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  1. Wingshooter

    New NRA president - Lt Col Oliver North

    I think he’ll be good
  2. New Prez http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/07/lt-col-oliver-north-to-become-nra-president-organization-says.html
  3. Wingshooter

    Savage arms ditches Indian head logo

    I guess I have been buying too many older, used guns lately because I just noticed this. I was researching and about to get a new Savage 110 Predator in 6.5cm with the Accufit and didn’t even recognize Savage’s website anymore. I have some Cherokee blood in me, and I’m really bummed they dropped the Chief logo. I’m even more bummed that Savage decided to go full lib PC on us. I bet not even one true Native American even complained about this. Anyway, does anyone have a 110 with the Accufit? How do you like it?
  4. Wingshooter

    Gunshots reported at YouTube

    Obviously the shooter only got off 10 shots though. Mag restrictions and all.... Hope all are ok
  5. Wingshooter

    Clarksville man killed in accidental shooting

    Yep, they're all loaded until proven otherwise. And rule #2 about not pointing it at anything you dont want to destroy still applys even though it has been verified unloaded... because the gun is always loaded... even when it isn’t Sad story and a brutal reminder that there are no do-overs or second chances for poor gun safety.
  6. Wingshooter

    First AR build, Anderson lower good enough?

    Can’t believe I haven't been doing that. Good idea
  7. I’m all for a discussion... as long as it doesn’t involve the Second Amendment. Non-negotiable, off the table. Otherwise the whole Constitution is up for discussion. However, let’s talk about security, FBI tip failures, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and mental institutions. There’s plenty that can be done and actually make a difference. I am done hearing about a compromise on gun control. I didn’t even watch any of the protests today. It’s a political agenda aimed directly at the 2A, and I’m sick of it.
  8. I know of 3 FL residents that voted for him that will never again
  9. They have to know it’s not going to pass this time, so they’re just trying to make themselves look relevant and like the underdog in the eyes of their constituents. I’m not sure what’s more pathetic... the polititians themselves or the people that fall for this crap and keep voting them back in.
  10. Wingshooter

    Bump Stocks

    The thing is Crooked Hillary would be even “crookeder” if she had won. Who knows how many legislators’ lives she would have threatened, blackmailed, intimidated or houses burned down to get her way. Thank God she did not win, or who knows the path we would be on right now.
  11. Wingshooter


    3200... I may have to have one as well!
  12. Wingshooter

    First AR build, Anderson lower good enough?

    You’ll never regret buying two, but beware... they have a tendency to grow into rifles, lol. I have built several Andersons. I never had a problem until recently I got a stripped upper out of spec. It looked like it wasn’t finished and wouldn’t even fit into a lower. I think that was a fluke, and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another. Their lowers have always been good for me. If the price is right, then go for it. If you want a smoother, blacker finish then Spikes or Aero Precision, IMO, but you’ll get a good build from an Anderson. I especially like the Anderson lower parts kit. With some polishing, low power springs and a long adjustable grip screw, I can get a really good crisp trigger.
  13. Wingshooter


    I’ve never had a PD35, but I think it could handle the radiator challenge. Looks like a good light. I dropped a TK15 from a tree stand a few years ago (I was high: 20-25’). It still works like new. Fenix are tough
  14. Wingshooter


    I have several varieties of Fenix, and I have never had any trouble with any of them. I collect falshlights like guns and knives. My latest is a little bit bigger, but it’s super bright on 4 AA batteries. I use this one for some duties at work. https://www.amazon.com/Bundle-Flashlight-Including-LumenTac-Organizer/dp/B00WN5T1L4/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1520230362&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=Fenix+ld41&psc=1 This one’s super bright and smaller but runs on 2 cr123. I’ll carry this in my pocket sometimes. I also have one by the bed. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013GU4PE2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This one fits in my pocket even better and has been a great EDC light. 320 lumens on 1 aa https://www.amazon.com/Fenix-LD12-Flashlight-LumenTac-Organizer/dp/B01MST2DCR/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1520231115&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=Fenix+1+aa&psc=1
  15. Wingshooter

    Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

    Kind of sounds like it. Win-win for them. Until someone invents a clamp on I guess. What’s going on with the bill these days? I haven’t been watching any news really. Is it getting any traction or dying down? I can’t see it having enough votes to pass right now, but ya never know

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