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  1. Got dang do I love that but man o man I can not bring my self to spend that money on a SKS.... and I want one BAD! Good luck with the sell it's a sweet one.
  2. Yeah, 200 fish is a terrible trip...... What's the size limit there? We went to the lake of the Ozarks over the summer and caught a bunch of shorts... problem is their minimum is 9". We caught about 70 keepers while there but man are 9" fish small when your used to 12-14" fish. I'm going to Priest Saturday to look for some Crappie. Trolling motor burnt up about two months back and I just got the new one installed. Going to be a lot of riding around scanning trees and brush.
  3. Selling stuff to fund both the boat project and gun project. Wood stock, stainless mini 14. 900.00
  4. Price drop to 500 for the upper or 600.00 for upper, BCG and Strike industries Arch charging handle.
  5. The old guys at our gun counter know jack sh t. We've lost about everyone that actually knew anything over the last year or so. I my self usually stay away from the counter and do other things while I am there. you can only listen to people talk about how great the trash gun is for so long.
  6. Hey guys. I've got one of my uppers for sale. It's an Aero upper, DD 10.3 Barrel, BCM quad rail, Geisele gas block and gas tube. No BCG or Charging handle. I do have an extra ToolCraft NIB BCG I could sell with this if you're interested. $600.00 for the upper, $ 100.00 for the BCG.
  7. Oh yeah, heavily by what I've read. It's pretty lake and I had a good time fishing it. We caught a good amount of smallmouth, 2 over 3lbs
  8. You guys concerned any at all about the water quality on Watts Bar? I fished it earlier this year for a week for bass and was surprised at how many warnings and reports the lake had on the water quality.
  9. Sorry for the delay guys. Two weeks of vacation and then the Hell that comes with that when catching up at work. I decided to just spend some of my cash on hand to pay for the ole boat.
  10. Anyone interested in silver? I've got silver eagles and Buffalo's to sell to help fund my bass boat project.
  11. Man O Man. Reading some of these comments just hurts my head. You are spot on with this.
  12. When white box goes wrong. People love to hate White box but out of the thousands of rounds I've shot of it I've had one FTF, bad primer out of it.


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