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  1. Per the app 'Legal Heat', permitted non-resident may possess a handgun in their auto in Illinois. Law is very similar to TN non-permit carry. Also reference Illinois Republican Caucus, page 7 :http://www.senategop.state.il.us/Portals/0/14 Concealed Carry v4.pdf
  2. Per the app 'Legal Heat', permitted non-resident may possess a handgun in their auto in Illinois. Law is very similar to TN non-permit carry. Also reference Illinois Republican Caucus, page 7 :http://www.senategop.state.il.us/Portals/0/14 Concealed Carry v4.pdf
  3. mine stays loaded with the Hornady 55gr. SP
  4. I have had a 5" Pro for about 4 yrs. Daughter has one. Wife a 4 " pro plus several other standard models , 45, 22, shield. All full size have either duty or comp trigger upgrades. Mine has the flat trigger and 'smith fit apex barrel. I highly recommend the bbl.. 10 shot group 1.25" @ 25 yds. To me the 320 was nice but prefer my apexed Pro.
  5. Looks like a case of 'poor victim selection'
  6. Same here and Hornady clean@lube spray for 'fine' parts Ron 55. Any reports on your frog lube experience?
  7. Good thoughts. But, I would not let trigger alone make my decision. Capacity, carry comfort, operational simplicity/comfort fall right in there too. The P320 has a big fan club.
  8. My Ruger 22/45 is a fun plinker and used a lot for new shooters in carry classes. Last time out had a couple of FTE (American Eagle Ammo) but worked fine with standard CCI. Soooo, broke down watched a couple of videos on takedown and more importantly reassembling the 'Mark" pistols. It was a close call and I decided not to break my promise to myself.......I promptly went outside and sprayed liberally with brake cleaner, worked the action numerous times, sprayed again, ran a bore snake through it and then sprayed liberally with Hornady Clean and Lube. Wiped it dry. Looks like it is good for several hundred more rounds. That was a close call, almost ruined half my day if I had taken it apart.
  9. drop by a local gun shop and compare
  10. 'Common Sense' now there is something that has become as rare as 22 ammo use to be ❗️
  11. Majority of the time I use a VersaCarry
  12. Search Rob Leatham video for " aiming is useless" . My take on grip is that it has to be repeatable for consistency. To me there is too much variation with a less than firm grip. Most squeeze their thumbs down, IMO your thumbs should be "loose". This is one of those areas hands on instruction is helpful early on. If you watch video of some of the top shooters you will see the forearm muscles really 'pop'. You don't get that with a less than firm tight grip. Next dry fire session also try to drop or tuck your elbows in as if you are going thru a tight door. You will feel an increase in your side to side grip pressure which of course will firm up your grip. Just my 2 cents, YMMV
  13. Grip can be elusive....but I would tell you to squeeze with your support hand as hard as you can without shaking. Your grip will be much more consistent and your groups will tighten. The key is to keep the front site still while you press the trigger. We all jerk the trigger to a degree, the trick is to jerk, press, squeeze the trigger without disrupting the front site. Once you have a consistent grip, 90% of shooting will be the trigger.
  14. With my comparisons went with USCCA. Seems to have excellent response especially with bond.

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