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  1. 1. Ruger SR9C   2. My semi..........to flatten them lol   3. B.A. machete
  2. but how would that finish hold up in a holster like a fobus paddle holster?
  3. Red Bank and Soddy Daisy TN allow carry in their parks. they have from day one.
  4. stupid spacebar. can a mod fix the title? my spacebar only works if its hit in the center.   thanks.
  5. i went by there the other day. a sign on the door clearly shows his business preferences. big hand written sign on a yellow poster board that sayts in black ink with capitol letters NO LOADED GUNS EVER or something close to that. i never stepped foot in the building and i never will because of that sign. i was going to comment on the facebook page, but they have to add you as a friend.   what the hell are they worried about? a thug coming in there to start trouble? what a flipping idiot.   https://www.facebook.com/traderdave.guns    
  6. why stir the poo pot? all waffle house locations have the same sign in the same location. per TN law, the signs in the TN locations are not correct. it is no where near the point of entry at or around eye level. all your going to do is piss them off and make them post the correct sign then no one would be able to carry.   this is the same situation for all these morons recording encounters with the police while open carrying a weapon. of course someone is gonna say something if you walk in to a walmart with a friggin AR15 strapped to your back. a guy in huntsville tried that and even th
  7. remember that signs mean nothing in AL and GA, unless the sign is posted in an area that was already off limits.
  8. they should have changed the expiration of the carry permit to the holders birthday.
  9. the mayor is more interested in preventing his removal from office. for those who do not know, a petition was gathered and signed and verified, and the mayor has been recalled. he has since filed a lawsuit against the petition. all that is doing is wasting money and keeping him in office longer. dont forget that you can also visit soddy daisy. they allow you to carry there as well in the parks.
  10. darmok and jalad at tanagra?
  11. when i have been stopped in my commercial or personal vehicle, no passenger has ever been asked to produce ID. and let me also add that after having my license ran for a commercial vehicle checkpoint or inspection, i have never been asked if i was carrying a weapon.
  12. that cheap walmart WWB ammo caused me similar problems in the past. i switched to remington and my problem went away.
  13. Tennessee worst state for gun crime | timesfreepress.com interesting read. check it out. discuss.
  14. thought some of you might want to chime in on this thread, or at the very least, give it a read. have a great day. Buying a gun for my birthday. Which one? - General Questions | DSLReports Forums
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