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  1. Just a side note, FWIW, RK Shows do not have anything scheduled for the 'boro the rest of the year, just Lebanon in this area.
  2. Show is better than the old shows years ago, which were useless as tits on a boat hog. Much better mix of the sexes & ages. Still have some of the usual non-gun junk. Some place to go when you've got nothing better to do.
  3. Makes me want to rush out & buy an AR-15, just to take advantage of this great offer! NOT!!
  4. RK shows back in Lebanon tomorrow & Sun. Anyone going? Guess I'll give it a look, just for the heck of it.
  5. Covid or not, it & the Cobra are grossly overpriced. I'll pass.
  6. Looks like a good site. I'll have to check it out further. Thanks
  7. I've used LSN, it's based in Cookeville. Sold my Mustang there. Used truck prices are thru the roof.
  8. They had guns, I didn't look that close, because I wasn't looking for one. I'd give them a call before I traveled very far.
  9. Didn't really know where I should put this, so just stuck it here. Went in Buds Tues, on the way to Pigeon Forge. Lot of empty space. Seems to have several guns, but gear was sorely lacking. Lots of Kiosk like displays, but sparsely stocked. Not what I last saw last year. Sign of the times, I guess.
  10. Years ago, back in the 70's, early 80's, I would get the flu ( sick in bed, couldn't get up or feed my self, flu ). Felt like someone had taken burlap I rubbed my shin raw all over. After I started taking the flu shot every year, no more flu. I get mine at the VA as soon as it comes available. Hopefully get one Fri. as I have an appt. anyway.
  11. The jaws do have to be changed ( or reversed ), depending on the cartridge. This doesn't happen with every cartridge, many use the same jaws. I did have to buy an extra set for the 45/70. The rest, fits anything I have encountered. You can use any die you like, but will want Forster rings. I did buy Forster precision dies for a .308. Personal choice, not necessarily required. Like anything else, some swear by Ford, some Chevy. Go with what suits you. Personally, I wish I had ran across the Co-Ax years ago. Might have added a few years to my life span, LOL.
  12. Looked it up, Holosun is made in China.
  13. LOL, well, I saw that after I enlarged it. Reason I asked, was because of recoil vs, plastic wire ties.
  14. Curiosity. What caliber rifle is this?
  15. Great little carry gun. I have one with the RSMC red dot that I carry every day. 8 rd. mags are available. Accurate. Good buy for sure. GLWS.
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