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  1. CARTA Signs

    Don’t expect help from any of the big city mayors in TN for anything gun related.
  2. New to reloading

    As others have said reloading is an enjoyable hobby. However you have to be very precise in your reloading otherwise it can be dangerous to your firearms or yourself. If you can find some local reloaders that will be your fastest way to get started. There are no shortcuts.
  3. HCP renewal question

    last renewal 4 yrs ago required a new pic. This time nothing but $$ required. Turnaround 10 days.
  4. Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    As far as platform with versatility, Glock, M&P, and Springfield. Any size for any occasion. There are a lot of good guns out there; something for everyone. But my favorite is the M&P because the basic concept is similar from the Shield to the 5" models and in all the calibers with limited exception.
  5. Any LEO may disarm any permit holder per 39-17-1351 (t). Concern for safety is the only reason needed. Given today's issues, I think any officer would be given wide leeway in what he considers reasonable.
  6. Need a set of dies

    Dies can be custom made. I want to see your revolver and the holster rig picture....
  7. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    Trulock or Carlson’s can provide you with aftermarket tubes,
  8. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    As Oh Shoot said from press briefing that just concluded. Like all similar situations, best wait for things to shake out to get closer to the truth. One thing is that intense hate permeates our society. Hollywood, movies, video games all capitalize on it. Divisiveness of out society, combined with broken families, Godlessness all lead us to our increasingly dangerous world.
  9. I have attended Andrew Branca's seminar and a couple of other hour long seminars by local attorneys for firearm self-defense. Plus just about every firearm instructional class I have attended this topic is addressed to varying degrees. As a state instructor I try and learn as much as possible about this subject. Branca seems to be held in high regard and is an attorney's attorney. He does not take on private cases as a lead attorney. He is a paid consultant. He has worked with the Sig academy. Spoken at NRA functions. Helped with the founding of IDPA. Massad wrote the introduction to his book, The Law of Self Defense. He appears on numerous forums and shows. That said, a recent podcast of his mentioned several of the products. In brief, CCW Safe, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, and USCCA were spoken of favorably. The NRA CarryGuard, not so much as it is a reimbursement program. Trial lawyers require their money up front. Without adequate up-front funding one's defense may suffer significantly.
  10. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    Appreciate the write-up....nice pics, good-lookin' rig.
  11. for-sale Smith & Wesson M&P 45 package

    Got one already with Apex. I have always said if I could only have one gun, this one would be it. Runs on anything, accurate, and don't have to baby it to get it to run.
  12. IWB for Pt111 G2

    I have been very pleased with a Versa Carry for my Shield for a number of years. Similar size pistol. Might want to give it a try for $20 hard to beat.
  13. Sig P320 vs Glock vs S&W M&P

    tried the 320, basic gun better in some respects such as trigger and inherent accuracy, but prefer my M&Ps. Apexed out there is no comparison, much prefer the M&P for ergonomics. My impression is the MP is more reliable, and I think abusive tests I have seen bear that out.
  14. Do pistol shotshells damage barrels?

    Mine cycle every time in 9mm. No damage expected. Never heard of it in a judge have you ?
  15. My Best Friend

    Ain't nothing like 'dog people'. Sorry for your loss. It is a deep pain, but having gone through it several times you are doing the right thing. PM me your address, I am willing to help.

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