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  1. If you know the serial number of your grandpa’s .45 then there are several ways to trace. Not precise but can nail it down to where it went.
  2. They are working through the second drawing. I believe there will be a third and maybe a fourth. If I wanted one of these, i would have my paperwork together and get in the mail when they say…send it. Now to add a few more Garands to the collection.
  3. I was lucky enough to receive from the CMP a service grade, all matching 1945 Colt 1911A1. The slide and frame finish matches correctly and all the internals are correct for the year. I wanted to give the CMP a big shout out from one who collects U.S. military. For those of you who want a piece of our military history, check out the CMP website. The minute this .45 touched my hands the price doubled or tripled. You cant beat that anywhere I know of. After I pass I’d love to be a fly on the wall watching the fight from my nephews as to get this weapon.
  4. My company (Hawkeye’’s Refinishing) was a vendor there several years ago. On Sunday we could purchase any rifle caliper for 12 cents or less by case price. 8mm went from 6 to 8 cents a round, .308 about 10 cents. Boy, for the good old days. It just got to be just a zoo with the kids, dogs, and of course the strippers.
  5. I sold any flavor primers for $35 to $40 a brick last winter. Hope I helped out so guys don’t have to pay $7.00/hundred plus tax. We need to set up a “hotline” on here to give guys an idea where primers can be found, quantity, price. Guys can then decide just how bad they need them. Others like myself can hole out and let the ‘desperados’ get what they need.
  6. My choice for a clays gun was SKB. Bought many years ago so I don’t know if they are still available.
  7. I own a number of them. Have cash in hand. Let me know. PM me.
  8. This is Bob inKnoxville. There is a guy on a Garand forum site who wants to buy some cans. Can you PM me with some contact information and I will pass it along. thanks, Bob
  9. M-60 links. I gave away around 5k last April when I sold my last belt fed.
  10. Heard back from CMP. Five month waiting period. Not Christmas but maybe in my Easter basket.
  11. Around here you can find it at Home Depot and some auto parts stores. Luriplate is the grease many guys put in the boot of outboard motors as it’s waterproof. Some guys use Mobil 1 grease.
  12. Fire ants do that to me.
  13. I was at Ft. Stewart, Ga in a formation when a Colonel called out a Lieutenant who had flea collars on both boots and lips smeared with a white cream. One of the few times I saw an officer chewed out in front of troops in my 20 year career. We all ate dirt which was better than the chow. Bugs, hogs, snakes, alligators…all part of the job. Armored cav.
  14. I would suggest grease instead of oil. Lubriplate would be a good suggestion. The above info is good as all firearms need breaking in.


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