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Montie Gear Y-shot (Slingshot)

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If you are looking for a high quality, light, powerful slingshot to add to your backpack, arsenal, hunting gear, etc., you've found it.

After reading Pat’s Product Review on survivalblog.com about the Y-shot and checking it out on the Montie Gear website, I figured I needed to give this slingshot, well, a shot. I was impressed and let my family and friends try it out as well. Before I get into my views, I will let you know what I observed from when I let other people try it out.

One of the most common first reactions to handing my friends the slingshot was, “Whoa, that is light. I was expecting it to be heavier.†I don’t know if it is the design used, the materials, a combination of the two or what, but this slingshot is light. For the backpackers, preppers, or someone who just wants to walk the property and plink a bit, this is a definite plus.

The next most common reaction was, “Man, that is powerful!†One friend in particular was very impressed with the power. He was testing it at a campground, and because he hadn’t realized what kind of punch the Y-shot had, he was afraid of what could have happened if he had been careless with his aim…(I had warned him about how powerful it could be but I guess he didn’t believe me until he tried it for himself). After that, he kept going on about how hard it could shoot.

I agree with my friends’ evaluations. As I mentioned earlier, it is light. Also, I am 5’6†with “T-Rex†arms, and I can get more than enough power.

It comes pre-wrapped in paracord (a benefit most of us can appreciate) and with high quality ball bearings to shoot. Another benefit is that there is an arrow rest addition available. My friends didn’t get an opportunity to try it out, did have the opportunity to try out the arrow rest. This thing was a lot of fun and easy to set up (and remove). I am not too good with it yet but it is fun and a great way to make use of those arrows you haven’t got around to re-nocking.

So why would you want to spend the $100 on this slingshot? Well, if the above reasons don’t convince you, think about the durability. By brother-in-law pointed out that the arms of this slingshot will be able to take a lot more damage than the those tiny, thin arms of slingshots you get at the big box stores. I can easily see a situation where you drop your backpack and snap off the arms of the Walmart slingshot but it is going to take a lot to affect the arms of the Y-shot.

I also have to say something about Montie Gear itself. I emailed the company with a question and expected to get the same, “thank you for your interest but…blah blah.†However, after a few hours, I received and email from…Montie. He was very helpful, addressed my issue and was a pleasure to deal with. I was very impressed with the customer service and subsequent emails with other members of the company have been just as impressive. While I do not know if you will get the opportunity to deal directly with Montie, every time I dealt with the company I felt taken care of.

In summary, if you want a high quality, light slingshot that is going to give you the power you want and not let you down when you need it from a company that cares about its customers, the Y-Shot is for you.

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What is the average life expectancy of the bands? Can they be stored long term? By long term I mean by prepper standards :) Also, anyone know of a source of info for making new bands in a EOTWAWKI type situation?

In other words, slingshots have been on my mind for awhile since we got the boy one to play with. :)

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Nothing last forever. If you are using it surgical tubing would wear out before it would dry out.

True but then it would only be a short-term solution, as opposed to say a bow since you could create strings and arrows and even theoretically a new bow.

Sorry I wasn't clear. So I guess the solution would be to learn to use an actual sling :)

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