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  1. I have been wanting to get into archery for quite a while, and I finally bought a bow. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/75279-it-is-not-a-gun-but-it-is-cool-nonetheless/ Since it was a little warmer this morning, I decided to make a crude target and see how it shoots.  Since my arrows are on order, I was using some cheap wooden arrows a friend gave me.  Oh my, instinctive shooting is incredibly difficult.  I keep looking for a sight, but there is not one.  :)  Anyway, I think learning to shoot is gonna be frustrating, but also very fun.  Here is my best grouping at 10 yards.



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  2. For quite a while I have been wanting to get into archery.  It seemed like a lot of fun, and I thought it was a good skill to have.  Last month I order a bow, and it finally came in this week.


    This is my new toy.  A 62" Hoyt Buffalo.  I will at one point get a compound bow, but I first wanted to learn to shoot a recurve bow.



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  3. I got the Shield back earlier this week from S&W.  Based on the paperwork they sent with the gun, they either replaced the slide or did nothing to the gun.  I haven't bothered calling them, but it is difficult to decipher what they did or didn't do.  I took it to the range today to see how it would shoot.  I shot 100 rounds of different ammo with no misfires.  :)  I did have two failures to lock back on empty, but I am not terribly concerned with that, and that could also be mag-related,


    I am pleased that the gun is at least working properly. I will change the sights and keep it because it is easily concealed, and it is a fantastic little shooter that is surprisingly accurate.  I will more than likely trade off the other Shield I bought from a fellow TGO member since my girlfriend went  with the G19.  Based on the experience I had with this gun and primarily S&W's weak customer service, I seriously doubt I will buy anymore S&W products in the future.

  4. 1. High capacity compact 9mm handgun

    2. AR-15

    3. Sub moa AR-10 (coming next year)

    4. Semiauto shotgun

    5. 22 target pistol

    6. 22 rifle or AR conversion


    Those are the only items I have to have. 


    (edit) It wasn't asked, but I am gonna add it anyway.



    1.  A robust folder

    2.  A robust fixed blade (~7")

    3.  A good machete or axe.

  5. These were my comments on my FB page:



    Since it appears that Cracker Barrel is dumping Phil Robertson, I just wanted to post a couple of thoughts...

    I am quite flummoxed at the response of all of these businesses regarding Phil Robertson's comments. The primary goal of any business, excluding non-profit, is to provide a product/service and make money. I don't understand for the life of me why these businesses are jumping into the middle of cultural/religious debate. If you placate one side, then you lose the other. It is best to stay out of it altogether.

    When a person or business capitulates to the demands of a very vocal minority (on both sides) all they are doing is exacerbating the problem. A simple, "We do not share those views." will suffice. Granted, the vocal activists who originally made the complaint won't be happy, but within a few weeks it will have more than likely been forgotten because somebody else somewhere is going to say something that offends them. Additionally, if the activists do not get a response from a business, they will more than likely move on to an easier target to bully.

    It is impossible to please everyone, so it is best to not even try. Being obsequious will eventually lead you to being liked by no one. Sell your product or provide your service, and shut your mouth. If someone doesn't like what you offer for some reason or another, then they can move on to something else. I swear...this nation is becoming full of a bunch of loud mouth busybodies and p***ies.

  6. I think, like most companies, they'd wish nothing more than to be as far away from this as possible. However, you have fascist organizations on both sides who like to threaten businesses if they don't respond the way they want, so they have to either cave in or be drug into it.

    This is all so silly. So many sensitive Sallys who want to kick and scream if they don't get their way.


    I agree.  However, all of these companies capitulating to the demands of a very vocal minority (on both sides) are not helping themselves.  They are only exacerbating the problem by continuing with these knee jerk reactions.  If A&E would have made a simple statement such as, "Mr. Robertson's recent comments do not reflect the views of A&E." and left it at that, they would have probably been fine.  Sure the activist wing of the homosexual community would have bitched, but in a couple of weeks it would have been forgotten.

  7. Ya know...I can't believe how stupid some of these executives are.  This isn't the first time something controversial has been said by a public figure and businesses panicked and did something stupid.  Last year, Rush called that twit,who was complaining about the cost of condoms a slut.  A bunch of advertisers immediately dropped Rush.  Several days later, they received a backlash from the overwhelming majority that support Rush, and they were begging to get back on his show.


    If I was running A&E, I would immediately fire that jackass who made the decision to cut Phil from the show.  That was an incredibly moronic business decision.  No matter how hard they try to perpetuate this myth that the vast majority of Americans openly support the homosexual lifestyle, it will fail because it is not grounded in reality.

  8. Well, I guess I will be trading off the second Shield I got sometime in the future.  I finally got my girlfriend to the range.  She preferred the G19 to the Shield, which actually surprised me.  I thought she would have wanted the Shield because of its size. 


    Out of all the guns she shot, she liked the Wilson CQB the best.  What can I say?  She has good taste, but I ain't buying her a Wilson.  She will get the G19.  :)

  9. It seems I am always late to these threads.  I am just so ecstatic that he came out of the closet.  I believe this deserves three snaps in a Z formation.


    I am still not quite sure why people think it is important to publicly declare their sexual preference.  This guy is a great shooter, but just because he announced he is gay, I don't think a massive group of people are now going to come out and say they are gay as well.  Honestly, I doubt anybody will.  Why?  Because nobody cares.

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  10. Being a Christian, I know what the reason for the season is all about it.  However, another aspect of it is giving, and showing kindness to others.  When I saw this video of the layaway Santa, I was like, "Right On."  I love the guy's style.


    To me, there is no greater feeling than giving, especially when the recipient has not asked for anything.  Giving could be to friends, family, churches, charities, or even total strangers, and giving doesn't have to come in monetary forms.  The feeling is still the same; it is wonderful.  While I am fairly pessimistic regarding our country's financial future, such actions as these fill me with hope that not all is lost.  :)




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