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  1. Obama= bow when greeted Trump = bend over so the old guy can put something around his neck. He didn't bow during the greeting
  2. I wonder if her name is Lucile
  3. I don't mind it. You could always through a talon grip on there as a means to add some cheap two-tone to it.
  4. Trump's success is spelled... S C O T U S
  5. Somehow I don't think she really believes that last sentence
  6. yep, and the queen needed a new iPod, so he had lots of work to do.
  7. Exactly. I would have voted for the local dog catcher over Hillary. I said even before the election that if Trump wins and does well... perfect, but if he wins and screws up... we get Pense. It's all good as I see it especially since hillary is no where in sight
  8. This Russian stuff will blow over. He'd stand a better chance of avoiding future problems if he'd close that stupid twitter account. Most of his wounds are self-inflicted. I think he'll make it full term.
  9. Hmmm. VP9 long slide.
  10. My favorite(s)... 3" S&W model 13-3 and 7.5" SBH 44mag (it's a tie) my go-to... G43 for EDC and concealed carry, G20 if I'm on the farm or any other time concealed is not a factor. The G20 is becoming one of my favorite and most used guns though
  11. Wow @DaveTN that really stinks. I'm not sure what else you could do that you haven't already done. Maybe write another letter but such a hastle. I'll definitely take your review into consideration. So... how about the VP9? LOL The M&P I have been looking at is SKU 178010. It sounds like if I do go with an M&P, I'm at least looking at an Apex tregger.
  12. would it be too much to just let negan walk into a trap? Sheez, these people are working too hard, lol.
  13. @Grand Torino nice looking gun! Are the Apex parts a DIY drop-in, or do they need fitting by a gunsmith? Does it shoot well with most ammo?
  14. I'm going to get a new pistol for 3gun and general range fun, and I like the way the 5" M&P 9 Pro feels in the hand. I've read some conflicting reports about the accuracy of the older ones. How are they now? I'd be interested in opinions comparing it to the VP9 and full size P320 also because I'm considering them as well. I have plenty of Glocks and love them all, but I just want something different this time.

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