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  1. Orange tipped 30 carbine ammo

    While not common, carbine tracer ammo is not really rare. Usually goes for about $1 per round. It looks like a bunch of carbines are coming into the country. You might want to save your pennies up and get one! Fun little rifles.
  2. Kel-Tec CMR-30

    I have one. I haven't shot it for accuracy. But it held 'minute of coke can' at about 50 yards during 3 mags (90 rds) of reasonably rapid fire. I did not notice any shift in impact point. Nice little carbine! I'm seriously considering making it an SBR with 12" barrel.
  3. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    'Need'? What does 'need' have to do with anything? You have reached a very temporary condition known as 'wantless'. That is to say that you do not currently 'want' anything else. There is no need to worry about it. The condition is always temporary and will soon pass. Almost before you know it, you will read an article, pass a store window, or just have a fond memory and your 'want' will be back in full force and active.
  4. 45 ACP "carry" ammo

    I bought a boat load of Remington Golden Sabre several years ago. Its not the highest rated, but it's always in the top 3 or 4. And it has always fed reliably in everything.
  5. ad closed My version of a Finnish Puukko

    Very pretty and useful knife. The Puukko is actually Finnish. I thought I'd try to politely mention that before my friend ' Hakkaa Päälle ' gets his blood up.
  6. Sig P210

    I have fired a friend's new P210 with the US-type magazine release. Nice trigger, nice factory finish, very accurate. At $1500, it's a bargain! While I DO like the side magazine release, I do not like the fiber-optic front sight. The finish is not as nice as the Swiss guns and it is significantly heavier. While the action is very smooth on the new gun, the older gun is as slick as oiled glass. Call me a snob, but it's not as well made as my Swiss-made P210. But, it's also been a long time since I saw a Swiss-made P210 anywhere near $1500.
  7. Sig P210

    I have a Swiss surplus P210 made in the late 1950s. The quality is incredible! I am very fond of my P210 and enjoy shooting it. For a service pistol, the quality, accuracy, and ergonomics are superb. The one weak spot is the bottom magazine catch. It is spring steel and has been known to break. Its relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. I bought a spare just in case. I have no experience with the new ones. I'm not really a fan of Sig Sauer and they share only a name with the original Swiss company.
  8. Drop me a line. I've got a few sticks and drums.
  9. What is wrong with me?!?!

    The only person who was able to improve on the 1911 was John Browning. The HP35 combined his linkless breech locking and fixed barrel bushing with the Savage double column magazine. The only thing modern pistols added was the Walther double-action trigger. The Glock striker was copied from the 1907 Roth. Plastic frames we're copied from H&K. There is a reason his parents named him John MOSES Browning. He led us to the greatest personal weapons in history!
  10. ad closed Withdrawn

    The Savage pistols are under-appreciated. Compact, striker-fired, and reliable with the first detachable double column handgun magazine. Many notable people owned them, including Buffalo Bill Cody and Bat Masterson. Very pretty examples here! Decent prices, too.
  11. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    Springfield XDs .45. Compact, reasonably light, and it's a .45. Aren't you glad we live a country with so many choices!
  12. 6.5 Gendel Build - Parts Chosen

    I've shot quite a bit of 6.5G ammo. The Wolf Gold is very good for the price. The Wolf steel case performs a lot better than I expected. Right now the steel case is a bit hard to find. Wolf says more is on the way. Other manufacturers are still on the shelf.
  13. Favorite field shotgun?

    I have a set of Remington Model 11s in 12, 16, and 20ga I inherited from my Grandfather. It's the same gun as a Browning A-5. John Browning cleverly sold the license to build it to FN in Belgium (branded as 'Browning'), Remington, and Savage. I eventually bought my own in 12 and 20ga to avoid wearing out my grandfather's guns. They take a bit of education to set the friction rings properly for the load you are shooting. If someone complains about the recoil, they have the friction rings set wrong and will eventually damage the hand guard and even the receiver. Set properly, the guns will have a soft recoil and still operate reliably. So, It's obvious what my personal choice is. I've shot semi-autos so much that I always hesitate when I'm firing a pump gun until I remember that I have to operate the action!
  14. for-sale Fusion 223 62gr 480 rounds

    Offer sent on all Greek.30-06 ammo.
  15. Favorite Gun Oil

    Ballistol for oil, synthetic bearing grease on wear parts. The German Army has used Ballistol for over 120 years. Of they found anything better, I'm sure that they would have switched. Works well for storage as it leaves a waxy finish that doesn't evaporate like most oils.

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