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  1. Damn that's a good deal. If I did not just drop 1200 on a scorpion Micro I would love to take this. If you get interested in trades let me know.
  2. I just got a Puppy last Wednesday, don't need the ATF shooting it just yet. Both of those are stupid cheap, I wonder what you could expect out of them? At least with a .22 it's not really hi pressure.
  3. Anyone seen any good deals on solvent traps?
  4. I would love to see a Carbine or pdw with a brace but it will be another pistol that's the same. I love Glock but don't get excited about any of these announcements.
  5. You did well. For anyone looking this is a great gun. I would take it over anything PSA makes https://www.primaryarms.com/century-arms-rh10-complete-16in-7.62x39mm-ak-47-rifle-with-classic-furniture
  6. Weird rack. My grandfather has a 8 point on his wall that's a Doe.
  7. There can never be a loss of the Tisas thread. We must do what is needed to keep it going on forever.
  8. I had a little dirt devil I used around the house.
  9. We have just had them within the last two years. Before that it was the lady bugs or Chinese knocks off, not sure which. I hate them all.
  10. I can appreciate that. Do I have to be able to read Croatian to figure out the manual???
  11. Nice Fish. You will need to get out this winter if it gets cold and catch them at the steam plant on OH. We go out in the yaks and fish for them.
  12. As Chuck said, your vehicle can move, move. They way I look at is if I can get the hell out of dodge I am. My office in town if off what I call Hobo Highway. We have a couple places that take care of the homeless by us so they all travel up and down church street. I was coming back to the office last winter, it was dark and raining. There was a homeless crazy dude standing in the middle of the road swinging a pipe at cars. He had incoming traffic stopped and was trying to hit a car in front of me. That car eventually got out of his way so he decided to set his sites on my truck. I rolled down the window and yelled at him to move, he decided to swing as I was backing up. When he stumbled out of the way I gassed it and swerved around him. My HK was sitting in the cup holder but I had no intention of pulling it. If I can get out of the situation I will. I called the city as I got around him but someone else beat me to it because the city was already in route. Point of the story I guess is I could have let him bash my truck and windows and shot him I guess.... but there was no need for that. It may sound bad but my first thought was get out of his way because if I shoot him I'm a white guy in a company truck and I just shot a crazy black dude in the road, not going to look good.
  13. Mine was not the hybrid model. Standard AR that took mags designed for the 7.62X39 round. If I wanted to get an AR that shot 7.62 I would go with one of the newer hybrids that is designed to shoot AK mags. Make sure they have a wider firing pin, 7.62 has a harder primer and sometimes the small AR firing pin does not set them off.

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