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  1. I have my grandfather’s 721 in 300H&H. Fantastic rifle and caliber! He killed many mule deer, elk and a multitude of whitetails with it. Ammo is expensive and hard to find. You’ll want to reload for it if you can. I did see several boxes of ammo on the shelf though at the Cabelas in akworth GA. Prices were $49 and $75 / box of 20. Not many people buying ammo for that caliber though, so that’s a plus. I’d get it for sure.
  2. Glock 43 + extra mag Benchmade Bugout Wallet with a few Benjamins iphone 11 promax AR15 plus a few mags when Im in the truck
  3. Reloading... check casting.... check nice to have some calibers/guns than run well on BP too...
  4. I got locked about a year ago from ebay for something similar. I just let them enjoy life without me... Stinks though if you’re selling a lot though
  5. Sure wish I could find some large magnum pistol primers. Need to up my searching skills I guess lol.
  6. My wife was all wound up about masks while carrying a few days ago. I guess she heard (read) this too. I’m guessing she read it on facebook. Fake news. Maybe in another state but not here.
  7. Wanted: 243Win Bolt Action Rifle Prefer: 20-22” bbl, compact, wood preferred but open to synthetic Required: accurate shooter This is going to ride in a scabbard on my farm tractor. Some of my cows will be dropping calves soon, and coyotes are hungry. I need an accurate rifle to guard my fields while on the tractor. “Character marks” welcome Lemme know what ya got I can meet FTF in the Chattanooga area. Will also meet up towards Knoxville or Nashville areas for the right deal
  8. I’m still full time and considered “essential”. Airline pilot. I feel fortunate to still have a job. There’s hardly any passengers though, so hopefully I won’t get furloughed in the fall. Weird times
  9. So does this pertain the latest stay at home order? My boat is already on the river in a slip. I was planning to do some fishing tomorrow. Dont want to get intercepted I’m not exactly staying at home if I’m on the river...
  10. We just sold a rental house. Had two full price offers, and one of them upped it above our asking price It was on the market a week. We just put the house we live in on the market too. People are still buying, but I’m super reluctant to let a bunch of people walk around inside my house I just hope it sells quick!
  11. Instacart app on you phone works great if you’re in an area that will deliver. You pay a small fee (< $10) per order, and someone shops for you. They’ll bring it to your door.


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