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  1. The parents are culpable to a degree without a doubt. They bought a 15 year old kid with issues a pistol. I don’t know Michigan law but it seems they are going to make a statement here. It’s old-fashioned thinking these days but parents are, or should be, held accountable for their minor children’s actions. The world would be a much better place if we went back to that.
  2. I am almost certain that is a Winchester 67a or might close to it.
  3. I always heard a more abbreviated version from my wacky aunt every year. Why did the three wise men have burns on their feet? Because they came from afar.
  4. It’s the whole pretense of righteousness and overt hypocrisy that’s maddening. I’ll just leave it at that.
  5. Just think of the proven medical benefits many would be able to take advantage of if the the puritans in Nashville would get off their high horse.
  6. OP is 20. Wait until 21 then it’s not even a question.
  7. I’ll be rooting for the Dawgs Saturday.
  8. No, I’m pretty sure @Erik88spends every evening under, inside, and on top of that truck with rags and some Formula 409.
  9. Omicron arrived in the US last week (CA). Just confirmed. At this rate I’m surprised everyone in South Africa doesn’t have it. Mild symptoms reported in the US case.
  10. Tomorrow night at 8 ET Baldwin will explain that he “didn’t pull the trigger” in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-59499237
  11. Good job on those kids in the video who realized that was not the law at the door trying to get in.
  12. I think a political post such as this on TGO is not going to go too far.
  13. You reckon the entire SMGA operation will move here or will they still have a presence at SMKW?
  14. Before or after he went inside the house and came back out with the carbine?
  15. It will never be over. First of all, it’s a virus. Unless the entire human population suddenly has a burst of evolution to overcome the endless mutations this and any other virus are capable of, it will always be with us. Second, the fundamental change in society it has brought about in less than two years is frightening and rather disturbing, but is quite lucrative for our “overlords”. World governments and their endless supply of bureaucrats and mouthpieces have found a great way to exert their ultimate power. That being said, I still do not take the Covid situation lightly and recommend the basic precautions we have been given and advised on.
  16. I assume that means “vaccinated” now means having the booster shot as well.
  17. Delta didn’t do the job so here comes Omicron for Christmas.
  18. Let's see a pic of that engine compartment again.
  19. It all depends. Old as in military surplus, commercial ammo that has been improperly stored, reloads of unknown origin? Lots of different factors.
  20. I am not an attorney, but as I understand it in Georgia, there were four underlying felonies committed against Arbery. Each contributed to and resulted in his murder. As such, each of those charges resulted in an additional murder charge. Two counts of aggravated assault, one of false imprisonment, and one of attempt to commit false imprisonment. Each of those four had a murder count added for a total of eight. The ninth malice murder charge does not require some other felony charge. https://apnews.com/article/ahmaud-arbery-trial-travis-mcmichael-georgia-7558b86305d4c95d8e830b16bf19eeff
  21. Without the French there may not have been a United States. No relevance, just dropping some knowledge.


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