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  1. Yep, I’ve got four that will have various purposes.
  2. $1200 or less is basically a buy it now at this point. I think MSRP was $699 but once they hit shelves most stores were marking them up immediately due to the finite supply. Some small shops my have one sitting around but well known places have since sold out.
  3. Bimmer, if you want one at this point your beat bet is to drop $1200 on a gunbroker auction. The market is drying up, having gone from >100, to 80’s, now to 60’s auctions on gunbroker over the past two weeks. The prices are rising ~$100 per week this passes and once the store supply dries up, the prices will rise more. edit: if you sort m17 surplus results on gunbroker by low to high price, the lowest aren’t at the first. There are a few $1200 listed for buy now at the opposite end of where they should be in the pricing.
  4. Sig changed some things on the gun at the request of the Army. Instead of the Army keeping them, an unknown number went back to Sig and they’re selling them (3000-5000 of them but supposedly closer to 3000). Directly from Sig managers, “they’re all shipped to distributors/dealers and there will be no more” (unless there is some unforeseen supply that the Army gives up for some strange reason, which isn’t at all likely to happen). These are the real deal guns that were issued and deployed stateside and overseas. https://www.sigsauer.com/m17-surplus/
  5. If he is shooting supersonics his ears will likely ring still. Some people have such high expectations with suppressors that they think they're going to get subsonic .22lr performance out of any round just because there's a suppressor present.
  6. Please stop trying to incite panic buying. You're being part of the problem. If you're in need of something, buy it. If not, let it be. That's how everyone should be right now. Nothing is going to happen in this political climate. People are up for re-election in a few months.
  7.   ^^This   That's like saying you talked to an "internet guru" and they didn't know about Google.
  8. In north Ga there are a few pawn shops that do great running specials and deals and even price match some online prices for suppressors. Has anyone had any luck with any in east Tennessee doing the same?
  9. but there are no facts to back up his claim. It's one thing to speculate, it is another to state a fact. He isn't helping our side one bit by giving false narratives. 
  10. Saw this on another forum. He has gone on the record for spewing unbacked information which would seem to boost his bottom line. The last guy, Rick Uselton, that did that went out of business. Just a heads up about him to watch out for.     He claims "Gun Shows represent the largest organized illegal gun sales in the U.S."      video on the top left http://www.wdef.com/news/story/Lawmaker-Asks-Attorney-General-Opinion-on-Banning/bFdfxL-kqUKU7M0cNvR7Wg.cspx
  11. I love when people like you out yourself so early in your stay. It makes it so much easier to ignore every single word out of your mouth after saying something like this. Thanks again!
  12. Just curious about those of you that shoot on your own land how far outside of the city you're in and what setup you have. Going to be buying some land to build a house soon and I would like to be able to shoot some on my own land. From what I've been told I could be in the county but outside of Chattanooga city limits.
  13. I replaced my ambi safety with the single side safety from a P238. With the size of my hands, the ejection side of the safety would touch the joint of my first finger when I would disengage it. It made me have to change my strong hand grip on the gun to disengage the safety. More better now ; )


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