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  1. Is the barrel two or four grooves? Is the 330 the ‘C’ type? Thanks.
  2. Any of you guys willing to sell me. a couple hundred boxer primed (no primers) 8mm brass cases? I finally got around to buying the upper turret mounts and period correct scope for my ‘43 Mauser sniper rifle. Thanks.
  3. I believe this is a steal deal. If I was in the mid-TN area, I would have it. If one had to defend themselves, the police would have the firearm and good luck getting it back. So no great loss. I’ve never had a problem out of my Taurus’s.
  4. Most people have no idea how deep the rabbit hole is. See my handle.
  5. I already have the M1 super 90 with box and papers. I have the other hunting. barrel with chokes sitting in the gun room somewhere. Thanks.
  6. Shucks! I have the real deal and always looking for odd HK stuff. Thanks.
  7. No one has ask so I will. Is the MP5K case the one you can fire the weapon with a device on the handle? Haven’t seen one in years and memory fails me.
  8. What’s going on with the discolored slide? It can’t be from hardening of the slide at high stress points
  9. There is a gun show going on in Knoxville thru Sunday. Ran into a buddy that has a table. A friend of his is passing away, and my buddy is selling off his powder and various primers. I saw LR in 5K boxes (Federal) and CCI bench rest., plus others. I purchased a 8 pounder of Win 748 for half today’s price and bricks of LR. snooze and lose
  10. Same here. In Knoxville but will trave some, say Crossville.
  11. Do you know if a full auto trigger pack for a MP5K will fit this pistol?
  12. Although I have a1942/3 German sniper Mauser and a M48, they’re not my thing. I collect U.S. military firearms. Sorry for my confusion. GLWS
  13. Thanks for enlightening me. But still, the German marks should still be there correct?
  14. Have you gauged the muzzle & chamber. If so what do they say?


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