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  1. This was the harvest from an area about 10x15? The bucket is actually mostly fingerlings, just the red's were at the end of the row, lol, so they ended up on top. - K
  2. I've been having a lot of luck with taters in my garden since moving here. Get 3 crops per year by staggering the planting. Last one I plant in the fall and just leave in the ground until I need them (dig them up a little at a time over the winter). By spring that section is all turned over and ready to be tilled and planted in the spring, LOL! Have had best luck with fingerlings and red potatoes. Like you, it started with some in the bottom of the box that sprouted in the pantry....
  3. Thanks for the suggestions all. I did go through the woods looking for scat, and found a collection of nuggets on one of the 'trails'... went to the goog for pics of coyote scat, and nope, that wasn't it. Actually tried a few 'who's poop is it' sites, and couldn't get anything that looked close to it (other than a bear!) I have a friend that traps who offered to come by and set a few snares, but I don't know if I'm ready to go there, as none of his will release. He also suspected a cross-breed of some sort. Wish I could get a picture... anyone got a trail-cam they're not using? I'll pay the shipping! LOL! So long as we have no interactions, I'm content to be and let be, but I am down 1 bird, and it's the prime suspect. I intend to get additional livestock (pigs), so predation has been a concern.... I do hear footsteps in the woods all the time when I'm outside, but we'll have deer pop out in the corner of the yard/pasture, so always just assumed it was them passing through. I was thinking of setting up some rattle-traps (aka tin-cans on tripwires to make noise)? Maybe I'll start picking up the dog-business and spreading it around the woods, LOL! Thanks again. - K
  4. We live out in the sticks a bit, and twice now we've had a mysterious 4-legged visitor. I've only caught a glimpse of it, but worried about a predator on our property (chickens, dogs, kids). It appears to be a coyote, but if it is, it's big. First time I saw it I caught the back half of the animal scooting into the woods near the driveway, about 2 in the afternoon, looked like a really big German Shepherd. I'd say at least 100 lbs. This morning (3 AM) I saw something (it) again, just the back 2 legs, darting into the woods (same spot near the driveway, heading opposite direction). Kids are usually in the house, dogs aren't out alone very often... but the chickens mostly free-range during the day. We have lost one so far this year (no signs of attack, just didn't show back up one afternoon with the rest of them). - How big can coyotes get? I've read ~75lbs. I have a 75-lb lab-poodle mix, and a ~60lb malinois pup. This critter in my woods is 100 lbs.... It's taller, longer legged. - I've seen a ton of roadkill, a handful trotting along the roadside up in East TN, and lots of pictures on the intertubes... it looks like a tan/brownish coyote, but doesn't have the bushy-flared-out tail I usually see in pics (smeared on the side of the road, it's tough to tell ) Any other identifying characteristics to looks for? - Cannot find any tracks or footprints in the area (checked both times, ground is soft right now, too). There are some signs of animal trails here and there, but... we've got a ton of deer and other stuff out here, so.... Short of buying a trail-cam and setting it up, what are some things I can do to protect my flock? I've seen a coyote early in the morning feeding on a roadkill deer about 3 miles from where we live. You do hear them at night from time to time, so I know they're in the general area. It's also possibly a stray/ranging dog. There is one property owner nearby that has several dogs that he does not.... keep under his control. My guess is based on the size it's a dog, but the guy around here that lets them run loose doesn't have one that looks like that (that we've seen....) And it looks just like a really big-a$$ coyote! Do they inter-breed? Would it help to string wire between the tree's in the woods at appropriate height? Or possibly drive it into another area? Already have 2 (male) dogs and 3 male humans urinating at will around the property.... Short of sitting up at night with my Mossberg, what else can I do? Thanks for the advice. - K
  5. While I haven't been to his Fire making class, I have found Highwalker to be a most gracious instructor. His class(es) are informative, intimate, and very useful. He's a great guy, loaded with knowledge and very generous. If you are available, do not hesitate to attend one of his many FREE informative classes. - K
  6. I've read a lot of Selco's online stuff, and agree, it is very sobering. Book is worth the price of admission I take it? Thanks. - K
  7. That's awesome @abusfullofnuns! That isn't from Adam's litter, is it - K
  8. Yeah, that's a good deal. Wish I had the cake. Do you take installments? LOL! - K
  9. Hahaha, thanks for the tips! FWIW, as of when we left Sunday there was a female still available (we had the choose between the two)? - K
  10. Yeah, give the Tricities area a look (Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport). Not only is it a gorgeous area of the State, but sounds about the right size. It is a LOT bigger than it looked on the map. Once I went through there (for work), I couldn't believe all that was there. Yet, it's not a 'big city'. Plenty of job opportunities between Eastman Chemical and ETSU, etc., - K
  11. Apollo was the father... gosh I can't remember the Mom, one of his drug-dogs. One of this guy's brother's will be working to keep Athen's (TN) safe in a few years.
  12. Thanks, but Adam @ http://fdk9tn.com/ deserves the credit, he was the breeder, and will help with the training, too. LOL@ TNHawk... yeah, that's why I stayed away from any hound-type dog. We had a beagle once, and she was a great pet, but she was also the last one I'll ever own! - K
  13. Well, Dante joined the family on Sunday! We start training with him in a few weeks. Great little guy... now if he would just learn to go to the bathroom outside.
  14. I've been getting a banner message across the front of my version of the website that says: Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address. Update Your Email Address I had been receiving eMails, but I went ahead and updated it. Received confirmation eMail at alternate address, confirmed it, and STILL receiving that message at top of website. Used link and switched it back to original eMail address, received confirmation link, confirmed, and receive regular eMail updates at that address, but am still getting the message at the top of the website that my eMail addy is NFG? Thanks for your help. - Kevin

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