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  1. Clover I noted that you have a HCP, which surprises me that these questions and scenarios weren't discussed. Also remember what is said on the internet can and will be held against you. You will never lose a gunfight you are not involved in; avoidance is the best policy.
  2. So the absence of light is black. Now I think we all agree from a practical standpoint there is a perceived black. Can't discuss what you can't see in regard to color.
  3. Are you sure about that. Many birds have black feathers, i.e. crows, ducks. Cows, horses etc. I have looked at many...not brown.
  4. Very few things can be explained completely with a few typed lines. As Dave pointed out, your home is not automatically a free kill zone. While the law weighs heavily to the homeowner, your flashlight is a very important tool in the middle of the night. Daytime or night, you still need to recognize your target/intruder. Is it a relative? A drunk student or neighbor that wandered into your home, but otherwise not a threat. A 14 yo who entered on a dare. Is it someone you can live with yourself if you kill them, or will it haunt you the rest of your life, especially if you shot the 14yo in the back running out of your house? Lots of questions with complicated answers to make in a blink of an eye. Again a huge responsibility for a gun owner.
  5. The Castle Doctrine presumes that someone that forcefully and illegally enters your home is considered to be a threat of death or serious bodily injury and therefore one is permitted to use deadly force to end such a threat. Your home is considered highly defensible property only because of the threat to person as noted. Presenting a firearm in and of itself is a potential felony unless justified in the line of self-defense, whether one shoots or not. Shooting someone more than reasonably necessary will also put you at risk of going to jail. And no, as much as you would like to, you can't shoot someone over a pet in most circumstances. l
  6. DaveTN….hadn't thought about that perspective. Makes sense, but still hate the sign law. My push would be ECP = local LEO carry FWIW.
  7. That's why I mentioned both in the post. Why ( well that's a never ending question with our legislature) would they even refer to school property at all in this errant piece of legislation? Furthermore, someone is suppose to look over legislation to insure there are no such conflicts. It was ignored in both chambers.
  8. Unless my comprehension is just scrambled, I don't understand why the part I placed in 'bold' is in this law...unless, by intention or mistake, enhanced permit holders may now carry on school properties. This certainly goes against current law. Any opinions?
  9. You mentioned Florida, are you a TN resident? A TN handgun permit course would be a good start.
  10. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it so
  11. You guys are potentially playing with fire, especially if near the eyes. There are potential life-long complications. Steroids, antivirals, and specific nerve meds can be used. The sooner the meds are started the better the result. And yes I am a medical professional.

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