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  1. Jackalope. The secret to a spring is does it it run even in the hottest months. If so, it’s ground water. If not it’s surface water. You live in an area with a lot of limestone and dolomite (low grade limestone). Depending on where you are in that area, sandstone can be a problem. You may be drinking water that went into the grounds thousands of years ago. Due to the high mineral content, you may develop stones. If you wish, I would recommend a filter system for your drinking water to remove the calcite. Bob
  2. If you are going to collect rainwater or well water for storage it will contain no chemicals that would reduce the growth of mold and such. Even ‘processed’ water will only last a short time. If I were doing it, I’ve have a filter system upon extraction then boil water for say ten minutes (research this) before drinking. If you are extracting true ground water and not surface water, you should be good in the short term. The earth is a great filter. I was a geophysical well logging engineer for 21 years but you will be the judge.
  3. I also own a S&W model 28. Great pistol and very accurate. Single action is crisp and double action is smooth. Somewhat rare as you don’t see many come up for sale.
  4. I also don’t care for Glocks, but own a #22. I guess everybody has to have a least one. I also don’t hunt, my wife refuses to cook any dragged out of the woods. I think the most responsible way to hunt is shot placement so the animal goes down quickly, yeah I know your killing it. Hunting with a pistol makes the above hit or wound. Might think about buying a rifle. My 2 cents worth.
  5. I prefer a full size M16 Vietnam era 5.56. That’s where they all evolved from. As a defensive weapon inside a structure, I personally would not use a rifle caliper as I might not know who is on the other side of that wall. It has happened more than once.
  6. As an afterthought, you might check out two places. Wind rock shooting range in Oliver Springs and Volunteer range in the halls area. Good luck.
  7. Don’t know about your request about matches. But welcome to Knoxville.
  8. Powder manufacturers do not build a powder to a specific cartridge. The broader the range the more powder they sell. Many powders are available to 10mm as seen above. Do your research and testing, you will find a powder that you like.
  9. Great shotguns. Owned one for years and sold years ago. Now just have the M1 super entry shotgun left. It’s not leaving till I do.
  10. For those loading for precision in small batches, they might bite on that price. Others like me who bulk reload, we will wait for the primer, bullet price to drop as we always have plenty on the shelf.
  11. Sorry for the idea of interchangeable of large pistol and rifle. As I stockpiled primers years ago, I never have had to worry about it.
  12. I have read some people interchanging small pistol and small rifle, large pistol and large rifle due to primers shortage. I have also read where magnum primers ignite hotter to flash slower burning powder. It an idea if you can’t trade with someone. Proceed at your own risk.
  13. Good luck! Been reloading since the 1980’s when stuff was cheap. Haven’t had a Kaboom yet. Just be careful and enjoy loading your own. I haven’t fire a factory round in years other than to calibrate my M1 vented gas screws to factory gas pressures for my reloads with unknown powders.
  14. You can go to your local DMV and they will reissue a drivers license with a star printed in the upper right hand corner. You will have to jump through some hoops to get the star I.e. a CERTIFIED copy of you birth certificate, place of residence, etc. if you go to the DMV they will supply you with a check list.


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