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  1. 1gewehr

    Restore Broomhandle Mauser

    It depends on what you mean by 'rough shape'. If its really rusty and pitted, it may not have much collector value unless its a rare variation. If its just lost most of its finish and is dirty, I'd gently clean it up and replace the springs with a new set. Wolff Springs sells a complete kit. Do your best to clean without harsh chemicals or anything that would remove original finish or markings. A web search will lead to lots of information. Fascinating old pistols with amazing history.
  2. 1gewehr

    New relic!

    In addition to the 7.62mm Nagant ammunition, I have fired .32S&W, .32-20, and .32 H&R mag in my Nagants. If you use those other rounds, it's best to use jacketed bullets to prevent lead from building up in the barrel recess. I use .32 H&R mag a lot as it's a very effective little cartridge. The cases bulge out a bit on firing. But they resize just fine and I've reloaded cases four times so far without seeing any splits.
  3. 1gewehr

    Information overload

    I'm going to suggest that he start at the beginning. For most people, that means a 22 rifle. Since you already have some experience with firearms, I'll suggest either the Ruger 10/22 semi-auto, or the Savage MKII bolt-action. Both are well made, reliable, and will give good service. Another factor is that both of those rifles are inexpensive (under $300) and can be easily sold if you loose interest. A 22 rifle will be welcome at any shooting range, even indoor pistol ranges. Start there. It's where we all started. And you never outgrow a good 22 rifle. No matter what other guns I take to the range, a 22 rifle will be in the group.
  4. 1gewehr

    sale-or-trade Magazines For Trade

    Those are for the Knights SR25, DPMS 308, original AR10, and similar. They will not fit the newer AR10 made in Illinois that takes modified M-14 mags.
  5. 1gewehr

    Simerling LM4 .45

    Nope, the hand cycling was to make it as small as possible. I got to shoot one many years ago and with a little practice, you can fire it very quickly one-handed. It was not fun to fire as all of that recoil is concentrated in only a small part of your hand and the gun is pretty light. I believe that it still qualifies as the smallest multi-shot .45 ever made. For those who care, it's about the same size as a Keltec P3AT, and the Ruger and Taurus clones of the Keltec.
  6. The mauser you have has these improvements over the 1891. Gas relief hole in bolt. If a primer is punctured, the gas goes out the side instead of into your face. Double column magazine vs older single column. More positive feed, better extractor and ejector. Easier to load from stripper clips. That's a very pretty rifle. The 7.65mm was a in unusual cartridge mainly used by Argentina and Belgium.
  7. 1gewehr

    Arrr, matey!

    OMG!!!! You'll shoot your eye out!
  8. 1gewehr

    The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    I carried a Star PD in .45acp for over 20 years. Small, light, strong half-cock if you care, large safety if you're inclined that way. Always reliable. Other folks had problems when they let the little nylon buffer break down as the alloy frame would crack after 500-1000 rds with no buffer. I swapped my buffer out every 500 rds and put many, many rounds through it with no sign of cracking. Another choice would be the Star BM or BKS in 9mm. The BM has a steel frame and the BKS is alloy. The BM is a bargain these days as many surplus ones are on the market. Star also made the Firestar in 9mm, 40, and 45. Not light, but very compact and solid steel! In a .380, the excellent Remington 51 is extremely thin and light for solid steel. That's the original Remington 51, not the worthless newer one. Walther PPk is light and small, but can be finicky about ammo. The Beretta 1934 is also thin and small. It likes a strong load, but make sure the springs are in good shape. Other thin, but powerful guns are the Tokarev in 7.62 or 9mm (get rid of the worthless safety!), Beretta 951 9mm, and Polish Radom 9mm.
  9. 1gewehr

    AR pistol and SBR advice

    Optimal barrel length for what purpose? Reliability? Longer is better. Terminal performance? Again, longer is better. Concealment? Shorter is better. Making noise and muzzle blast? Again shorter is better. Remember, you are shooting a cartridge designed for a 20" barrel. Every study done has shown that combat effectiveness of the 5.56mm drops sharply under 2400fps. With a 16" barrel, that is the velocity at pretty close range.
  10. 1gewehr

    ad closed SOLD - - CZ 75 Compact - $400

    Not clear if it's sold yet or not. If not already sold, I will buy it.
  11. Your best bet is to find a used Taurus. When they are good, they are as good as S&W. But when they are bad, they are nothing but trouble. Find one that has been used but not abused. Take it for a range test. If it's good, go for it. You might get lucky and find an older Ruger under $500. Another possibility is the Astra. The revolvers were good, but got a bad rap because some Spanish pistols are shoddy.
  12. 1gewehr

    Orange tipped 30 carbine ammo

    While not common, carbine tracer ammo is not really rare. Usually goes for about $1 per round. It looks like a bunch of carbines are coming into the country. You might want to save your pennies up and get one! Fun little rifles.
  13. 1gewehr

    Kel-Tec CMR-30

    I have one. I haven't shot it for accuracy. But it held 'minute of coke can' at about 50 yards during 3 mags (90 rds) of reasonably rapid fire. I did not notice any shift in impact point. Nice little carbine! I'm seriously considering making it an SBR with 12" barrel.
  14. 1gewehr

    reached the point of what I need in handguns

    'Need'? What does 'need' have to do with anything? You have reached a very temporary condition known as 'wantless'. That is to say that you do not currently 'want' anything else. There is no need to worry about it. The condition is always temporary and will soon pass. Almost before you know it, you will read an article, pass a store window, or just have a fond memory and your 'want' will be back in full force and active.
  15. 1gewehr

    45 ACP "carry" ammo

    I bought a boat load of Remington Golden Sabre several years ago. Its not the highest rated, but it's always in the top 3 or 4. And it has always fed reliably in everything.

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