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  1. Has anyone else been watching the Hallmark channel's Christmas movies? My wife and I have been enjoying them instead of watching the insanity every night. It's been refreshing to actually hear people sing actual Christmas carols, refer to the 'reason for the season', and be generous and kind. We know it's pure fantasy. But where else can you see entertainment that isn't cruel, evil, or liberal crap?
  2. There should be visible markings to tell you if it's a m1917 or a rare and desirable Remington Model 30. Either way, it was definitely re-barrelled. I don't know much about the .280 cartridge other than a brief read on the 'net. But the M1917 or 30 action is VERY strong and will allow very heavy loading of the cartridge.
  3. If you look at the pintle under the front of the receiver, you can see that the gun is just balanced up there. The belt also looks like it's just laying across the top of the receiver, not being fed into it. Totally staged.
  4. Want to bet that they are all 'Felons in Possession'? Kind of makes other points moot.
  5. Pure pose. He's got lots of room. I'm more interested in the Soviet kids doing final assembly of PPD40 submachine guns! Cool photo.
  6. Interesting information on expected life. For comparison, my CZ75b has over 55000 rounds through it. I've replaced a firing pin, slide stop, and recoil spring. Barrel looks like it's about ready to be replaced. I'm not a fan of the 40 short and weak. All the penetration of the 45, and stopping power of the 9mm. And newer 40 is even downloaded from the earlier ammo. I do like that most 40 pistols can be easily changed to .357Sig. My Glock 23 has that setup, and was cheaper than buying a Glock 32.
  7. This is Independence Day, which falls on July 4th. We are not celebrating a date. We are celebrating our creation as a new country, separate from Great Britain. Our forefathers fought TWO wars to create and retain that independence. Both took an enormous toll in lives and property on a sparse and relatively poor population. Appropriate movies for today are: April Morning, 1776, Mister Smith goes to Washington, The Patriot, and the HBO series on John Adams. I would ignore the Disney movie 'Hamilton' as it is politically-correct, revisionist history. There have been some excellent documentaries about the American Revolution. If you can find the one History Channel did in the '90's, it was pretty good without bowing to the PC crowd. There is an absolutely awful movie called Taking Liberty that was a pilot for a proposed TV series. It is notable only as it has David Ogden Stiers as Benjamin Franklin, the adorable, beautiful, and sweet Sophie Ward (sigh) as the female lead, and a a couple of amusing scenes involving a handsome and dashing British Highland soldier (me).
  8. Trying to reason with that kind of person is useless. Like wrestling with a pig; 'you get tired and muddy and the pig has fun'. A LONG time ago I had a friend who owned a successful sandwich shop. Difficult customers got a dab of Wasabi on their BLT or Monte Cristo. Really difficult customers were refused service and shown the door. You probably couldn't get away with that today.
  9. I've had a C&R for well over 20 years. I've never had a problem shipping or receiving. A C&R license IS a category of Federal Firearms License. And FEDEX and UPS ship handguns 2nd Day Air at much lower cost than overnight.
  10. Czech VZ26 Light machine gun. Later refined into the British BREN gun.
  11. WW1 German anti-tank rifle - T-Gewehr
  12. In an earlier era, right after Obama was sworn in, I bought some WWB 9mm. Several rounds in the box had primers that were not seated properly, one had actually fallen out and spilled powder in the box. I contacted Olin and let them know the lot number. They replaced the box. I suspect that when they were running production full-blast, they may have had new folks or less attention to quality. Right now, they are again behind demand. So, it could be the same issue. I'm pretty well stocked with 9mm right now, so I have not bought any in the past 6 months. But I have fired many thousands of rounds of 9mm WWB and that one time is the only time I had any issues.
  13. Len Savage at Historic Arms in Georgia has done some full and also some semi MG42 builds. Because the receiver is one long piece of stamped steel, it is a real bear to weld together sections and get it perfectly straight. And if it is not straight and correct, it will be a 24 pound manually-operated rifle. Many years ago I had a friend who would let me fire his WWII MG42 quite a bit. I also had the opportunity to get some instruction on the MG-3. Properly handled, it is a devastating Light/Medium machine gun. In the hands of your average Snuffy, it will just waste ammo quickly. The MG-3 and the MAG58/M240 are the best LMGs around. Bar none!!!
  14. Nope. Just Albatros!
  15. Verify your insurance coverage before starting.

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