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  1. Welcome to the M&P world. Even crow tastes better sandwiched between M and a P.
  2. US you beat me to it lol. I bought a CPX2 several weeks ago and have put 140 rounds thru it. Very satisfied for what it is. Some folks simply are not 'gun guys' or don't want to tie up a lot of money to lay on a shelf or keep on a car. I paid 206 out the door. My main interests were would it hold up and could one with weak arthritic hands manipulate it. The slide lock is large and simple and a 75 yo women worked it much better than any other auto she tried other than a 22 compact. So as of now I would recommend it for non- shooters that want an inexpensive gun. It does shoot accurately with good simple sights, long double-action only trigger with 2nd strike capability. And oh yes, great color selection
  3. So I guess everyone prefers Clinton and their known ties and dealings with the Russians. Not to mention their anti American principles or lack thereof. All the White House leaks from anonymous sources and not ONE credible FACT! A witch Hunt because someone is upsetting the insider apple cart.
  4. Greg you obviously bought a Kolar when they built their reputation on quality. Unfortunately during the past 5 to 6 years that has not been the case their reputation is why I went with a cub cadet with a Kohler engine. I would go with the Kawasaki
  5. Avoid kolar engine. From my experience the B&S would be better of the two.
  6. That is hard as hell to do without touching it ! I prefer long-distance solutions.
  7. best video I have seen on this...thanks. Now I would recommend this as a sticky under the gunsmith threads. I will need it someday.
  8. sold

    Excellent buy for one of the best production 1911s. Got one, really don't need another.
  9. Good, well, and proper as it should be. However you have her untrained and uneducated friends to deal with at home and elsewhere . As she gets older then the influence of at least lipstick and gasoline. Education / training is essential but proper storage is insurance and peace of mind.
  10. I could save my premium for 10 years and it doesn't come close to bail money. Lots of good reports on the USCCA.....I will take my chances in the unlikely event I need them. Many nationally known trainers are more endorsing them, including Andrew Branca.
  11. I have asked my insurance co. about self- defense shootings. I can't pin my down for a solid answer . " it depends" is about as far as it goes . Ask yours
  12. Not me, hope I never do. And certainly no one has used the NRA ins. yet either. Reference my earlier posting on training. Ran across this by Dave Spaulding which I think is relevant regarding training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of81h8Iclnw
  13. http://www.alloutdoor.com/2017/04/25/nra-carry-guard-insurance/
  14. Is it just me, or do I detect a speck of bias here? (hint: avatar)
  15. http://www.gunsafes.com/SnapSafe-Titan-Closet-Vault.html One of the best fire ratings. Looks like a good option when moving a full size safe into difficult areas. Could piece it together in closet, etc.

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