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  1. Thanks! Going to watch these now!
  2. I've had problems with Frog Lube and cold weather. The stuff turned into a paste like substance causing my bolt to have trouble operating properly on my AR-10. I quit using it after that experience. Now I use CLP and rem oil.
  3. - OS my kind of humor!
  4. Beautiful gun, I wish I had those orange baseplates. They would match my orange grips perfectly! Oh well...
  5. My Grandad was the ran the B-52 maintenance and repair shop - he was also a machinist. I wish I'd paid more attention to what was going on all those years I piddled in the shop while he made things. I picked up some of it, but not nearly what I could have.
  6. I have a model made by IBM! Being into technology, I am especially fond of and fascinated by the manufacturer.
  7. I've been oiling them and cleaning dust. Certainly want to protect the aging. The bolt action is very interesting to me. That's the one that has bluing rubbed off, I was mistaken originally. The 1892 is in pretty good shape actually, a little surface rust here and there. I'd like to shoot it. I"m going to take it by my local shop and have the gunsmith look it over for any issues that would prohibit shooting.
  8. This is my "private" range on my land.
  9. Thanks, I've got alot to learn. Looks like I"m headed in the right direction.
  10. That info would be helpful for sure. I'm shooting 6.5 Creedmor. I'm working on a range that will allow for 900 yard shots.
  11. Guys I'm hoping to get some help with a setup I've got. I recently got my Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 mounted on my rifle which has a 20 MOA base. My understanding is the optic has 60 MOA of total Elevation. (This is about where my knowledge stops - and learning begins). I zeroed the rifle at 100 yards. I added the zero stop shims as directed. Now what I see is from zero, I have just over 3 revolutions (12 moa per), roughly 38 MOA of elevation left. I've read that to shoot out this far I need 55 MOA, but I'm thinking that's not absolute as I see others going that far w/ less MOA on 6.5. Any comments here? Also, I' thought about zeroing the rifle at 200, to get more MOA up, but this doesn't really add up for me - and seems to be against the norm. Here's a summarized statement I found on 200 zeros at the end of my post. So am I on the right track overall here? And What are the turret markings in elevation for if my zeroed elevation shows over 200 on the turret indicator? I'd love to catch with some local guys (Memphis) and get a download on all this. Youtube and the internet aren't quiet gluing it together for me just yet. Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics recommends a 100yd zero because at that range environmental differences are moot. Where zeroing a few hundred yards further can be fine where you live, but travel to another location and density altitude and the longer zero can be way off. A 100yd zero is common practice for a reason!"
  12. I'm probably interested in one. I'd like 007 if it's available and price is in line with my budget.
  13. He said the last Protech TGO - I was hoping that meant there may be more, just not ProTech.

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