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  1. Even if he said "I'm about to pull it out." What was he pulling out? According to the GF he had been instructed to show his ID. He had been instructed to NOT touch his weapon as I understand it. Again, communication can make the difference. "OK sir, I'm going to pull my wallet out of my pocket. Is that what you want me to do?" would be much more clear than "I'm about to pull it out." I don't think he was even talking about his gun. I think he was talking about his ID. The cop was scared and shot him anyway. The guy would have been crazy to tell the officer he was "about to pull out" his gun with a nervous scared cop holding down on him.....IMO that is.
  2. Yes indeed. I actually know a couple and that is obvious from the way they talk. It's like they think they're Navy Seals the way they carry themselves, talk and look down on others sometimes. Another thing about this topic. I have no idea what the training is about in the academies. How to survive is obviously very important and needed. But so is how to treat and interact with the public they are supposed to serve and protect. They should know the laws and have training on this on a regular basis. Even in my career, we had constant training, several times a year, yet in my job there was no threat of someone dying from being mis-identified. I'd also like to add, I read every week about police doing great things for someone. Going above and beyond the call. It's obvious that the problem is not the police force, it's individuals that shouldn't be there at all which is true in any profession. Maybe it's attitude, fear of getting shot, or other things that can play into the mix. I think it's mental attitude mostly. Some people shouldn't be there. I think sometimes these people are known within the force but no one wants to get involved, so what actually happens everyone suffers. The good cops suffer as public trust erodes and so does the public when it gets to an "us and them" attitude.
  3. In this thread I'm hearing some say to get your license (mine is always in a back pocket in my wallet) and registration (mine is always in the glove box) out and roll down the windows. If dark, then turn on the dome light and be ready when the officer approaches. I used to think this was the proper thing to do. Now, I'll say I'm not sure what to do. If you do the above, the approaching officer is going to see someone through the vehicles back or side glass, reaching into their pocket and/or someone leaning over and digging for the registration (or something....in his mind he's not sure). Both of these locations are often times where a firearm could possibly be. In todays world, I can see this turning out very bad especially if a certain situation occurs as it did in the OP, depending on the officers mental state at that moment (robbery a mile down the road and you fit the description for instance). I'm thinking it might be best to stay put with your hands on the top of the wheel and only respond to his commands after he has approached. Maybe even repeat his command back to him, "I understand you want me to reach into my back pocket and get out my wallet with ID sir. Is that correct?" Then, "I understand you want me to retrieve my registration from the vehicle glove box sir. Is that correct?" It's a really sad world we are living in when this might be necessary just to stay alive while going out to eat a meal, or to pick up the kids from school....ya know? And as far as people respecting others, that's completely out the window as far as so many people goes. Just go bass fishing with me on Chickamauga some day or night. You won't believe how selfish and the screw you attitudes that prevail. It's pathetic really.
  4. I'm needing a used Lowrance TotalScan transducer. Can't afford a new one. If anyone has one laying around I'd like to try to buy it. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try.
  5. Welcome to TGO. I live right across the river from you. Enjoy your new found freedom
  6. ABC news had an article and said about the same thing, but added that he had made threats against the woman already. He came to her door with the rifle and opened the door and shot him. Again, no charges were filed.
  7. Let me think....911 on speed dial, or gun in hand. It's a no brainer for this young woman. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/18/police-man-assault-rifle-attacks-ex-girlfriend-shoot-dead/
  8. for-sale

    That's a great looking mower. I wish I had it and about 2 acres to mow. I could mow my little 'ol yard in 5 minutes with that thing!
  9. BINGO....to Bubbiesdad!!
  10. I've been watching and wondering which way the fence riders would go after this horrific shooting episode. You never know, since the Liberals brainwashing has been really strong. A person could hate the feeling of helplessness in that kind of situation of desperately needing a gun and not having one and still slip on either side. It all comes down to their outlook on what a firearm is. A tool that can be used for protection of self and loved one(s) or an evil entity that should be eradicated. I've read several reports that the GOP members are wanting to protect themselves, which is a power everyone should be allowed to have of course. This leads me to one thing though. They are wanting to be exempt from DC's anti carry laws. I think that if a law exists that those in Washington feel the need to be exempted of, then it's a pretty ####ty law to start with and shouldn't be on the books at all. Sorry for the French, but that is how I feel.
  11. And the hits keep coming......You are correct. It's hard to have nice things in todays DGAS world. I bought a new to me used fishing boat that was pretty danged nice. Nice trailer and so forth. I kept boat and trailer clean and waxed. The trailer was backed into 2 times in less than 6 months on opposite sides while I was fishing. No note or anything. Both fenders are dented now. I said heck with it and didn't even have them fixed. I still keep them clean, but no more waxing and babying them.
  12. I've got 3.....and they are great knives.
  13. To say that the liberals have been extreme in their rhetoric since November is putting it mildly. Here's an article that gives am excellent sample of those freaks in Hollywood: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/06/14/15-times-celebrities-envisioned-violence-against-trump-and-the-gop/ I can't help but think they are intentionally inciting their fans. Either that or their just plain stupid.
  14. 3 - 50 round boxes of 22 magnum at the Gander Mountain. Since they are closing, they've dropped the price to $8 and change. Academy had some recently but it was $11.99 per 50.
  15. Not surprised really, with all the hate speech pouring from the Liberal world and Hollywood. Prayers to the families.

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