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  1. I am a sucker for FDE. Excellent addition to the line up, my friend!
  2. I participated in a group buy on the FAL Files for a IMBEL Gear Logo receiver. I picked it up from the Nashville Armory last Wednesday. In two short months, I will be sending the receiver + my IMBEL parts kit to Mark at Arizona Response Systems to build my very first FAL. I am pretty excited to say the least! After patiently waiting 231 days, I have recieved my tax stamp for my Dead Air Mask. I have included a photograph of my Dead Air Mask affixed to my Romanian AKT-98, Last and but not least, I received my Russian VEPR chambered in 7.62x39 from the good folks at Atlantic Firearms yesterday. A special thank you to Atlantic Firearms for their stupendous processing + handling of my order!
  3. How do you like your Sandman S thus far? Are you still planning on the SBR route for your Micro? I submitted my paperwork to SBR my PAP M92 last month.
  4. In the month of September, I received a notification from the Capitol Armory that the Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 suppressor was available for purchase. I immediately placed my order. They sent me an email last Thursday stating that my Form 3 to dealer transfer had been approved. They packaged my can the same day and sent it to my dealer via overnight shipping. Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 x Romanian AES-10B Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 x Romanian WASR-10
  5. I purchased the Surefire Ryder 22-A suppressor in a moment of weakness. At the time of the purchase, I was waiting for my Dead Air Mask to arrive at my dealer. As you can see, my impatience got the best of me. I am happy that I did or else I would have never given this can a chance. It sits permanently on my Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22 rifle. The rifles weighs 4.3 LBS unloaded. Therefore, I wanted a lightweight can for the rifle. I am thoroughly pleased with the can thus far. I would have no issue if you were interested in joining me at the range one day to try the can yourself.
  6. Which Dead Air can did you purchase from Capitol Armory? They are truly first rate, my friend! It was awfully difficult but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to shoot her whenever I please as she sits in transfer. Outstanding! Do you have photographs of your C39 Micro that you can share with us? Are you modifying it in anyway?
  7. In the first week of September, I purchased a Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 suppressor from the good folks at the Capitol Armory. I received an email yesterday stating that the Form 3 transfer to my dealer had been approved. It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 Suppressor, my friends! Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 x Romanian AES-10B RPK. Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 x Romanian WASR 10 A special thank you to the Capitol Armory for sending out my suppressor yesterday afternoon via the overnight shipping option. They had a very small window to work with but they made it happen. Their customer service is truly exceptional. As a result, they have earned my business moving forward. As always, I greatly appreciate the Nashville Armory for squaring me away!
  8. I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the PSA AK-47 Gen 2 in the AK Operators testings as well. Your rifle looks great! Thank you for sharing, my friend.
  9. Cartel

    sold SPF

    I have one more case for sale at this price.
  10. Within days of acquiring my first Chinese MAK-90, I have officially acquired my second. I met with a local collector this afternoon and we did a bit of horse trading. The rest, as they say, is history! Double Trouble
  11. I wholeheartedly agree, my friend! It has easily become one of my favorite rifles in my collection. They did an excellent job bluing rifles. The trigger is equally spectacular. As far as modifications are concerned, the previous owner saved me the heartache of partially de-banning the rifle by ditching the thumbhole stock and adding a pistol grip. I strongly considered re--fanging the rifle and converting to a Spiker. For the money that I would spend doing so, I would rather tuck it away and purchase an actual Spiker. Aside from adding a cleaning rod, I need to put her through her paces at the range. i had my LASIK procedure on Thursday and my vision is currently spotty at best. My fingers are crossed that I can get to the range by the end of the following week!
  12. Last year, I foolishly let a Chinese MAK-90 in Sporter configuration pass me by at the gun show. I patiently waited well over a year for an opportunity to present itself and I found that opporunity last night on this very forum. A special thank you to johnnychimpo for answering my questions in a timely manner and for meeting me on such a short notice. I am overjoyed with the purchase of my rifle, but I am even happier to have met a local enthusiast.
  13. Congratulations on your recent acquisition, my friend! Would you be so kind in sharing photographs of your newly acquired rife? What are your initial thoughts on the rifle as far as the weight and finish is concerned?
  14. I'll take it! Check your inbox, my friend.
  15. Are you referring to the Molot FM-AK74-11? If so, I placed the 7.62x39 variant of that particular rifle on layaway a few weeks ago through K-VAR. I am awfully excited by the release of this offering. I was officially sold when they confirmed that it had a square back receiver. When do you anticipate that you will have it in your possession?
  16. My SureFire Ryder 22-A suppressor was approved last Tuesday. I received my tax stamp six days later. Two down, four more to go!
  17. Arsenal SLR-107 x Mormon Row Historic District x Grand Teton National Park x Jackson Hole, WY
  18. Have you pulled your SLR-104FR out of layaway yet?
  19. Thank you! That particular photograph was taken at the summit of the Bell Rock looking out towards Sedona. My fiancee and I had the pleasure of traveling up and down Arizona State Route 89A during our trip last week. We spent the last 7 days in Sedona, Monument Valley, + the Grand Canyon. On our second to last day, we traveled from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to Page to view Horseshoe Bend + the Upper Antelope Canyon. Enchantment Resort - Sedona, AZ Devil's Bridge - Sedona, AZ Bell Rock - Sedona, AZ Courthouse Butte - Sedona, AZ The View Hotel - Monument Valley, AZ Bright Angel Lodge - South Rim - Grand Canyon Upper Antelope Canyon - Page, AZ
  20. Cartel

    New Toy.

    Congratulations on the acquisition! May you enjoy it in the best of health.

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