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  1. I wore some hi-tec boots in the 90s when I was in the military. I liked them at the time. I’m healing from my broken ankle and am hoping the doc takes me out of this medical ‘boot’ soon, so I’m looking for some boots too, mainly for ankle support. Don’t hike and really don’t do much walking either, but my ankle needs support. I’ve got a pair of Merrill hiking shoes that I really like so I may look at their boots too. I hate ordering footwear online as I can almost never get the sizing right, so I got these at Sports Academy. That’ll be my first place to look.
  2. I had the 3 shrimp plate with scampi, coconut and Walt’s favorite with a baked potato. It was good.
  3. Me too. I went and used it for lunch today and still have 25 bucks left so need to go back soon, just in case.
  4. Before LangdoniusRex and Scotty answered me, I emailed Armscor. They just replied back with the info and also said, based on my serial number, gave me the year of manufacture. Thanks all on TGO, you guys are awesome,
  5. Well, after a lot of thinking on it after reading y’all’s recommendations and the. Watching a slew of YouTube videos, and speaking with the folks at Shield Arms, I decided to send them back and go with the PSA mags. From most accounts, they both work, but I’m thinking if I don’t have to modify my gun, I won’t. Shield arms is going to waive the restocking fee and refund my money, so hopefully I’ll only be out shipping. By the way, I don’t remember posting a pic of my gun so I’m doing that now. It’s a 43X customized by Shark Coast Tactical. It’s a dark green with a dark green battle worn finish on the slide.
  6. Well, I got the gun today. I was trying to identify it on the web site but can’t find one with the exact nomenclature as mine. Heres a few pics if anyone can help me figure out exactly which one I have. I was mainly just curious as the value, or cost new, at least. Most of the 8 rd models I saw on the web site said HC or FS or something. The other label I didn’t post has the serial number and the upc code. Thanks for any help y’all can provide. In any event, k can’t wait to shoot it. I have to grab some 10mm ammo first, though, and I’m not looking forward to that, LOL.
  7. Thermal, LOL, auto-correct gets me every time. I need to pay attention before I hit send. Yes, modifying the weapon for these mags instantly takes two Glock mags out of the equation, so im not sure i want to do that. I am liking the idea of the psa mags instead, but am still a little concerned about reliability.
  8. Did you change out thermal release on your 43x for the shield mags?
  9. I’m still looking at reviews of both, but so far my inclination is to send back the Shield arms kit and get the psa. I should have done more research in the first place, but I had no idea the psa mags even existed. Live and learn. Hopefully I’ll only be out the shipping.
  10. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-dagger-micro-9mm-15-round-slick-magazine.html ‘I’ve never liked PSAs web site. Is this the ones that fit the Glock 43X?
  11. My shield arms combo kit shipped this morning before I asked for a cancellation. They said I could return it, so I might do that. I would just keep it, but the PSA mags don’t require a modification to the gun, and so I could still use the 10 round mags if I needed to. If I convert the gun, they say the metal mag release will tear up polymer mags so could use the current mags I have. Like JeffL posted, I also have a 365 macro with a 17nround capacity, but this one would end up being an occasional carry. I guess I will think on what to do, and decide after the kit gets here, LOL. That’s what I get for being too eager with no patience.
  12. Well, shoot. I ordered already from shield arms! Wish I’d seen this first!
  13. Recently picked up a new Glock 43X, that has been customized by Shark Coast Tactical. I love the looks of it. One of the guys at my local Gunshop where I bought it showed me a S-15 magazine he got for his G-43X that is made for the G43x, but has a 15 round capacity. The Shiel arms mags are made of steel which is how they are able to do 15 instead of 10 rounds like the polymer Glock mags,though, you have to replace the stock mag release with a metal one. They offer a kit or bundle that includes 3 mags and the metal mag release. I’m think hard about ordering it. Anyone have any experience with this?


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