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  1. Oh yeah. Married 31 years as of yesterday August 17th!!!
  2. Well, now I am also a new owner of a Glock 20. Vacationing up in the Smokies this week (camping) and ran across a good deal at Smoky Mountain Guns and Ammo. Wife said Happy Anniversary and I scooped it up quickly!!!
  3. TREX Arms appendix holster (AIWB) with a Shadow Systems MR920. I have converted to appendix carry since listening to the Shooters Nation podcasts when Mark challenged everyone to stay with it for 3 weeks before giving up on it. Hated it the first week and a half but then it began working for me. It is also a motivating factor to keep my weight down as well!! Planning to try a Keeper’s Concealment AIWB holster or Tier One at some point.
  4. Ordering a Tyr trigger now. To all, thanks for the feedback. I plan to try the Agency Arms on my old Gen 3 17 model. Plenty of triggers available for Gen 3 models.
  5. Good to know. I’m really working on being patient and get an Agency Arms when they are available again. If Timney offered a carry option with a trigger pull above 3.5 lbs I would try one.
  6. I just have no words for that level of ignorance.
  7. I had a Ruger American in 9mm when it first came out and had a friend that offered me an extremely good deal and sold it which I regret. It had a great trigger and was extremely accurate. Never had any issues with reliability no matter what ammo I used
  8. phiferran


    I also have one of the early Remington R1's and never had an issue with it at all. I use Chip McCormack 8 and 9 rounds mags and never had a feeding issue. I also have a RIA officer's model 1911 and it runs great with 185 gr and 200 gr rounds. I do have to be careful with 230 grain hollow points. It does not feed some brands with aggressive designs on the point. Does great with Cor Bon, Golden Sabers. and Remington Guard Dog bullets.
  9. So I finally decide on an Agency Arms Glock trigger for my Gen 5 Glock 19 and nobody has them. No luck on Zev triggers either. Pyramid triggers are somewhat available however I know nothing about them. Crazy times still! Timney competition triggers are available but I don’t want a 3.5 pound trigger pull on my carry gun Never would have expected the trigger market to be stretched so thin
  10. I realize this might be considered blasphemy, but I really want to try a Can Am Spyder F3. Co worker has one and he gets grief from the serious motorcyclists but he loves it.
  11. phiferran


    I am curious as well. I have no plans to sell mine. I will add a second one with the optics slide but no plans to sell my existing MR920.
  12. phiferran

    FTE Issues

    The Holosun 507Cx2 I just bought had two different sets of screws—long and short included in the package.
  13. The times have changed. https://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/cades-cove-vehicle-free-days.htm
  14. I really enjoyed Rich Mountain Road that splits off Cades Code loop. https://www.smokiesguide.com/rich-mountain-road/
  15. That thing is ugly and I would take it in a heartbeat. It has “character”.
  16. I have thought about selling my SR9C multiple times and always change my mind after shooting it. It’s a keeper for me and I do carry it more in the summer months.


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