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  1. Texting/driving is insane! but.... I talk/answer, glance for a second at text highlights when they pop up. Guess I'll have to get a blue tooth ear thing. Realtors who dont anwer phones aren't Realtors for long. Maybe being a Realtor is insane? One thing I do alot is speak map directions into phone. I also look at directions Guess thats a no no now too.
  2. I'm a Realtor out of Cookeville but have sold and listed as far as Crawford, have a listing in Hilham to the north and shown as far down as Spencer, as far east as Fairfield Glade as far west as Carthage etc. etc... I burn alot of gas. Hard to be an expert on all of it but I'm willing to drive a bit for a client for sure! I'll admit I have no clue as to builders to advise you on that far out from me but as someone here alluded to, the housing boom is in full swing here. Lots of realtors have have favorites they work with but be weary as to motivation besides... We are warned not to recommend anyone unless it's more than a few anyway. Ethics laws frown on it. Not knowing the Realtor yourself trusting his advice would be a gamble anyway. Good luck and if you get stuck I can ask some of the agents that build Spec homes and try and come up with a few names you can check out. Sparta ain't too crazy far from us in Cookeville.
  3. It's my understanding that not only did he do nothing himself, he hindered others from doing something. There's a crime there somewhere. Freezing up is one thing, slowing up the willing is another.
  4. Dont know how complex or practical this would be for existing firearms, it said it could detect availiable ammo left in the gun?? Perhaps shots fired and time signature of shock from recoil?? A basic "chipped" gun however would be very practical. Too damned practical for those who want to neuter the 2ndA. It could be pemanently attatched to any firearm and not hinder function. Caught with your gun chipless and you get arrested. Of course criminals don't care and will not comply with it. Look for a "chipped gun" law in a Liberal/Dem controlled City or State being proposed anytime now. Big Brother will know what you have if they get close enough to read the chip wirelessly. Hell, they might even have real time maps in big cities of chipped gun locations and movements if enough readers were placed around city centers one day.
  5. Was just being funny, If you were closer I'd be glad to have help but... The only real emotions I have regarding vehicles these days is occasional aggravation and anger. I guess if I bought something new again it would be remorse or shock, as in sticker shock! I lent the Jeep to a friend who had a wreck and needed a ride. I was starting to get fond of it, look foward to getting it back soon!
  6. Now you hurt my feelings.... I'm kinda proud of my Jerry rigged push button starter! Seriously, If you were closer I'd welcome a helping hand. I am ok with the push button though. so far it's been dependable. Besides, a 2004 Cherokee is expected to have a few chronic quirks and problems.
  7. I tried swapping the relays with same type in fuse box. Maybe should have bought a new one and tried as all of them are original to car.
  8. Update... Gambled more dough on the switch. Switch no fix. Rigged up a start button for now, works great except for 46 seconds of a warning beep to warn against key in ignition at start up.
  9. Used to live in Greer and work at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville over 20 years ago. Visited recently, man that downtown area has changed! Welcome to TN
  10. Intermittent no crank this time around.....but I'm sure that sensor is in my future as well. Taking a break from it today other than maybe shopping around online for cheapest ignition switch I can find. I took the old one apart as best I could and cleaned, adjusted and fiddled with the contacts as best I could then reinstalled. No luck. pretty convinced it's that part or the PITA to change keyed part and shaft.
  11. Update.... Pulled the ignition switch, plastic box on left side of steering column opposite of ignition key. I jumped two random holes in the harness I disconnected and it cranked! Thinking its that plastic box ignition switch wore out or the the keyed part of the ignition not activating the switch properly. The keyed part has a shaft and plactic pin the turns and pushes where it fits into the ignition switch. Ignition switch is a $30 part. Ill try that first......Actually 2nd as I replaced neutral safety switch already. Reminds me of my Army parts changer days... Seems like sometimes we kept changing parts till it fixed the problem. Uncle Sam has deep pockets though.
  12. That's what I'm starting to find out. Probably going to sell eventually but easier to sell if people dont have to get under hood to start it.
  13. But if I have key in on position I can start it by jumper wire at fuse box....key has to be on. I guess key all the way clockwise to start is a different position than on/run though. A possibility I guess. That fuse/relay I pull to use the jumper wire...is that a fail or work part or do they get glitchy sometimes? I switched it out with another one that was from the same fuse box and the same age but maybe I should try a new one?
  14. Even youtube can't help me on this one, any 04 Cherokee owners solved this issue?? I inherited an 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6cyl automatic with 50,000 miles. It has intermitent no crank problems. Replaced the Neutral safety switch that was a screw in plug thing with a plunger and three terminals, no help. Has a new fully charged battery. When problem occurs I can put the ignition key to on and pull a fuse/relay at the fusebox and touch a jumper wire there to start. So its not the starter because that works every time. About to rig some sort of start button from fuse box to cab soon and call it done! Any Ideas? I'm no mechanic but was a pretty good parts changer in the Army at one time.
  15. When I first glanced at this post I thought it was an ATF sting like chucktshoes mentioned. I wonder why like prostitution stings, the ATF hasn't tried more sting operations? Seems like something the antigunners would be pushing for.

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