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  1. Welding For Dummies

    I'd go with a mig of some description. I had a stick for a long time and it just seemed to take more skill. The mig is much easier, at least for me. You might check around at some of the pawn shops. I bough mine at one and they will usually deal on them. I bought a mig and sometime later a tig unit. A lot of times they will have good accessories included with them. The most important thing you can buy after the welder is a quality helmet. The low end ones just don't work that well. I didn't know it until I used a Jackson Safety model. I think it was about $150 and my welds improved by at least 100% afterward.
  2. Maybe our no longer needed eclipse glasses could help these folks. It looks like they have expanded the duck and cover instructions. I haven't seen the Civil Defense logo on anything in years. http://www.guampdn.com/story/news/2017/08/11/guam-homeland-security-releases-fact-sheet-imminent-north-korea-missile-threat/558444001/
  3. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    looks like the Chinese glasses are making their rounds. A business in Mt. Juliet was selling them and have now discovered they are not approved. Woops.
  4. I was looking forward to this event, but, jeez the media and everyone else is about to blow a gasket talking about it. I live almost smak-dabb in the perfect spot, but this thing is getting milked for every ounce. I about can't stand it anymore. All the hotels here are sold out, so a guy just a little east of me is renting out spots on his hillside for viewing. Cops are afraid people will just stop on the interstate to view it. If I hear one more story of how to tell if your damn viewing glasses are "certified" safe I think I'm going to puke. Don't they realize they are all made in China and those sneaky Chinese will print anything on them they choose regardless of how they are made? Did they forget about all the lead paint they used in kid's toys which were "certified" lead free! I guess where there's a buck to be made someone will be there to exploit it. Hell, there's probably better than a 50% chance it will rain or at least be cloudy that day and that specific time. rant/
  5. The HPA's next step, SHUSH.

    Maybe the Consumer Product Safety Commission should get involved and require all new guns sold come with some sort of hearing protection which could include a can. Would help out a stagnating industry.
  6. Wild Quail in Middle Tennessee?

    There are a few here. Usually flush them as I go down the driveway. Neighbor said there have been quail in the location of my driveway for decades as he hunted them as a kid. I also hear a few out back, but it's spotty. Old guy I worked with eons ago used to bring fried ones for lunch pretty often. They were tasty!
  7. probably could do a better one second time around. We were trying to get the rest of the driveway slab poured and I didn't really get to spend much time with it. My vibrator has 10 year old batteries and they just won't hold a charge for any length of time. Kind of a bummer. We poured all our countertops 11 years ago and slick finished them, they are as glossy as granite. When the weather cools off I'll prepare a foundation, too hot to fool around with concrete right now
  8. got it popped out of the mould. With my vibrator petering out I ended up with some porosity in the center and along the top right edge. The edge porosity is the most disappointing. We where using a 6 slump concrete and poured this first so it was probably even lower. It should have turned out better with more vibration. I may try and use a slurry to fill in the worst part. Will still be a nice bench but not super slick like my counter tops.
  9. Got it poured on Thursday. Got the driveway section finished up as well with a total of 40.5 yards. Not bad for two guys getting it all done over three half days. Haven't stripped it yet so don't know what the business side is going to look like. I vibrated it so hopefully it will look ok. The battery in my vibrator has about had it so didn't get as much as I would have liked.
  10. We did all the tops in our house when we built 10 or so years ago. They worked out nicely although it was a lot of work. We pre-cast them rather than doing the pour in place. Granite has gotten a lot cheaper these days, so I'm not sure we would do it again. But it's kinda like building you're own gun, you have something special to be proud of afterward.
  11. I figure about 300 or so. Going to set it on some concrete blocks. Probably have to pour some footers.
  12. Vintage Gun Photos

    that would be great for Chicago these days.
  13. Finally got the mold finished, hope to get it poured tomorrow or Wednesday.
  14. ANTIFA self defense gyms!

    damn, somebody hand me my Super Soaker
  15. Vintage Gun Photos

    that would be a Winchester Model 12

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