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  1. If you are in the surrounding Knoxville area, I will be holding the Enhanced Handgun Carry class at Pellissippi State, Hardin Valley, Saturday Aug. 14. Starts 8 AM. Call 865-539-7167 for details. This is the permit that gives you the best protection and broadest carry privileges in TN plus the most state reciprocity.
  2. John Harris was on 98.7 News Talk with Bob Yarbrough discussing the Permitless Carry law and the legal traps and confusion it has caused for LEO as well as civilians. Good informative show for an hour.
  3. So papa you are certainly privileged to your stance. The problem is, if caught with a handgun in a non-permissive spot, it may financially ruin you to prove your point, if not jail time and loss of gun rights. Simply being in a school zone, even in TN is a federal offense without a permit.
  4. BillyB, if you are now a TN resident, you have 6 mos to get a TN permit. Your FL permit won’t be valid, at least that is my understanding. Otherwise all other points seem correct. Permit has no bearing on long guns.
  5. If you can't check your ego....then one should reconsider carrying a gun. Your explanation simply shows a pattern of escalation on both sides. Notwithstanding carrying a gun without one in the chamber. Bad technique at critical times. Another story however.
  6. chances R

    Ruger LCP-Max

    For a simple pocket gun, the original LCP is hard to beat. Essentially dehorned with reasonable rounds makes it lighter. All of these high round capacity guns make my pants sag
  7. only if one wants to take a chance on being a permanent guest....
  8. No matter the type and caliber, except 'bird shot', expect it to go from one end of the house and out the other.
  9. chances R

    45ACP bug

    IF I could only have one handgun, it would be the M&P 45. Reliable, accurate, and very little tlc needed. Dependable.
  10. SCCY has double strike capability....did they go off on 2nd try, or in another firearm?
  11. According to the USCCA reciprocity map.....dude is up Schitt Creek. Possession of unloaded and cased weapon, rifle or handgun, may be allowed based on Hotel policy. Same for having in vehicle for a non-resident and abscense of FOID card.
  12. IMO, the close distance, immediate use of your gun, sights or red dot probably won’t even be noticed or used, let alone even notice the rare occasion of fogging. As I said, try taping yours up and try it out….I bet you will be surprised.
  13. In bright, in your face sun, some shooters put blue painters tape over the lens. I have tried it…one can still see the target with other eye and effectively shoot the dot. I’m betting you can do the same thing with a fogged glass.


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