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  1. Where does one acquire such a thing?
  2. If you have a proper charcoal grill no reason you can’t use that.
  3. Good info @Erik88. Thanks for the update.
  4. Any idjit can post stuff online. You are right to be pissed. Either the GS in question is devious or ignorant, probably both.
  5. One would think, but there is also a shortage of raw materials. Copper demand and prices, for one, have skyrocketed.
  6. Ever heard of paragraphs?
  7. We need to know: 1. Price 2. Manufacturer of receiver and barrel? What about the other parts? 3. What is included? Obviously, there is no bolt, operating slide, mag release, the safety is sticking out and some pins and springs are for sure missing.
  8. That’s pathetic for a hospital with all the money they make. Memphis gave away a car!
  9. I might pull a folding chair from the display and watch the spectacle.
  10. That's why I never could have been a cop. crazy naked people.
  11. Something from a Knoxville boy...
  12. Best to just cut through the BS and arrange for you and the buyer to meet.
  13. Nice score @monkeylizard! As for the stock, do you research and do it well, before trying any aggressive "cleaning" methods. Especially with that Winchester cartouche! SImple Green and dishwashers are a real good way to strip it. I'd probably wipe it down with some mineral spirits first to see how it looks.
  14. I’m sure there are that El Hombre doesn’t know about. There’s only one gun store in the whole country.
  15. That’s a metric crap-ton of honey!
  16. The bleach in my eyes literally just dried the other day after your initial presentation of this “thing”.
  17. The KCI mags are Korean made and very highly regarded, at least the 15 rounders are from what I hear. The Koreans know a thing or two about M1 Carbines. Regardless, it’s still not the same as having a USGI mag, which every carbine deserves. It’s just part of the fascinating history of those little rifles.
  18. If even so much as a roach gets in the house, I will have no peace until the thing is gone. Doesn’t matter what time of day. If a snake gets in the house...my wife will finally learn that guns do have a purpose.
  19. No doubt about that.
  20. That's low-down and sleazy.


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