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  1. I forgot all about that sticker.
  2. They do. Glad they cleared that up for everyone
  3. Yep, With a bunch of 5.56 holes to help him come to room temperature. I hear people all the time talk about just trying to scare someone out of their house..... Man, if they are in my house uninvited that's more than enough reason for me to protect my family. God only knows what that person is capable of.
  4. I think they have that stamped on them and a "grab here" area too.
  5. Terrible trigger. Gritty, heavy, horrible. We always check triggers on new guns and that one takes the cake.
  6. No, Free state. Valid ID and pass the background check, that's all you need. Walk out with your gun within a hour usually. You can carry your gun in your car loaded without a license too. If you want it on you in public you will need to get a carry permit.
  7. If you still have this I would like to take them off your hands.
  8. Model paint and a tooth pick work well.
  9. I do not know much about their handguns but it they are anything like the I.O. AK's I would stay far far away. I.O. Has one of the worst reputations in the business, even below Century's US builds I.O. reputation is so bad in the AK world they stopped making them and now manufacture AR's and parts for AR'S.......I would pick up the LCP if that's what you are going for. I do recommend a 500 round or so break in for small guns like that but I also believe like Mac said is that Zero malfunctions are normal in a quality handgun, first round or 1000th round.
  10. It's not a bad gig. decent discount from Academy and you also have access to Industry only deals, those are the sweet ones.
  11. We don't sell a bunch of the revolvers but I don't think I have seen one of those come back for repair. The G2C and PT111 get sent back the most at out store, we also sell a ton of those at the store. Taurus has been a good run of late, I've not seen one in a couple weeks sent back. Had one guy send the same LCP back for the third time I'm surprised how few Smith SD9 and 40's get sent back, it's a cheap gun too. I work part time at a local Academy, Fishing and firearms can be two expensive hobbies Edit: If I owned a gun store I would sell Taurus, YUGE margin compared to other firearms.
  12. So not a bunch of rounds through the guns. Out of all the guns we sell, Taurus gets send off for repairs the most. Most of my Glocks have stock sights so they are plastic, It does not really bother me to much. I did just swap out the sights on my 19X and noticed a nice chunk missing from the rear sight where I must have dropped it at some point.
  13. That's what I try to explain to people when they come in to buy them. It's truly a roll of the dice on how yours will turn out.

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