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  1. I suffer from the same contagious condition; it's more contagious than the current virus. However; I've found some relief in combating the symptoms and effects of carrying something home, and you sure don't want to 'give' it to another. Just carry small quantities of cash, leave debit and credit cards at home [or better yet, cut them up] and most importantly... Make sure when it runs across you, you're over a 1/2 days trip from from there. This gives you pause because you can not return on the same day to take it home and gives you time to ensure the adoption is legitimate. It gets tiring and hurts just being a foster guardian in many examples of this contagion. Also before you leave home, it doesn't hurt to show the wife the massive gun collection you already have in your safe and your possible intention of adding another orphan to it. Personally speaking; this normally delays your departure by 1-3 hours, listening to the abusive language and reasoning of how that money could be better spent or saved Please take two aspirin and call me in the morning if this problem persists. I'm here to help...
  2. I don't like to disparage a company but I was extremely unhappy. Little information was described with no 360 degree pictures. In addition to the plastic hanger, this setup wasn't well thought out and fitted properly. I replaced it with the Ben Stoeger Boss holster, hanger and belts. Holster Packages.html
  3. I said something similar as I was walking out of Walmart with my limit of one little package of hamburger at twice the normal price. Speaking of price and availability of products; for a number of reasons I think what we're experiencing is going to be the new normal, or at the very least last a long time? Just like famine, it's not that food isn't available, it's the price that is prohibitive or government / controlling forces restricting it. This time next year in hindsight, I could be thinking what a bargain 9mm was for $0.43 per round was, I wish I had bought more. 8/22/2021 USPSA / IDPA: Due to shortages and the overwhelming amount of requests, we have added three new divisions; spear chucking (SC), optical sling shot (OSS) and tactical target rock (TTR). Rock can only be made of [insert material here], weigh no more than 4 ounces, a diameter of no more than 0.50 inches, with a PF of no more than a Nolan Ryan fastball. Wind ups and hesitations are prohibited in Production and Carry Rock (CR) divisions. Exceptions: Super seniors may wind up as they hesitate because of their age; unintentional trips and falls to the ground, there will be a three second procedural, and no longer a D.Q. as long as the rock doesn't break the 180 rule or is discharged. Yea, I got better things to do, but I'm waiting for daylight
  4. I have a couple of buddies that reload, and I thought I'd buy me the Dillon equipment to start reloading myself during the two year Obamazation shortage. Along with no one being able to obtain ammo, no one could find powder or primers for reloading, so everyone was still in the same boat. It's more expensive but, it's just easier for me to stock up on ammo rather than everything needed to reload. And at my age, I only have so many bend overs to pick up casings, maybe 4 or five?
  5. There's nothing like having to buy something shooting related "twice". I've learned a couple of financial lessons here lately, for example: I won't name the company but, I ordered a competition rig [both belts, hanger and holster] and it wasn't cheap [$200.00+]. There wasn't a lot of information on their website on this rig and its components, so I sort of took it on faith it is going to function properly. Being left-handed there's not a huge selection of competition holsters and hangers to choose from. Anyway, my gear arrived the other day and I was putting it together and noticed how flimsy everything was. The belt / holster hanger was made of 'plastic' and flexes under weight. Got it together and put it on, holstered my heavy Walther Match Q5 steel frame and the muzzle of the pistol immediately points to my thigh, with no way to adjust it out. It's not a comfort having the bottom of the holster pointing and resting against your thigh, and it makes the draw awkward and unnatural. I'll forego the other problems and quality of the rig. I got a tip from someone on here about the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop and checked them out [never heard of them]. I've ordered a number of shooting related items from them since and the quality of everything exceeded my expectations. Gots me a real competition rig with a metal hanger now. Had to communicate with them a couple of times about my orders and they were great. Each time I ordered something it was shipped the very same day. Their pricing is very competitive and they don't sell any junk. Whom ever is was that gave me the tip; thank you! Another piece of junk going into my overflowing big box of discarded holsters. How many of you have that big box of discarded holsters and what do you do with them?
  6. I haven't done the research here but, I'm going to make some assumptions on the character of these radicals and anti-American's; they're cowards and self centered. They've most likely never served in the military, Peace Corp, Scouts, etc. or did anything selfless for the interests of our country, their neighbor or their communities. They need a crowd, gang and/or support for their 'bravery'. Just like cockroaches when they're forcefully confronted [think Koreans on roof tops], scatter to their damp dark abodes. Most likely they don't like hard labor to earn a living, don't want to improve themselves nor their communities or living environment; and have the entitlement mentality and socialist views [use owes me]. A rational and reasonable person would view their acts and deeds as evil. This 'evil' and the tearing down of America is openly being coddled and condoned by many politicians and the major news media; and is not being seriously confronted by the silent majority or patriotic Americans. When will enough be enough??? Our Constitutional Republic is being destroyed one city, county and state at a time.
