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  1. The 2024 12-month, 13 prize East Hickman Volunteer Fire Department gun calendars are printed and on sale now! 12 chances to win firearms as well as a chance to win a 75 qt Orca Cooler. If you win, your number goes right back in the hat for following months' drawings. All proceeds go to operational costs for our small town fire department in Lyles, TN. $40 each or 3-for-$120 We accept cash, check, venmo, cashapp, paypal. January 15th Rock Island 10mm 1911 February 15th Mossberg MVP 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action March 15th Sarsillamax Over/Under 12 gauge April 15th Ruger 1911 .45ACP May 15th Doublestar AR15 .223 June 15th Dickinson Arms Stainless 12 gauge pump + 75 qt Orca Cooler July 15th Mossberg MVP 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action August 15th Mossberg Patriot 30-06 Bolt Action Wood Stock September 15th Ruger American 243 Synthetic Bolt Action October 15th Sig P320 9mm pistol November 15th Smith and Wesson .38 SPL Airlight Stainless Revolver December 15th Remington 700 .308 Bolt Action Synthetic $40 EACH. I can ship. Makes great Christmas Presents.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen!! Hear ye, hear ye… 2023 is kicking my butt. At first, I was selling off items from my collection because of the annoyance of some medical bills from a broken leg, surgery, and PT... and twin girls getting braces this coming Spring. BUT LAST FRIDAY... a drunk/drugged driver - unlicensed and uninsured - came across 4 lanes of highway and hit me head-on. I am fine, all of the safety systems in the car worked, airbags deployed, the car crumpled and took most of the energy. Amazingly, I was not hurt - chalk up 1 for the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L I was driving. But I suspect my car is a total loss, and now I am going to have to replace that once my insurance company gets around to their determination. I am not looking for your sympathy… no… I am looking for your money. LOL. But NOT charity! The charity is coming from my end on where I am with some of this stuff. I have had these listed individually, but I figured why not throw up a comprehensive list. I reduced the price on several of these previously, and have dropped more now. This is bottom-out pricing, I have no more blood left to give. I cannot accept trades of any kind (unless you own a car dealership and want to talk about this as a down payment on a new SUV or truck. LOL). I am borrowing a car at the moment - I do not have the ability to travel outside of Knoxville. Check back on this list… I may add to this as I contemplate what I can live without, or need to add. RIFLES Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 - .308 – OD green stock, tritium front sight, 2 magazines - $1500 Saiga 308-1 - Made by Izhmash. Skeletonized stock, scope mount, 4 magazines. Good luck finding these any more. $1700 Waffen Werks AK-74 -5.45 - with plum furniture, 4 Tapco magazines and picatinny top rail mount. $1200. **** I have over 4300 rounds of 5.45 ammo. I will give the buyer of the rifle first option to buy some or all of it. Then I will open it up to an open sale if they don't take it. Yugo 59/66 SKS – Beautiful light colored wood, bayonet, grenade launcher, cleaning kit in stock, sling and armory logbook. $750 **** I have 1850 rounds of 7.62x39 - I will give the buyer of the rifle first option to buy some or all of it. Then I will open it up to an open sale if they don't take it. AR Rifle chambered in 300 Blackout. Tactical Machining 16 inch 1/8 twist barrel, $700 **** I have 500 rounds of 300 Blackout ammo. I will give the buyer of the rifle first option to buy it. Then I will open it up to an open sale if they don't take it. Beretta CX-4 Storm - .40 S&W – Carbine rifle with folding fore-grip, barrel heat shroud and 2 magazines. I have never fired this rifle. $750 Winchester Model 94 AE Lever Action Rifle with scope, chambered in .307 Win. Beautiful checkered