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  1. I’ve visited the USS Midway as well, but I need to get the kids out there too. Very interesting
  2. Hmm... I can’t say I agree with the last sentence. Nothing fires up the base like the prospect of 2A infringement. He needs his base to be fired up FOR him on election day. I for one would lose a lot of my motivation for Trump if he backs down on protecting the 2A whereas right now I’m all in to give him another term. I know I'm not alone. I’m certainly not a single issue voter, but guns are part of the foundation. If he blurs the lines between himself and the dems in a big way on guns, then he’s toast IMO
  3. My parents had one go under their house and die in a far corner of the crawlspace. It smelled like rotting animal AND skunk for weeks. We had to go under there and clean that out! I trapped the remaining ones around their house using a live trap with peanut butter bait. I threw a small blanket over the cage and loaded them in the truck bed. Then I released them a few miles away near someone else’s house (not really.... I put them in the woods )
  4. Probably just confiscate the gun and arrest both parties on weapons charges. Or... Even if Joe Bob was denied due to an error, I think Joe Bob would be forever added to “The List” of special “terrorists” for Frienstein and Squad to babysit. On second thought... they’d add us to that list anyway even if we passed the check because that’s why they want UBC.
  5. I’m not sure about the estimated delivery time. They did find me the Colt SAA I wanted once when no one else could locate one, though. I use Buds a lot too...
  6. I shop at the Chattanooga store quite often. I like it. Sometimes they will have different stuff than the Cabellas/Bass pro down the street. unless they changed it since the last time I bought a gun there, they still offer layaway, and you can find good sale prices. If you’re looking for something special, they can order it. I think it’s a good store.
  7. I’m pretty sure I would have laughed in his face believing that he was joking. That’s stupid. What an idiot. I bet they were hotter walking into the store than just sitting in the car’s A/C. Was she in a parking space? I might have just driven around the parking lot at 0.1mph just for fun, lol. This is another one of the reason’s I have really dark windows on my truck. I hate it when other people try to mind my own business.
  8. Same for me. My garage is kind of my man cave for now, so a fridge out there is mandatory. Plus we have a deep freezer for venison, beef, etc
  9. But what does that really mean “meaningful background checks” ? I have yet to hear him say he would push for background checks for private sales. I could be wrong, but it sounds like it’s going nowhere to me. or maybe I’m just wishful thinking.....
  10. I’m hoping Trump is just placating the dems but has no real intentions of a universal background check. I haven’t kept up 100% lately... is he talking universal checks now or still just the red flag law? He can talk it up all day long until it blows over and never actually do it. That’s what I think. I am a strong Trump supporter UNLESS he pulls something like universal checks. If he does that, then I believe he’s a one-termer.
  11. Yeah, it seems to me that the whole purpose of a Red Flag Law is to circumvent due process and individual rights.

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