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  1. I would like to buy around 50 to 100 pieces of brass for the .30-40 Kraig. Thanks
  2. In my home, I’m a revolver fan. Out on the road where I’m alert, it’s a auto.
  3. If one has other persons sleeping in different rooms, then I would think very hard on what I would use in the case of the need to use firearms. Me…I would rather do some sheet rock and paint rather than burying one of my kids.
  4. I agree with ReeferMac. I have a H&K M1 Super 90 with 9 rounds of 00 buck. Get by that and the place is yours. Short story: Years ago a guy took a .45 to a pawn shop. The owner was looking at it without clearing it. Pulled the trigger and bang. Round went through shop’s window, across a 4 lane highway, through the window of a Black & Decker sales office and killed a guy sitting at his desk. How I know, the poor guy bled all over the paperwork on his desk. They tossed the bloody stuff in the trash. My parts order was on his desk.
  5. The M5 is thought by many to be the ‘Cadillac’ of beam scales.
  6. I. Made my living doing electronics, instrumentation and process control. I use a beam scale. I take physics over strain gauges every time. Thanks
  7. Where did all these reloaders come from? I go to my local range and a lot of guys ask if I reload. I say yes, and they give me their brass. I’m looking at my primers with price tags from $19 to $31 per 1000 bought years ago. We (reloaders) must be hoarding . If the “shtf”, how long can one hold out. Food, medical supplies, bad water, etc. will get us long before we run out of bullets.
  8. Welcome neighbors! As the three stars on our state flag indicate, we have three distant regions in our state. If you like mountains, the only free fee National Park in the nation (Great Smokies Mountains), lakes, and of course Dollywood and Pigeon Forge for the kids, then it East Tennessee. Middle Tennessee is great also with the Nashville vibe and gentle rolling hills. West Tennessee is flat, hot in summer but then there is Memphis, bbq, and if you like to roll the dice it’s near.
  9. Do any of your scales go back this far?
  10. Sir, you are wrong. I’ll admit, you have one ugly firearm. But the winner is the AUG, Austria Ugliest Gun.
  11. Those of us that have more primers than they will ever need to loosen up. Heck, I was selling to Tennessee guys primers last winter for $40.00 a brick, any favor. Just donated a brick of 209 shot shells primers to a collage student trying for the Nationals. Come on guys, this is the Volunteer State. The more of us that have ammo, the lesser chance of someone ( foreign or domestic) taken away our gun rights.
  12. How many do you need? In Knoxville.
  13. You might try “Reloading Equipment only! No components!”over on FB.
  14. I was a geophysical well logging engineer for too many years. I set foot in more foreign places than I can remember. What did you do around the borehole? I always wanted but never got the tee shirt that said… We trip for days at a time. Our dope comes in five gallon buckets Our joints are 20 feet long. Our boss is a pusher.
  15. Huh, that’s where I got mine, and you can see you what I paid.


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