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  1. That was the THIRD Infantry Division. Bad job of colorizing, too.
  2. A sales tax is the one kind of tax you actually have some control over. Spend less on taxable purchases and you pay less tax. Buy from private sellers, and pay no sales tax.
  3. You didn't mention what kind of area you want. Urban, rural, suburbs, or something else? Do you have school-age kids, need access to certain facilities, want to see sports, etc? If you want to live in a city, Knoxville is probably as good as it gets in TN. Nashville and Memphis are solidly liberal-run cities, with Chattanooga being surprisingly liberal. Suburban areas around any city are usually solidly conservative. When my wife and I moved up from Atlanta-area 16 years ago, we actually got up early in the morning so we could drive into Nashville so we could see what commuting to work would be like. At the time, that sold us on Wilson County versus other areas. Do your homework and you can avoid a lot of problems. And there IS a cure for Commifornia influence: teach people about actions and consequences! All government programs are some form of vote-buying to get support from one group at the expense of the general public.
  4. It seems the fellow WAS doing business without a license. At least, what he was doing was very sketchy. That said, ATF once again proved that they love to turn a simple arrest into a firefight. If it was about enforcing a (patently unconstitutional) law, then just asking him to come into the office, or having the local police do a traffic stop would have sufficed. "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington
  5. We had the PetSafe solution. It's a radio unit that sends a signal to the collar. If the signal gets weak, the collar gives a tone. if the signal gets weaker, it shocks the dog. The dog cannot outrun the shocks like with an invisible fence. As long as the dog is outside the range of the signal, the collar will shock him. Dogs learn very quickly where the boundary is and do not try to cross it. The range can be adjusted, and placement of the sending unit allows some variation of the allowable space. By putting the unit in our downstairs family room, our dog had full run of the back yard, but could not get close to the road in front. Sadly we lost our dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) two years ago. We gave our PetSafe system to my brother, and it has served his dog well. This system is not very useful for very small dogs, as the collar is a bit bulky for them. https://www.petsafe.com/shop/dog/fencing/wireless-pet-fences/
  6. I carried a Star PD .45 for many years. Finally retired the Star and went with the Springfield XDs in .45 a few years ago once there were a few years of reliability reports. I also have a Keltec P3AT for beach wear.
  7. For anyone that does have these old .22 revolvers, do NOT use modern .22lr ammo. I've bulged a cylinder on one using modern standard velocity .22lr. I still shoot them, but only with .22 shorts. No photos as this was a long time ago and I tossed the cylinder. And yes, it was a US Revolver Co pistol.
  8. Obviously posed. If either of them pulls a trigger, someone will have an 'ouchie'!
  9. Setting friction rings correctly is pretty easy. And replacement rings are readily available and not expensive. Anyone with one of these fine guns, or the similar Remington Model 11, should do this as part of an annual inspection!
  10. 1gewehr


    I'm not familiar with the "Voyager" series. DSA had some reliability issues about 10 years ago. But I have not heard of any issues lately. They did fix problems that were reported to them. These days $1500 for a brand new FAL is a bargain. The FAL is well-known for being extremely reliable except in a desert environment. Very easy to maintain and clean. Parts are still pretty reasonable and available, too.
  11. My oldest CZ75 has over 60,000 rounds through it. Only part that broke was the slide stop. I replaced all the springs a few years ago at about 50,000 rounds. My HiPowers were all bought used, so I can't attest to round counts. But, they have been very reliable. When in doubt, replace springs. True for any gun bought used with unknown provenance. The venerable 1911 is always a classic. Get a GI-spec 1911A1 and you will know when to replace the very few parts that might present a problem (extractor). My advice would be to get the CZ75 first. They are all imports, and there may be a day when they aren't allowed in anymore.
  12. Yep, every gun guy (or gal) should have one. Going down to CMP in Anniston is the best bet for picking out what appeals to you. Make sure that you have all the documents you need before going! The OPs rifle looks like a good buy at $1200. The Danish VAR barrels are sought after.
  13. My Grandfather was a big Remington fan. He had a matched set of 12, 16, and 20ga model 11s. I learned to shoot with his Model 12 .22. John Browning learned from his experience with Winchester trying to low-ball him. He sold the rights to manufacture the Automatic Shotgun to Remington, Savage, and FN. And then his brother started Browning Arms distribution in North America! All selling the exact same gun!
  14. TN State Parks have a couple of events coming up Oct 21st - Becentennial Mall, Nashville, Tennesse timeline, reenactors demonstrating events involving Tennesseans from 1500 to present Nov 10,11,12 - Alvin York State Park - Veterans Day event with WWI reenactors, tactical simulations, real biplanes, machine guns and artillery.


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