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  1. for-sale Fusion 223 62gr 480 rounds

    Offer sent on all Greek.30-06 ammo.
  2. Favorite Gun Oil

    Ballistol for oil, synthetic bearing grease on wear parts. The German Army has used Ballistol for over 120 years. Of they found anything better, I'm sure that they would have switched. Works well for storage as it leaves a waxy finish that doesn't evaporate like most oils.
  3. Thinking back about milsurps

    As mentioned above, most countries are now fully equipped with select-fire long guns. The bolt-action and semi-auto guns are long gone. We might see some more handguns come in as the older models get replaced with Sig/Sauers, Glocks, and clones. I hope that we see some of the WWII stockpiles still held in Russia and China come out. But I'm not holding my breath. I AM looking forward to seeing M1 Garands, Carbines, and possibly 1911s come back from Korea and the Phllippines. Those deals stand a really good chance of getting into the country.
  4. I know some would call it heresy, but I much prefer Marlin lever-action rifles to the John Browning-designed Winchesters.
  5. Depends on the design. What does the manufacturer of the kit say? I have a 5.56 suppressor that you can drop a 9mm bullet through. It suppresses very well.
  6. Just thought I would ask?

    Yes. Great cartridge! I have a 1911 kit I use sometimes.
  7. Do pistol shotshells damage barrels?

    Most of the pistol caliber shotshells I've seen have some type of cup to contain the shot until it leaves the barrel. So, it's only plastic touching the barrel, not lead.
  8. No.1 Mk.III Enfield

    You did not mention bore condition. If the rifling is still pretty clear and the bore doesn't show pits or corrosion, I'd agree with $150-200. Also look for pitting on the bolt face. All other defects can be solved at reasonable cost. Barrels are a real pain to replace, especially on the WW1 years. BTW, Tennessee troops of the 30th Infantry division were issued SMLEs in France.
  9. CMP 1911s - It might actually happen this time

    It's worth noting that the current law 'allows' the military to transfer up to 10,000 .45 pistols per year to CMP. So far, the Secretary of Defense has declined to do that. So, Trump could tell Mattis to do it tomorrow. The new bill says that the Secretary of defense 'Shall' transfer .45 pistols to CMP, and removes the 10,000 per year restriction. At this point I don't trust the Senate to do anything worthwhile, though.
  10. Long Guns

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I was a dealer many years ago and have been collecting for 40 years. I would be glad to come across the river one evening or this weekend and identify what she has and options for selling at the best price.
  11. Are you completely happy with your pistol choice?

    The ones I was not happy with eventually made me happy by trading for something better! :-)
  12. Bought an odd one today!

    It should be built on modified (not re-welded) Garand receiver. Parts are reasonable just now. Magazines are very well made and excellent design. Sadly, they are not interchangeable with anything else. For $200 you practically stole it!! These are nice .308 rifles. They are reliable, accurate, and very well-made. IIRC, Santa Fe imports were built by Beretta. If you don't like it, I'll let you double your money by selling it to me!!!
  13. Madsen M47

    I'd expect most c&r guns to appreciate in value. The Madsen is interesting as it was in .30US and is very well made. Not very common, and usually found in excellent condition. The last couple I saw at shows that sold went for $700 and $800. Prices on these are climbing. If it has a bayonet, add $50-100. Gunbroker is known for high prices. Mostly because you only pay when it sells. So you can post something at an absurd price and hope it sells without risk. Check collector boards. You might find a better deal.
  14. Any interest in Mil-surps here?

    Military surplus is always in demand. Post a few on this board to test the water. I would tend to ask slightly more than what you think is a good price. You can always drop the price or ask for offers.
  15. New Springfield Heater XD-E

    I got to play with it at NRAAM this weekend. I like it. I'll probably get one in .45 as I prefer DA/SA hammer fired to striker.

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