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  1. We’ve been riding that train for the last seven months.
  2. Yes indeed. SO true. If we could just elect a POTUS that wasn’t a DC bought and paid for politician that just wanted to make America great again…….<sigh> Hey…that’s an IDEA..!!!!
  3. Wow..... I don’t even personally know anybody that’s been shot. If they have, they ain’t talk’n!!! I’m with mikegideon on this one!
  4. There are many people in this country that carry guns anywhere they want everyday and are not restricted at all by what the gun laws are. They probably number in the millions. They also commit armed robbery, murder, rape, sell drugs, rob banks, burglarize homes, jack cars and trucks, commit home invasions and such like. They will continue to carry guns anywhere they want everyday and will not be restricted at all by what the gun laws are. They probably number in the millions.
  5. I used a 410 in my younger days when I first started hunting. I used number 4’s I think. Later I went to a 22 rifle. Remington 552 speed master. I sure wish I still had that thing. As far as eating squirrels, I always liked to flour them up with salt and pepper and fry them, then take the meat off the bones and make dumplings. The time in the dumplings tenderized the meat really nice.
  6. I wonder if anyone’s ever thought about autonomous state status? LOL....
  7. I did try it but it didn’t do a thing for me. Zero results. A fad IMO. I have pain from lots of injuries from football, motorcycles, construction work, fighting in my younger days, etc......A total waste of money I don’t have as far as I’m concerned.
  8. It’s simple really. The more vague the Democrats can make the law, the more guns they can confiscate from you and make you have to go to court to fight to keep them. Most can’t afford to do that and they know this. Voting with feelings and emotions (I want to vote for the first black/woman/Mexican/ muslim President etc...) rather than your brain most always has consequences and disaster.
  9. I suppose we just wait and see. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2021/05/24/heres-why-it-could-take-years-for-ammunition-to-become-readily-available-again-n2589901
  10. Nope. Nada. Nutt’n to see here folks!
  11. Taste like alligator....hmm....maybe that’s another reason they are called alligator gar. Not just for the snout.
  12. That’s about all I use unless I tie a fly on behind a small clear float. Like right now the Caddis hatch is on and a Caddis fly is doing good. The float lets me use my ultralight open face and still float a fly down the river. But, most Caddis flies are black and an a black Rooster Tail seems to work good too, just not today! LOL!
  13. My fishing buddy and I had a great day today. Great conversation and great company. The peanut butter N crackers washed down with ice cold Coke was delicious. The weather was perfect. The Hiwassee River was clear and cold. The crowd did not show up and I only saw 6 folks out fishing. A light breeze kept us cool when the sun got high. I did not loose one Rooster Tail all day. My waders didn’t leak and I didn’t fall in . We got a late start and didn’t get on the river until 9:30. The fish quit biting at 9 so we didn’t catch a thing......BUT......My fishing buddy and I had a great day today. Lesson learned: It ain’t always about the fish!!
  14. I knew you’d be along soon.......all I did was tell the truth.


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