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  1. So why not go to any of the established clubs with your buddies, male or female? No use re-inventing the wheel. For example ORSA has many established shooting disciplines and anyone (Female or Male) is welcomed to participate.
  2. My guess a couple of months out at best.
  3. I was just thinking.....if laws were clearly written, what in the heck would lawyers do ?
  4. Until the AG rules I would avoid having anyone under 21 in possession of a handgun. The owner of the auto could, as could a permit holder. I think you could argue the point, but would be expensive to do so. Has recently been discussed here: https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/101498-castle-doctrine-question/
  5. blue, red, or green.......they each have their secrets to success. My answer is you tube, you tube, and you tube.
  6. Price Friday, January 20, 2017 | 8:08am Renewal Fee Drops from $500 to $200 NASHVILLE – Tennessee citizens with a valid handgun carry permit now have the option to upgrade to a lifetime permit for a lower cost. In 2016, the 109th General Assembly lowered the renewal fee on lifetime handgun carry permits from $500 to $200. The new fee for an original permit is now $100, and the permit is now issued for eight years. If you currently have a permit with an expiration date, and would like to upgrade to a lifetime permit, you can now pick up an application at any driver services center and pay the $200 upgrade fee at any time. Handgun carry permits are processed at any full service driver services center. If you’re applying for the lifetime carry permit without first obtaining an original handgun carry permit, the fee will be $300. For more information on handgun carry permits, visit our website, http://tn.gov/safety/article/handgunmain. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s (www.TN.Gov/safety) mission is to serve, secure, and protect the people of Tennessee. ### - See more at: http://tn.gov/safety/news/48121#sthash.XjGk7sQc.dpuf Randall, I think you can get a duplicate for $5. Easier to have a dup as a spare rather than to replace a lost one is my understanding.
  7. Mailed it out this morning
  8. Awaiting address and of course we will all need a review in several months.....
  9. LOL. Bought Enuff to try,. Turns out any is way too much.
  10. don't buy........I will send you some just to get rid of it.
  11. Memo does state long guns permissible. As we all know the law states 'firearms'.
  12. As I have said, sources and a memo address this topic. It is not addressed to me and was given to me with the specific request not to share it. I may have already compromised that trust to a degree as my position is probably the same as yours and just wanted to let it be known. My last post explained their position and why. I am over 21 as are all of my students and really therefore not a big concern of mine. Permitless carry is not a big concern of mine, but this forum may help keep someone out of hot water. I also will mention that an ATF agent and a KPD officer had the same kneejerk reaction to an under 21 person in possession of a handgun. How many have been arrested and charged is unknown to me. I will tell you the memo was written by an attorney fwiw. I would welcome a specific AG opinion on this, but how well has that worked out for the Knoxville Fair? It would seem to me that permits for active duty/honorably discharged military would have been self-explanatory and by common sense make this not an issue. Have also heard that may be tossed around during this session. Maybe something legislatively in non-ambiguous language would be the real solution.
  13. This has nothing to do with a local DA, only the DOS/ HCP division at the state. My review of 1317 makes reference to 922 (g) specifically. In turn (g) seems to specify only FFLs not private individuals. Furthermore 922 as a whole mentions minors (<18) and seems to avoid specificity of 18-20. I do have a letter that I will share with anyone in person, but not on a forum.
  14. Look, I also agree with OS and you that they are wrong. I have also mentioned in another thread about being careful with private transfers to the 18-20 group for this same reason. I am just simply putting the info out from my research, not opinion. Use it or not. At the top of my class I state I am not an attorney and not all things are as they seem. It is the best advice I have from training/ reading and trying to stay on top of a very fluid subject. They should seek professional legal advice when concerned. Again I don't like not being able to be more specific and I am simply trying to be informative, not argumentative. One step further, IMO, the DOS line of thought would fly counter to the military exemption for permits for 18-20yo but I don't want to muddy the water with reason.
  15. Well having made the recent contacts and relevant calls, as well as having a letter from a state's attorney, I will simply tell anyone that is the way DOS says it will be taught in the HCP class. If you don't mind the time, trouble, and cost, go ahead and take a chance at carrying a loaded pistol in a POV if you are under 21 and see how it turns out. You are mistaken about 1307 and the relevancy of 922. Accordingly, the attorney says it prohibits a FFL selling handguns or handgun ammo to anyone under 21; that is the basis for their opinion/position. I never said I agreed with it, but that is their position. Got a problem with it........call the State.

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