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  1. I carry two knives everyday.  One is my new custom, and the other is my large Starbenza (Wilson Combat version).  The Starbenza is pretty much my all time favorite knife, and I think it is the best of the production Sebenzas.  However, I do lament selling Fred my extra no lock bar stabilizer Startac. 

  2. I become sad whenever I read threads such as these. It seems like Obama is people's sole focus when it comes to addressing their grievances against our government. Ya do realize that he and Holder are not our entire federal government? By always focusing your disgust at Obama you are pretty much giving a pass to all the other s.o.b.s in Congress, and they are equally complicit.

    Just a question here... What the heck did Bush and the Republicans do about illegal immigration and the border when they controlled it all? Not much.

    If we have an attack, and the intelligence shows that the perpetrators entered our country through the southern border, don't just blame Obama. Yes, he is certainly worthy of it, but so are the rest of the jackasses in Congress, a few state governors, the media, certain large corporations, and lastly, but most importantly, the voters who voted the jackasses in office (this includes me).
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  3. Heck yeah it is hot.  I took my GF and her kids to Lake Winnie yesterday.  Walking around in the hot sun on an empty stomach and two dramamines in my system took its toll on me.  I sat on a park bench while they rode the bumper cars, and I went to sleep. :lol:

  4. Do these higher end versions actually lock up tightly side to side?


    I've admittedly only handled cheapo OTFs, which of course had ridiculous side to side play, but seems like the inherent design itself would pretty much forestall really rigid lockup?


    - OS


    Yes sir.  In the case of autos, you really do get what you pay for.  Is a Combat Troodon really worth $400?  That depends.  If you are looking for a quality auto that has good resale value, yes, I would say it is worth it.  My personal preference, however, says it is not worth it.  I would much rather have a nice XM-18 or Sebenza instead of the automatic.  To be fair, automatics are not really my thing, so I am sort of biased.

  5. Major Kong ruined me a couple of years ago by letting me trade into a 90's Rolex Submariner, I absolutely love it and I doubt I will ever want another watch now, I should have it back this Tuesday from being serviced, the only downside to having automatic watches  


    While I love Omega, the Breitling I have is by far the best automatic time keeping watch I have seen.

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  6. e7abypum.jpg


    Very nice sir.  Congrats, I hope you enjoy it.  I wish I saw this thread a little earlier as I have been contemplating on selling/trading one or two of my Omega Seamasters.

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  7. 30 isn't bad.  Next spring I will be hitting 40.


    My best advise I can give you, watch your weight now.  I went up 125 pounds from 30 to 40 mostly with out noticing.  I have already cut about 30 off that and working to do more.

    Keep up that gym.  at 30, I did my exercises.  but I slowly got out of it.  DON'T stop.


    I am turning 40, not 30.  :)

  8. Next Friday I will no longer be in my 30s.  :(


    It isn't too bad though.  I have been blessed with very good health for which I am very thankful.  Most weeks I go to the gym everyday M-F and at times run 3 miles in the evening.  I do martial arts three times a week.  I try to keep myself in decent physical shape.  I need to work on my spiritual health a lot more.  I pray my good health continues and my 40s are better than my 30s.

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  9.  Mav, Im sorry your thread turned into this. Im glad to hear its a user and not a safe queen :D


    No worries.  The world is full of arrogant condescending asses, and that will never change.  I will admit though that I was taken aback when crushing a tin can and sharpening the edge was brought up almost as a comparison to the knife I was showing.  That is literally like questioning someone as to why they are driving a Lamborghini when using their two feet will get them to the same place.  Anyway, he is gone now.


    As I was saying in an earlier post, I have a lot of respect for those with primitive knife making skills.  I do not have that ability, and I believe it is valuable knowledge, especially if the SHTF.  However, that wasn't what this thread was about.  This thread, outside of me showing off :lol: (which I don't mean to be ostentatious), was about showing what someone can do with the right skill and machinery.  One will not find a more meticulous knife maker, and this knife is representative of his work.


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