reinjure it while in the woods or doing some other activity in the future. I just want to get back to normal ops. I have a backpack elk hunt planned this fall. It sounds like with the surgery I should be able to hike and backpack... ETA: Did they trim away your meniscus or stitch it? They would need to trim mine. I hate to “lose” body pieces lol
  9. I’m on the fence about the surgery. It feels almost normal now (slight pain with stairs, slightly swollen and a little stiff). Doc says I have a flap that is flipped up and can cause wear and tear on the joint. I’m not a fan of surgery unless absolutely necessary tho
  10. I also think i tore it a few years ago, and it’s just now causing a bigger problem. Good to know you got right back to life and no pain. Thanks
  11. Do we have Mole Crickets in TN? I’ve seen those things come out of the ground around plants in FL before I think they feed on plant roots, earthworms, etc. They creep me out. Even google images of those things are hard to look at. https://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/lawn-and-garden/mole-crickets/
  12. Thanks. That’s good to know. I am hopeful that I will be able to use it back to full strength after it’s fixed. They will have to cut the torn flap off, so I don’t know how much meniscus I’ll lose.
  13. The 29 has become one of my favorite guns to carry. I like the pinky extension on the mags and Ameriglo Spartan night sights.
  14. Well I have a torn meniscus in my knee Doc says I need surgery. Parrot beak, posterior horn. Anyone else have this surgery (or recommend otherwise)? Knee feels a lot better now, but still not quite 100%. I can walk around much better now, but I have been mostly off my feet and ice pack for over a month. I really didn’t have a lot of pain. Had a lot of swelling and stiffness with a pulling sensation. It’s tolerable, but I don’t want to have it keep me from doing things I like to do either. This will be my first surgery or procedure. Bad timing too because I was supposed to be leaving this weekend for a 10 day backpacking spot-and-stalk bear hunt in Idaho


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