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  1. Wiselite is notoriously slow to respond. You might search for a striker for the semi auto Sterling as I believe it might be the same. Worst case, find a friendly neighborhood machinist to make one.
  2. Some years ago when I was still entertaining dreams of an African safari, I got an Eddystone Enfield rebuilt in .416 Rigby. That action was as slick as frog snot!!! Eventually, I sold it to a friend who really did get to take it on safari. But, sometimes I wish that I had just loaned it to him instead of selling it. That was one really sweet rifle!
  3. GOA and NAGR have worked together on many court cases. The NRA has not cooperated with the gun rights organizations on court cases. Many times, the NRA does nothing but possibly file an amicus brief and then claim credit if the case ends in a victory for the citizens. You might also think about joining the Tennessee Firearms Association. TFA has brought us legal concealed carry, legal carry in restaurants, and many smaller victories. The NRA in TN pretty much supports stupid bills that sound good but accomplished nothing positive. Our new complicated two-tier carry permit system was backed by the NRA. Pointless.
  4. I'd never shoot it. Unknown strength of the iron/nickel mix. Very interesting appearance, though.
  5. I've got both Uberti and a Gen2 Colt. The Colt is a hair nicer and smoother. The newer Colt Cowboy doesn't seem as smooth or nicely made as my Uberti. For a range toy, go with the Uberti. You can buy a very nice holster, outfit, and ammo for the price difference!
  6. Until Ruth Vader Ginsburg leaves, nothing truly important will be likely for gun owners. Let's face it, the 1934, NFA, 1968 GCA, and 1986 Hughes Amendment are ALL blatantly un-Constitutional!
  7. John Harris in Nashville is the best Firearms attorney in TN. He is very familiar with NFA law. You can reach him through the Tennessee Firearms Association website as he is the Director. With NFA items, always play it safe as some things have extremely high values and the penalties for messing it up can be pretty severe.
  8. A few points: Yes, this was anti-gun tax. It was a tax on top of the normal TN sales tax. It was inefficient to collect. A five round package of shotgun slugs got a single stamp, and so did a 1000rd bulk pack of 5.56mm. TN does not need the tiny amount of money. It probably costs nearly as much to administer the program as it collects. We run a surplus. It makes sense to get rid of small sources of revenue and concentrate on more efficient ones.
  9. Yeah, but in those days a Colt AR-15 was only $175 and didn't come with a $200 transfer tax!
  10. 1gewehr


    I bought a couple about 6 months ago on GB for $35 each. I haven't looked lately.
  11. 1gewehr


    I can't remember the last time I bought a finished lower. I keep a couple of 80% ones around. Half an hour at the drill press and I'm ready to put on a finish. No muss, no fuss. All done for under $50 including shipping.
  12. I agree with using a musket for home defense. A .75cal lead ball makes a heck of a mess! The foot long flame will burn off their facial hair and set clothes on fire at close range. Then think of the terror effect when they see my pissed-off naked self charging out of the smoke cloud behind six feet of bayonet tipped musket!!! Hiding behind a wall or closed door won't protect you from an 18" bayonet blade!
  13. I've recently run about 1500 rounds of the Geco 124gr 9mm through my Sterling SMG and several pistols. It was clean, consistent, NATO spec ammo. I highly recommend it.
  14. Wow, lucky or not, it's still an amazing shot! Correct me if I'm wrong, but 4 ft target at over 6000 yards equals 1/15th of a minute of angle. And 17 seconds for the sound of the strike to be heard!
  15. Was just there 3/8. Most of the Philippine rifles are becoming CMP Specials because of the termites in the wood. Lots of those in the racks. A Special will have new wood, be refinished, and have a brand new match-grade barrel. Worth the money if you are going to shoot it. They have space for 100 rifles at a time in the store, and keep the racks pretty full. If you have a special desire, ask very nicely, and they aren't busy, they might look behind the counter. The range had about 40 IHC and WRA rifles for sale at $1050 and up. Match grade -06 ammo is on sale for $67.50/100rds. Very accurate ammo!

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