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  1. One of the best laws regarding handgun carry permits the obfuscators in Nashville ever passed was closing access to personal information of those who hold permits. It wasn’t that long ago that TN newspapers regularly maintained searchable databases of who had permits.
  2. If TN does consider any kind of red flag law then women should be exempt. It’s only fair considering.
  3. https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/Apps/fmlv3/districts.aspx
  4. Ever heard of “free speech zones” where demonstrators are herded into designated areas far away from the event to exercise their free speech? I recall it being implemented and commonplace at federal and local levels somewhere between 2000-2008.
  5. I wouldn’t gloat too much. I have a feeling things are going to get really ugly very, very soon.
  6. I glanced over that earlier and it’s actually a pretty good, general, all-around intro to handloading. More than one manual is always better of course and highly recommended. One key takeaway from that document provided by the manufacture of the powder in question is they do not list Ramshot Enforcer for .38 Special This and this again. @CHAPPY38 There are plenty of powders that have been in use for decades and decades. Stick with what is well known, not what is available.
  7. How did it “follow you home today” if you don’t even want it?
  8. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). Here’s a start...https://www.tn.gov/twra/gis-maps/wildlife-management-area--wma--maps.html
  9. I reckon a London firearms officer or whatever they call the cops that are allowed to handle guns.
  10. Gun show might have ac but there’s still plenty of hot air being blown.
  11. Honestly, with all the time involved in figuring out who to chop it without jacking it up, and waiting for who knows how long, finding a replacement may be the way to go. There’s no shortage of used barrels out there.
  12. I applaud your efforts @StephenB. Maybe you should send a copy of the flow chart to all representatives and senators in state government to help them understand what a quagmire of laws they’ve come up with. Maybe an illustrated picture will get through to them.
  13. Made a lot of shotguns. Do you have a specific model? Just buy a new barrel.
  14. I wonder how long it will take for LC sourced 5.56 to skyrocket in price and dry up? This evening, tomorrow?
  15. My fascination with last night’s Memphis weather in Knoxville is done. It’s worse this evening. If I had a bit more privacy and less bugs that heat would be all I’m wearing outside.
  16. Locusts could probably learn a thing or two from “people”.
  17. No, it’s not. But it does need to be addressed. The last time I checked the population is not decreasing, demand is only growing for resources, and no one wants to come to an equitable solution to ease us into some kind of sustainability. Buy electric cars now is as equally ignorant as drill, baby, drill.
  18. Nuclear is probably the most regulated thing in the U.S., even more than people, lol.
  19. Garufa

    Sks value

    It really all depends. Don’t know what the current SKS market is but it’s not worth a penny more than one in original configuration, much less actually to someone who appreciates such things the way they were made before bubba got a hold of it.
  20. I have to admit being Memphis raised I do miss 88 degrees and oppressive humidity at 9:30 pm...every once in a while. But this is ridiculous for East Tennessee.


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