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  1. Keep extra decapping pins, especially if using military calibers. nothing sucks more than to plan your alone time to reload, get everything set out and ready, nice cup of coffee ready, good music going and then breaking a pin on a crimped primer or berdan case that snuck in, about 5 cases into it on a Sunday, when nothing is open to get a replacement, you live an hour away from the nearest store that carries such things anyway, and boom. Your done for the day. Ask me how I know. The dog gets to learn some new words. Only other thing i didn't see mentioned was save and USE your books. New books contain good info and I do buy them but the old books contain calibers the new books drop. You end up with quite the library and gives you good cross reference data. Don't think you will save money. You can tell the wife that, but it ain't true, LOL. I load for accuracy and satisfaction not to mention some odd calibers that good factory ammo is not available or difficult to find.
  2. Its a PSL, Long AK action, 24 inch barrel. The biggest hang up is the left-hand threads I need. Plenty of people threading barrels, not many in metric, even less in left hand.
  3. Exactly! I moved from a cash and carry state if you hold a CWP. This gun tax drives up the wall. What if you were taxed to vote, or taxed to to keep from getting searched, this is Gov't overreach.
  4. Have only lived here 4 years but it seems pretty apparent with the same pattern. Really warm winter day with a 40-50 degree difference cold front right behind it = tornados. I was sitting on my front patio Sat morning at 5am drinking coffee and smoking feeling how warm it was and thinking, I don't care what the weather lady Bree says on Channel 5. This is tornado weather. Sure enough, by noon "here we go". Luckily all we had on this side of the river in Dover was a really bad sideways wind/rain as it went over but just over the river in Indian Mound was a different story. Wife was in Clarksville shopping and on her way home down 79 had to run into the Walmart at Dover Crossing when the sirens went off after I called her and told her to not drive with what was on the way.
  5. No more braces here. They all became SBR's and have regular stocks on them. Only part I am considering is the approval came back "Tax exempt" and "conditional" on the brace rule. If the brace rule is out, does that mean the conditional approval is as well?
  6. Not having much luck. I need to thread a barrel for M14x1 LH for a suppressor on my PSL. I am up the Clarksville area but willing to drive especially if I can coordinate a same-day service. Any suggestions a really good Machinist/gunsmith that can do the job?
  7. Ahh gotcha, ya, the acquire, collect, hoard bug gets us all. LOL. I have a NM M1A I am turning into a M25 clone for Vintage Sniper shooting up here in the NW TN area. The factory SA synth stock has proven to be a great performer but just doesn't feel right. I too like authentic and "weathered" bits on my service rifle assemblies I do.
  8. Tell us about this M21 stock? There are likely a few of us with an M1A that might be interested. LOL
  9. I just did a suppressor this last year. Photo was done at walgreens, fingerprints were done at my local Sheriff's office/County jail. Took them both in the the FFL who assisted filling out the Form 1 and we set it off. 7 months later, ATF sent it back approved. There is a LGS in Clarksville that does it all, for an additional fee of course. Not sure if their turn around time is better since they do E-Form instead of the paper form I did.
  10. Always a fear of mine when dealing with NFA stuff. What happens if the FFL goes under while I am waiting for the ATF to return the stamp.


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