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Question about Open Carry

Guest ajpadre

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Guest ajpadre

I have been browsing the forums now for a few weeks, and I am liking the info I have uncovered. But I have a quick question to you law abiding firearm holders...

I recently bought a XD-9, and I have been wanting to apply for a carry permit but I am moving to a state soon that does not recognize TN permits. How many of you guys open carry without a permit? And if so, how many of you get stopped by law enforcement? I live in Cleveland right now, recently graduated from Lee University. I feel open carry is a right that if not exercised will soon be lost, if you don't use it... you will lose it.

Too be honest the open carry laws are a bid convoluted to me, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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In Tennessee, you must have an HCP to legally carry a handgun, period. It matters not whether the handgun is concealed or openly carried.

Now, when I lived in Kentucky, I OC'd with out a license (it is legal there).

Always know the laws of the state in which you wish to carry. Ignorance of the law, in this case, could end your butt up in prison and losing your right to carry.

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Yep, you cannot carry a handgun, open or concealed, without a permit in TN. If the state you are moving to allows open carry without a permit I don't see any problem with it.

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Guest 270win

Where are you moving? I have seen open carry in Arizona about 12 years ago in a suburb outside of Phoenix. Two middle aged men killing time while their wives were in stores. Both had nice holsters and nice semi autos. I thought that was pretty cool because I was in high school at the time. I say if people do that where you are going, and it is legal without a license, like Arizona, go for it.

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Guest ajpadre

Moving back to California.

Talked to a Sheriff today, he also confirmed it is illegal to carry a firearm without a permit in the state of TN. He said it was best not to do it, but if there was every a time he was getting shot at, I should return fire with my illegally carried gun... Ha...

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Funny thing about carry in Cali, it's an absolute bitch to get your permit, but once you do, there are relatively few places that you cannot carry.

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Be prepared to have your right squashed a little bit when you return to Cali.

"little bit"??????


I have no desire to even go to Kalifornia, let alone move there.

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Ahh.. The People's Republic of California..

As bkelm18 said.. If you can get a permit there, you have a LOT more freedom on where you can carry than many other states. Even in TN. It's just that "May Issue" thingy getting in the way..

What you might want to consider is obtaining a non-resident carry permit from one of the states that offers them, such as Florida. While also not honored in CA, it would give you some carry options if you take trips outside the state.

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Guest canynracer

I lived in CA for 31.5 years before moving here almost 5 yrs ago.

CA is a concealed permit unless you are in the boonies (rual areas)

I know folks that have been waiting 2 years for their permit....and they didnt take the psyc exam till after 1 year of applying.

You wont get a permit, unless of course you are a movie star, or a cop.

My buddies got tired of waiting, so he joined the Sheriff dept's reserve program.

Im not saying............Im just saying.

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