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  1. hughd

    Hot Sauce

    $7.95 on hotsauce.com
  2. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    Nick, if I change the hammer spring should I also install a reduced power firing pin spring? Also, what are your thoughts on a reduced power trigger return spring as well?
  3. hughd

    31 caliber revolver "Update"

    Wow is right, looking good!
  4. hughd

    Swai fish

    What is the country of origin?
  5. hughd

    Thompson contender

    I "gave blood" several years ago when I shot a short barreled 45-70 from a rest.
  6. hughd

    Thompson contender

    I'm sure it does, but the OP is talking Contender.
  7. hughd

    Thompson contender

    They didn't. "Calibers available for the Contender were initially limited, stopping just short of the .308 Winchester-class rifle cartridges. However, almost any cartridge from .22 Long Rifle through .30-30 Winchester is acceptable, as long as a peak pressure of 48,000 CUP is not exceeded. This flexibility prompted a boom in the development of wildcat cartridges suitable for the Contender, such as the 7-30 Waters and .357 Herrett and the various TCU cartridges, most of which were commonly based on either the widely available .30-30 Winchester or .223 Remington cases. The largest factory caliber offered for the Contender was the .45-70, which, although a much larger case than the .308, is still feasible because of the relatively low cartridge pressures of the original black-powder round relative to the limits of the bolt face of the Contender receiver. Custom gunmakers have added to the selection, such as the J. D. Jones line of JDJ cartridges based on the .225 Winchester and .444 Marlin. Other barrel makers pushed beyond the limits the factory set, and chambered Contender barrels in lighter .308-class cartridges like the .243 Winchester. The Contender can fire .410 bore shotgun shells, either through the .45 Colt/.410 barrel or through a special 21-inch (530 mm) smoothbore shotgun barrel. A ported, rifled, .44 Magnum barrel was made available for use with shotshell cartridges in a removable-choke .44 Magnum barrel, with the choke being used to unspin the shot from the barrel rifling, or, by removing the choke, for use with standard .44 Magnum cartridges. The degree of flexibility provided by the Contender design is unique for experimenting with new cartridges, handloads, barrel lengths, and shotshells.[2] The original Contender is now known as the generation one (G1) Contender and was replaced by the G2 Contender in 1998. The new design is dimensionally the same as the original Contender, but uses an Encore-style trigger group. Due to the changes in the trigger mechanism, and to differences in the angle of the grip relative to the boreline of the gun, the buttstocks and pistol grips are different between the G1 and G2 Contenders and will not interchange. The G2 uses essentially the same barrels and fore-ends as the original Contender and barrels will interchange, with the only two exceptions being the G2 muzzleloading barrels, which will only fit the G2 frame, and the Herrett barrels/fore-ends, which are specific for use only on a G1 frame."
  8. hughd

    Thompson contender

    To much pressure for a Contender.
  9. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    Maybe, but at this point I'm thinking C-100...
  10. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    Thanks hipower, When I found it at $460ish shipped I couldn't help myself. Have not been to the range in years. Looking forward to getting back at it...
  11. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    Thanks for the input. I went with the 75B Omega. After I pick it up and check it out I'll decide on the grips, sights, springs and such.
  12. hughd

    Heavy snubbie revolver

    Have you considered trying 148 grain wadcutters?
  13. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    I have large hands but fingers are of medium length. So, do you know if the OEM rubber grips are any thinner than the plastic?
  14. hughd

    CZ 75 Full Size or Tristar 120

    Trying to decide which one. I have done quite a bit of "research" and found a lot of contradictory information and opinions. Any of you have any first hand experience/input? The Canik is $120 less.
  15. Is it even legal to hunt squirrels with a bow?

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