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  1. Ammunition is packaged stating the origin of manufacture. Each round is also clearly stamped as to origin. We’d be awash in repackaged Chinese ammo otherwise.
  2. The spraying part is my concern. Fairly confident I could pop one in the head as close as they get. No interest in trapping. I’ve heard about the trap and blanket method but that’s just more trouble. Eradication is my goal, plus if I went and got some hot Cheetos, I’d eat them all before getting down to business, lol.
  3. They are just the noisiest about not taking it. Minorities have a fairly low vaccination rate and we all know how they generally lean.
  4. Tell me about taking care of skunks in a suburban environment. Those stanky things have always been around the neighborhood but lately a couple have been getting a little too close for comfort, like when I’m having my garage time with the side door open. Will an Aguila .22 LR Super Colibri (20 gr conical bullet with maybe 1/2 - 3/4 grain of powder behind it) do the job?
  5. Maybe some good will come out of it and his followers will listen to his regret for not taking steps that could have prevented his untimely death.
  6. I have a feeling Russian 7.62x39 will soon cost as much as 30 year old Chinese if not more, and it’s half the the quality of Norinco. I wonder if there are any non-Russian sources for 5.45x39?
  7. Russia produces tremendous amounts of .223/5.56 ammo.
  8. Curious that comes just a couple of days after one of those pentagon types with a lot of stars was talking about how much .223 ammo Russia produces and how it could be used in US weapons now in the hands of the taliban.
  9. Enhance your calm and post a credible, viewable source please.
  10. Academy website says the Knoxville store has "limited stock" of CCI's. That could mean they have a couple of boxes or none.
  11. Shelby County mask mandate goes into effect Friday.
  12. Not surprising. Those are some of the most educated countries there are.
  13. Many people who brag on “the world’s best healthcare system simply have not been subject to the realities of how it works.
  14. I guess they all just have some pre-existing conditions that are their own fault or their misery was preordained.
  15. In situations like that you really need to figure it out for yourselves. Asking for a delivery of multiple orders to the same place at the same time on separate tabs is just asking for trouble.
  16. Paul Muni? Movie not sure.
  17. Are you aware that hospitals across the State are starting to reach critical capacity? Might want to think about the ramifications of that.
  18. And their customers might just have to take it up the Whooo!
  19. Good grief, all vaccines inject you with some of whatever they are supposed to prevent to build up your immunity. There is nothing new about that and I guarantee you that you and everyone else in this country has been vaxxed for something. Quit listening to talking heads and try to embrace a little bit of science. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/how-they-work.html?s_cid=11439:how the covid vaccine works:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21
  20. Well, there you have it, yet they are still available. Isn’t there something missing from that document @Chucktshoes, like a signature? Not doubting its veracity, but still. Regardless of protocol re: documents, there is something going on here... https://www.ammoland.com/2021/08/atf-determines-that-the-rare-breed-frt-15-trigger-is-a-machine-gun/#axzz73TBMDUAq
  21. There’s nothing wrong with your barrel. If you’ve been shooting steel cased ammo, polymer or lacquer residue from the case coating can build up and cause this exact problem when switching to brass. The brass case expands more fully than steel and gets stuck. Thoroughly clean the camber with some Hoppe’s #9 and a .30 caliber bore brush...or one of those fancy AR chamber brushes. I bet that will fix the issue. There is nothing inherently wrong with steel cased ammo but avoid letting a live round sit in a hot chamber for too long as that contributes to the build up of that case coating residue.
  22. Do you wear it with a tuxedo...or at least the t-shirt version?
  23. Old-timey bomb threats seem to come with every new school year. It was always dumb as hell but in the past most knew is was nothing and resulted in basically a fire drill. Sounds like this was a swatting incident. An active shooter report was called in from what I understand. This is way beyond trying to get a day off. It’s downright dangerous in this day and age. Someone had a “seizure” of some kind on site that was “unrelated”. I’d hate to be a parent of one of those kids.


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