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  1. Is the 2nd most hated by Democrats, or is it the 1st? It’s obvious that both are way up on the list. Either one will drastically change our way of life by taking away freedoms paid for with the blood of our sons, daughters, mom’s and dads.....and our ancestors. I know...I know....”It’ll never happen.” Or “It’ll never happen in my lifetime.” Well, don’t be so sure and anyway, what about your kids and grandkids lifetimes. Either way, this could very easily be the beginning: http://BREAKING: Dems Ready Legislation to Pack the Supreme Court https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2
  2. And Joe says Hunter is “the smartest guy I know....”
  3. Extremist and race supremacists come in every race, religion and political affiliation. So I guess you’re saying it’s not just conservatives then?
  4. Maybe. that’s a small sampling of liberals and not what the Democrat Party in Washington says and that’s what counts. Not to mention you sure don’t hear that on the MSM, CNN, MSNBC, the late night talk shows....etc. they all say 90% of all Americans WANT what they’re peddling.
  5. I’m good Dirtshooter, it’s just that the first part was the qualifying part of the second part....anyway, if you believe a 2 party system is the biggest problem, what would be the fix? Surely you don’t want a 1 party system, even though I do believe that’s where we are after the last elections with first time ever illegal voting changes that happened in swing states. In addition, the democrats are planning changes that will forever keep them in power. Mass mail in voting is nothing short of fraudulent voting. All the dems here can say what they want but even the democrat party said this just a
  6. You quoted me out of context. I said “if the Republican Party remains spineless”. I also think it may come down to how serious and faithful our armed forces are to their oath. Politicians sure don’t.
  7. If the Republican Party remains spineless, we are doomed to a socialist future.
  8. Wait until they pack the Supreme Court. It’s just beginning. The Democrats on here were warned. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2021/04/09/biden-commission-scotus-n2587666
  9. Yep. The coup will be complete soon I think. It was no secret this was coming. Like I was told here before the election, the dems said what they were going to do.....and targeting the 2nd amendment was close to the top. I’ve said it many times about other countries, you get what you vote for. This time, it’s about the USA. Another fundamental change maybe coming: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2021/04/09/biden-commission-scotus-n2587666
  10. It does look that way for sure sometimes. But at least they’re not trying to destroy freedom and the USA from every angle imaginable like the Democrats are.
  11. I seem to remember back maybe 30 years ago when certain types of Ammo purchases, handgun maybe, required some type of records. Recorded at the time of purchase. I could be wrong. I think 22’s were exempt. Anyone else remember that?
  12. It’s really just too bad that Republicans aren’t as extreme in their efforts to protect our rights as the batsh** crazy Democrats are to destroy them.
  13. I’ve lived in a rural house with only well water for 2 years now. It’s great tasting water. It’s hard for me to drink water down in the valley anymore. Even in restaurants I can literally smell the chlorine now since I’m so used to pure water. It’s crystal clear and pretty darn cold out of the faucet.
  14. Weber Genesis! I was in the same boat a couple years ago and bought a Weber. It’s the best gas grill I’ve ever had. If it flares up, it needs cleaning.
  15. I know the feedback feeling well.


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