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  1. I don’t believe there would be much different between the two primers. Maybe a few FPS.
  2. I just checked my stash. I have plenty of everything you mentioned that I reload.
  3. Sure. I’m a reloader and got these in a trade. Pistol powder or bullets .30, .223, 9mm, .38, .45. What do you have?
  4. Picture says it all. $45.00 plus the ride if no FTF. Unopened bag. Knoxville
  5. Papa61, please consult an expert in older firearms before you pull the trigger on refinishing. If you just want pretty, that’s one thing. If you’re concerned about value, that’s another. As the old saying goes, “Its only original once”. That’s what collectors of old firearms are all about.
  6. Hate to bust your bubble. An unfinished or original pistol like yours is worth more than the very nice looking pistol you have now. I have run a refinishing shop for many years and tell the customer it’s worth more if I don’t touch it on some firearms. I know you don’t plan on selling it, so it’s a mute question. Enjoy.
  7. Thanks, I didn’t know that.
  8. Powder Valley has nothing but black powder. Just checked
  9. Willing to let go some M1 ball plus en bloc clips to feed this weapon at a reasonable price.
  10. I don’t have the CMP paperwork. I purchased the M-1 from a old shooting buddy. This is a solid rifle. I will sell with the promise to buy it back if it doesn’t meet the purchaser expectations.
  11. I have most if not all the gauges to provide measurements of the critical parts if interested. This is a nice rifle, I just have too many Springfield Garlands.
  12. For sale: M-1 Garand. +$1500.00. Have M-1 ammo at an reduced price to entice buyer. Knoxville area
  13. You might try DW Sporting Goods on Alcoa Hwy. Bob is a good joe.


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