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  1. Maybe... I was thinking more of a H&R Handi rifle in 32 Fed, but since "freedom group" closed them down that wont happen. Oh well, can't have everything we want or life would get pretty dull.
  2. I have owned and like both for different purposes. The 17 Hmr is ideal for target and small varmint. Very flat shooting and explosive. Ground hog is about the max. The 22 WMR is more of a hunters cartridge. Less meat destruction and more penetration. Coyote is about the max. I don't own either now because I reload for 223 Remington, which is much more versatile, and cheaper than either 17hmr or 22mag.
  3. I reload for 32 mag, 32 long, 32 short, and 32 acp. Personally my favorite is 32 long. I can reload for it cheaper than I can buy 22lr, think it was about $0.03 per shot last time I did the math. It is accurate and fun to shoot. H&R 732. I carry the 32 acp as a backup or deep concealment. Kel-tec p32. The woman of the house has taken a shine to the 32 Mag revolver for defense. Nef Lady ultra. I would like to have a rifle in 327 Fed Mag but haven't found one yet. If I could find a rifle I might consider a revolver.
  4. I reload for a Savage 10FCM to good effect. Found a good deal on 700 once fired brass at the local range for $20. He said he couldn't give the stuff away, as no one reloads for it. My reloads run about the same price as the cheap stuff (.25 cents per round), and shoot a whole lot better. My Yugo SKS can easily run as a strait pull bolt, so no worries about losing or mangling brass there either. AA1680 powder, and trail boss are my powder of choice.
  5. Clone

    SKS Tech Sights

    I have two SKS's both with Tech Sights installed, a Yugo and a Norinco paratrooper. I love them. They bring new life to these rifles. I also recommend the target post (only $5) by the same people, it is a lot thinner and allows for better sight picture. I also have Tech Sights on my Marlin 60, love those to.
  6. Maybe you guys could get together for a bullet pulling party. Just buy plenty of beer.
  7. The money comes out when I see the retail prices they are charging these days. Ding ding ding, we have a winner.
  8. I like to keep it simple. Covers everything I need, and can be found anywhere. 22lr 9mm 45acp 7.62x39 12ga
  9. The price wont go up much for some time to come. There is a quite a bit of overstock that was ordered in the last hording. In fact from the few shop owners I have talked to, are complaining that they will probably have to discounting it to make room for other stock. I'm willing to bet there will be a price cut before there is much of an increase in price. As for another hording episode. Meh, I reload. I have plenty of brass and primers to last a LONG time. I also have plenty of factory ammo. Just my 2cents.
  10. I haven't had any problems with UMC in 9mm or 45ACP.
  11. I use a air compressor with a blower nozzle, takes about 10 min to do 300 casings.
  12. Tumble it and add a few drops of liquid car wax, it will clean right up. The discolored cases wont matter. If a round fails to go off make sure to check for squibs.
  13. Only you can decide what rifle is best for you. If you want a rifle to shoot, get a the marlin. If you like tinkering and dumping loads of money on it, then the 10/22 is your rifle. I often out shoot a freind with my Marlin 60 with Tech Sights off-hand, and him with his modified 10/22 on a fence post. Pisses him off to no end.
  14. Anyone know of a shop that I can get a barrel drilled and tapped for a front sight around this area? If there is no other place closer then what about Murfreesboro?

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