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  1. Cool it may be, but I'm not into cool. My reason has to do with my eyesight. The red dot is easier to deal with, much like a crosshair on a scope. Only one thing to deal with. Is it for everybody? Not likely, but it's catching on fairly fast in some circles. Has nothing to do with the red dot, but I'm a diehard Walther fan.
  2. Your retired Military ID will work.
  3. Update, I looked this up, a military ID, or a valid passport is fine, also a gov. PIV ( Personal Identification Verification card ).
  4. Well, so far I like it. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, been too busy with projects on the house. Did get the zero roughed in according to instructions. Anxious to get it fully zeroed & put some rounds down range. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Grunt67

    New home!!

    I have an outside antenna. It picks up several channels, including locals. Most of them are junk. But aside from the cost of the antenna, cables, pole, the rest is free, so...... You should be able to pick up quite a bit in your location. Good luck.
  6. Thanks, that's the plan. The red dot is similar to a crosshair on a scope, only one thing to deal with. It takes some getting used to, as far as picking the dot up. Wearing tri-focal glasses is hard to find that sweet spot of the three. The sweet spot makes me have to tilt my head at an uncomfortable angle. Doable, but slow. Ok for paper, but not so great in a gun fight, too slow. We'll see how it goes. I'll give a report when I get it zeroed in, and some practice.
  7. This am, I ordered a new gun I've been wanting for a while. Walther PPS M2 RSMc 9mm. Has a Shield red dot sight with 4MOA dot. Should be here Thurs. or Fri. Anxious to say the least. Got zeroing to do. Sights co-witness with the iron sights, if needed. The dot stays on all the time & adjusts for light. We'll see how it goes, will take some getting used to. My old eyes, and tri-focal glasses, will, I think work better than with iron sights. Ordered from Lebanon Gun Shop, on Hartman Dr.
  8. That's a great gun. I have the M1 version in 40S&W, I'll be selling later on. GLWS
  9. Grunt67

    New home!!

    Doug, glad to hear you're getting settled in in a nice home. As for the fiber optics, it takes a while. Finally got it out my way a few months ago, took about a couple of yrs. after I signed up to get it installed. Worth the wait, Verizon wireless sucks. The local electric utility co. got a grant to out it in Trousdale Co. Good luck buddy........
  10. You would think the Mil/VA ID would work.........., but just beause it makes sense, doesn't mean it will fly (pun ). Haven't been on a commercial aircraft since '68, don't plan to.
  11. Just wondering, if this is an attempt at a National ID, I already have a Retired Army ID card, which does not expire until I do, Plus, a VA ID card, that is national, as well. Would I need the TDL update to fly ( which I have no intention of doing ).?
  12. Mostly from Reloaders Bench in Mt. Juliet. Some from Mid-South in Clarksville online. I'm pretty well stocked on ammo, thru a couple of good sized wars. The reloading I do now, is just to have something to to when I can't be outside.
  13. Not fond of it either, but, issues with my legs, walking, couldn't drag a deer out if I killed one. Both legs wounded bad in "Nam, issues finally caught up with me. Not getting any younger either, LOL. Is what it is............... The crossbow is a good bow, good price, tho a bit early for the season, but a good time to buy, before retail sets in.
  14. Going out of the deer hunting business, due to physical difficulties. Sold my deer rifle @ the gun show. I bought this crossbow in 2017, only got to hunt a couple of times. Shoots very accurate, on targets. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II, has a 4X scope, 3 Barnett arrows, Owners manual, cocking rope, like new, original receipt from Bass Pro. Paid $359 new, asking $275. Thanks for looking. SOLD

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