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  1. As I understand it, if the mask is not an N95 type, it will not protect me from getting the china virus from others and this fact is clearly written on the boxes of masks I’ve seen being sold and even the ones given out for free at most stores I’ve been in like Food City, Lowes, Sams etc....that are supplying free masks. If it’s not going to protect me from the virus, It won’t protect others from getting it from me if I’m a carrier with no symptoms. The virus is so small it passes right through it. Same goes for bandanas, neck gators, or whatever cloth cover you wear. I don’t wear a mask, but
  2. I use this website a lot for RV camping. It’s for the National Park campgrounds. You can check availability, make reservations and all right from this site. It will show you campgrounds front he closest to you to as far as you want to go in the USA. Very nice pricing too. Rarely will you see full hookups, but almost always water and electric. Most have dump stations though. Recreation.gov
  3. And bury the head in a 6 ft deep hole With five feet of concrete on top!
  4. I know what you mean. I’m not either. But according to the organization rep I was talking to they would help if this kind of disaster happened. Hopefully no one here has to go through it.
  5. If they’re blocking you to keep you in harms way, aren’t they aiding the attackers in their assault against you?
  6. My bad. I’m having to use my phone and having vision problems. that wasn’t the video I meant to post. The one I meant to post was in NYC where protesters were up on the hoods of cars, beating the windshield out of vehicles and beating, kicking occupants In the head.
  7. Thanks Dave. This was the meat of my conversation with the representative. You get caught in a situation that you can’t avoid and rioters are blocking vehicles, beating the glass out and dragging innocent people out of their vehicles To beat and kick them causing bodily harm. There are countless videos of this all over the internet. For instance
  8. Not so long ago, due to current events in many cities, I joined an organization that will defend you if you are involved with in an action of self defense against someone attempting bodily harm or death of you or a loved one. I recently had a chance to ask some questions about being attacked by a violent group or groups of folks that are stopping folks in their vehicles and attacking them and dragging them out of their vehicle with the intent to beat and possible murder the occupant or occupants. This conversation was after I was told they would defend you no matter what means or weapon you
  9. I believe it’s going to be bad no matter who wins. The freedom of our nation will be at stake. The enemy will be the liberals and their Democrat leaders. If they lose, they’ll do what they are doing now just in a much broader, intense and radical way. If they win we’ll see a slight lull until they try to disarm us, which you can bet your butt will happen. Then we’ll see major resistance from paramilitary groups like we saw at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, and many more will join the fight. A real Civil War 2.
  10. Fourth turning info https://www.lifecourse.com/about/method/the-four-turnings.html
  11. I’ve been looking for a couple of guns lately and it’s the same all over it seems.
  12. I just finished a roof over my back deck. Almost all of the lumber came from a man that lives a few miles from my home and has a sawmill. Rough cut and to real dimensions. His 2x4’s 6’s etc measure 2”x 4” and 6”. They were almost half the price of the crap they sell at Lowes. Country living does have advantages.
  13. Let’s see. I’ve got a sweet Henry lever 22, a couple of CZ’s that are amazingly accurate, a Remington I bought when I was 18 or so. A buckmark pistol that’s really a fun gun to shoot with a red dot sight.
  14. I’m still looking for a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Glock 9mm. I’ll only buy from a member here face to face or from a TN dealer. If anyone runs across one, shoot me a PM. The shortage has made it difficult to find anything it seems.
  15. I know what you mean about the boat sinking. I can’t even remember what lake I was on anymore!!
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