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    It happened in 1977

    Went and saw it back then. I was just the right age too, 13 or so. Like Christine Blasey Ford I cant remember how I got there or who I went with. “Just basic memory functions and also just the level of norepinephrine and the epinephrine in the brain that sort of, as you know, encodes — that neurotransmitter that codes memories into the hippocampus and so the Trauma Awesome Movie-related experience is locked there whereas other details kind of drift,” Ford said. Anyway If the rating was ok went with my friend on Bikes, If not my brother took me. My older Brother took me to alot of Vampire Flicks and other scary ghoulish stuff too. Lots of scantily clad girls!! Saw a string of low budget Star Wars knock offs afterwards including TVs Battle Star Gallactica. The genere got old quick for me. Lost all interest in Space dogfighting/ shoot em up movies by 17 and never watched any of the Star Wars sequel/prequels all the way through in later years. My favorite kid movie memories were this, the Planet of the Apes Sequels and the original POTA, (the best one) I saw on Television Movie of the week probably. Still love those! Sci Fi now to hold my interest doesn't need non stop action. In fact it's better without. The original Blade Runner was just the right balance of action and storyline for example. Remakes of movies like "The Last Man on Earth", "I am legend" suck IMO. Just because you can easily do great CGI effects doesn't mean you have to overload the screen with them. All these super hero movies are guilty of that I think. Too bad because I love Sci-FI. Anyway thanks Grand Torino! Good Thread. Mike

    Hurricane Michael

    Why isn't MSM complaining or complimenting Trump on Michael? Coverage is dying and I haven't seen much negativity on his handling of it. About 30 killed and a town wiped out. Normally we'd have a panel of angry people on MSNBC, CNN talking smack about global warming and Trumps messed up handling of recovery. Midterms? Juicier stories to paint him bad?

    It happened in 1974

    Funny to watch re-runs of "All in the Family". That's about all Meathead ever talked about. Younger people probably don't understand the dialogue or find it funny.

    It happened in 1974

    That was a good day for my 10 year old self. All that political stuff was putting a damper on my Television viewing. We only had the 3 networks plus a couple of fuzzy local UHF channels!

    Attempting to Make Anti-Gunner's Heads Explode

    Junior Samples approved! Joe Scarborough and Mika ain't gonna like it one bit.

    The Moon

    As to the original post about faking the moon landings. The closest I'd ever entertain would be this.... The first landing faked, it was just another orbit of the moon as done previously, because they were not yet ready and wanted to discourage the Soviets. All later landings were real. % I think this possible? .00000001% Too many people would have to be killed to keep it a secret. Back then the secret would maybe be possible, but by now it would be out. For example, Kennedy was a sleeze but the press and everybody kept quiet back then. Now it's all out there no one disputes. Also with today's technology I'm sure experts could look at all the evidence of moon dust from suits and photographs or vids ans prove fakery if it existed.

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    No offence taken Bersaguy, I'm no mechanic or expert on cars. I was a parts changer in the Army though back in the early 80s.

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    Some variation of this body style is what I'd go for but not a 8cyl. Speed not needed nowadays. Other contenders for my classic car dream are a Corvaire 2nd bodystyle, 60s Ford falcon, 67ish rambler etc. Basically, a mid 60s to early 70s stock econo car. Anything but a Maverick.

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    I stand corrected. The swinger body style Plus the 6cyl. engine by whatever name anyway.

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    I was all hot to buy an old Classic Dodge Swinger/Plymouth Valiant some time back with the slant 6 engine. Still might someday if the right one comes along and I have the money burning a hole in my pocket at the time. I have very cold pockets at the moment.....

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    I watch Scotty Kilmer's youtube channel quite a bit. Some people out there say he's a paid hack but I still enjoy the channel. American and some European is all junk now according to him but especially Chrysler/Fiat. Toyota is usually the best bet he says. The guy's got me so paranoid now I'm thinking my next vehicle I'm gonna fork out the dough and get a Toyota. He does say if you buy new and don't plan on keeping it 100K miles plus.......Buy whatever you want it will last that long.

    Firearms burnout

    I'm sure you're not alone, I too have been on again off again "in to" firearms. Justifying another purchase when you barely shoot the ones you have? One problem is we need more outdoor rifle ranges. Bend in the River is ok for pistol but here in Cookeville where to go unless you know someone with land? Sounds like other places in TN are the same. TN is gun friendly but anti-gun range for some reason. It's just a PITA to get motivated to go to extremes to shoot. That's my burnout issue. Also no one to go with. I mean a newbie just getting involved, someone to teach a few things to. The other thing is, I never was an "Enthusiast" anyway. I like the mechanics and history of firearms but mostly feel it's everyone's duty to keep practiced up and have a few weapons on hand just in case. Exercise that 2ndA or lose it! Treat it like a responsibility as a patriot. Other wise it's sort of like bowling, or darts. Only louder and more expensive.

    Veteran ID Card

    https://www.shopmyexchange.com/veterans We now have PX privileges whether you're retired or just a schmo like myself who never re-upped.

    Hurricane Michael

    We always have put enough down to avoid PMI and escrow of taxes and insurance. Our mortgages have never stayed with who we originated them with either. Banking is one strange beast how they sell mortgages is so odd.

    Hurricane Michael

    I wonder during the housing bubble crash how it went down if a borrower was caught up on loan payments but wasn't paying the insurance? Most people have taxes and insurance in the payment but those who pay separate, I imagine the lender wasn't in a rush to take back the home because insurance lapsed.

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