walnut stock. The research I did puts the serial number at around 1988-1990 production. Simms Pro Hunter 2-7x32 scope mounted. Will include 40 rounds of mixed ammo with it. $1400. Look up sales of this rifle on Gunbroker or anywhere else. This is a steal, and a heart breaker, as this is a really nice rifle my father left for me. I just don't get time to hunt. **** have an additional 18 boxes of Winchester .307 Win ammo, 1 box of 150 gr, 17 boxes of 180 gr. I will give the buyer of the rifle first option to buy some or all of it. Then I will open it up to an open sale if they don't take it. HAND GUNS Sig Sauer P220 Elite Platinum - .45 ACP. From the Sig custom shop, this is the Platinum Elite model with aluminum grips, adjustable rear sight, night sights, two-tone frame and slide, 2 magazines - I bought as a collector piece, I have never fired it. $1300 HK USP Expert - 9mm - with Jet Funnel, full-size 5" barrel, adjustable rear sight, 3 magazines. $1200 Glock 30S - .45 ACP - Subcompact that utilizes a .45 frame, barrel and double stack magazines, but a .40sw slide to take out bulk and weight. Comes with 4 magazines with base plate extensions, a kydex trigger guard with belt loop, and a Clip-Draw attached (I used this set up vs a holster because I could clip it inside a front jeans pocket or on my belt with a shirt untucked or jacket covering more comfortably. I weighed 355 pounds back then). The original slide plate is still with it if you don't want the Clip-Draw. $550 Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911 G - .45 ACP, Includes 2 magazines. Never fired safe queen. $750 Springfield Defender 1911 - .45 ACP. This is a cool piece. This is a commander sized 1911 that was modified as a race gun by one of the gunsmiths at Guncraft when they were in Knoxville in the 90s. Adjustable rear sight, Chip McCormack internals, compensator, extended slide bolt, trigger work, 4 magazines. Shoots like butter. $800 Ruger Super Blackhawk - Magnaport Customs "Predator"- .44 Magnum, 4 5/8" barrel, stainless. This model has compensator ports cut into the top of the barrel, a crowned barrel, adjustable rear sight, high-vis front sight, velvet hone finish. $1300 ACCESSORIES/PARTS – Can ship for actual cost of shipping. Sig Sauer ACP-L (Adaptive Carbine Platform – Transforms any pistol into a carbine. User can attach a sling or shoulder mount into the end. Also includes a Sig STS-081 Red dot scope as part of the package $250 Lone Wolf 9 inch Glock .40SW stainless barrel (not threaded). I had this in a G22 that I used in the Sig carbine adapter mentioned above – The barrel came out a few inches from the ACP – pretty cool. Fits any of the Glock 9mm, 40sw, .347 Sig slides. I think Lone Wolf is only making this barrel in 9mm and 10mm now. $100 Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sights for Glock 9mm, 40sw, 357 sig & 45 GAP pistols. Green front/Green rear. $80 Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sights for Glock 45 ACP & 10mm pistols. Green front/Green rear. $80 Truglo Brite Site Tritium/Fiber Optic Night Sights for Glock 9mm, 40sw, 357 sig & 45 GAP pistols. Green front/Green rear. $100 1911 Custom Wood Grips. 1 set in Bubinga wood (lighter color, African Rosewood), 1 set in Wenge wood (darker, native to Africa and Guinea). I had a friend who hand-made these in Knoxville and was selling them in local gun shops back in the 90s. Beautiful work. $70 per set. 5.45 AR Rifle parts kit - an Adams Arms VooDoo barrel (16 inch, 1/8 twist, mid-length gas system .750 dia, chrome lined, black coating), a 5.45 bolt (fits standard AR bolt carrier), and 10 magazines with 5.45 followers and 5.45 stamping. I only shot 10 rounds through the barrel back when I got it to test a build. $200. Since this isn't a serialized item, I can ship if you want to add for the shipping cost. This would be a great add on to an AR build for the buyer of the AK-74 (hint-hint, nudge-nudge). AMMUNITION 10MM – 180 Grain – Parabellum Ammo – 250 rounds - $100.
