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  1. No problems with mine either. A little over a year old.
  2. Signed Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  3. Sean Payton just went on my douchbag list.
  4. Stick with CCI mini mags. My MK III will not feed Aguila. Rim just slightly too big for the mags & the spring slows a bunch.
  5. Gould & Goodrich (or Goodrich & Gould). I've seen them in Memphis gun stores & I have 1. Love it. Leather.
  6. Look for bbl chrome & twist. S&W used to put a nice R5 bbl on sport. Not sure anymore.
  7. Read an article recently on how Colt was tooling up for it. Sounded pretty real. Hope so.
  8. Supposedly Colt is going to start making Pythons again. Wonder if that will drop the prices on the old ones.
  9. So Obama is taking back all the military equipment he sold to local PDs for a song? Gotcha.
  10. I would define an RPG as unusual. Weapons in and of themselves are not dangerous. The people using them can be.
  11. Thugs have been doing breakins in a ritzy section of Memphis with people home. Guarded & gated community. Very high end. Lucky nobody's been killed yet.
  12. Yeah they're high. Sticking with stamped Arsenal. They're good.
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