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  1. Anyone interested in silver? I've got silver eagles and Buffalo's to sell to help fund my bass boat project.
  2. Man O Man. Reading some of these comments just hurts my head. You are spot on with this.
  3. When white box goes wrong. People love to hate White box but out of the thousands of rounds I've shot of it I've had one FTF, bad primer out of it.
  4. Damn that's ugly. With money and time it can be restored to it's glory. I always wanted a FAL and then last year I traded for one from a guy. It's built on a Hesse receiver so that puts a sour taste in most peoples mouths. It does have the correct widows peak feed ramps and what little I've shot it it's functioned just fine. It has a new barrel installed in it from DSA and a few new DAS mags with it too. I figure if it craps out I will just get a new Receiver and build it back.
  5. Never has been. Minimum 12 rounds in a carry gun. I carry nothing smaller than 15 rounds.
  6. Vickers sling from blue force gear is my go to. I prefer the pull tab over the plastic slide magpul has.
  7. I know nothing of ADE but at 70 Bucks I would imagine it's not going to work long at all. The violent action a red dot has to hold up to on a handgun slide is intense. I would try and find someone to shoot with that owns a red dot on a pistol. I have a RMR on my 19X and love it, it does make shooting really easy. I would save my 70 bucks and just save for the RMR or Holosun. my 2 pennies. If you can get a slide milled for the red dot it's going to hold up longer than a plate and screws too, plus you get a lower mount to the slide. Jagerwerks did mine milling.
  8. I have a friend that has one for sale.
  9. You will want to remove the mold and drywall. Once dry, Mold will not grow but you don't just leave the material with mold just sitting there. You could also left the corner of the carpet and check to make sure the backing has not started to de laminate or make sure there is no mold growing under the carpet or pad.
  10. If the wall is reading wet and there is drywall attached to it you will more than likely have mold growing on the backside of the drywall. You will need to cut out the drywall to check. More than likely the water is coming from the downspout that was mentioned. You could divert that away and even add a curtain drain to help with drainage. You could also seal the block from the inside or dig the foundation out and seal the exterior to do it correctly . I don't think I would let it stop me from buying the house.
  11. This! I've said it almost word for word before. If people would stop waiting in line to buy it and then resale it this problem would be solved. My Academy has close to 100 people waiting every day for ammo.
  12. The cat dude, I like it. There is a limit per customer but people still take advantage by bringing aunts, cousins, stepsons, brothers you know how it goes. As someone else said people get there a couple hours before we open and wait in hopes that we got a truck with ammo on it. At one point when we still had ammo in the back by the guns people would sprint to the gun counter to try and be first to buy. It's been moved up front now so I am not sure how that goes. Pricing on our end has only gone up a couple dollars a box. I got 9mm for 24 cents a round a couple weeks ago. I only work four hours a week to keep my discount now so I miss out on most of the ammo shipments. I don't care how much I want ammo I'm not paying 50 cents to a dollar a round for 9mm or anything really. My neighbor picked up steel cased 9mm from the outpost over the weekend for 35 bucks a box of 50, that's insane.
  13. I have both 74 and 47 Magpul mags. They work fine. I have a couple of the gen 3's and they are a really tight fit for most of my guns. I think the steel commercial Bulgarians are the best buy at the moment.


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