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  1. Let's see those vintage lever guns.

    This was handed down from my favorite uncle. 1892 in .25-20. He purchased it new on a trip in Colorado. I believe he said he paid $25 for it at an auction; a hardware store was closing down. I thnk he was 13 years old. He named it Schatze, a german word for sweetheart. Matter of fact all three of these guns were his.
  2. Kel-Tec PMR-30 Fail to fire

    I've had some ammo that would not fire on the first try. Seems rimfires can be this way. I've had a couple feeding issues with mine. I really like it, but need to do a fluff and buff I think it can be reliable. Magazine loading is a key issue for reliability.
  3. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

  4. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    I'm a member, I'll help if I can
  5. The internet boonies

    Just an update on this if anyone is still following. It's been a good ride but seems like the party is over. Received an email this AM. Dear 4GCommunity.org Members, We are saddened to inform you that due to circumstances beyond the organization’s control the Internet connectivity benefit of membership will be ceasing no later than November 30, 2017. It may be sooner, so please begin looking for other Internet connectivity options right away. The member online support center will remain a resource through this time next year. Member and support team volunteers will be providing their general assistance through the online support center to assist with questions about basic home computing, networking, and related technologies. It can be accessed through the Support Center page of the website, or directly at: https://4gcommunityorg.happyfox.com/ Respectfully yours, Support Team I went into it expecting this at some point to go away. I was paying on their quarterly plan so as not to get too burned. Biggest issue now is what to do. I don't think much has changed since I signed up with other providers being available. I am now on the verizon unlimited plan for my phone, but they limit hotspots to 15GB, and also limit phones as hotspots at 22GB. So that's not probably going to work for a home situation and streaming.
  6. Black Walnuts

    My mom and dad really liked them. He would sit on the porch with a hammer and short section of rail road iron and crack them. I never like them enough to spend that much time shelling them. I'm think part of the attraction was that they came off the place and you didn't let things like that go to waste. Black walnut pie was a favorite, although not for me.
  7. Las Vegas Shooting

    A lot of what I've heard does seem to be headed this way. I don't watch cable news but I haven't heard the first thing about high capacity magazines. Which I find odd.
  8. Las Vegas Shooting

    Tannerite may also be on the short list. https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/the-strip/explosive-possessed-by-stephen-paddock-may-have-been-used-in-nyc-bombing/
  9. Johnson City FullAuto Arrest?

    wondering if the silver AR started out as an 80%?
  10. Vegas shooter's dad vs. blacklist red

    I thought the same thing!
  11. Politically Sensitive AR Lower :) :)

    I'm surprised someone hasn't sued them over some of the markings on the safety on some of their lowers. It's not very explicit on many of them, particularly the zombie versions.
  12. New round of unrest, November 4?

    I wondered that myself. They are communists plain and simple. Call each other "comrades" on their forum posts.
  13. Bob Corker

    Alabama has re-worked the primary voting rules to help prevent democrats from doing too much damage, and that helped lead to Moore's win. Probably not perfect, but certainly better than what we have, which is nothing. When we were choosing a republican candidate for governor Haslem was one among the many. All were more conservative than he was. The Tennessean came out endorsing him, or basically telegraphing to all the democrats, vote Haslem. And this is what we got. Here's a pretty good article on the Alabama method, and a good explanation of what's wrong with open primarys. http://www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/08/primary_crossover_voting_advan.html
  14. Looks like they are trying to gin up a new round of protests and disturbances. https://refusefascism.org/november-4-the-day-it-begins/
  15. Black Walnuts

    we always put them in a toe sack and then put them in the driveway.

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