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  1. Owner cannot legally carry during a college ballgame. Additionally, if left in the automobile, it must be locked inside the vehicle out of sight. Should be in a secure container locked as well in this situation.
  2. The required training by the state is now a mandatory PowerPoint presentation. Done properly, it is a jam packed 8 hrs. So that helps to have a more consistent presentation across the state. It’s emphasis is on safety and TN gun law. No one should think this is a course to teach one how to shoot. Although it is not unusual for half the class to have little or no shooting experience. It is no surprise to me that more accidents happen to so-called experienced gun owners....that is called complacency. Regardless of the permit or constitutional carry, it will boil down to personal responsibility. That should make everyone feel safer. 🥺
  3. There is no TN law regarding printing. Given the new, ill-thought out law, I doubt one will see any charges with open carry vs. concealed. Hopefully no tragedies occur; if so ALL permit holders will share the negative light.
  4. I have had several students fail the shooting portion of the carry class. I have had many pass that I pray no one is downrange of should they choose to draw their weapon. I had one recently that I am still here only by the grace of God. The new CCP will grant a permit to these people and more who don’t have a clue about what they are doing. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. Any bet that these people will do any research on the legal points of self defense? There will also be the legal fight for your life in the aftermath.
  5. 300win, I understand the language of the bill, but unless there is a change in the law, it remains illegal for any permit holder to carry on the grounds where a school function is being held
  6. I think one of the results that will affect all permit holders will be more posted property. Terrible Bill with no good results IMO
  7. 10Ring and Dave TN have it right. TN has 'Permitless Carry" which addresses this. 18 and older can possess a firearm in the automobile. This includes a handgun. It is not a matter of LEO discretion, it is a matter of TN law. If my adult daughter is driving a car, she will in all likely hood have a firearm in her car. Folks it has been this way for several years and is taught in the permit class. Additionally, your passenger compartment is analogous to your home. If it is breached, Castle Doctrine in applied. Note this does not mean if someone is beating on your car. Opening the door, breaking the window and then grabbing for you would be the threshold.
  8. Carry permitted in all public parks unless 1) school function taking place on the grounds 2) entrances posted and authorized inspection, search, metal detectors in use.
  9. You must wait until you have your permit to carry legally. TN does not have a CCW. It is a HCP. As mentioned, you may legally possess a firearm in your vehicle in most places as you wait for your HCP.
  10. Look up Cruel Hand Luke on this forum. Teaches all level courses and is highly recommended.
  11. chances R

    1911 Information

    I have had Colt, Sig, STI, Remington 1911s. I now have a Dan Wesson. Should have started there, wouldn't have needed to go through the time and trouble with the others.
  12. I always send a pdf copy of the certificate to each student. I am pretty adamant that students keep records of all training. Some may be able to print your certificate before you leave.
  13. School property is automatically illegal to carry, but MAY permit carry. If permitted, no signs have to be posted and all personnel, students and parents have to be informed of the policy.
  14. The 2.0 trigger is an improvement over the 1.0 without doubt. I promised I would shoot my 2.0 for a good while before monkeying with parts.......promise broken. I put in the flat-faced, forward set trigger kit in this past week-end. Just wow! I have had at least a half dozen 'gun guys' try this trigger out, all with the same impression. What an improvement. Pull wt can be changed by reference to the Apex flow chart that accompanies the kit. Mine by trigger gauge runs 3.3#. One can bump it up to over 6. Very sharp trigger break, no creep, no stack. Great reset. Can highly recommend it, and yes there is a difference that is worth the money.

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