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  1. I've seen a few of those large ones, some time ago. One was down on Long Creek, I think, another was on a little island in Rocky Creek off Cumberland river in Wilson Co. The hulls were thicker than norm.. Have no idea how to locate them now ( & I've tried ), LOL.
  2. Very good rifle. I had the 742 BDL version in 30-06. Had it for yrs, lot of deer on the ground. The bad news.......it was stolen out of my vehicle, haven't seen it since 1986. Good luck with sale.
  3. Before you decide, check out the Walther PPS M2 in 9mm. Small size, narrow width for concealment, very accurate, mild recoil, shoots well. Great ergonomics on the grip. Owned 2, carry one every day. JMHO
  4. Mac. I never tried to roast 'em, I ate them right out of the hull. Suppose roasting would be good tho. Growing up in the country, my Mom & I would pick them up in the fall, and I'd fix me a small pan of nuts, & eat them in the winter. She also made pies with them, No pecans around then. Good stuff tho.
  5. I've often wondered why hickory nuts are plentiful some years, some not. Got curious after Greg's thread & Googled it. "Experts" say they run in 3 yr. cycles. In my experience hunting over the years, "in some areas", this seems to be true. Squirrels follow the food. YMMV........
  6. I had one when I was in 'Nam. It was stolen along with all my other valuables, after I was wounded, and in the aid station. The SOB's stole $175 I had saved up for R&R, my wallet, watch. Left my wedding ring. Didn't realize this until I was in the Army hospital in Tokyo. That said, Zippos' are tough, hard to wear one out. Would be interesting to know the story behind this one.
  7. I had one some months ago, dang good rifle. Very accurate out of the box, with Hornady American Whitetail 150 SP ammo. Sold it due to not able to deer hunt. Mine was black, ugly as a mud fence, but shot quite well. Good luck with the sale.
  8. For a beginner, I'd vote for the Lebanon Gun Shop, as well. Class held by a NRA certified instructor. 2 consecutive 2 hour classes. Get some hands on, plus instructor to answer your questions. Located on 102 Hartman Dr., near Burger King. 615-547-9600. Good folks to do business with, have bought a few guns there. Good luck with your new hobby. I've been at it since 1968.
  9. Appears to be a canine of some sort, not a cat. Front leg seems to be stepping over a limb or something. Of course, my expert badge is in the cleaners, LOL
  10. I agree. I saw the sign Wed., gathered the same intent you stated. I keep mine covered 98% of the time anyway, so, I just went on thru to the mall & back thru Bass Pro back to my truck. No problems . On the other hand, if you're stupid enough to go into a business carrying an AR/AK, couple of pistols, a grenade on the belt, you may draw attention.
  11. Polls are aimed at a friendly audience. 95% of the people in this country will not agree on anything. And, I've never been invited either, unless you consider the crap on FB.
  12. Where there's a will............
  13. Nice hand cannon, LOL. Mine had quite a bit of bite to it. Manageable tho.
  14. Years ago, back around '86 or so, I had a Dan Wesson 44 mag with a 8" heavy vent rib BBL. Got a mount for it from B Square in Ft. Worth. Clamped on, worked fine. Good luck with your venture, I'm sure you'll get it worked out. Killed a few deer with it, BTW.
  15. There was some, didn't really pay much attention to it. I was looking at other "stuff", LOL

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