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  1. 1. Ruger SR9C   2. My semi..........to flatten them lol   3. B.A. machete
  2. but how would that finish hold up in a holster like a fobus paddle holster?
  3. they should have changed the expiration of the carry permit to the holders birthday.
  4. the mayor is more interested in preventing his removal from office. for those who do not know, a petition was gathered and signed and verified, and the mayor has been recalled. he has since filed a lawsuit against the petition. all that is doing is wasting money and keeping him in office longer. dont forget that you can also visit soddy daisy. they allow you to carry there as well in the parks.
  5. darmok and jalad at tanagra?
  6. when i have been stopped in my commercial or personal vehicle, no passenger has ever been asked to produce ID. and let me also add that after having my license ran for a commercial vehicle checkpoint or inspection, i have never been asked if i was carrying a weapon.
  7. that cheap walmart WWB ammo caused me similar problems in the past. i switched to remington and my problem went away.
  8. Tennessee worst state for gun crime | timesfreepress.com interesting read. check it out. discuss.
  9. thought some of you might want to chime in on this thread, or at the very least, give it a read. have a great day. Buying a gun for my birthday. Which one? - General Questions | DSLReports Forums
  10. all though you have good intentions, i would let dead dogs lie. if you run across a place that is improperly posted, calling attention to that may end up backfiring in your direction and every other HCP holder in Tennessee. if they are improperly posted, carry away, concealed of course. dont give the anti's any more leverage no matter what your intentions may be.
  11. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/2nd-amendment-issues/51329-tennesee-handgun-carry-permit-renewal.html#post664112 less than a month for me as well.
  12. i got the renewal reminder in the mail in july 2010 sometime. my permit had an expiration date of 1-9-2011. i forgot about the renewal, and sent if off right before christmas. a week after i submitted the 50 bucks and the renewal form, i received the extension letter in the mail. i came back from a week out on the road (i am a truck driver) last night, and the new permit was in the mailbox, 2 days before the old one was set to expire. i guess what i am saying is if you need to renew, they seem to be getting it done fairly quickly right now. i never had to call them to check on the status. it just showed up in the mail. the government actually did something within a reasonable amount of time................go figure. edit: even though the new permit was in the mail on the the 7th, i just noticed that it has the same month and day of expiration as the old one, jan 9th, just 4 more years from tomorrow.


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