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  1. Was this sold to you as new ammo in Federal packaging?
  2. That frightens me.
  3. Could have been closing time for the sporting goods department. Rittenhouse trial has jack to do with it for sure.
  4. I was born and raised in Memphis. I love Memphis. I would never live there again but go back as much as I can. That being said, Memphis is a special kind of ####ed up. People do things their own way, if they do it at all, and it can be beyond aggravating. Hard to to believe anyone in that region expects timely service or that FedEx or the USPS gets anything through there with any quickness. The current situation has only exacerbated that about 18 times.
  5. Don’t blame Brownell’s. If I’m not mistaken Tennessee was a leader in getting online sales taxes enacted.
  6. What is a rounded primer? I know flattened primers are a sign of going too far.
  7. Garufa

    New Gun!

    Some of y’all are going to run out of places to buy Made in the USA based on politics and now irrelevant comments of long dead people.
  8. If you roll your own use .44 Special loads in magnum cases.
  9. Corral was only out for a couple of minutes. They are starting the 4th 8 points down.
  10. Just watched the last few seconds of the Clemson/FSU game cause it was in the way of Auburn/Ole Miss. That might have been the craziest end to a game I’ve ever seen...or at least recall in a long time.
  11. It’s probably best you don’t know. I googled it and it’s ridiculous. Might have to pull out some real, printed dictionaries this weekend to see what it used to mean.
  12. Not surprising really. When a girl of any age makes her mind up that is what’s going to be done. Follow or get out of the way.
  13. Kinda hard to play the race card in CO considering the demographics. GA is fertile ground for so-called voter suppression.
  14. That question mark is very appropriate for many it seems these days.
  15. Yeah, trying to justify it is not a reason.
  16. Guaranteed I would think.
  17. I’ll never buy a rocket or F-35 again!
  18. That’s a dude. Foreground is blond with tan beanie, the one killed and nearest the observer.
  19. They only give you one clip for it.
  20. I reckon R. Lee’s family have already picked through what they wanted to keep. The auction offerings are not at all interesting.


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