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  1. It's worth noting that the current law 'allows' the military to transfer up to 10,000 .45 pistols per year to CMP. So far, the Secretary of Defense has declined to do that. So, Trump could tell Mattis to do it tomorrow. The new bill says that the Secretary of defense 'Shall' transfer .45 pistols to CMP, and removes the 10,000 per year restriction. At this point I don't trust the Senate to do anything worthwhile, though.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I was a dealer many years ago and have been collecting for 40 years. I would be glad to come across the river one evening or this weekend and identify what she has and options for selling at the best price.
  3. The ones I was not happy with eventually made me happy by trading for something better! :-)
  4. It should be built on modified (not re-welded) Garand receiver. Parts are reasonable just now. Magazines are very well made and excellent design. Sadly, they are not interchangeable with anything else. For $200 you practically stole it!! These are nice .308 rifles. They are reliable, accurate, and very well-made. IIRC, Santa Fe imports were built by Beretta. If you don't like it, I'll let you double your money by selling it to me!!!
  5. I'd expect most c&r guns to appreciate in value. The Madsen is interesting as it was in .30US and is very well made. Not very common, and usually found in excellent condition. The last couple I saw at shows that sold went for $700 and $800. Prices on these are climbing. If it has a bayonet, add $50-100. Gunbroker is known for high prices. Mostly because you only pay when it sells. So you can post something at an absurd price and hope it sells without risk. Check collector boards. You might find a better deal.
  6. Military surplus is always in demand. Post a few on this board to test the water. I would tend to ask slightly more than what you think is a good price. You can always drop the price or ask for offers.
  7. I got to play with it at NRAAM this weekend. I like it. I'll probably get one in .45 as I prefer DA/SA hammer fired to striker.
  8. It's hard to fault them. Regulations like that rarely serve any useful purpose. If it was about safety, the only regulation needed would be to require insurance.
  9. Don't expect too much from this. Most of those rifles will probably be in poor condition. The Philippines are a harsh environment. And they use their weapons until they're used up. Still, any additions to CMP inventory is good news.
  10. At that price point, you are looking at used revolvers. As mentioned, Sauer made single action revolvers that were marketed under a variety of names. If it says 'Made in West Germany' it is most likely theirs and well made. Also look for Virginian Dragoon. Taurus made the Gaucho for several years and they are very well made and under-appreciated. If you are lucky, you might find the Uberti revolvers in that price range from time to time.
  11. Years ago ago I had one that took modified Thompson stick mags. All I had to do to make Thompson mags work was file the round hole in the rear spine so that it for the magazine catch. Find some cheap 30rd mags and have fun.
  12. Ammo cans for factory or surplus ammo. For reloads, I recycle the plastic trays and stack the filled trays in plastic 5gal kitty litter buckets. They're sturdy, stack easily, and seal pretty well. I store ammo cans under the work bench. They can only get 4 rows high, so I don't have to remove more than three to get what I want.
  13. I would contact a dealer who does this regularly. Simpson's Ltd or Cherry's Fine Guns come to mind. They can give you some real numbers. Shipping from Europe is not that expensive.
  14. I have never heard of a Lee-Enfield blowing up. Its a strong action. As mentioned, have the headspace checked. In addition to the Indian 7.62 rifles, the Brits used the lighter No.4 action to make 7.62 target and sniper rifles.
  15. Hmm, my favorite is my Colt Trooper III .357. My Go-to is my CZ-75. And I usually carry a Springfield XDs .45. Go figure!

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