  3. I have a brand new unfired Custom Sig P320. It comes as shown with the following -AGENCY complete Syndicate S3 FDE slide w/ Agency guide rod and spring and black suppressor sights (purchased complete) -DIRECT optic milling for either Leupold Delta Point Pro, or Sig Romeo 1 -AGENCY DLC match barrel -Sig TiN Customworks FCU -P80 Xcarry grip module -Like New Streamlight TLR1 HL 1000 lumen light -6 17rd black mags -2 21rd FDE mags =$1100 I have a like new black Leupold Delta Point PRO 2.5 moa red dot with box and docs and extra mounting screws available for $300 additional
  4. I have a like new less than 100rd fired Primary Weapons Systems MK114 Mod2. This is a premium 14.5" AR15 that is adjustable long stroke piston driven and known for their relentless reliablility and clean running system. This is a very accurate gun and runs incredibly smooth. Full ambi lower. It comes with box and docs and setup the following way: -Geissele SSA-X lightening bow two stage trigger (OEM included) -BCM gunfighter grip -Magpul SL-K stock -Radian ambi safety -Radian Charging handle -3 prong flash hider =$1900 NOTE All other optic, light, and other attachments are not included
  5. I have a Like New Daniel Defense M5 V3 16" .308 top tier AR10. This is a VERY accurate gas gun with DD legendary barrels. 2 position adjustable gas block for suppressed or not. Full ambi lower. It comes with all the box and docs as well as the following upgrades: -Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 Horus 59 reticle -Leupold MK6 mount -Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5moa offset red dot -Triggertech AR10 competition 2 stage trigger with anti walk pins (OEM included) -Radian Charging handle (OEM included) -Magpul PRS Lite stock (OEM adjustable included) -Magpul MLOK Pic rail segment -Magpul Pic Rail adjustable bipod -Rugged Suppressors 3 port brake =4800 for everything Listed take $2200 off for no OPTICS
  6. 5 Shots run on it to check function; need to sell due to a change in the situation. Asking $1200. Located in Knoxville Phone # 239-822-9662 Text for interest or info.
  7. 3000 Once Fired 9mm Reloading Brass. I am asking $100.00 FTF sales only please. This brass comes from Precision Delta. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order please. No Paypal. Thanks for looking.
  8. Brand New Never Used Lee Perfect Powder Measure. I am asking $20.00 FTF sales or $25.00 Shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order please. No Paypal. Thanks for looking.
  9. Brand New Never Used Lyman Case Prep Xpress Case Prep Center. I am asking $150.00 FTF sales or $160.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order please. No Paypal. Thanks for looking.
  10. Kahr MK9 with one factory magazine, box, paperwork. Functions as it should, unknown round count. $SPF
  11. Pretty good shape. Picked up off another TNGO member. All matching numbers. 2 boxes of ammo. Open to trades, open but a bit selective.
  12. Rare complete CZ 75 22lr upper and lower matched serial number 22lr. This is NOT a kadet conversion kit, but rather a 22 manufactured by CZ as a complete 22 based on the legendary CZ 75 platform. CZ quit offering this to the dismay of many fans @ 2009. I purchased this gun used and put about 200 rounds through it @ 2015. Been in safe ever since. Perfect shape with 2 mags. Check out CZ forums dedicated "Kadet" threads. If you like high quality 22 handguns you should consider this. $800 cash. Must sign BOS and provide copy of TN DL or HCP. Franklin TN area.
  13. I kind of hate to sell this one, but my scale down continues. Like new limited edition 700 CDL in the great 257 Roberts caliber. Leupold VX-3 3.5-10 scope, Leupold rings. 4 boxes + 6 rounds (86) of Hornady Ammo. I have the box for the rifle. I bought it from someone on here a long time ago and never have shot it. It has been shot I am guessing the 14 times from the used rounds in the one box of ammo. Price is $1800 firm. No trades, no less. Ammo isn't for sale, only as package. (Don't mean to be short, but I always get the same questions and just trying to make it easy). Meet somewhere between Franklin, Columbia, or Murfreesboro.
  14. Wright Sight Mark 4x32x50 Rifle scope Night Vision. New in box. I bought this as a backup but did not need it. $390 Firm New in box. Adapter plate for 407K/507K. Hellcat OSP Glock43X/48 Mos $25 Firm. No Trades Wanted. Pick up Hermitage.
