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  1. just go red dots and forget about irons
  2. next class will be Nov. 13 at Pellissippi State. Lot of people now understanding the limits of permitless carry. Invest in yourself and learn the law and some basic firearm knowledge. This IS NOT a class to learn how to shoot. One should already be minimially familiar with their firearm and its function.
  3. You have reciprocity… afaik, no differences. Obey postings on entrances. No drinking while armed.
  4. It's a decent holster and at least a way to carry another mag.....kill two birds with one stone. Awkward and unconventional but serves its purpose.
  5. Have been very happy with paint job on my 4 Runner by Macco on Oak Ridge Hwy in Knoxville. Have referred several others there and all have been pleased. Reasonable price.
  6. Just bought one of these this week. All positive reviews and I must say my initial impression is very positive. Feels good in the hand, nice balance. Comes with a decent holster. Slide cut for optic. Warren steel sights with FS luminous. 2 changeable backstraps. Shot very nicely to POA and handled all reloads and cycled flawlessly with HP. Has a 12 rd and 15rd mag. Can be had around $400. Lifetime warranty. If you have been thinking about it, I don't think you will be sorry. 3.6" barrel, little chunkier than the S&W 1.0 compact which it won't replace but is a nice option.
  7. A little grittier, and heavier. Know another shooter…same thing. Had a bit higher profile and he bitched enough that they fixed it.
  8. When I sent mine back, came back significantly worse….sold it.
  9. You didn't see the guy standing in line at McDs who was stripped of his gun while standing in line? https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2021/02/18/video-man-snatches-gun-from-man-at-detroit-gas-station-counter/ https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/south-phoenix/silent-witness-looking-for-man-who-stole-gun-from-mcdonalds-customer
  10. just an example that has happened, can't remember the exact details, but a bad guy rounded up all the customers and employees to lock in a back room. Who knows, may have been intent on murdering them all. At the appropriate time, an armed good guy pulled his gun and shot bad guy. Had he been OC, never would have had that chance as he would have been disarmed by bad guy. Surprise is part of one's defensive tactics.
  11. 1776, that is just a terrible idea. You don't like being 'force fed' and others don't either. Making people feel uncomfortable is not a way to win them over. Take any protesters that you may oppose; does that sway you over to their side? People make their own choices. OC can make you a target for a quick grab, now you are chasing an armed bad guy - bad choice. You lose your element of surprise is approached by a criminal. There is no known instructor to me that promotes OC...there is a reason for that.
  12. According to the law, privately operated does not trump the ownership by the county.
  13. Really like the universal bar. I use it on a 9000G. I always adjust slowly by opening the orifice. If i need less I go below the load and work it up...again stopping while opening the bar.
  14. just laugh and don't shoot. You will shoot 3 times and cuss...just save the ammo and master the routine shots. I have been quite fortunate to be blessed with multiple friends who are farmers and have always had several good shoots every year. Two great shoots so far, looking forward to Monday's foray


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