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  1. seez52

    It's that time again!!!!

    We're in country, not much gentrification here. I did see one bird this afternoon. Maybe they were just passing thru
  2. seez52

    It's that time again!!!!

    I put my feeder up. Had three birds. Had them for a week or so. Put up an additional feeder now I have none. What's the deal?
  3. seez52

    Show me your FAST cars and trucks!

    Don't see these around much anymore. Most were 4 cyl. this is an original six. Don't drive it much, but it is fun. Not super fast, but pretty quick.
  4. seez52

    Poke sallet....it's what's fer dinner

    My mother used to pressure cook it. We had it a few times a year. I cooked some a few years ago the same way and it tasted like I remembered. No one else here will eat it so I don't usually go to the trouble. It's slicker than turnip greens
  5. For years you could not purchase a factory 30 rnd mag for a mini 14, compliments of Bill Ruger.
  6. seez52

    Vintage Gun Photos

    yow, not a looker in the bunch!
  7. seez52

    What model S&W is the Combat Masterpiece ?

    I had a model 67 which had a buttery trigger and one of my prized possessions, then just jackass stole it.
  8. seez52

    Dick's Sporting Goods anti 2nd A

    probably the only PR left once all the manufacturers told them to pound sand when they asked to return them. At least that's what I hope happened.
  9. seez52

    Vintage Gun Photos

    I think they may have used those against Godzilla.
  10. seez52

    Gallatin Gun Club Range

    I think the annual dues are going to be 200/year. There may also be an initiation fee, but I don't know how much that is.
  11. seez52

    Coyote hunting

    I've been using 55 gr. in my AR and getting one shot kills. Also using 35gr in a 222 bolt gun that has stopped them in their tracks. I chased a red fox up the driveway this afternoon. They are pretty animals I hate to shoot them... yotes on the other hand
  12. seez52

    Gallatin Gun Club Range

    they plan to soon. they are going to prorate the dues if I recall
  13. seez52

    House Buying/Mortgage Questions

    If you're dealing local and not getting good feedback or response rate, then you're dealing with the wrong local lender. I deal with three different lenders and all of them give 24/7 (nearly) responses. And that's to me as a Realtor, and to my clients. The online mortgage companies can be a hit or miss. They often give great customer service when you're inquiring, then once they have the loan you move on to a different department/person and response boggs down. Generally, I try not to deal with the online outfits simply because you can't count on them in what is a time sensitive situation. I've done it, but hold my breath every time.
  14. well, got all my recurring changes on my NRA card changed over this weekend. Called First National to cancel my card this morning. They were REAL busy, had to wait on hold for nearly 30 minutes. Got it cancelled! Told her I didn't want their statements trashing up my mailbox anymore. Feels good. I told her exactly why I was cancelling and she noted I had been with them since 2004. Did not seem to be a surprise to her.
  15. I'm still stocked up from the last go-round

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