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  1. I've got a Trex Arms sidecar and I was surprised how well it conceals. I can carry a Glock 19 with a 15 round mag and a 19 round back up. When I bought the thing I was about 225, I ballooned up to 245 and could not carry the holster until recently. I've lost around 15 pounds on a Keto diet and have started carrying the Trex arms holster again. Like you said it really is a quick draw from concealment, just keep the ole trigger finger far away while drawing
  2. Academy requires the address to be correct on the ID or have a valid alternative.
  3. No. Buy a gun that is proven. Riley and PSA are still new at the game. Do they make decent stuff..... maybe. You can still buy quality imports for now, I would do that.
  4. Century only imports the WASR and then opens up the magwell and swaps a few things out. WASR will be built in CUGIR factory. If you want to fall into the AK rabbit hole go watch some Rob Ski videos on you tube.
  5. I had a gen 2 PSA AK. It worked for the short time I had it. Decided to sell and buy an import.
  6. Atlantic is great. Shipping is a little steep but their customer service is Amazing.
  7. To me as of right now you still can't beat a WASR. Built in a "combloc" factory with years of experience. CHF CL barrel and forged trunnions and carriers. If the WASR is out of your price range, that sounds crazy because they were so cheap for so long get a RH10. It's pretty much a WASR with a combo front sight block. If you look you can find them in the $550ish range. PSA has been doing pretty well but I don't see the point in purchasing an American made AK while you can still get imports. The complaints from years ago with the WASR have been just about eliminated. The finish on the WASR is not pretty but it works. You could also look into the WBP guns coming out of Poland. They are a commercial builder like PSA but they use the FB Radom barrels which are fantastic. They are going to be around the $1000 mark so getting up there a little. If you shop arms list or other local sites you can find good deals from time to time on the secondary market. When purchasing used make sure all rivets are good, no unusual wear on the trunnions, bcg or bolt. Stay far away from anything built by Century, RAS, C39v2, VSKA, All trash. If you decide to refinish the wood it's simple. You can sand the old stain off pretty quickly unless it surplus laminate, that takes some more work. I've refinished about 6 guns now. Pick out a stain or you can even use RIT dye if you want something a little different. Finish the furniture with shellac or Poly.
  8. This is correct. Braces could be next and then magazines cause who needs 30 rounds to deer hunt..... I missed the first AWB due to age but I sure don't want to see another one, or something worse.
  9. I'm none of those things and have nothing to worry about either but I still think everything they are pushing for is ridiculous. To me this thinking falls under the Bumpstocks are stupid, who needs one category. By that I mean it's just the tip of the iceberg and who knows how big it truly gets. I don't know how you feel about things but I do believe that pretty much all gun laws are an infringement and red flag laws are going to be a terrible idea. Hell, look at what Potus tweeted out earlier about Cuomo being nuts and given a red flag..... You post something on a message board that gets picked up by someone you pissed off and they report you. It's a sticky situation
  10. I think this comment is made in jest. Hell, with Trump in office we may not have to worry about dems pushing to ban anything.... most things may already be gone by the time they are in office again.
  11. 10 Bulgarian AK mags two weeks ago 10 Steel AR mags this week picking up another 10 AK mags this Friday from a guy. I also have another brace coming to me tomorrow from Primary Arms. I've ordered a few lowers over the last couple months too. Currently working on getting some new body armor, mines old.
  12. You guys complaining about shooting an AR pistol obviously have not shot one with an SBA3 or SBA4. I've stopped building/buying 16" guns. My last AR was a 11.5 BCM gun with a SBA3 on it. They are every bit as comfortable to shoot as a 16" gun. I will admit the 7.5 AR is useless, 10.5 is as short as you want to go and still get decent ballistics. I've got a 14.5 PSA Premium that's about to get tossed on my Aero pistol lower so I can run my can on it without having to worry about ATF rules. Let us not forget that when they came for the bump stocks people echoed the same thing, they are stupid, don't serve a purpose they are just a novelty. AR pistols could be next, that's huge. Wait till they come after mags, you guys going to echo the same words about 30 round mags? Who needs 30 rounds, 10 rounders will be just fine. The slope has been greased and we are starting to slip down it.

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