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  1. I think it depends on what you start with. Glock grips are an adjustment for me. I started on high-powers, so a 1911 grip angle. Pretty much everything except Glocks point more naturally for me. Usually, I find people who love Glock grip angles cut their teeth on Glocks. I have Glocks and I have to consciously remind myself to lower the nose.
  2. Personally, I thank Joe for bringing a fantastic end to the 9mm vs .45 debate. There is now no question which is superior. Come on .45 lovers and tell me how your slow thumper penetrates so deep and with such velocity as to remove lungs through the exit wound!
  3. BTW -I will split. $1200 rifle, mags, etc. $800 ammo.
  4. This is definitely a great deal. My 15yr old son is frantically trying to get his money together! Haha.
  5. I have a BRS47 billet built receiver set AR that takes AK mags. Awesome gun with only 300 rnds through it to set the gas block setting. Comes with 8 PMAGs, extra Ni bolt, 3 firing pins, and 2414 rnds of non-corrosive ammo. $2K for the whole package. Nashville/Middle TN area. Only possible trades would be for a street/cruiser motorcycle for my son. - KAK 16" nitride barrel 5/8x24 - Noveske Magpul saftey 60 deg - BCM Mod3 grip - Samson Evolution 10" hg - Superlative Arms adj gas block - PWS ratchet castle nut - Strike JComp compensator - WMD gas tube - PSA EPT trigger - PSA H1 buffer - PSA PA10 buffer spring - UTG Pro lopro pop up iron sights (not shown in pics) Optic not included
  6. It's far less than a vehicle and doesn't count as a vehicle in the total number of vehicles in the household. So, yes ;
  7. I got this 2007 Yamaha Vstar 1300 with 4k miles last year as a workaround for insurance, the rising cost of fuel, and 3 teens on the insurance. Loved that bike. Got totaled in November! Promptly replaced with a 2010 Yamaha Stratoliner with 6k miles on it. Enjoying every bit of it!
  8. Edited this to the last two and new lower price.
  9. I'm continually amazed at what fear and "safety" can motivate people to let go of ... everything except fear!
  10. This is very true. There were massive population shifts in Europe and Africa the most recent time this happened. While it caused famines, diseases/epidemics, and a major structural change in agriculture and population centers in (specifically) the medieval Europea continent, it also lead to the industrial revolution and the modern world. Likewise in the far east and middle east. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It's hard to tell what ingenuity man comes up with as we adapt to an ever changing world. The only thing that is certain is that we have always progressed from adversity.
  11. One thing those prognosticators tend to forget is that as countries become more developed, through the use of those resources, they inevitably become more aware and conservative with those resources once they become developed. Short term bad, long term good. It's an odd short term sacrifice for a long term gain. The other way is a long term burn out.
  12. Thing is those currents have shifted before. Part of the reason you can find palm trees on the northern cost of Scotland. Not every change is the end of the world.
  13. I've got two. Best of both worlds. My other is a BRS47. Takes Magpul AK MOE mags and com block mags.
  14. People can make there own decisions as well. You missed one for the other. It's not a vacuum.
  15. Bumping this. I listed quite a few and misread my notes when I put the price out there. Price adjusted accordingly.
  16. From the church side I would be careful about using the church as a personal exemption excuse. It would be all the impetus needed to officially go after church's. It's on their radar, just don't think this it's the thing to trigger them on.
  17. Like my others, trying to get bills taken care of. This one has about 20 rounds through it. One mag $1000. No trades - Adams Arms piston mid-length upper on a Anderson Lower. - BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE 1:7 5.56 16" GOVT-PROFILE MID-LENGTH BARREL - SAMSON EVO-EX 9"(12") with Sling swivel (for Bui-pod) and QD sling mount - MFT BMSMIL MINIMALIST STOCK - RTB ENHANCED TEFLON NICKEL TRIGGER - STRIKE ENHANCED BOLT CATCH & MAG RELEASE - MAGPUL TRIGGER GUARD - MAGPUL 45* AMBI SAFETY - LARUE APEG SMOOTH GRIP.
  18. Wound up with a couple of these and this one can reluctantly go. getting daughter through college and a new transmission. No trades $Sold PSA KS-47 (gen 2) 7.62x39 10.5" one mag. Round Count Zero. - Larue APEG Grip PSA EPT - Magpul/Larue Ambi-saftey - Enhanced Polished Trigger - ACE/DoubleStar Strongman all Aluminum brace (mil-spec) - PA-10 carbine buffer spring - M-Lok rail
  19. Needing to get my oldest through college, so this needs to go. $650 . Due to circumstances not trading. One mag. 16" RADICAL BARREL 1:7 CARBINE NITRIDE, JOBOB LOW PRO GB, WMD NITRIDE GAS TUBE, MFT Minimalist stock (mil-spec), RTB ENHANCED TEFLON NICKEL TRIGGER, STRIKE ENHANCED BOLT CATCH & MAG RELEASE, MAGPUL TRIGGER GUARD, LARUE APEG SMOOTH GRIP, ZRO DELTA UPPER RECEIVER, STERN 10" MOD 1 MLOK HG
  20. Yeah, some will. Of course I was more concerned with the slide stripping off Beretta 92FS's/M9's and they've been the military side arm since '85 or using ones hand to block the hammer in revolver/hammer fired guns. Again, good to know, but not really a realistic concern.
  21. If I'm pushing my gun into someone then trying to shoot them afterwords, a whole lot is already wrong. I don't see this as a "flaw". Well, no more a flaw than polyagonal rifling or non fully supported chambers.
  22. I rode a VStar 650 daily for about 5 years and it was fantastic. This one is a great bike. Put several hundred miles on it so far and it will get up and go. Even did about 150 2-up with the wife Saturday and it was a smooth ride. Plenty of power, super stable, and the wife even remarked how comfortable it is. Picture below is how it came. Since, I've put Cobra slip-ons on it and now it really growls. Changed grips and handle bar (Baron's touring) to get a little more height and reach. National Cycle QD windshield for those 2-up rides and saddlebags. Just sent the ECU out to get flashed and dyno results say (with Cobra pipes) it should gain about 10 hp and more torque. The flash will also smooth out the throttle and decel popping. Non of those were bad to begin with but it should really be smooth now. Most of all, I forgot how much I really enjoyed just being out in the air and on the road!
  23. Haha, 2007 Vstar 1300 with 3k on it. Looks brand new and got it for a song.


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