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  1. And you keep opening posts about it to read them? LOL.
  2. Could be. I thought it wasn’t normal. Didn’t happen last year as I remember.
  3. I’ve got some of those Mac. I like them too. They work good on the hiwassee . Thanks.
  4. I’ve really missed the trout fishing this year. The streams I fish have really been impacted with high water a lot of the Spring with so much rain and high water. I’m honking of trying the area below Tim’s Ford Dam. I’m not very knowledgeable about this area. I use a open face spinner rig and chest waders. Any tips or dangers I need to know about? Thanks to anyone that responds.
  5. I’ve moved up on a beautiful mountain and have an acre and a half of yard trees about half acorn and half hickory trees. I’m not sure what caused this, but all the hickory trees began dropping marble sized, not even half grown nuts back in June. Not just a few, but a good bunch of the crop It seemed. Other than that, they look healthy. They stopped for a few weeks now but they’re dropping nuts again, but a bit bigger this time. Maybe the cool or wet spring. I would say poor squirrels, but their so fat they can barely climb up on my bird feeders....
  6. President’s are not doctors, nor pandemic specialist. They follow advice from those who are. Both Fucci and Birx are big democrat donors and I don’t trust any democrats. Especially those two based on their known history. Heaven knows what their unknown history is. My Opinion anyway.
  7. Up until the pandemic, I felt like the conservatives had a good chance of keeping the WH and maybe even both houses. Not....not so sure. I know one thing for sure. I’m worried about the world the young members of my family and friends families are going to grow up in. Visions of Venezuela keep me up at night. That or Somalia when they try to confiscate American’s firearms.
  8. I’m guessing the Democrats started this in January so it will be ready hoping for a clean sweep and complete control in November. A lot is riding on November. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5717/text#toc-H0CE309557D6D4D78B1B29893582E4588
  9. I saw this this morning. It does seem to make sense if it’s true. I suppose this decision is better than the alternative. Roberts is flaky at times it seems. https://thefederalist.com/2020/06/17/scotus-gun-case-denials-signal-conservative-justices-dont-trust-roberts-with-the-second-amendment/
  10. It certainly does suck. I’ve had back issues for over twenty years. Bulging discs. Three of them. A week ago last Thursday I had to go to the ER at 2 am. I could barely breathe due to muscle spasms from the disc issues. Since then I’m about 95% back to normal. I’m ready to get back to night fishing!
  11. I used to really love glocks. I still do. I bought a M&P Shield 9mm about a year ago that was on sale at Academy and I reach for it about 90% of the time now. It’s accurate, slim, light weight, conceals nicely, shoots every time, and feels great in my hand. It’s a very sweet EDC.
  12. Nice. Looks like a very strong knife.

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