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  1. Is that the gear shifter in the middle of the pile?
  2. I was at a Mardi Gras street party down in Baton Rouge many years ago and a guy pulled up on a big chrome Harley and I do mean CHROME. Every inch of that bike was chrome plated...tank, fenders, all of it. It was most impressive.
  3. Credit cards have been a scourge on society since the first charge plates were invented by department stores. Abuse of credit cards and the debt incurred is nothing new, it’s been going on for decades. Blaming the government for that is just silly, you either live within your means or don’t. Sure, the government can and should crack down on predatory lending practices which is exactly what credit card companies are in the business of, but then again, capitalism, responsibility, and all that jazz. I listened to my elders growing up and do not exceed my means. Fortunately, I have a good income, but it has not been easy dealing with the crap that comes along with that. Long story short, I have no sympathy for those in CC debt. I have dealt with it among family members so have seen the absolutely devastating effects it can have on one’s life and future.
  4. Did you happen to ask them about a 5” blued version?
  5. If you are into the blues this is one young man to keep an eye on. He won several honors yesterday at the 45th annual blues awards held every year in Memphis. He knows how to work a guitar.
  6. I am not offering an opinion here so back off if you don’t like what I’m about to say. Since the state basically removed all restrictions on keeping firearms in vehicles, car break-ins have skyrocketed, especially Memphis because they’ll steal the stink out of #### there, but don’t you Nashville area or anywhere else folks get too smug, it’s happening everywhere and getting worse. Fact, not opinion.
  7. You ought to know better than that, but they will require a 48 pound trigger pull.
  8. Social media’s obsession with cicadas has really gotten out of hand. Yeah, this is a big, epic, “brood”, but some generation comes out every…single…year.
  9. Maybe if you didn’t call them wieners it wouldn’t hit so hard.
  10. That’s not a Polite thing to do… or is it?
  11. Best comment of this entire thread! You sir, are master smart-ass.
  12. I learned the lesson once about cutting peppers making chili for my GF at the time. There was uh, some spontaneity and touching. She was the one on fire, lol..
  13. An enterprising fella could start one up and call it TN Gun Runners, lol. From an occasional standpoint such “services” may sometimes be worked out if someone happens to be going between two places by coincidence and all the planets align, but making a business of it? Who would want to take on the hassle and most likely some type of liability doing so?. Eventually, the middleman is going to get involved in a dispute, somehow, someway. TN is a long state, but honestly, it’s not that big. Meet halfway, then you know who you’re dealing with. Memphis to Tri-Cities excluded, that’s damn near 500 miles, lol.
  14. I wonder how many of these issues with 1911 style pistols could be resolved with proper lubrication.
  15. No. Cigs cost too much these days to take that kind of chance.
  16. It’s so shiny my wife is wearing sunglasses. Gonna need to knock it down with some 0000 steel wool and more soap.
  17. When farting around in the garage and coming across an old bottle of Tru-Oil, do not take the lid off and squeeze it while you are looking down the hole, lol. Even if you don’t hear or feel anything shaking the little brown bottle, there is a skin on top of the still liquid contents that wants to break free. The juice will squirt through the dried barrier when coaxed and give one (me) a Tru-Oil mask and ruin a perfectly good orange T-shirt. I ought to know better.
  18. Not to mention being ostracized by their co-workers. Social media outing, doxxing, etc is bad enough in today’s unhinged digital society. The names of the teachers who carry, even if they are allowed to, will get out.
  19. If it where me I’d start by studying this inside and out (and subsequently keeping up to date with the latest version). https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/twra/documents/guide/TN-Hunting-Guide.pdf
  20. It’s always nice to have something like that in the back of the safe. Not just for the quality but the memories. Every once in a while I dig out my old Remington 121 Fieldmaster that my dad taught me how to shoot with. It was his first rifle as well. Crazy accurate as many old .22’s are. Even if it never gets used much, I bet it works just the same as it did in 1975. Now it’s time to put it to use! Can’t take it with you, if you know what I mean, lol.


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