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  1. Cut the cable (directv) in April and don't miss it one bit. I put up an HD antenna and subscribe to Amazon prime, Netflix and Slingtv. Only thing I miss is dvr and have been thinking about the CM to fix that. Like LawVol said, I spend way less time watching stupid stuff. If you're thinking about it do it. I figured I'm saving around $1200-$1500 a year. I can purchase the content I want and still come out way ahead.
  2. Have you considered setting up a virtual machine with Win 7?  
  3.       The director that just resigned, B Todd Jones.  He was hired by the NFL to be in charge of player discipline.  http://nypost.com/2015/03/22/nfl-tabs-atf-chief-to-oversee-player-discipline/
  4. The former director left for a 7 figure job with the NFL.  Not many people would pass that up.  
  5. Regardless of the rest of the story, no one should face any jail time for simply possessing a flintlock firearm.  Not even under federal law is that illegal for even a felon to possess.  I would like to know what led to them to want to search his car.    
  6. Passware Kit can crack it in no time but if you don't have it, a license is rather expensive.  A single license is around $1000 but you may be able to do it with a downloaded demo.  This will require you to either put the mac in target disk mode or remove the hard drive and dock it externally.   
  7. After sleeping on it, I've decided to just buy a bigger safe.  I really won't be happy until I do that anyway.  Thanks for the replies.  
  8. I'm about to remodel my gun safe to maximize storage capacity, replace some sagging MDF and add some lighting.  I'm going to take out all the shelving and start from scratch.  I just plan to use plywood.  Since I store all but a couple long guns in silicone socks I don't plan to cover the wood with carpet or anything.  I may sand and spray some poly on the wood but that's about it.  Just curious if any one here has done this and has any suggestions regarding materials, layout, etc.  It's a 24 gun safe.  
  9. Maybe she told them before they asked and forgot.  There is no way they knew that you had a PK380 unless someone told them.  
  10. Tennessee requires it to check the gun for stolen.  
  11. Lost my benchmade a couple years ago that I have carried for over 10 years.  Couldn't find it for a couple of weeks.  I went to the gym office where I worked out as a last ditch effort and asked if anyone turned one in.  The manager asked me to describe it.  The disappointed look on his face as I described it confirmed they had it.  I was lucky.
  12. Federal sentences are calculated by a point system based on the defendant's prior criminal history.  That sentence makes sense for someone that probably didn't have much if any at all of a criminal history.  If you plea guilty like he did, you get a break for accepting responsibility and not forcing the courts to prepare and execute a trial.  The 18 month sentence was also probably part of the plea agreement.  
  13.   I was there today.  I only had a couple of hours to take in everything but needed several more.  I've never seen such beautiful collections before.     They remodeled the American History Museum a few years ago and it changed quiet a bit.  I liked it better before.  The progress of technology was really cool and now it's gone too.  

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