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  1. I have two 20 rd boxes of Hornaday Black 5.45 x 39 that I’d like to trade for some 9mm, .223 or 5.56.
  2. I'm in, sending money via Venmo. I hope you have a great trip back to Ohio to see your family Robert. Happy Thanksgiving to all here on TGO!
  3. That's the coolest hybrid gun I've ever seen. Sig on one side, Glock on the other. GLWS
  4. Not sure if this is the place to post this, but as of 6:35PM 10/26 Academy in Knoxville has .223 and 5.56 in stock in both Winchester 55gr @ $9.99/20, limit one box...with about 40 boxes on hand and green tip winchester 62gr at $95/200. Have about 80 boxes of the green tip, limited at 2 boxes per person. Also has some a winchester match 223 69gr at $26.99/20.
  5. One of my neighbors owns the complex from what I've been told but I haven't had a chance to get out there to shoot. Soon I hope, it looks pretty nice.
  6.   I should clarify this I guess... I don't qualify for the LE discount program per se, but it is through the Blue Label program which allows me to get the SAME discount as LEO's. The Blue Label program encompasses all those who protect and serve communities, including LEO's, military, EMT's/paramedics, firefighters, etc.   I was surprised to learn that nurses, pharmacists and others were also allowed to get the discount as well. You are required to show your respective medical license so they can send to Glock for verification purposes.
  7.   You are correct sir... but I have never seen any one really advertise this Blue Label Program (for pharmacists, nurses, etc) in the stores. I had to find out about the program from a nurse.    BTW how's the Glock 26? I just bought a new one last Saturday, really missed the one I sold!
  8.   Haven't really had to deal with customer service yet... I have 4 iPhones on the plan and I like the shared data plan, but I knew what I was getting into before I signed up. The way I feel about it is that I actually have coverage now which enables me to actually USE the data plan that I have. With AT&T and Sprint I had so many service interruptions while listening to streaming radio that it was pointless to listen to streaming radio or music. I use a little or 2GB per month, but between my wife and kids and I we use less than 6GB a month, so the shared plan works pretty well for us
  9.   +1   I have had Android phones, and I do have other guns, but the thing I love is that accessories for Glocks and iPhones are VERY readily available because they have both been around and are here to stay. Problem with Android phones is that I had trouble finding accessories for my specific Motorola model because they produce different models so quickly. Seems like they quit making new accessories for Android models like 6 months after they introduce the new phones.    Also a comment about Verizon... I have had AT&T and Sprint in the past 3 years and finally swit
  10. I have recently come into possession of one of these .38 top break revolvers. Mine was used by my grandparents and great-grandparents in their general store and postoffice for protection. After some investigating, I have found that this was manufactured by the Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. in Worcester Massachusetts between 1897 and 1904. Mine has the name of the company and five patent dates stamped on the top of the barrel. It is in remarkably good shape, but I think it has been kept in a safe by my 94 year old great aunt. My revolver looks to be EXACTLY the same as the OP's revolver ex
  11. Thanks David, I noticed as soon as I posted this thread that I had a post count of "1", so I was thinking that posting in the classifieds may have been the problem. Thanks for the quick response. BTW, love the avatar... my gamertag on xbox is IronBuck, as I was (and am) a huge fan of the Ironman comics growing up.


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