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  1. 100% agree. As as a collector of these types of firearms... please leave it as is. Sell it and put the proceeds towards one in the condition that you desire. It has more value as is... than it would after a refinish.
  2. https://www.netflix.com/tudum/articles/warrior-series-cast-details Warrior on Netflix is a great series IMO. I hope Netflix makes a 4th season, it was cancelled on max before Netflix picked it up.
  3. I use to know a guy (Ronnie Morris) in Madison that was able to do work that I wasn't comforatteble doing myself. I have not been in contact with him in recent years... so I am not sure if he still does work. I'm mainly into M1 Grands and M1 Carbines so I have not had to seek out a smith for the others in your list. What do you need done? Barrel swaps? Headspace checking? Stock refinishing? I'm a member of the TN Military Collectors Association. You may want to attending the 2024 Spring show in Cool Springs, there are people there that may have a connection to reccommend.
  4. Flashbacks to Leonard in Pearcy Warner, Belle Meade, & downtown Nashville.
  5. Lots of good info on the hide about the M21, M25, and other variants. A couple of issued stocks have popped up over the years and if I found one.. I'd do a clone 100% build. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/any-love-out-there-for-the-springfield-armory-m21.7030802/
  6. Check out Rusty Oak Armory in Mt Juliet... $20 transfer and super nice fella.
  7. We need to knock some paint of those plates
  8. Ughghhh Fuel to the fire if the red flag bill in TN.
  9. I owned a Pinmaster like this one in the past... it was one the best built and most accurate 1911's that I ever owned...and I've had many. GLWS
  10. Dropping a vouch I've known Eric 20 years or so and I know this rifle well. I've seen and shot it at the range in the past and it is a top quality build. If anyone needs a custom built rifle with proven extreme accuracy... this is the one.
  11. I am pretty sure the CW show has a dealer wait list. I know that the TN Military Collectors show does. I have a table at the TN Mil Show and I know a couple of dealers well. At a show you may not be able to sell it all to one dealer, but sell everything to a couple that may want to split the group. I mainly collect WWII Japanese, German, and US firearms.


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