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  1. Best advice I ever got was: "Ride as though everyone else on the road is trying to kill you!" I started on a Honda XL250 dual sport at 18. Great bike for tooling around town and in the country. That was when we had that stupid nationwide 55mph speed limit. That's about all the little Honda could manage. Graduated to a Yamaha XT650. Big thumper could idle up most hills it had so much torque! Then a Yamaha 650 twin, Honda VF750 Sabre, then a Honda VF1100 Sabre. Those Honda V-4s were great bike! I also had a AMF Harley 883 and Street Glide in the '80's. The less said about those two, the better. The Motorcycle Safety course is a great idea for any rider. And I took it after I'd been riding for 20 years. I may take it again soon, as it helps reinforce good habits and lets you see any bad ones you may have picked up.
  2. WOW! Got mine already! Postal Meter FINE condition, 1.9M range, flat bolt, high wood, two rivet handguard, Marlin barrel, Type 1 barrel band, bore is shiny but well worn, stamped rear sight, lots of cosmoline, wood is well used, but no cracks. Photos after I have a chance to clean it up.
  3. Off the top of my head, I remember these: Sterling, SMG, Lewis LMG, Mauser C96, MG34, Lee Enfield, and the princess used a Russian target pistol.
  4. Soviet WW2 107mm or possibly 120mm mortar on motorcycle sidecar.
  5. Web site shows some Inlands and Standard Products still available.
  6. I don't pay extra for 'all matching' parts on US military guns. I know how the military operates and 'all matching' means that someone swapped parts to make it that way 99.95% of the time. Most of the carbines I see with Type 1 sights look like they had a Type 2 or 3 sight removed and a Type 1 staked in. During WW2 the Military did not care about having one manufacturer making all the parts. Parts from different makers were shipped wherever they were needed at that time. And after the war, everything was re-arsenalled. Again, nobody cared who made what part. They put them back together using whatever in-spec part was next in the bin. If you want the 'authentic' WW2 look, buy whatever carbine you want and change parts to match what you want. I see repro flip sights for $40 and originals start at $80 on eBxx.
  7. I do not know where to buy them. I suspect it would have to come from the manufacturer. A Destructive Device dealer would be able to buy them without paying a transfer tax. I can see that there would be a need for folks developing body armor, and other things to be bale to test against grenades and other weapons. Obviously, there would have to be strict accountability. Theoretically, an individual could buy grenades or RPG rounds. Each one would have to be serial numbered and require that $200 transfer tax. And if you used it, you would have spent $200 plus the cost of the grenade!
  8. The lead time for importing ammunition is years. It can take a year just to get the State Department to approve each shipment. And I'm sure the Biden administration has no interest in speeding it up. I'm sure that foreign manufacturers are VERY eager to ship as much as possible while prices and demand are high.
  9. This guy has repeatedly broken his oath to support and defend the Constitution. Of course, that is what passes for normal these days in DC. But someone should bring up that he has promised in these hearings to violate the 2nd Amendment as much as he can. The whole Waco involvement just points out how much of a sick character he is.
  10. It seems that a ship from Russia just docked. Wolf ammo in most calibers is available at a lot of places now. Price is down a bit, but not where it makes me want to spend my money.
  11. I carried a Star PD .45 for many years. The XDs .45 is the first pistol that came along that was worth retiring the Star. I've carried the XDs for a couple of years now and the more I use it, the more I like it. I also have a KelTec P3AT I use when it's too hot to carry the XDs. As long as I use nice, hot ammo, it is 100% reliable. I also like the original Remington model 51 in .380. Mostly just because it fits my hand so nicely! But it's also 100% reliable.
  12. Beretta was the start. There are several more from up north that are seriously contemplating moves.
  13. It looks like Classic Arms has some of these carbines. All refurbished and starting at $1499.
  14. SLAP stands for 'Saboted Light Armor Piercing'. The important part is the 'saboted'. The 'sabot' is is the light plastic piece that holds a smaller diameter bullet. In the video, Scott says that the rounds immediately prior to the explosion were off-target. This tells me that it is possible that pieces of the previous sabots were getting caught in the muzzle brake, and causing a partial obstruction. It may be that the obstruction built up to the point where the final round slowed at the muzzle long enough for the pressure to exceed the strength of the breech. As this ammunition has a muzzle velocity over 3900 FPS, it would not take long for the pressure to build. Back when Remington sold sabot loaded hunting ammunition, they had warnings on the box to not use it in a rifle that had any kind of muzzle brake or flash-hider. After a few incidents of rifle being damaged by split barrels from folks who didn't pay attention to the warning, Remington dropped that line of ammo.
  15. Interesting photo. Resistance fighter? Obviously a posed picture. STEn MKII with six mags, home-made magazine pouch, German M24 grenade in his belt. Clothes look like British 37 pattern, but the insignia on his shirt pocket looks like a collar tab from somewhere else. The cap looks kind of like a German M43 cap. I can't place the goggles.
  16. No change. Buy when cheap and stack it deep. That gets you through the lean times.
  17. I've also got EAA Witness in 10mm. I also have conversion kits in .45 and .22 for it. It's been reliable and durable. Having had the G20, I prefer the Witness. It handles full-power 10mm without any issues. Keep in mind that most of the commercial 10mm loads are a bit less powerful than the original spec from the '80's. I've been shooting Buffalo Bore 180gr JHP at 1350fps. Most commercial ammo is 180gr at 1200fps.
  18. Even better! Those are very early pre-M16 AR-15 select fire from circa 1963. If transferable in the US, they are about $100K each, now!
  19. It also has a louder, sharper, higher-pitched muzzle blast. Using the issue muzzle brake is guaranteed to P-O the shooters on either side at the range. I find that the original 53gr 7N6 surplus ammunition shoots much more accurately than the 60gr Wolf, or Barnaul ammo. My barrel is an original Romanian one. YMMV with a different barrel.
  20. Keep in mind that many of the biggest producers have several different lines of ammunition. Usually they break down to plinking, range/target, self-defense, and premium ranges. Quality can be VERY different across those lines. The Russian-made steel case ammo tends to be very dirty. Some of it also tends to be loaded to be low-powered.
  21. It's a contract. Either party can amend it before signing. Strike out the part you don't like. If the other party signs it after you made changes, then the changes are part of the contract. If they cannot accept the changes, you can accept it as-is or look elsewhere.
  22. Lewis. The round post above the '797' is where the pan magazine mounts. The Vickers is a modified Maxim and is belt-fed. It doesn't look quite right to me. It might be a movie prop.
  23. Personal responsibility and 'common sense' are dead. This warning is proof:
  24. Once again the Republican leadership has resisted doing the right thing with all their might. At least this way we know who in the government actually read their oath of office and will stand behind it. Someone please point to anywhere in the US or TN Constitution that allows the existing gun control laws? Gun Control is never done for OUR benefit.
  25. If you are good with the 1911, I'd stick with that. You're not looking for trouble, so the .45 should work well on most types of trouble that find you. For me, a .45 carries more easily than a single action revolver. Plus, a pair of extra mags takes up very little room and gives you more options if you run into more trouble than one mag can handle.


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