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  1. Let me know if you need steel cased ammo. I’ve picked up some…Knoxville
  2. A person listed carbine receivers yesterday on the CMP forum, sub section ‘for sale’.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Price range…up to around $500.00. As far as ghost guns go, I don’t like the ATF sticking their nose in my business more than anyone else. But God forbid, if I was involved in a shooting with one, I think someone be it the police or a federal agency would step on my neck. This is off topic and I’m done.
  4. My goodness, with the names these manufacturers give to their optics, one would think they were hypersonic missiles. I’m still looking as I’m a pilgrim at this and there are a lot of options. Years ago I had a Smith & Bender with a huge tube I picked up at Knob Creek.. I liked the post setup, but again I’m am an iron sight guy. The military like Aimpoint Pro Red Dot. Then there is the Vortex Optics Crossfire 1-4x24. Your options please.
  5. Years ago I was building Hueys at CCAD. I and several other service members went into Mexico gift shopping. Upon returning carrying serval bags across the bridge, some sort of border patrol agent hollered out, “where are you from”, I replied “East by God Tennessee”. He then said come on, no Mexican can duplicate that accent. No iD check, bag inspection, nothing.
  6. Sorry, but I don’t know the ‘lingo’, what does ‘ipvo’ mean? I have been looking at some of the suggestions and comments, lots of good and bad comments. Heck, what does the military use? This will be my one and done optic. Iron sights are bullet proof and with the weapons I own, I’ll dig them out if necessary(see my handle). Thanks for the replies and keep them coming.
  7. I guess the optics would be for emptying mags at the range as my home defense weapon is a pre ban HK M1 super 90 entry gun.
  8. My nephew just finished building a AR with an A3 upper, and NO it is not a ghost gun. I have never used anything but iron sights. Would anyone care to suggest an optics system that would go well with an AR?
  9. Mid South has a good selection of powder right now. No primers over the internet. Got a feeling they are selling primers to walk ins only.
  10. Misdsouth has received some of our favorite powders, 4/29/22. /
  11. Title says it all. Pm me if you have one. Thanks
  12. I used a small lead shot placed under the screw.
  13. If “Swamp-monster” is right handed and doesn’t want the holsters, I’m left handed and interested. Thanks Bob


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