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  1. Yeah, 8 or 9 people have us all convinced.
  2. Does anyone have anything new or different to offer after 3,180 posts of the same people saying the same thing?
  3. I believe that is Czech and is heavy ball...174 gr bullets (Tz). Should have bxn and date on the headstamp. I’m guessing 55 or 57.
  4. Before the recent foolishness and WalMart started their pandering to the hysterics that was about $9.97/box.
  5. There is talk in the news of charging the fired ARDOT inspector with as yet unnamed charges. What would he/she/it be charged with? Incompetence, unfortunately, is not illegal. Some kind of negligence maybe?
  6. I think the heat deflectors over the burners might be upside down.
  7. Some older and smaller grills like that have a circular clip with a hook that you attach a jar to and then hang underneath that hole you see in the middle.
  8. The meme is a joke of course but I could totally believe it considering how Memphis does things and how many of those steel plates hold the streets together, sometimes for an eternity. I sometimes think that the steel plate street cover was invented there.
  9. I would like to think something more substantial is used.
  10. To put it simply, no. TN law allows great leeway in what is considered “gouging”. In other words it is vague and does not protect the consumer. Big surprise. Even though the pipeline is cranking back up gas stations are already trucking in gas from far away places. That is going to cause a noticeable spike in prices over the next little while. That being said, damn skippy some smaller outfits are going to take advantage of the situation. That’s capitalism, right?
  11. That’s good. I drove by a lot of empty gas stations on Kingston Pike today.
  12. I wonder what that cotter pin is holding together (zoom into the picture above the separation)? Looks like it might be important.
  13. Another view: It's under the middle of the M on the TN side:
  14. Something from the Khyber Pass it looks like.
  15. Now I bet some idjit wrecks on the old bridge and jacks it all up.
  16. Kids aren't supposed to be fads either but there sure are a lot of people who pump them out because they're "cute".
  17. The first centerfire rifle I ever shot was my Dad's IBM M1 Carbine when I was around 12 years old. Still have it and will until the day I die.
  18. And then the 3rd little pig was prosecuted to the fullest extent that federal regulations allow, left penniless and incarcerated for violating the civil rights of the Wolf.
  19. I’d like to see some of these states, counties, or any other jurisdictions passing 2A sanctuary feel good resolutions and laws actually stand behind their citizens that might run afoul of current and future ATF regulations. That’s not going to happen either.


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