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  1. Honest  Mav, when have the bad guys ever followed any rules but their own? There are two kinds of people when it comes to guns. The law biding citizens and the bad guys. One does their best to follow the laws and the other tries every way possible to not follow the laws. I honestly don't think there is an in between anymore.


    I was being very tongue-in-cheek with my post.  I could have said that all "Gun Free Zones" do is put a potential bullseye wherever the are instituted.  If was a would-be nut that wanted to kill as many people as possible while minimizing my risk for return fire, those are areas I would look at.

  2. Me thinks you worry too much.


    You are probably correct.  Out of the 20 or so guns I have bought over the last several years, this is my first experience with something faulty.  Everything I have ever bought went bang when I pulled the trigger.

  3. I emailed them with a description of what happened and my serial number. Mine was responded to with a link to Fed-Ex Shipping label about two days after I contacted them. From the day I dropped it off at Fed-Ex to the day I picked it up was 26 days.

    Are you using the “qa@smith-wesson.com” email? I never needed to talk to anyone but if you do the Phone number is 1-800-331-0852 (USA) Mon-Fri 8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time.


    I called customer service, and finally got a response.  I was completely getting the run around via email.  I am a little nervous about what the customer service rep told me.  I was told that all that would be done once they receive my gun is they would fire it with their ammo.  If they did not have any problems, then it would be shipped right back to me without doing anything.  That doesn't really instill me with any confidence.


    I will ship it out tomorrow, and keep you guys apprised of any further developments.

  4. You make some excellent points. The baker does muddy the waters by using religion as the excuse for denying service.  There are many flavors of "Christianity", not to mention the plethora of other religions - when you start using your personal theology as a basis to deny service to someone it complicates the issue


    Robert, you misinterpret what I am saying.  I have no problem with the baker following his beliefs to justify his actions.   I was referring to other people bringing in their religious views to either affirm or criticize the baker's actions.  It is best to leave religion out one's argument.


    I do not like discrimination, but I support people's right to discriminate unless it infringes upon someone else's life, liberty, etc...  I just think that free people and the free markets can do a much better job of handling discrimination than the heavy hand of government.

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  5. One thing I do know is that I should have stayed out of this thread.  My post, #141, has gotten me in the dog house with my girlfriend.  "I can't believe that you think people should have the right to discriminate." 


    I don't mind arguing/debating with you guys, I at least stand some chance of causing someone to rethink their position.  With my girlfriend, even if I win the argument, I still lose.  It makes no sense fighting battles you can't win.   :lol:

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  6. Me too, since it's the logical statement  --  and that's the way you'll always see it in print, from educated sources, anyway.


    "I could care less", means you actually do care at least somewhat.


    - OS


    Well, you can add this one to your marshal/martial peeves.  :)


    :rofl: We posted at the same time. At least we were thinking the same.

  7. Those were the three. I would have responded earlier but i was working.

    I know people who are gay and they are more classy, respectful, and overall better people than some of the members who posted in this thread.


    I'm calling BS on that one.  Your original post was #107.  How could #138 be included in the three since it wasn't even written? 

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  8. I can't speak for other religions but I believe Christianity tells us to be compassionate to sinners and help them turn from their sin. I may be wrong but nowhere in the bible does it tell us to encourage sinful acts or to facilitate sinful deeds. I believe making a cake for a gay wedding would go against God's word and thus the owner was justified in not making the cake.


    I, being a fellow Christian, believe that people are making this into something it is not.  In no way would making a cake for a gay wedding be any sort of endorsement or acceptance of that union.  The baker is simply providing a service from his chosen profession.  Now, if the baker decided to give the cake away for free as a gift, then that would be a different story.


    Every time religion becomes part of one's defense or argument, things become skewed.  What if the couple were not gay, but one of them was an adulterer or fornicator?  Would baking a cake for them somehow be an endorsement of their behavior?  Based on some responses I have read in this thread, the answer would be yes.  If this had been the case, would the baker have refused to make a cake?  Probably not.  Therefore, is it sin in general that is being frowned upon, or is it just a specific sin?  The reasoning I see so many people use at times on religious matters is often quite Pharisaical, and I believe that is one of the reasons so many have turned from the faith or view Christians with such disdain.


    Personally, I think religion needs to stay out of this as it tends to muddy the waters.  The crux of the matter is simply: should the government be able to force a private business to provide a service to an individual or group of whom they have discriminated?  While it may not be popular, the answer is no.  I believe that people and private businesses should have the right to discriminate anyone for anything. The only time discrimination should be disallowed is when we are dealing with a government entity. In almost all other cases we should let the free markets handle it.  I know this is not reality, but it is my view on the way things should be.

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  9. The ignorance and hate in this thread is amazing especially from some of yall who claim to be "Christians". Nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.


    I haven't seen any hate in this thread  In regards to the Christians, of course they are a bunch of hypocrites.  Considering they are followers of Christ, not Christ Himself, how can they not be hypocrites?  I think a lot of people that have an animus towards Christianity/Christians really doesn't understand what Christianity is.

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  10. I never needed to talk to anyone but if you do the Phone number is 1-800-331-0852 (USA) Mon-Fri 8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time.


    Thanks Dave.  Hopefully I won't need it, but I will use it if I do not get any kind of service by mid-week.

  11. S&W is totally dropping the ball on this one.  It has now been two weeks since I made my complaint.  The gun is still sitting in its box at home.  :mad:   I just wrote S&W another email.  It reads as follows:



    Guys, what the heck is going on?  I replied to this email over a week ago, and I have neither heard nor received anything back from you.  Just to note, this entire event is being documented on one of the largest gun owner websites on the web, of which, I have been a member for years, and I am in very good standing.  Right now, S&W isn't looking too good.

    This all started with a firearm that was defective considering the 25% failure rate on the first 80 rounds. I was a little ticked off about that, but it happens.  I shot an additional 200 rounds of various ammo through the gun after cleaning it.  It was better, but it still had 18 failures.  Out of the first 280 rounds, the gun is averaging a 13.57% failure rate.  This is totally unacceptable, and it is 280 rounds that have been wasted. 

    Where is S&W?  I haven't got a clue.  I originally responded to this email the same day I received it, 11-26-13.  We have now closed the 6th day of business (not counting 11-28 and 11-29), and I have heard nothing.  Your own email states "within three to five business days."  If I knew I wasn't go to hear anything from you, I would have shipped it to you at my expense.  A UPS charge isn't terribly expensive.

    I was a little heated in my very first email to S&W on 11-23.  When writing my second email, which was my first response to this one, I thought I might have been too harsh in the first, so I became a little apologetic about my tone.   Due to the absence of communication on your part, I now realize that it was a mistake to be apologetic.  It has now been two weeks since I made the initial complaint.  Will you or will you not warranty your product?

    I hope you can fix this situation, and make it right by me.  I sincerely hope the lack of communication is due to the holidays.  If we treated our customers the way I have been treated, we would be going out of business.


    In my line of work, when a customer complains about one of our products, we do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.  There is just too much competition to not take that approach.

  12. I would just upgrade the video card.  Unless you are gonna get the top end newest card, you can get cards that have been out for a year or so pretty cheap.  I am currently running two GTX 560 Ti (have had these a while), and I have no problem playing any game I want at 2560x1600 with high settings (not the highest) on my 30 inch monitor.


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