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  1. As perturbing as fitting a 1911 trigger can be you might as well just Dremel what you have down to whatever length you want.
  2. I could watch that one all day long, lol.
  3. I grew up watching movies of all kinds of giant mutant insects and mammals terrorizing the people. We have yet to see a proper treatment of squirrels and maybe chipmunks running rampant. The way those critters move is prime horror story material. Hollywood, are you listening?
  4. Don’t mess with me man. This thread is for stupid movies…is this for real?
  5. Keep on waiting, that will take a while.
  6. I love stupid movies and it looks like next February will deliver! If anyone remembers the story from years ago where a bear down in Georgia ate a crap ton of cocaine dropped out of a plane…that bear’s saga has been immortalized in film. BTW, this is Ray Liotta’s last movie.
  7. CTD is by no means a scam. It’s capitalism at its finest and a suckers paradise. I wonder how many people bought from them in some imaginary emergency that won’t admit to it, lol.
  8. Both infuriating and hysterical…but I can completely see this happening.
  9. I don’t know that I’d go that far but she certainly was a big deal in the rock world. Fleetwood Mac would have been nothing without her…Stevie Nicks didn’t write and sing all of those hits and most memorable songs, Christine was responsible for a bunch of them.
  10. That should be called the “lifetime supply pack”.
  11. Michele Carey in El Dorado.
  12. Neyland would have made a fine neutral stadium for that game. It actually got louder at Sanford (126 db) than Neyland when we beat Alabama (125 db). That damn noise is unnerving, lol.
  13. That is an osage orange. I always called them horse apples but they go by several names. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maclura_pomifera
  14. I was too, but then again I never give them any respect. They often do strange things. Maybe they couldn’t handle the rain or a full stadium. Either way, I don’t care…I’m VFL.
  15. You’re lucky Hooker wasn’t playing tonight.
  16. Garufa


    You’ll find that happening more as the years go on. Soon everything will be “a few years ago” even if it was last year or 10, lol.
  17. I wonder how many Nashville area folks got their 4473’s altered.
  18. Garufa


    It’s not true. Perhaps Stevens developed the .22 long rifle, but its origins go back to…France.
  19. Vols got their asses handed to them. That was humiliating.
  20. He is in fact, not bona fide.
  21. Garufa

    Red rider

    I’ve never had a Red Ryder but every year around this time when I go to Walmart I sure do think about it. Thing is BB’s are dangerous as hell. I hate to sound like my mother but them things are unpredictable. When I feel the need to start shooting at home I’ve got an old Winchester 67A with a ridiculous 27” barrel and a couple of boxes of Aguila Super Colibris out in the garage. That combo is way quieter and safer than a BB gun, lol.
  22. Garufa


    Remington Model 121 Fieldmaster. My dad got it brand new when he was a kid and turned it over to me when I was around 10. Still have it.
  23. Do they allow one to set up their own personal training course?
  24. Milton’s accuracy has improved tremendously. He’s gotta have one of the strongest arms in the business.


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