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  1. Supposedly rifle primers are thicker or in some way designed to withstand higher pressures than pistol primers. I've never tried switching them around so I have no personal experience.
  2. If they will fit in a Post office flat rate box I'll pay the shipping and your time!
  3. Dang, wish you were closer to Nashville or Knoxville!
  4. I agree on the vitamin D and I added a 5000 to my multi vitamin back in April. With the hot weather during the summer many of us just don't get outside all that much. I plan to keep on taking mainly for the Covid issue.
  5. Any time I get a bit overwhelmed over the news, antifa, rioting etc. I just mosey down to the basement and crank out another 100 M80 .308 and the world is at peace once again.
  6. Just got an email from Classic Arms says they have popular ammo in stock, 223, 308, 9mm, 45acp and both AK ammos. YIKES $$$$. But, if ya ain't got none....
  7. seez52

    7mm TCU subsonic?

    In standard loadings it's really a great cartridge. Accurate, flat shooting and packs a good punch. I use reformed 223 brass so it's about as cheap to load as anything.
  8. seez52

    7mm TCU subsonic?

    Thanks, I used to shoot 120gr and 145gr. I'll see if I can look up the twist and how heavy 7mm bullets come these days.
  9. Anybody ever try and run 7mm subsonic? Was thinking about a 300 Blackout but I'm not stocked on any ammo or components and after seeing 20 rnds for $30 at the LGS I think that boat has sailed for now. I've got an old Contender in 7mm TCU that I haven't shot in eons. Wondered if anyone had tried running something like that suppressed? I do have some makins' to get that going.
  10. seez52


    It does! But you need to be extremely careful as there is a huge chance of static electricity causing premature ignition.
  11. I was thinking a lot of wheel weights these days was made of zinc? Is there a way to tell the difference?
  12. seez52


    Did anyone ever have a carbide can? We made more noise cheaply with one of those. Use an old quart paint can that the lid would fit on. Punch a small hole in the bottom with a nail then add about a dozen or two carbide rocks. The procedure was to spit on the carbide, slap the lid on quickly and hold your finger over the hole, sit the can on it's side on the ground and hold it there with your foot then put a lit match to the hole. The acetylene created mixed with air made a right good explosion shooting the lid 20 or 30 ft. The best thing was you could do it all over again with the only cost being a new match! Pretty soon you're mouth was so dry you had to swap gunners. Strike anywhere matches were preferred. Probably why I don't hear well today.
  13. seez52


    It kinda does. I did make some really nice potato guns later in life! Way back I bought a brass cannon from Dixie Gunworks. It's about 9 inches long with a .65 bore or there a bouts. I drilled it to take a fuse and have had it for years, decades of fun with it. Makes a huge noise. Actually fired some projectiles out of it a few times. They used to sell bird bombs and a little hand held pistol for shooting them. They were cardboard and you would put a. 22 blank in the gun to launch it. They would travel about 50 ft up and explode with about the same report as an M-80. I figured out I could take masking tape, wrap it around the bird bombs so they fit snugly in the cannon bore. It would launch one about 200 yards before exploding. First time I tried this I had it generally pointed in the direction of my neighbors house on the hill. Damn near hit the house before it exploded. Thinking back on all the stuff we got into back then, done today kids would be put under the jail house.
  14. seez52


    Never did. It was more of a flash powder and never did think of it. We were more interested in making noise. Did make some smoke bombs. At some point we came across a huge surplus smoke can. Seems like it was gallon paint can size. Man it smoked forever.

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