  7. Fortunately I'm up early for a Steel Challenge match this A.M. and thought I'd check my email. Three hours ago [about 3:00 A.M.] I received an alert from "Freedom Munitions" they now have round nose, factory new, 115 grain in stock. At .43 cents a round pretty pricey but, what ya going to do, what if things continue and get worse? After my match today when I get home, I'm going to check and see if it's all sold out by then? Just a heads up. Edit: Sure nuff, they were sold out that afternoon. They did still have some 115 grain hollow points for 50 something cents a round though. Now every double tap I shoot I'll be thinking, dollar, dollar, dollar...
  8. Now I find out after I get soaked... Thanks for the info and links, I just ordered a couple of the empties that will work great for some other odds and ends such as my small tools, foam ear plugs, etc. Thanks again!
  9. I guess I'm a little late to the party. Next month I'm going out of state to attend a two day USPSA match, what I'll take is only what I'll have. To make a long story short, I'll want to give my pistol a cursory cleaning and lube after day one. I was looking around the house for some sort of 'box' to fit the minimal cleaning supplies I'll need to fit in my range bag; and was coming up with all sorts of misfits. Then I remembered Otis made a small round kit that would conveniently store in my range bag and I ordered one. It came in and I inspected the contents and size, yea this will work, well thought out and quality components. Room enough inside to add a few more of my own 9mm patches. To bad my small can of CLP wouldn't fit inside Maybe a little pricey at 50 bucks but, for the convenience, size and components; this will work out well for traveling. Now to find the travel size shampoo, shaving cream, soap, etc. [Dollar Tree maybe?].
  10. Henry County Gun Club (HCGC) hosts monthly Level I club Steel Challenge and USPSA matches in Puryear, TN. [N.W. Tennessee]. Steel Challenge matches are held every 4th Saturday, USPSA matches are held every 2nd Saturday. Sign in starts at 8:00 A.M. with safety briefing prior to the 9:00 A.M. start time. Preregistration is not required but encouraged through Practiscore https://practiscore.com/results?page=1 as we try to limit the event to 40 shooters. Match fees are $20.00 for non members and $15.00 for members. For more information and driving directions, please visit our website at http://www.henrycountygunclub.com/
  11. Trying to make my pistol matches more enjoyable and efficient at my ripe old age. At my local club [and many other places], the shooting bays are a couple hundred yards apart. The last couple of matches it poured down rain or was extremely hot and sunny. I was constantly running over to my ammo at another shooting bay, running to the truck to get a cold drink, umbrella, camping chair or something. There's got to be a better way. I noticed a guy from another squad [didn't get a chance to talk to him] that had something like pictured below modified for range use. It sure would be nice to have a stroller to roll around with my small cooler, umbrella, ammo, small chair, etc. between stages to make it more convenient. Does anyone know if one of these strollers are made for the outdoor shooting range? I've searched and couldn't find any? Shouldn't be too difficult to buy a jogging stroller and modify it, but I'd be paying for the seat, netting, etc. that I would have no use for.
  12. Up, up and away. Considering tax and shipping, two bangs for a buck. Someone once recently said, "Sure glad I'm not hunting ammo right now". Same here! But I will resupply when and if things return to a semblance of normalcy. With my matches and practice, I'm going through about 500 rounds a month. At that rate I have one years worth...
  13. Eight years ago, that would have been reasonable and logical common sense. Look at the people getting arrested and charged today with brandishing a weapon in self defense against the hostile social warriors and racists. Today in this pacifist climate, if you have to show a pistol, you best be the first one to call 9-1-1; because the criminal, social justice warrior or racist most likely will. Deep do do and expense... If you're in a bad neighborhood with witnesses, whom do you suppose those 'witnesses' are going to side with? Personally speaking; in this new social warrior climate with pacifying, justifying and condoning criminal assault and aggression, I'll have second thoughts showing a handgun. The liberal news media and government officials have already convicted and branded you even prior to the facts coming out. Our country is in deep moral, social and legal trouble like never before.
  14. I haven't checked out US Law Shield but will. What I'm seeing with this shift in public insanity these days and no respect for the law and law enforcement, is innocent people being thrown under the bus to pacify the criminals, social warriors, protesters and rioters. I'm seeing more and more innocent people being charged for criminal assault just for even drawing their weapon to protect themselves. Just the fact of being arrested and/or charged sticks with you. Without financial ruin, I couldn't hire a competent lawyer in the unlikely event I had to un-holster to defend. You have to ask yourself, where are these confrontational people and groups, protesters and threatening people doing the assaults getting lawyers from and how are they paying for it?
  15. The charcoal color and texture of the Talon grips looks terrible and unappealing on the grip in my opinion. But, later on this morning at my USPSA competition, when my hands are wringing sweat; I'm going to think to myself, who cares; it's not slipping around in my hand. Hoping to hear, "TWO ALPHA" all day long

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