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  1. Practical use yes .223 but the way the world is going and as a minimal on again off again lazy prepper of sorts as my avatar suggests....... Would like to have the capability in reserve to hit something at a range that the average joe six pack wouldn't be expecting. Even if I have no place to shoot that far at the moment. Anyway all is on hold now as I've decided to buy another investment home in this crazy market. Hoarding cash not guns for now lol.
  2. I have a Redfield Revolution 2-7 x 33 Accu-range sitting around. It was on my mini-14 and held up well. Cost $140 8 or 9 years ago. No idea if that would be suitable for a 30-6 but it's what I have. Not a super long range scope I know but I'll be super lucky to find a 200 yd place to shoot anyway.
  3. I've noticed that a variety of 30-6 has been on the shelves almost everywhere I look during this new season of hoarding. Not boxes and boxes but always some sitting out, Another reason to go with 30-6 other than I inherited a bunch of the milsurp.
  4. Been looking at the YouTube reviews on those. The more I watch the more unsure I get. They look adequate for sure.
  5. Inherited 100 rds of 30-6 milsurp ammo and thinking I should have a rifle to shoot it! Never had a "long range" rifle and been researching a bit. The things I like are out of my budget. Next few months I'll be ready to buy something I'm thinking. What slightly used rifles would you all be looking at in the $400 range? Ones you've owned or shot. Won't be hunting. Just Targets and probably not as far as I'd like but want the capability of some real distance.
  6. The market is crazy now and I'm hearing about labor and material shortages on new construction. Unless I knew the builder personally, I'd be a bit nervous these days trying to get something built. As a Realtor selling existing homes It's always a race now to get a Buyer to decide quickly and put in a good solid offer before the 5 other people looking at the same home get there first. And this is little old Cookeville!! And Prices? Seems we will be catching up to Nashville or Knoxville in a couple of years if this pace keeps up. Somethings gotta give I'm thinking. Wages vs Housing be
  7. Your Killing me! I'm missing out on all the fun stuff in life.
  8. A good skill to learn indeed! An excerpt from a review of the classic Apocolyptic/Dystopian novel "Earth Abides" by George R. Stewart New lives are born into the clan, and they learn to navigate, not by street signs, but by waterways, bridges, and church spires. Ish aspires to preserve civilization’s learning and culture for the coming generations. But reality seeps in – first gradually, then abruptly as his bright and curious son Joey dies in a rebound epidemic. Ish turns to the surviving children and shows them how to start a fire without matches and to fashion a bow and arrow – he
  9. Dammmit! Now I feel sad I missed out on something as a Kid Sinking models with a BB gun. Never too late I guess
  10. Used to slap them together as a kid then blow them up with firecrackers for some reason. It was a neighborhood activity blowing things up with firecrackers. I'm 56 and feel so sad for kids glued to a screen all day and not doing anything exciting. Or even get excited over something as frivolous as blowing up plastic models.
  11. I'm full time in Real Estate and winding down a deal I had before Virus. No new real leads as people are worried I guess, office is closed for the most part for the agents so I'm working from home. If you're looking for something in or near Cookeville I'm available! Also have a PT job as an essential package handler at FedEx In the early AM hours. I call it my paid workout.
  12. "Essential Ice cream" I hear you, Cookeville about the same. People are just going through the motions. Too many businesses doing half measures. All the take out at Restaurants. People grocery shopping with their kids. If your out touching doors and surfaces your spreading however..... I do believe the elderly for the most part are self quarantining more. I do see a lot of hand sanitizing. There are less cars on the road. Churches are empty too. All this has to help slow the spread and keep the heat off the hospitals. Now that the word is out for all the elderly and high risk folks who wa
  13. About this emergency 2.2 Trillion Bill Trump just signed, the first of many I might add, Remember what the great prophet George Carlin once said. "The word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." I'm not saying something had to be done quickly because the switch was flipped on our economy but this is too much and did the switch need to really be switched off on such a broad scale? Targeted voluntary financial support and isolation for the elderly and high risk would have been and still is the way to go IMHO! Cheaper and more effective! I'm rea
  14. Pardon my ignorance but haven't been buying much ammo past couple of years because of a decent stockpile I've built up between ammo/gun scares. plus I have zero time to practice with two jobs so it hasn't shrank much. What was the just before Corona and now price on non bulk, cheap, basic "off the shelf per box" FMJ for..... 223/556, 22, 9mm, 38, 7.62/39 ?? If it was on the shelf now of course!
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