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  1. ReeferMac

    What kind of accuracy do you get from your AR?

    Testing on a variety of Ammo is important. I played around with about 20 different kinds, and found my rifle seems to like the Wolf Steel-cased stuff in .223. 6" groups at 200 yds on a bench and bags w/ 12x scope. - K
  2. ReeferMac

    9mm subcompact choice

    My wife has the Ruger and I've shot it many times, it's a good gun! Doesn't like wimpy ammo, I've shot some lighter loads on it and it didn't eject well. Quality factory rounds or full-power loads with 124 gr. bullets all fired fine. - K
  3. LOL! I got to use an AR with one a while back when Fighting Sheep Dog hosted a Toys for Tot's drive out at Windrock.... Man, what a blast! Clearly though, once you have one, you have to get a complete set. I have a hard enough time affording Ammo as it is, can't imagine what I would go through...
  4. Is this a great group of people or what? ..... And why does it seem everyone but me has suppressors?!
  5. ReeferMac

    Tired of being tired.....

    Ditto Sidecarist. My job can and will blow up the phone 7-days a week. You have to set the limits because your employer won't. They will constantly push for more. - K
  6. ReeferMac

    for-sale Savage 10 BA Stealth .308 Winchester

    Yeah, but not for anything even close to reasonable ....
  7. ReeferMac

    The Fruits of College Indoctrination

    One of the greatest lessons ever taught to me was to think for myself. -K
  8. ReeferMac

    ad closed Huge Reloading Lot!

    You get out East at all I will take it. - K
  9. ReeferMac

    Over Gassed AR15 - What Does it Cause?

    Try Simethicone!
  10. ReeferMac

    for-sale snow skis

    LOL!!! One of the few things I miss about living up North.
  11. ReeferMac

    Clueless looking for handgun for husband

    Welcome. You are one special lady. He is a lucky guy. Ditto on the range date idea, and getting your permits together. My wife and I did. Make that your gift. Best advice I got about picking out a gun was to go to one of the nicer/larger local gun stores with a range (NOT Academy, Dicks, Bass Pro, etc.), and try every damned one in the case they will let you. Eventually one or some will stand out and you will know which one to buy. Getting the wrong one is an expensive mistake. - K
  12. ReeferMac

    Bud's Gun Shop

    I like going into Buds to fondle all the exotic and expensive rifles I would otherwise never get to see up close!
  13. ReeferMac

    Packing heat...

    The boys over at Vol Market #3 are former Marines, always open carry, on the edge of a rough part of town.... Nary a problem with the locals, and they cash checks (aka - lots cash in the register). Funny how that works?

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