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  1. I use enough taper crimp that 1) allows the finished cartridge to go in the case gauge with ease, 2) does not allow the bullet to 'set back deeper' when I apply a downward force against the bullet on the reloading bench.
  2. As CHL said, very challenging course, certainly not a 'give me' certificate. This course is also acceptable to qualify for instructor credentials for the TN HCP course. Additionally, Tom Givens is one of the icons in the instructor world. Tough but fair, a wealth of experience, and one of best instructors around. Great opportunity.....get it while you can.
  3. Yes, understand, thus making the distinction as 'legally permitted'. As some have made reference, sometimes with a computer check that info may already be available, but of course that doesn't mean the registered owner is the driver nor does it clear passengers. Approaching any vehicle is right up there with domestics for danger. I don't blame any LEO for being super cautious. Given the number of stops/encounters it is a wonder there are not more incidents.
  4. Very unlikely a legally, permitted citizen will shoot a cop. Statistically people with permits are the least likely to commit a crime and this includes LEO as a group. Now that doesn't mean LEO should be nonchalant about approaching any vehicle, but as Randall noted, this should create a more friendly interaction once the permit is shown. The Castille case was an unfortunate incident that both sides should learn from. The Damond case just seems wrong all the way around
  5. Police interaction has been part of the HCP course for at least the past 5 years that I am familiar with and is still part of the latest PowerPoint just released.
  6. excellent and demanding course. Tom is one of the icons of the training world. If you are an instructor or want to become one, this is the course for you.
  7. Took this class last weekend. This was some very useful information and drills for what would be 80 -90 % of anticipated civilian defensive handgun usage. Most of it up close and personal. Also dealing with panicked crowds, your responsibilities as a ' citizen first responder'. The course exposed me to a lot of information that has not been this well covered in other classes. About 75% of the students were LEO. If one has their gun handling up to snuff, and if one carries, then this is some very important training. Also if you live around the Dover area, Jerry at Hilltop Firearms Training Center hosted this event. He is 'good folk', well versed in firearms training with good facilities. I am sure Dave will be back next year so I would recommend taking whatever class you can from him.
  8. To be serious, I have seen shooting one goose, leaving it lay causing the others to avoid the area. Now you will have to choose the smell in this hot weather for a few days vs. tracking in goose poop. And of course you might want to check with TWRA. I bet they will look the other way for one goose.
  9. Call TWRA, they created the problem......they will love to hear from you.
  10. Written employee/employer policy will be the rule. If none, one by law could possess the gun in the car, out of ordinary view and not handled on the property. A private school by written policy may permit staff to carry on premises.
  11. I am a Physician Assistant (PA) at a large Orthopedic clinic. I have been blessed to be there 40 years and work for a great bunch of surgeons. I have been there longer than anyone to include the docs. For the past 8 years I run our injury clinic Mon - Thurs 4 PM to 8 PM. Good gig, enjoyable work. May hang in up in a couple of yrs, but right now hours and type of work tolerable to enjoyable. Spent 16 yrs in National Guard. Grew up shooting/hunting. Spent a lot of time and money shooting all type clay targets. About 6 years ago went to a Defensive Pistol class at Front Sight. People that really know how to shoot a pistol 'hurt' my feelings. Now have spent considerable amount of time going to classes with various instructors and getting to the point of half-way decent. Enjoy teaching/coaching pistol classes, HCP classes and still going to classes for me at least once a year. My biggest accomplishment is raising two great kids who have good jobs, respect others, Christian, and are responsible gun people.
  12. FYI, called the main PD phone number, not the one provided in letter. Confirmed detective's name and was transferred to that unit. Another person runs that detective down and speak directly to him. He explained there could be a number mix-up, sorry to bother me. Retailer is out of business. All 4473 are stored at ATF. I assume they do leg work of looking up "wrong" number. All sounds reasonable to me. Like most I still remain skeptical that there is not a somewhat real database somewhere. Anyway, not my gun and not my problem; just thought it was interesting and threw it out to TGO.
  13. from the an out of state police dept./detective. Said they had an open investigation regarding one of my handguns. Gave purchase date and serial number obtained from ATF database. Long story short, call and answer a few questions and they would possibly make arrangements to return said gun. Two comments : 1) said gun has never been out of my possession and still is in my safe. 2) I wasn't aware that the ATF keeps a database on all gun purchases. followup call simply says must have been a mistake in the relay of the serial number
  14. I am not an attorney, but have attended seminars on this subject as well as availed myself to many instructors that speak to this as well. Pulling one's weapon is of last resort. Withdraw, whether on foot or by vehicle is almost always the best solution. Forget what the law says because there are no guarantees once the legal process starts. You can be as right as can be and if it goes to a jury there is still a 10-20% chance you can get hosed. Pulling your weapon whether you shoot or not can result in years in prison. As I mentioned before and as DaveTN said, call the police and get your story told preferably first if you do present your gun. In a road rage situation, if you feel threatened, keep driving and use your cell phone. In a situation I am familiar with they will generally have you drive to a location where an officer will meet you.
  15. I think the possible scenarios are so broad and infinite you probably won't find a specific class. The option would be to take some VIP personal protection classes. Best info for your situation, in general, is anticipate and leave. Avoidance is your key to safety especially with family in tow. Once bullets fly there are no guarantees no matter how well trained anyone is.

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