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  1. Basically WRONG as usual by the press. "Stand your ground" basically relieves one of the duty to retreat, or as Branca would explain the element of avoidance. One's defense of habitation, which I presume would be the home would come under the castle doctrine. The home would be highly defensible property, but that's about the limit of property protection. The simple fact that they were assaulted by a group, armed no less, and shots fired would seem to make this an open and shut case of self-defense, justifiable homicide IMO, barring any other circumstances.
  2. Bottom line, they are all a private business and have the right to post. I am happy they are simply posting for CC only.... could have been much worse. OC is not a preventative tactic, in fact it is ignorant and reckless and sets up an opportunity for someone to steal and or shoot a place up. What I am opposed to is the political posturing of these companies.
  3. Many in E TN for years.
  4. Have always been against OC, does not help our cause. Tactically a bad idea. I believe it simply alienates those who may be neutral. Good article by Greg Ellifritz. https://www.activeresponsetraining.net/friends-dont-let-friends-open-carry
  5. Tight chokes on super hard shot can have the opposite effect on pattern density. That is why a quality choke with long parallel section gives a better pattern as a rule. Of course it is always preferred to do your own testing or contact your choke maker. May not be a lot of info with the TSS shot.
  6. If you get a chance at crane, make the most of it with TSS shot. You won't be shooting that much anyway. Generally a quality choke in IC or lite mod will work well.
  7. Myself and one friend use to shoot indoors a lot at an old range. Both of us had elevated levels that went down once our indoor time decreased.
  8. I have a compact 22. Great shooter for function and acceptable accuracy. Not as accurate as the Ruger 22/45 and I would bet the Victory is better as well. Don't expect any better out of the SR22. I use both the SR and compact a lot in my HCP classes. Much prefer the Compact. If you get a compact, once the sights are set, lock-tite or nail polish the windage bar....the have a habit of falling out if you don't.
  9. TN already mentions Concealed carry only signs in the permit course.
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi-8vvCmbXkAhViRN8KHdZ4CLMQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wsj.com%2Farticles%2Fwalmart-to-stop-selling-ammunition-for-assault-style-weapons-11567530289&psig=AOvVaw1QphazOn3lZE1YxOxQgcfE&ust=1567618875430340
  11. The broadcast didn’t specify. Gave name. Also noted phone call. Work issue, fired.
  12. So it turns out the shooter was a two-time convicted felon who also notified the FBI 20 minutes before the shooting of his intentions. Does anyone, even a reasonable leftist (i know, oxymoron) that another law would prevent such atrocities?
  13. Even with the frequency we hear of these acts, do you really think it is practical to keep a rifle handy for anything other than SD? To set up for a shot, if you were able to, how will LEO react to you? I think the thought is noble, but impractical.
  14. Same here. Forget frog lube, save your money.
  15. Something different. Some students prefer a little lighter recoil. Inexpensive play thing that can serve as a spare car gun.

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