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  1. I was wondering if anyone read those status updates as the day progressed.
  2. Lazy Loading for Faster Pages It may seem counter-intuitive to say that something "lazy" brings better performance but, in this case, it is a true statement. Version 4.4 of the IPBoard software (what our forum runs on) introduces Lazy Loading of page content which in turn makes pages load faster for you while you are browsing. Lazy Loading is a method by which attachments, embeds and images are not loaded by default. They are only loaded when the viewer scrolls down enough to make them visible. This allows the page to load a good deal faster because it doesn't have to load megabytes of images before the page is shown as completely rendered. When you scroll through posts with pictures included on TGO, you will notice the way that pictures subtly come into view as you encounter them. This is Lazy Loading at work. The forum software loads the picture for you just before you actually get to it. Much the same way that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such services deliver content to you as you scroll rather than trying to generate huge pages of data all at once. If you're curious for more info, you can read about it on Invision Power's blog, here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-turbo-charging-loading-speeds-r1109/
  3. Unfollow Without Logging In TGO only sends email to our members unless they agree to allow us that privilege. Each email that we send includes a link that allows you to Opt-Out even more easily than you opted-in. In previous versions, the unfollow link would have taken you to a login page if you were signed out. For members that haven't been back in a while, this may cause some annoyance if they do not recall their login details. Invision Community 4.4 allows non-logged in members to unfollow the item they received an email about or all followed items without the need to log in.
  4. My pleasure! TGO is a labor of love for me.
  5. Much appreciated! There's a submenu that is kind of hard to navigate to. Here's a direct link to the page that lets you update your mailing and billing addresses: https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/clients/addresses/ Thanks again!
  6. Update for 10:15 PM Central, March 25, 2019 The tasks that were running to update the search index have completed. I've made a few other upgrades to the server itself and am going to turn it back over to you all to begin using again. If any other problems arise overnight, I'll address them in the morning. I've started this project at around 6:00 AM and am throwing in the towel for the night.
  7. That is disturbing on several levels.
  8. Today I have upgraded our forum software to the latest version. Part of this process requires the forum to re-index all 1.5M posts made by our members over the past 12 years. As you can imagine, that process takes a bit of time to complete. I am going to go ahead and re-open the forum now for our members to resume using it, but please bear in mind that the search feature will not return a complete catalog of postings until this re-index job completes. That could take the next 8-12 hours. Until then, searching for content or trying to access a complete list of unread content will be hit-and-miss. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please do be sure to report any bugs, errors, or anomalies in the Feedback and Support forum. If I cannot resolve them, I will forward them to the software authors.
  9. But, to be fair, we use Cisco Teams (similar to Slack but less cool) at work and there are hours at a time where my leadership team and I communicate entirely in animated GIFs. We've gotten really good at it!
  10. Testing IPBoard 4.4's new animated GIF function. Look for it in the editor when you're posting a message!
  11. Last week I had the pleasure to sit down with one of the heroes of the attack on the US Diplomatic Consulate in Benghazi, Dave "Boon" Benton. He likely needs no introduction to anyone on TGO, but he and his brothers in arms had their fight for survival chronicled in both a book and a movie bearing the 13 Hours title. Boon and one of his partners in a new venture, retired Deputy Sheriff Bill Orndorf, chatted with me for a little more than an hour about the dynamics of fighting from within, in, and around vehicles. To say that it was a privilege to speak with Boon and have him share his time, expertise, and knowledge to make us all a little better prepared to fight to win in a terrible situation would be a gross understatement. He's seriously one of the most humble heroes I've had the chance to speak with, and is quick to dismiss all of it as him being a part of a group of men just doing a job that they were hired to do. Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed being able to do it! https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/0046-dave-boon-benton-and-bill-orndorf-on-vehicle-defense-concepts-for-civilians-and-leo/
  12. If you can't hit 'em you might as well make 'em deaf.
  13. Free time has been pretty scarce lately, but I carved out a little recently to assemble this pistol build chambered in AAC 300 Blackout. I still haven't had a chance to get it to the range to sight it in, but plan to soon. My objective was to build something better than the Springfield Saint for around the same money or less. I wanted a pistol so that it would be legal to have in the vehicle anywhere in the US that allows pistols, and wanted 300BLK to take advantage of the cartridge's nature to burn all powder within an eight to nine inch barrel, with good ballistics for social distances (and then some). Being that I wanted a firearm that I could travel with and not worry with alerting the BATFE as would be the case with a short barrel rifle, I also skipped building this as something ready for a suppressor. There is no point in avoiding red-tape in one area, only to induce it by traveling with a can. Before assembling the upper receiver, I locked it into a vise and then squared and lapped the upper receiver face with a Brownells lapping tool to make sure that it would mate flush with the barrel extension. Here's a list of the parts that I used: Palmetto State Armory lower receiver with Magpul MOE grip, SBA3 brace, and nickle plated trigger and hammer assembly Aero Precision upper receiver with forward assist Toolcraft black nitride bolt carrier group Ballistic Advantage 9.5 inch barrel (300 BLK) Black nitride gas block, low profile, 0.750 inch Black nitride pistol length gas tube VG6 Precision Gamma 300BLK muzzle device BCM MCMR M-Lok Free Float Handguard - 8 inch Radian Raptor charging handle Geissele Super Precision mount for Trijicon MRO Trijicon MRO, Red dot. Minus the MRO and mount, making this an apples to apples comparison, I came in at around $750 which is definitely cheaper than the Springfield Saint with a mixture of components that I feel provide an overall higher quality firearm.
  14. I can post a recent photo of it wearing the Surefire X300U-A light and really send you over the edge. I've started carrying it to church.

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