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  1. Still legal, I'm sure I would have heard of any changes. Just make sure you retain a signed copy of the sale with model, serial, D.O.B., address, telephone, cal., date, drivers licence, etc. for your records. You just never know?
  2. Again we have a lot in common. I was going to upgrade my G26 gen 3 to the gen 5. Looking through the glass counter I spied a Sig 320 sub-compact and asked to see it. Long story short, I walked out with the new Sig and kept my G26. BAD, BAD sales counter gun guy! There should be another liberal law against impulse buying
  3. Apparently he didn't watch any American cowboy movies with the 12 ga. shotgun blowing a person back 15 yards
  4. I was in the same thought process. My primary CCW is also a G19 Gen 3, and I also have a baby Glock 9mm Gen 3. I also had a Ruger LCP, small great dependable gun. I was inventorying my ammunition one day during the last ammo crunch, to see how many rounds I had for each caliber or gun I had. To see if I was getting close to having to cut back on my shooting matches and practice, as all popular ammo was difficult to get at reasonable prices. Then the thought hit me... Why am I stocking so many calibers, I don't carry a back up gun, and about the only time a use the LCP is to walk the 200 yards down to the mail box or trash, and I slipped it into my pocket. I've since standardized my handgun collection to 9mm, with the exception of my .357 revolver. Now a short trip to town or the mail box, I slip a small 9mm into my belt with a sticky holster appendix position and good to go. Being an old man with diminishing eye sight and not wearing my glasses; not long ago running late to a pistol match, I reached into the safe and grabbed a few boxes of 9mm for my G19 I was going to use. Long story short, arrived at the match and began to load the first magazine and the round wouldn't fit. I grabbed .45 caliber by mistake. Do you know the feeling that came over me? But anyway, the LCP is a great little gun and has its place. I find since I consolidated ammo it's much easier grabbing what I need, how much I have and need to keep on hand, etc. Just a matter of personal preference I suppose.
  5. I've bought a number of holsters from Tulster, I give them 5 stars. The latest being one for my recent purchase of a Sig 320 sub-compact (left-handed). As you're probably aware, you can't get a holster for the P320 just everywhere. I'm happy with every Tulster I've bought for my other pistols too. Just have to make sure the plastic belt hook is snug under the belt. I ordered and installed their snap loops for better more secure retention of the holster. But, hard as I try, I can't get those snaps to wear in so I can unsnap them to take off the holster, so I switched back. This quality holster has attention to detail, is well made and no snagging or sharp areas. The cant is adjustable and depending on my activity that day, I comfortably wear it appendix or at 8 O'clock. CAUTION: Think twice about securing your holster screws with blue Loctite. It's a bugger trying to get an offset screw driver on the backside to make any changes. I ended up using needle nose vice grips to remove the screw from the thread end.
  6. I like and use Talon Grips myself on all my Glocks. Really like the aggressive texture one for competition, but tears up my t-shirts and creates a lot of dust bunnies in the gun if I CCW with it. Been there done that... I use skateboard tape on the slide so my fingers don't slip off.
  7. Say hey everyone, [1] My Glock 19 generation three is getting pretty worn and scuffed and thinking about getting a new G19 fifth generation. Will my spare parts for my G19 3rd gen. fit the 5th generation? [2] Ordered a new Wilson match grade barrel for the G19 and read some reviews that some minor filing might be required to make it fit? Filing what and where? The new barrel or inside the slide somewhere? Yeah I know, if I'm that stupid I don't need to be doing my own gunsmithing! Thanks!
  8. I will be, the 'wired' camera's from Harbor Freight and hook it all up to a computer monitor. For some reason, satellite Internet will not work sending to mobile devices. They did not explain to me why? Out on the main country road a couple of miles from here they are installing underground high speed internet. But they are not going to branch off and run it to us recluses. Discriminating against us protected classes of recluses I tell ya
  9. Yeah that's what I wanted also through ADT and had a guy come out to give me an estimate for full house video surveillance. The only Internet service I can get here is satellite and ADT system will not work off wifi and satellite. So, guess I'll order a 'wired' system from Harbor Freight?
  10. Yeah I live in the sticks also. Motion detectors got to be too much of a hassle for me, especially indoors. A few years ago my basement motion detector went off at 2:00 A.M. while we were sleeping and the indoor siren sounded. Talk about startled and not being able to hear anything (too long a story)! Has to be a spider / bug cross the face of the sensor or something shifted to trigger it. Windy days, birds and wildlife makes outdoor motion sensors a hassle too.
  11. We installed a six camera 'wired' system a couple of months ago at our church. Seems to be working very well, just need to get familiar with the software operation. It was a lot of work installing and running all the wires. The Pastor got them from Harbor Freight for under $300.00. Today I'm going to check and see what if anything ADT has to offer for video surveillance. I'm too old to be crawling around running cables.
