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  1. I figure about 300 or so. Going to set it on some concrete blocks. Probably have to pour some footers.
  2. that would be great for Chicago these days.
  3. Finally got the mold finished, hope to get it poured tomorrow or Wednesday.
  4. damn, somebody hand me my Super Soaker
  5. that would be a Winchester Model 12
  6. I really hadn't considered a secondary meter, it might be doable. There's a transformer about 2/3 of the way down that it could come off of. I don't know how much middle TN electric charges for service like that? a solar set up would work. I never did check into the cost of that with a battery and associated electronics.
  7. the problem is I need a decent camera, one that can see about 1200 ft. Most of these IP cameras are short range wide angle affairs. So I can do wireless with Ubiquiti unit, but then I need some power at the remote location. I was on the IPcam forum and they only way was to run AC over the 1000', and of course at that distance even with a small load the wire was going to need to be pretty heavy, which ran the price up. It's too bad Tesla didn't get that wireless power thing figured out.
  8. I've been wanting to put a camera down my driveway but so far it's going to require running some wire. And because it's about 1000' down the hill that's a lot of wire.
  9. I have an indoor arlo pro that I use to monitor a remote location. It runs on AC. Has audio to listen, not sure if I can talk back through it. You can watch live, or set up a schedule to monitor and it will record 7 days with no additional monthly charges. It's pretty wide angle so outside it probably wouldn't work that well, it's not rated for outside I don't think. It works great for my purposes and it was super easy to set up. I'm only at the remote location about once a week and I wish it had a feature that sent a notification if for some reason it disconnects from the network.
  10. the old man lived across the road from me when I was growing up watched wrasslin every sat night. They didn't have indoor plumbing, but he had a TV and you could hear him yelling at the tv from across the road.
  11. I'm wondering if the black stage coach character, maybe named Mary don't remember, on the Hell On Wheels series was sparked by this real real life person? Well, I just googled it and it was. That show was pretty good and though completely fiction, did base many of the characters and backstory on real life history.
  12. It was almost like the bulging of the door by the explosion caused the door to assume a shape that provided lift as it flew away from the explosion.
  13. nope, if I remember it was Reagan. could have bought one for $2500 or less in 1986........ sadly I had to pass I had no dough.
  14. yes, a gun distributor. I expect they will show up at an auction near you.
  15. St. Louis police to sell 27 Tommy guns Guess Megan Barry ain't their mayor.

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