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  1. Pretty extreme solution for hemorrhoids!
  2. Wrangler. Until recently, all made in the USA. Now assembled in Mexico, Guatamala, Puerto Rico, and other places. Fabric is still mostly made in USA. Have you tried the 'relaxed fit' style. A little extra room where us older guys need it.
  3. Do you really think that the clone has had the extensive testing and field work that the Benelli has had? Will every part prove as reliable? Are the parts all made to the same standards as the Benelli? Do you want to find out the hard way that ONE critical part really is NOT perfectly interchangeable? Personally, if I just wanted the shotgun for occasional use, I might go for the clone. But if I felt that there was a chance I MIGHT need to depend on it, I'd spring the extra for the real deal.
  4. Ho-hum. Not compatible with any existing semi-auto platforms. So bolt-action only. That limits it's usefulness and appeal. I'll stick with 6.5 creedmoor in larger platforms and 6.5 Grendel in the smaller one. I'll be very interested to see if it's still around 10 years from now, and who it appealed to.
  5. Life member, TFA, NRA, GOA. I realize that it's tough for a lot of folks right now. But if you have the time, going to TFA meetings and helping our (few) real supporters in the TN and Federal legislature does make a difference. Don't hesitate to call out (politely) those who do not support the TN and US Constitutions. Personal contact counts much more than an email or online form.
  6. That's the new Lefty-AK! Charging handle, ejection port, safety, etc are on the other side! Photo was obviously reversed.
  7. If so, I commend his work on authenticity. She has no jewelry, ears do not appear pierced, colorless peasant blouse, correct mag pouches and Chinese milled receiver AK. She sure looks like the real thing.
  8. I expect that 2020 was just the warm-up for 2021. Hang onto your seats, the ride is about to get REALLY WILD!!!
  9. Excel spreadsheet with date of purchase, price, added notes, extended description, and current value. Backups of all my documents both onsite and offsite. Before I got married, my wife said "You spent a lot of money on guns." So I showed her my spreadsheet with the bottom line of what I spent versus current value. And explained that it was one part of my diversified investment plan. Since then she has been just fine with my collection. Although she has asked to see my spreadsheet a few times over the years, just to see how our investments were doing.
  10. Pre-safety Marlins are the best lever actions ever made. Great field rifle and with a little care will be appreciated by your grand-kids.
  11. Nothing new to anyone who bothered to look into Chinese policy would realize that they believe they have been at war with the US for at least 50 years. Not a shooting war, but they have been very active in subversion, spying, stealing technology, and buying influence.15 years ago I worked with some folks who were former NSA. We were in Dulles airport and they were pointing out the Chinese agents who were following congressional aides and other folks and listening in to bluetooth cellphone calls and copying data from their laptops. I was amazed at how clueless our people were. Nobody se
  12. As stated above, target pistols are designed around standard velocity ammunition. Since .22 pistols are all blowback operated, the only thing keeping parts from slamming together during operation is a little spring. Overpower that spring and bad things happen as metal parts hammer against each other. Rugers are built like tanks and a little .22 is not going to damage them. Most target pistols are not as strongly built. Another piece of advice; any .22 pistol designed prior to ww2 will also probably not do well with anything more than standard velocity. Keep your prized Colt Woodsman
  13. Henry has both. But the Solothurn was the star of the show. Rumors of a sequel have been around for many years. If it's going to happen it better be soon. John Ross is not particularly healthy.
  14. We did NOT roll over in 1986!!! There were many court cases raised about this over the years. Some were actually won in Federal District Court. But the other courts ignored the few wins and the Supreme Court declined to comment. The fix was in and the NRA has never been a friend to NFA owners. The same thing happened in 1994. The NRA rolled over after the 10 year sunset was added. Then they claimed victory in 2004. There are NO gun laws that are Constitutional. Period. Yes, I follow the laws. The cost of not following them is much higher than I am willing to pay. I suspe
  15. If you can get your guns and your ammo in a safe, you don't have enough guns OR ammo!!!
  16. Yep "free money YOU don't have to pay back". Instead, like all government grants, that money came from the taxpayers. I'm glad your son is a productive taxpayer now. So, in one sense, he IS paying it back. Government has no business making loans. It's vote buying at it's most blatant.
  17. A lot of us are getting up in age faster than we realized. It's a shame that we sometimes don't realize how fortunate we are to have folks like Steelharp among us until it's too late. He's gone home just in time to be part of the Christmas Band!!
  18. I sent the below letter to the President's office: Should the President have to leave office, there are several actions he can legally take to correct injustice. I will detail one such below. In 1968, Congress passed the Gun Control Act changing the rules regarding legally-owned weapons registered according to the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA). As part of that change, the law allows for the government to have periodic Amnesties, where these firearms may be legally registered. Currently, an Amnesty is the only way for such firearms to be legally registered. No such Amnesty has oc
  19. They did not sell well as they were an odd duck of a firearm. I had one of the normal pistols back in the early '80's. I got lots of practice with malfunction drills! If you ever get one, they work best with standard velocity .22s. If it had a shoulder stock, it would have been a Short-Barrelled Rifle, with the necessary NFA forms and $200 transfer tax. That would have guaranteed that they sold a lot fewer than 6000!
  20. Original M1 carbines are all well over $1000 these days. If you see one for less, snag it! I fired a friend's new Inland M1 carbine. Seems reliable and solid. Inland says parts interchange with original GI parts. That's a big plus for me.
  21. Sorry. Sold pending funds. If It falls through, I'll contact you in order. Thank you.
  22. PMs responded to. I apologize for slow response.
  23. IF, you have a Manufacturer SOT license, you can make them for yourself, for other dealers, or agencies. Renting a MG as part of a range is a legitimate business. Almost all rental MGs are post-86 samples.
  24. Prior to this year: Pistol & SMG - 10-12,000 per year Rifle & MG - 3-5000 per year .22 - 10,000 per year.
  25. The only submachine gun actually used in WW1. Fortunately for the Allies, it was too little, too late to make a difference. Made to use the Luger snail-drum magazines. Those mags are fragile, complicated, and the couple of times i've loaded one it took me about five minutes using the loading tool. Still a seriously cool looking weapon!


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