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  1. Do you by chance have a black plastic HK one?
  2. Absolutely love the trigger. Its so much smoother than a Glock.
  3. Cetme .308 Ruger Gunsite Scout in .308 Remington 870 Police Magnum Threaded barrel for my VP9
  4. Not a fan of the 320. We got one at work and it is huge. BTW, I got mine. And lastly, Given the current state of the striker-fire market, HK's being "late to the party" might work out in their favor...Glock and M&P are passed out on the floor in their own vomit; HK just stepped in with the Sharpie. Someone's going to wake up with a "koch" on their face.
  5. Listen dude, ill be honest here with you. Relationships are like farts, if you have to force it it is probably shti.
  6. Buis were picked up today at work. Just used some MBUS
  7. [quote name="Luke E." post="1130978" timestamp="1395981231"]I would gladly pay $30 per mag for a handful of them for my M&P 9 which are $40-$45 IF you can find them. The $25-$30 mags are the only reason I have been considering buying a Glock. Guess you're not getting sympathy you had hoped for on this one huh ;)[/quote] $24.95 at GT Distributors for M&P9 mags $21.95 for Glock mags and $27.95 for the 33rd ones.
  8. shot it today and it is fantastic
  9. The frame is aluminum
  10. [quote name="nightrunner" post="1124739" timestamp="1394840565"]How does it use the same mags yet have a 1911 grip angle?[/quote] Witchcraft
  11. [quote name="Raoul" post="1124704" timestamp="1394836584"]Curious. Where did you obtain the frame?[/quote] Buddy of mine had it lying around and I traded for it. It is a CCF raceframe. I think the company is no more though.
  12. Aluminum frame with a 1911 grip angle. Turns a G17 into a whole new animal. Used all factory parts aside from pins, slide lock spring, and locking block. The gun has a much better trigger as well.
  13. Not yet. Just got it today. I am taking it to the range on Saturday.
  14. I have been wanting one of these for a long while and I was finally able to get my way into one. H&K P30 V3S
  15. Il Duce

    New toy

    Well that did not last long. Guy at work offered me a Gen 1 17, 3 33rd mags, 3 17rd mags, and 1 10rd mag today for it.


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