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  1. First time tagging out!

    This is my mantra even though I've only shot one deer. My father-in-law explained to me that the better meat was on the smaller ones so I've always thought along those lines. Poachers suck. I think I've got some on my property. Hoping to catch them on the cameras and let the game warden get started. Nice bucks OP.
  2. My cat(s)

    very cool! That camera is putting out some good image for night!
  3. My cat(s)

    I didn't realize this was the case but sounds reasonable. I have crazy amounts of turkey so there's, if they eat them, so I don't think food is an issue. I'd rather have cats than dogs though either way.
  4. My cat(s)

    I've been seeing some tracks that I thought might be bobcat and now have a few pics!. Debating on whether or not to shoot if I get a chance.
  5. Any black friday deals on night vision?

    There is a deal on TNV/PVS-14 L3 Gen3 Filmed version, like 800$ off - deal ends tonight. Hence my inquiry on another thread about folks w/ experience between the two (green/white).
  6. Amateur Radio Help

    I'd add that spending time building antenna is going to be extremely beneficial to you as a learning opportunity. Antenna construction is often very easy and much less expensive than buying them commercially. Check out ac6v's site - I've referenced it for years as I researched various things in the hobby from tower construction to home made antenna. http://ac6v.com/antprojects.htm
  7. Night Vision

    Looking at some night vision gear and would like to know if anyone here has experience with White Phosphorous and the Green filmed tubes? Interested in hearing your opinion on the differences between the two, other than the obvious color. Thanks
  8. ad closed Withdrawing Sale

    heck I didn't even get to see it.
  9. Any black friday deals on night vision?

    following this thread
  10. sale-or-trade Kenwood TS-850SAT

    man that's cool. I've read about EME but not ever had the space or funds to set up something like that. I have enjoyed the sat work I"ve done though. Always fun to hit a bird w/ an HT. I need to setup my az/el rotor again. It's been in the shed since we attempted to move years ago. Maybe I'll find the time to get that going soon. GLWS!
  11. sale-or-trade Kenwood TS-850SAT

    Nice rig. GLWS! 73 KW4IJ
  12. Kel-Tec PMR-30 Fail to fire

    Hey guys, I just picked up a new PMR-30 and took it out for testing yesterday. Out of the first magazine I had at least 6 rounds that would not fire. I'm using one of their recommended ammo's (in the manual). The Winchester Super X 40 grain. I realize testing a different ammo type is next up, but I'm just wondering if any of you have experience with this gun and have comment. Is there something I can look at or check for issues here? Feeling disappointed that this new gun is acting up like this.
  13. for-sale 1979 Krugerrand

    any marks or blemish that you can tell?
  14. WTB - Silver

    My sentiments exactly. The "pretty" tax is too expensive for my poor budget.
  15. I'm looking for some new/barely used 10 round 10/22 magazines for my rifle. Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking

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