  15. Benelli m4 Vortex Razor Red Dot Blue Force sling $1800 Maryville
  16. FN 509 Midsize for sale. $575 obo. Located in Murfreesboro.
  17. I have a beretta 92 x full size with everything from the factory plus some beretta wood grips , a beretta leather iwb holster and a kydex owb holster . I also have 100+ usgi beretta m9 mags . THIS IS A PACKAGE DEAL . I will not separate or sell the gun buy itself Im looking for trades in 9mm . I like compact and full size 9mm pistols Glock 19 shadow systems cz pistols smith and Wesson sig sauer 320s
  18. Hey all, this has been such a smooth shooting/soft upper but need to free up some funds for a car repair. I've put less than 500 rounds through it. Rattled with Rusto'leum Camo Forest Green & Black. P&W done locally by Complete Gunsmithing in Gallatin. Selling WITHOUT accessories seen (QD mount, light, foregrip) and without charging handle or BCG but can add a Radian Raptor and a phosphate unmarked BCG for extra . Just contact me via DM if you're interested. Feel free to shoot me an offer. Parts list: Criterion Core 13.9" mid length gas with BCM gasblock and tube SOLGW/Hodge M89 Drive lock handguard (13.0") Zev Redacted upper receiver Pin and welded DA301 Dead air flash hider to reach 16" overall length. $700 - meet with cash local near Mount Juliet or I can ship to you if you pay a little more for shipping.
  19. https://velocitytriggers.com/product/9mm-pcc-trigger-mpc/ $180 shipped Has Red trigger Shoe minimal use maybe 20 rounds on it just don't use the gun enough can come w anti walk pins for $10 more if I can find the package it came in I'll send it also actual pics posted later but its in top shape
  20. Good afternoon! For sale is a Browning ProSteel Sporter 24 gun safe, although it will fit much more if you collect Liberators or mouse guns! You don't need to worry about batteries running out when Red Dawn happens as the safe is manually locking with an S&G lock (I'll give you the combo for $50 extra ) and comes with the pistol stands depicted, as well as upgraded rubber shelves per the pictures. Also comes with the locking key and the original combo card if I can find it. Good condition overall, a few house paint marks from moving that will buff out if you decide to show it at a safe show. I'm in the military and moving it has become a total pain as I have to arrange for a special team to come every time I move. I believe it's a 500 pound safe, so it's not a "two guys and a truck" type scenario but I'll work with you to make whatever your moving arrangements are work. I don't remember what I paid (we all know safes sell below MSRP) but I think the price is fair at $800. Located in Collierville - can't meet halfway as I'm shredded obviously, but can't quite lift it into my car. Happy holidays! William
  21. **SOLD** Purchased this guy a while back and put maybe 50 rounds through it before putting it in the safe. Comes with two 7rd mags. $250 Would also potentially trade for 9mm/5.56 ammo or partial trade toward a ruger 10/22 takedown
  22. I have a 363 rounds of some Norinco Copper Washed Steel Core ammo. Ammo is in great shape and has been stored in an ammo can. Has 31 and 65 on the head case. Comes with metal ammo can. $275 in South Nashville or North Franklin. Do travel some for work and might could make a meet work.
  23. Selling Eight Boxes of Federal Small Pistol Primers. I am asking $75.00 per Box. Each box has 1000 primers. FTF sales only please. Thanks for looking.
  24. As title says, I'm looking to unload a FM47 with Molot 45rd mag. Chasing a krink pistol and need to move something. Will come as rifle, sling and mag ( no box or paperwork ). Got this in trade and had planned on putting RPK furniture on it. Rifle is in great shape, no flaws other than typical safety selector scratch. Would make a great addition to anyone's collection. Russian not coming back anytime soon, if ever. Would be willing to trade with cash towards a krink pistol build. $2300 shipped $2250 ftf in Tennessee with cc holder Typical payment options accepted in order of preference. Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, PPff
  25. FN PS90 w/ Custom reddot mount, Vortex Viper and three 50 round Mags $1700 price drop


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