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  1. I'm full time in Real Estate and winding down a deal I had before Virus. No new real leads as people are worried I guess, office is closed for the most part for the agents so I'm working from home. If you're looking for something in or near Cookeville I'm available! Also have a PT job as an essential package handler at FedEx In the early AM hours. I call it my paid workout.
  2. "Essential Ice cream" I hear you, Cookeville about the same. People are just going through the motions. Too many businesses doing half measures. All the take out at Restaurants. People grocery shopping with their kids. If your out touching doors and surfaces your spreading however..... I do believe the elderly for the most part are self quarantining more. I do see a lot of hand sanitizing. There are less cars on the road. Churches are empty too. All this has to help slow the spread and keep the heat off the hospitals. Now that the word is out for all the elderly and high risk folks who want to live. Maybe we can START the economy back up by Easter and let the rest of us catch this virus or not just like we do with the flu until a vaccine is made. Start the economy that is if people who end up making more sitting home with an additional $600 a week are willing to. That part of the emergency Bill is insane!
  3. About this emergency 2.2 Trillion Bill Trump just signed, the first of many I might add, Remember what the great prophet George Carlin once said. "The word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." I'm not saying something had to be done quickly because the switch was flipped on our economy but this is too much and did the switch need to really be switched off on such a broad scale? Targeted voluntary financial support and isolation for the elderly and high risk would have been and still is the way to go IMHO! Cheaper and more effective! I'm really hoping Trump will find a way to do this with all the pressure he's under. And now we hear more States are putting up roadblock checkpoints?! In my second job I'm considered an essential so they gave me a paper to show authorities why I'm on the road if it ever gets to that. Is it really possible I might get stopped by a uniformed authority and asked that familiar question from 1940s Germany? ..."Show me your papers". Oh well, multi-thousand dollar checks are on the way to everyone and more money promised. That should quiet the people down for awhile. he word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.” — George Carlin
  4. Pardon my ignorance but haven't been buying much ammo past couple of years because of a decent stockpile I've built up between ammo/gun scares. plus I have zero time to practice with two jobs so it hasn't shrank much. What was the just before Corona and now price on non bulk, cheap, basic "off the shelf per box" FMJ for..... 223/556, 22, 9mm, 38, 7.62/39 ?? If it was on the shelf now of course!
  5. I would love it if the media would put % deaths of our population in US instead of straight numbers. It would help put things in perspective and stop so much of the fear. Also by State and compare percents with Italy, Spain etc. Media hype is creating more fear than need be. So far the death rate per capita in the US is miniscule. I understand the need to keep the Hospitals from being over-run from a spike in the bigger Cities of seriously ill but now that the info is out about elderly and high risk, I think the focus should be to quarantine the hell out of that population until we have a vaccine or this dies down naturally, Then get the Economy back in gear ASAP. I agree with the Prez on this one. The cure is getting to be worse than the virus itself. Another great depression like the 30s with this generation? I cant imagine the spike in suicides, violence, riots etc.
  6. How my mind works when I saw this post. 1. Cathode Ray tubes implode I always heard because they are vaccuum sealed. 2. Real Tube TVs are really old. Had those little tubes inside that my old man used to always be replacing. 3. Does anyone ever say "watcing the tube" or "the Boob Tube" anymore? 4. I agree with the others if you have to pay to get rid of it smash it up in a safe manner. Elvis Style? There goes my mind again!
  7. Saw some in Cookevile today at some sort of overstock store that just opened up at near Ollie's there were like 4 pairs.
  8. I would hope the training aircraft are two seaters with easy ways to "eject" a student who is up to no good. Unarmed training jets crashed into certain places can be crippling to a City.
  9. Just thinking how lucky that this joker didn't use an aircraft to do more evil deeds. Not sure what aircraft he was training with but lots of targets of opportunity that a Kamikazi even without bombs and missles could do. Isn't there a Nuclear plant within range of there?
  10. Of course that means we are one step closer to E. W.
  11. Tucker did a segment on his rise and fall that included a clip of him groveling and apologizing to the women on "The View" about his white male privilige. Something about how he was so unfairly liked and popular by the media because of his race and gender... they were beating him up over it. Absolutely sickening how he sucked up to them.
  12. No doubt it's left leaning and thus anti-gun but they are pretty much the default site to be friends, keep in touch, do a little business etc. Avoiding them lets them win and if your'e a business can make you lose. I'm glad to see all the people out there who post and think as I do. Warms my heart to know some squirmy punks have to sift through all that and try and remove it faster than new content is posted.
  13. Looks to me like with YouTube they allow just enough to "claim" being unbiased with guns, politics etc. but it's obvious where their core ideology is.

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