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  1. I have seen more problems....for me....with worn and/or dirty followers, both in 1911s and M&Ps
  2. Academy gets the EZ in pretty frequently
  3. You are going to need to firm up your details IMO. Looks like an involuntary hospitalization.
  4. The bugs have been worked out, a simple manufacting glitch which happens in many products. Especially some much more expensive and long-standing such as automobiles. The ones for sale on the shelf should be good to go. To be certain check the ser. #. I have seen several come through my classes and all fired without a problem.
  5. E4 I will try and address several good issues you have raised. First, it is entirely possible we had 'different' TN state HCP courses. Best I recall, got my permit in '96. The course has been modified by many instructors to include a lot of personal opinion, ad lib, shortened hours, etc. Plus the state has had official changes implemented over the years, the next one effective Jan 1, 2021. For many years the course was done by an official state mandated outline which left the door open for the above noted varibles. Over the past 4 years or so the outline was changed to a PowerPoint prese
  6. 36 states have a SYG law. Only 5 of those states are absolute SYG which means reasonableness cannot be used to counter the fact of SYG; TN is not one of those states. The physical battle is all important, but the legal battle where you are subject to decisions by others is just as important and very expensive as well.
  7. i've used a bunch of Bayou, but almost 4 mos backorder for most recent order. Now using a flat point from Brass Monkey. Also DG bullet in Wisconsin, I like really well. Both run 7cents or less for 147 gr.
  8. everybody has a problem/ recall on ocassion. Wouldn't fire S&W if you are otherwise happy with their firearms. Covid, holidays, massive sells are overwhelming at this time.
  9. I use EXCEL. Easy to move around, insert. Also keep a list of sold guns and to whom. Have several family members guns listed as well. Keep and updated thumb drive as well as a hard copy in safe.
  10. that is why you must remain calm and rational. If someone is beating on your car, you phyically are not in danger of serious bodily harm or death. Only your property is being damaged, that is what insurance is for. Same as if someone is beating on your house or shouting out in your front yard. I know it is ridiculous, but it is the criminal justice system. It is not hard for a prosecutor to convince a jury your actions were not reasonable because you are safely tucked inside your vehicle from physical harm. However, if your 'safety' is breached, windown broken out and they are trying to
  11. Been awhile since I studied up on scopes. Low light ability is one of the most important considerations. Lotta deer killed early and late. About any scope functions in daylight. Hard to try out and compare equally. I was a big fan of the Bushnell Elites when I was shopping. Have several but may be something much better now.
  12. Just want to emphasize that banging on a car is not justification for use of deadly force. Sucks, but experts have expounded on this since the riots. Violating the passenger compartment, trying to turn the vehicle over, boxed in where you can't escape is another matter. Also must remember circumstances will vary, especially in a group.
  13. chances R


  14. Flipping someone off can bring into question ‘innocence’. Who knows how a DA or jury will interpret it. That is putting your future in someone else’s hands. Don’t leave that crack open. Also, we are talking about the risk of your life savings. That is why one should be very tolerant, and be very well versed in the legalities involved.


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