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  1. I would not be a customer.
  2. How much you reckon such a bitchin’ and bespoke weapon might run?
  3. It has something to do with Jesse James Firearms. Yes, the motorcycle guy.
  4. That looks kinda cool.
  5. He has a rewarding future ahead. Pretty much a genius.
  6. These have been used in someone’s ears?
  7. Unless the design has changed that might kill it alone. The originals are notoriously unreliable. Not to mention that availability of rimless .44 Mag ammo.
  8. So what's your point? Is vaccine status the new litmus test of remembrance? He was anti-mandate, as so very many people are and with good reason. Many of those people who are against mandates also get vaxxed. It is in fact possible to be against edicts and still do the right thing for yourself and those around you. Regardless, do we know whether he was vaxxed or not? No. He already had enough health problems to begin with. It's absurd that covid has to be thrown into the conversation whenever someone dies now.
  9. Is crude oil still being actively produced by the planet?
  10. So...why do they put rails on handguns anyway?
  11. FN is not calling it a Hi-Power, they’re calling it High Power. There is a reason for that. Curiously, High Power is FN’s original name when they first produced the thing, or “Grande Puissance”, meaning great power of you want. The history of “JMB’s last and greatest design” is maddening. I just want an SA-35!
  12. I hate titling this topic "Kyle's Law" as it really is a poor choice from an optics standpoint but you can thank Rep. Ben Griffey for that. Griffey introduced a bill in the TN House today that "would require the state to reimburse defendants found not guilty of homicide charges due to self-defense. The payment would be decided in court and could be denied if the defendant was acting criminally." https://fox17.com/news/local/tennessee-lawmaker-proposes-2nd-amendment-bill-in-honor-of-hero-kyle-rittenhouse-kenosha-wisconsin-gun-rights-crime-courts-usa-news-politics https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/590457-tennessee-lawmaker-presents-self-defense-bill-in-honor-of-kyle-rittenhouse https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB1769
  13. Looks better than those FN things, even with the rail.
  14. I don’t know but FN did a fine job of it.
  15. How much is known about the innards of this new interpretation of the traditional Hi Power? There are glaring external differences that indicate this Is a significant change in the design. I must be nuts cause I don’t like the looks all that much. All that junk hanging of the right side is awful, as is the second hole in the business end, and all those seams around the beaver tail. Hopefully, this will relieve some of the pressure on SA and those among us who like the old-timey style can get a shot at an affordable, yet improved, reproduction
  16. Interesting, but not as much as the SA-35 to me. I guess we’ll know more tomorrow on what FN is cooking up.
  17. I am not new to site and wonder how anyone can muddle through all the inane commentary that’s filled the classifieds. Your best bet is to look at the most recent postings. They will always be on top when browsing.
  18. I like it the more I see about it but the reality is bullpups just don’t rev my engine. They are incredibly awkward and require an entirely different train of thought when operating. And at $2,000 that’s a big no.
  19. Maybe I need to watch that video again or get the information you have but I see a cop shooting through an obstacle at a not entirely clear target who is discharging a weapon into the air. Not shooting at any other individual, house, or whatever. Does that warrant being put down?
  20. Some folks will need a lot more than three seashells if that happens.
  21. As much as I would like to see criminals put away and generally removed from society, there simply is no longer any support for that. Incarceration is ridiculously expensive and NO ONE wants to pay for it.
  22. If I’m not mistaken some States already have laws on the books, or at least tried to pass such laws, to require so-called Smart Guns when the technology becomes viable. Same with micro-stamping.
  23. I first learned of Saget’s other side watching HBO’s Entourage. His scenes were epic. Had me rolling on the floor after the AFV and Full House days.


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