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  1. My wife got an old revolver from her dad, and I just recently took the time to look into what it actually is. It's a Serrifile Inc. Terrier One in 32 S&W, and from what little I can find on the gun, I think it qualifies as a C&R. They're cheap, and were apparently covered as a 'Saturday Night Special' in the 1968 Gun Control Act. He also gave her an old Watauga shotgun, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. I'm halfway scared to shoot it, but it's cool to keep around nonetheless. Does anyone have any more knowledge on this thing?
  2. Wilson002s

    ad closed Mondial starter pistol from the 60's

    If you've still got this little guy, I may know someone who's interested. He's a big fan of little oddities like this
  3. Wilson002s

    Dead Zero 3-Gun?

    Also very interested in finding this out
  4. Wilson002s

    No.1 Mk.III Enfield

    I took the bolt out last night and tried to peek at the bore. It was dirty, but I didn't see any kind of severe pitting. I'll let you guys know if I end up picking it up! Thank you for all the info
  5. Wilson002s

    No.1 Mk.III Enfield

    Technically they're my boss's uncle's guns, but he's trying to sell them for him. He doesn't really care too much what he gets from them. Said he'll sell em to me for about $100 less than what they appraise for. It's not a matching numbers gun, unfortunately. I assume that comes from the FTR mark, but I'm not terribly worried about matching numbers if I can get it for ~$100. He had several other guns, but this one would definitely come out as the cheapest (but most interesting to me). My ideal Enfield is a No.4 Mk.1, but for $100, I'll take a No.1 Mk.III with some history behind it
  6. My boss is trying to sell some rifles he inherited, and I've found an Enfield No.1 Mk.III that I may be interested in trying to buy and restore. I've asked around on a few different Enfield forums and have come up with a variety of different values and guesstimates as to how much it's worth on its current condition. The Markings are very worn (so much so that its hard to even know the year) but someone else said it seemed to be either a 1915 or 1916. There are some missing pieces (rear handguard), and some broken pieces as well (front handguard by the bolt). I've got a few pictures and can get a few more if need be. I'm just trying to find out a little more info about the rifle, and what it might take to restore it a little. He's supposed to be getting them appraised soon, but until then, I have no idea what kind of money to offer him for one in this condition.
  7. I have to work late tonight, but I may pop in and shoot one in the next few weeks. I just got done with the Pro/Am as well. Any IDPA rules against me using my M&P Pro?
  8. I bought a Stoeger M3000 for purposes of 3 Gun. I started opening the loading port with a dremel, and cut right through my tape template and cut the first 2 numbers of the serial. They aren't completely gone, and are both still recognizable, but I went ahead and contacted the ATF anyway to be safe. Hasn't been nearly the ordeal I expected. Dumb mistake, but you live and you learn.
  9. I had a bit of an issue with a serial number a couple of months ago, and have been seeking a solution with the ATF. They finally issued me a new ATF serial this week, I just have to get it engraved/stamped into the receiver now and send proof to them that it was done. Any suggestions in or near Sumner County? I tried to get in touch with DTV Tactical this past week, but haven't had any luck as of yet.
  10. Wilson002s

    for-sale The Foxfire Collection

    Any info on the Carcano? I've been thinking about buying one for a while I just haven't found one for the right price yet
  11. Wilson002s

    sold S&W M&P Pro 9mm package

    Would you consider selling just the M&P, and the 3 17rd mags by any chance?
  12. Wilson002s

    sold S&W M&P Pro 9mm package

    If these were 17 round mags I'd be all over this thing. GLWS man
  13. Wilson002s

    Truck/Trunk Bags

    I finally got out of the Miata-life and bought a 4Runner. I did so with mostly practicality in mind, but part of my motivation for the upgrade was preparedness. I've been tossing the idea around for a couple weeks of getting together a backpack to keep in the truck both for minor emergencies and possibly to serve as a 'get home' bag in a SHTF situation where I'm stuck at work and need to get home. Things like first aid, a decent flashlight, maybe a fire steel, etc. This may end up doubling as a range bag for competitions so I may keep a couple of boxes of 9mm handy if the bag permits. Do any of you guys keep a similar bag in your truck/trunk? What are some good things to keep in it that most people may not think about? How do you rotate things to make sure they aren't useless? (bandaids and similar things can only take so much heat I assume)
  14. Wilson002s

    Local BATFE Branch Contact?

    Long story short, I've run into a small issue with one of my guns. I contacted the BATFE Technology Division in DC, and they instructed me to get with my local Branch to resolve the issue. My problem is, when I call the number provided for the local Brentwood branch, I get immediately redirected to DC again. I've emailed, and faxed them to no avail. My only other option is to just show up, but I don't want to do so without some kind of appointment. I obviously can't make said appointment if I can't get in touch with anyone. Have any of you ever had to contact the local branch for any reason? Any kind of info will help tremendously. Thanks guys
  15. Wilson002s

    Smith and Wesson M&P Pro 5" $450

    I'm having a hard time being a responsible adult now. Thanks lol. If this doesn't go as quickly as I think it will, I may jump on it

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