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  1. chances R

    Ruger LCP

    I have shot my LCP in a BUG match, 50 rounds. Not that big a deal. Shoot it ocassionaly, but I bought it to carry, not to run a bunch of rounds through. There are guns made for carrying, guns made for shooting. Personally I wouldn't waste any money trying to make a silk purse out of a cow's ear. The nemesis holster or sticky holster are good for pocket carry.
  2. chances R

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    yes, and easy enough to check in state, but if you travel out of state may not be as simple. For those that forget to renew and actually let their permit expire they cannot carry even if renewal process has started until they have a valid permit in hand.
  3. chances R

    S&W .380 EZ

    Got enough people complaining about .380. Would really amp up with the .32. I really like the .22 compact for the new shooters. Short step to the .380 when they are ready.
  4. chances R

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Of course there is a chance that something could occur that holds up your renewal. If that is the case you may find yourself without a permit and unable to carry. So 3months out of 8 yrs may not be such a big rip-off. From a math standpoint you are down $1.56.
  5. chances R

    Dissenting Opinion by Kavanaugh

    https://lawselfdefense.org/show-video start listen at 7:40 regarding opinion on 2nd amendment.
  6. Heller vs. District of Columbia dissenting opinion written by Kavanaugh Long but interesting read which gives an insight of the 2nd Amendment thinking of Kavanaugh http://lawofselfdefense.com/law_case/heller-v-district-of-columbia-670-f-3d-1244-us-app-d-c-2011/
  7. The M&P compact may be what you are looking for. Can swing both ways, open or concealed. I like the 1.0 just fine, but the 2.0 is out now.
  8. chances R

    TGO David's Gucci Glock Build - Gen 4

    What....???? No steering wheel ? Looks like it has everything else.
  9. chances R

    Lite firing pin strikes

    Simple to remove striker. Clean out. I prefer Hornady Spray cleaner/lube. Pipe cleaners work in the tight space along with Qtip cleaners. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=how+to+change+striker+in+M%26P#id=1&vid=04fea26ab5e80eea53753433077cc0d1&action=click
  10. midway has CCI shotshell/pistol loads on sale. I can vouch for the 9mm; cycles well.
  11. chances R

    Private gun sales- any laws?

    yes........or the entire gun as long as the recipient can legally possess.
  12. chances R

    Carrying Gun In Place of Worship

    Going back to OL's post. I can see why he would be surprised, as would I. Private property and posting - or not- go together. No posting, then one is free to carry with noted exceptions by law. Making up rules on the fly is not cool, but legal on private property. A sign where "concealed carry permissable" would be appropriate.
  13. chances R

    S&W .380 EZ

    appreciate the reports. I have handled one, but not shot one. Easy to rack the slide, plus easy to load magazine given the small magazine assist to pull the follower down.
  14. chances R

    FBI agent has negligent discharge at nightclub

    Just more good press for the highly trained, dependable, independent FBI.
  15. Yes, and we can thank our liberal mayors for the push for that language. Chilhowee park gathering center, (not a park) was the spark for this nuance when Knoxville's mayor declared it a GFZ during the Fair.

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