  12. Do you have any of those home security projects you want to get done and intend to get around to one of these days. That always end up at the bottom of your priority list that never gets done, until a time comes when you had wished they were your top priority? Fortunately my recent home security experience ended well, but could have easily went South depending on the resolve of the home intruder. I'll try to keep my recent experience and thoughts as brief as possible. No one wants to experience a home invasion, especially when you're in bed and most vulnerable. Most don't want to have to use a firearm unless it's the last resort to protect your family and yourself, even inside your own home. This night I had wished I had done those home security projects I had intended to get to one of these days. I live in the country and things are pretty quiet around here except for the bugs, frogs, etc., especially at night. The wife and I were in bed and not asleep yet, and started hearing these loud metallic tapping / banging sounds coming from somewhere in or on the house and our lazy English Bull Dog starts barking from the living room where it normally sleeps at night. These sounds are obviously man made, as there can be no other explanation. My ADT alarm system has not gone off, I'm fully awake and coherent and grab by bedside handgun. I slowly proceed to the living room where the dog is and observe the dog to ascertain any threat that might be there. I have no indication or reason to believe anyone has made it to our living quarters based on my visual clearing, inspection and the dogs actions. I know the sounds we heard were man made and most likely someone trying to break into the house. I briefly consider calling the county Sheriff for a deputy to come out and check things. But reconsider based on my last experience of it taking :45 minutes for them to get here, and what good will it do anyway. I suspect whatever and whomever it was heard us and has probably left. My natural manly urge is to go outside to confront and / or to check the exterior to see what or who it is, and inspect the outside of my house. Using common sense and thinking about Tennessee Castle Doctrine Law, I fight the urge and remain in the house. I have a dead bolted door that leads to the basement, and the basement is next to an attached single car garage, separated by a flimsy hollow door with a dead bolt. One outside door that leads to the basement that has a locking door knob and dead bolt. The basement has a small window big enough to climb through with one of those flimsy thumb latches easily opened. The garage has three windows with the same type of easily opened thumb latches and are not alarmed. These are some of the areas I had intended to better secure but never got around to it. Eventually we went back to bed, and at first morning light I went outside to inspect my house and try to determine what the noise was we heard. Circling the house, the very last thing I got to and checked was the outside door that leads to the basement. Before I even got to the door I seen the damage from someone trying to Jimmie and pry the dead bolt and door knob. Damage to the door, frame and weather stripping. The thought occurred to me again whether to call the Sheriff and report an attempted home invasion. But I thought better as it would only generate a report and waste my and their time. I did inform all my immediate neighbors about the incident and be vigilant. The following two days I finally got around to beefing up my security to make it much more difficult for anyone to gain access into my home, basement and garage. At a minimum, it will take much more effort and noise to get through my additions. Something I should not have put off, the peace of mind and safety of addressing my know vulnerability areas. Just thought I'd share, and a reason to expedite any security additions your intending to get around to one day. My personal idea of security: To make my place as unattractive as possible, and as difficult to enter as possible. In the end, I win if it's very difficult to get in.
  13. Yeah that holster is crap and I'm left-handed to, so double crap I think I'm going to like the Canik for the Steel Challenge and IDPA, so I replaced the front fiber optic sight I couldn't pick up in low light, with a Trijicon HD orange front sight. Should have seen the trouble the gunsmith had and the size of the hammer to get the old front sight off! Shot a couple of magazines through it to check it out. Think I'm going to like it, shoots just slightly low and right at 12 yards, but I can correct for that. Shot it on a cloudy day and the orange is easy for me to pick up. Since it's not going to be a HD or carry gun, left the blacked out Warren rear sight on and it works well. In hindsight, I wish I would have got the Glock 34 though.
  14. Yeah please let me know. I finding out now that it seems to be a common problem with a lot of the TP9 SFx not liking anything but 115 grain bullets? With the small back strap and a rubber Talon grip on it, I really like the grip and angle and feels natural. Once I get it dependable and to my liking, I'm going to like it for competition shoots. I don't remember if I mentioned it above, but that front fiber optic sight was the cats meow on a clear sunny day the first time I shot it. Then the next time I shot it at the 'Steel Challenge' is was a dark gloomy day and I couldn't pick up my sights. In addition to it jamming with anything other than 115 grain. I can completely disassemble a Glock or 1911 for cleaning or service with never a problem. If I try disassembling the Canik lower, I'll end up with"Bag O Gun" for the gunsmith. Watching the only video I could find on Youtube at the time, this guy had a heck of a time with the spring that holds in the mag release to reverse it to left-hand, and I'm left-handed. I'm not even going to try that as a novice.
  15. Yeah I'll run some more factory rounds through it and see if it breaks in. Thanks.

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