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Defender's Feedback

  1. Randolphsg left Positive feedback   

    Very easy trade with an upstanding TGO member.

    Defender was Trading

  2. tercel89 left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment and great communication. AAA+++

    Defender was The Buyer

  3. MarkS left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction!!!! Gladly recommend.

    Defender was The Buyer

  4. DBTN left Positive feedback   

    Good to deal with and meet.

    Defender was The Buyer

  5. Billco left Positive feedback   

    Second deal with John. Another good transaction, price was set, deal complete. Will trade with him anytime

    Defender was The Buyer

  6. dralarms left Positive feedback   

    Excellent guy to deal with, the logistics was the hardest part of getting this done.

    Defender was The Seller

  7. Billco left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trading partner. And a gentleman.

    Defender was The Buyer

  8. rbishop left Positive feedback   

    Great person to deal with!!

    Defender was The Buyer

  9. BLACKVANDRIVER left Positive feedback   

    Fast and Easy. Always glad to see you! Thanks

    Defender was The Buyer

  10. Byedan left Positive feedback   

    great transaction

    Defender was The Buyer

  11. cknight98 left Positive feedback   

    AAA+++ Great guy to deal with! No worries here

    Defender was Trading

  12. BluewaterTactical left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Motorola Droid X..... plus xtras
    Good deal, Thanks

    Defender was The Buyer

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