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  1. Minimum Age to purchase a handgun in TN

    IMO, a terrible and confusing article. Several points: 18yo may possess a handgun in their home and/or auto or on their private property. Other considerations may come into play. One point mentions gun being unloaded at home, not so. Also with a HCP, one may have a handgun during an Archery hunt. Furthermore, an 18 - 20 yo with military credentials will generally be able to obtain a HCP
  2. Conceled carry in a car

    Why not both?
  3. AND why not all public schools

    Agree especially with the area I placed in bold. Last week's issue of the Outback/TWRA officer as an example. However, at some point the good of the many may prevail. We also realize 'undercover' personnel are much more effective. Uniformed security helpful, but as demonstrated time and again certainly not a guarantee.
  4. AND why not all public schools

    well things do change. Public universities as noted above. If enough noise is made, I could see it happening. For the UT example all those employees just have to have a HCP. For the public schools they would undergo training similar to the school resource officers.
  5. AND why not all public schools

    I have advocated this idea ever since a local school shooting about 7 years or so ago. Now Newt got hold of my idea. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/02/16/newt-gingrich-after-florida-shootings-heres-practical-proposal-to-protect-our-children.html
  6. So the legislature saw fit to allow full-time employees to carry at post secondary schools (i.e. UT). Why not at all public schools? Bear with me a moment. Teachers especially, but also other full time employees may volunteer to carry at school. Those who do so would be vetted by the school principal and then by the local LE agency. They would then proceed to be trained by the local LEA. By example 20 employees do so, 10 would be assigned to carry one week, with alternating schedules with the others. All may carry, but the 10 scheduled would be mandatory. This way no one could predict who was doing so. If carrying, weapon has to be carried and concealed at all times. No storage in purse, deck, etc. One would train with their own firearm they prefer to carry. Option for school/county purchased firearm. Something has to be done for protection of staff and students. Plain clothes concealed carry is preferable to uniformed guards and also cheaper.
  7. While those of us that carry routinely, certainly favorable. But as others have said, Federal interference can come back and bite us all. I see it as a State issue. Unfortunately the libs control some States. Analogous to posting of businesses; except the entire state is posted. If a state sees it that way so be it.
  8. pet peeve of mine....men telling women which handgun they need. Certainly suggestions to try vs. buy is a different thing. If need be, a .22 is a fine 1st gun to try or even carry after she has tried a lot of different guns. She can always add others as we all have in the future.
  9. S&W Announce New 380 Shield EZ

    I have been recommending the M&P 22 for the audience this new 380 is aimed at. Some have used the SCCY 9mm as it is a fairly easy slide to operate. Have not been able to get my hands on the SCCY 380 which may be better yet. This new M&P 380 may be helpful. There are those that simply cannot operate a slide very well, then there are those that don't like the recoil of a 9 or 380, and then some have trouble with all of the above. There is no one size fits all........which would be boring.
  10. Favorite Gun Oil

    Mobil one 5-30 pistols, shotguns, rifles.
  11. S&W Announce New 380 Shield EZ

    Nope, it is a grip safety. Also an internal hammer fired gun. More a 1911 take-off.
  12. S&W Announce New 380 Shield EZ

    Yes, saw that. New concept for the M&P line. Think I may like it because of what I perceive as their target buyers.
  13. Apex has a video on that. Or give them a call for a little coaching
  14. South Carolina has similar wording. Asked to leave and don't gets you a trespass citation.
  15. Is this an Apex 'drop-in" barrel. Sometimes they require a little custom fitting on the lug.

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