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  1. Speaking of Wix filters, and synthetic oil, I learned something today, the rest may already know, but I'll mention it just in case. Wix makes a filter just for synth. oil. it Has a XP after the part # . Bought one today for the F-150. # was 51372XP. For extended performance it says. I'll give it a try next change. FWIW
  2. Thanks, Greg. I have some on the way now.
  3. No, it's not. And I was surprised Hogdon let that happen. It's very easy to avoid it. Some, maybe most, when you order, they set that quantity aside & put it on hold until they can fill that order. I know Midsouth has done this before. Why can't Hogdon? Yes, doctors are notorious for that, the VA come to mind in Nashville. I'll remember it tho.
  4. A little update on my Hogdon post earlier. They over booked, got an email stating I would be getting none. Piss poor way of allocating, IMO.
  5. So far, I've never been in a civilian firefight, but have been in plenty in Vietnam. There is no such thing as too much ammo. Just because there was only 4 or 5 rounds fired this time, doesn't mean that will always be the case. Funerals these days are much more expensive than ammo ( if you can find any ). Like many things gun related, it's a personal choice. If you're comfortable with a six shooter, have at it. If you need 15+ to feel safe, do that. FWIW, I carried 400 rds for the M16 + 18 rds for the M203 Grenade launcher. Sometimes, I was a bit concerned with that.
  6. That's what I've used for years. Hasn't let me down yet. I usually get mine at Wallyworld. Don't recall the price. Mine takes 6 qts tho.
  7. I started using 100% synthetic back in 1980, before it came in style. The old mechanics made fun of it, out of ignorance . The Air Force in Alaska had been using it for years due to the extreme temps. I've used it ever since in everything, car, truck, riding mower, push mower, boat, whatever. As others have said, manufacturers have finally caught up with technology, and are using it as well. I do change my own oil, always have.
  8. I'm truly amazed that the McDonalds here in Hartsville is still in business. Food is an adventure, no inside dining ( supposedly according to a manager friend of mine, the reason for this is he's too cheap to pay someone to clean the tables, etc. Actually, they're supposed to do that anyway, tho rarely did. I long for the day it floats down Goose creek.
  9. My guess is, NY's game plan is to keep bringing bits & pieces to the public, causing chaos in the court system. Not that they expect to win the case, but bleed the public & NRA dry in the process. JMHO y
  10. That is the model 742 BDL. I had one identical yrs ago that was stolen. Monte Carlo stock, basket weave checkering, deluxe forearm, 30-06. A very good rifle, a good price. If I needed another rifle, I'd be all over it. GLWS
  11. Never tried with Midway, but Midsouth allowed my order to remain on BO, for 3 mos, until they got the bullets in. Then they sent me an email asking if I still wanted it. I replied I did, they started processing the order. It's being g packed now.
  12. Starline is great brass. Like everybody else, they are waaay behind now, no relief in sight. I just received an email from Midsouth Shooters, that my backorder on 45/70 bullets are in. Ordered Jan 12, 2021.
  13. I have a Walther PPS M2 with the RSMc red dot installed by Walther. It co-witnesses with the iron sights. Iron sights are Mepro nite sights, BTW, From what I have seen & read lately, most now co- witness. Just make sure what you buy will do that. Like anything else, research first.


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