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  1. TGO David

    Steyr M9A1

    I'm surprised TT Gunleather doesn't make something for that.
  2. Check with your nearby Music City Pawn Shop. I use Music City Pawn almost exclusively for FFL transfers and am 99% sure I have used them for a private-party transfer before.
  3. You might be right. I've considered that as a possibility. It's a really hard pill for a lot of people to even contemplate swallowing.
  4. Easy there, chief. No need to get dramatically butthurt about my comment. If you're right about it not making a difference, a lot of people who've been running dots longer than either one of us need to be told that they're wrong. I'm glad you're happy with the setup. I'm sure it suffices for pleasure or competition shooting. I wouldn't run it for combatives, but that's just me and... like... practically everyone else I know that sets up their guns for duty/serious use.
  5. I'd challenge you to re-think the statement to be "They are upset because an elected politician is telling them what to do" and strike the party line out of it. People, in general, are starting to become very tired of elected representatives acting like ordained directors or dictators. It's happening with elected representatives across party lines, but is perhaps more prevalent in the Democrat side of the problem.
  6. I'm going to throw out a very unpopular opinion: 2A Supporters are either a silent majority or a vocal minority, and if it's the former of the two... the silent majority is screwing the rest of us. The media panders hard left but that's because the hard left is a hell of a vocal group. If the 2A supporters, regardless of political affiliation, were vocal enough and large enough of a group, the media would likely pander that direction. The media needs money and their money comes from advertising ... when it isn't coming from George Soros. They'll follow whichever group generates the most revenue for them. If we're actually just a vocal minority, it's time for us to start adopting minority tactics. One of the most effective minority tactics is to be an inconvenient pain in the establishment's ass until it can't ignore them anymore.
  7. To each their own, but damn. Most folks want their RDS set as low in the slide as possible.
  8. Pro Tip: Don't fall for the lies of no-line / progressie bifocal lenses. They are much harder to use with a red dot sight and maintain a crisp clear dot. Use traditional bifocals with distinct single-vision areas.
  9. Consider too that the machette is not exactly a "stabbing" kind of weapon. These people got slashed and hacked.
  10. Devil's Advocate Post: I hear that these folks aren't helping further or preserve the 2A. Who is and what are they doing that is expanding the appeal of the 2A?
  11. Between the two of us, I expected this sort of tomfoolery from me ... not you, Bill.
  12. No experience with them but the MR920 was on my short list. I know that John Lovell likes them and has adopted them as the platform on which his War Poet line of pistols is made. I hear nothing but good things.
  13. I just started watching your video, so I will make an additional point: Zero your gun for the ammo you will use the most often for whichever purpose you bought the gun. Different ammo from different manufacturers will generally print differently on target. Dial it in for your ideal ammo, then understand how to adjust your hold for the other ammo you tend to use. Example: I carry Federal HST 124gr 9mm. I zero my RDS for that at 15yds. I know how to adjust my hold (POA) for the desired point of impact (POI) at distances closer and further. I also know how to adjust my hold if I am shooting 115gr Fiocchi FMJ at the range, or 115gr Magtech, or 115gr Winchester, etc. I don't adjust my dot for those. I adjust my hold. I leave my dot zeroed for my carry ammo. I also accept that there may be variances in each round of my preferred carry ammo due to manufacturing tolerances. At the distances I expect accuracy of myself and the gun, those variances generally don't amount to much on target.

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