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  1. https://www.bradenton.com/news/local/article225203920.html https://www.bradenton.com/news/local/article225203920.html
  2. seez52

    Anyone ever made black powder?

    my brother inlaw is making some now. He's been piddlying with it off and on. Sent me a photo of his crystallized ammonium nitrate last week. It looked pretty good. I told him he was going to shoot his eye out.
  3. seez52

    TFA, Awareness of Bill Lee

    Ideologues are seldom ever happy. Sadly they miss opportunities for good.
  4. seez52


    sorry, I do not.
  5. seez52

    Drill Press Advice

    Oh, get one with the depth adjustment on an external slider rather than the ones with it built into the plunge lever. Easier to fiddle with.
  6. seez52

    Drill Press Advice

    I bought one off Amazon a few years ago, floor model. Cheaper than HF. It was made in China as well. It has worked good. When I received it I checked to make sure the table was square with the quill and it was. It's not in constant use, but use it pretty often. I guess they all use a taper quill so using it like a milling machine is out, the whole chuck will come loose! I would bet that even the name brands, Delta, Craftsman or whoever are all made in China these days unless you spring for one of their higher end models. Getting one that will make square holes is the key, ha!
  7. seez52


    Nice piece! Watch the roll pin that holds the rear Ellison sight on. They aren't hardened very much and have been know to fail causing the rear sight to pop out and get lost. When I shot mine a lot I replaced it with a solid pin.
  8. seez52

    AIM selling S&W 6906

    Good stuff at AIM dosen't last long. They also had some DAO Smith 64s with heavy barrel.
  9. seez52

    AIM selling S&W 6906

    Not a bad deal for $349. Double action only. https://aimsurplus.com/smith-wesson-model-6906-9mm-caliber-pistol
  10. seez52

    Inherited Colt Agent

    I think I still have some of this plastic case .38s and a couple of boxes of bullets to go in them. Never did have the loader mechanism though.
  11. seez52

    The Blacklist

    I like the show, didn't think last nights was one of their best. On again tonight at 8pm central. Looks like Friday will be it's new night.
  12. it also makes plain the immediate uselessness of calling 911
  13. seez52

    New job

    A buddy of mine has done that for a while and does pretty decent. He always has good tales to tell. If you're driving in Nashville don't forget to collect your bonus when dropping people off at the strip clubs. $12 a head.
  14. seez52

    shopping for night vision scope

    I've got one mounted to a AR upper. I've taken several yotes with it. It can be a little clunky. Getting the special batteries has helped functionality. It's still heavy as all getout.
  15. Back to the topic at hand... If this is the definition they are going to stick with then some of us may consider this a win. With their use of recoil being an integral part of their equation those who have cranks mounted on their weapons would seemingly be ok for now?

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