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  1. Re: the attitude, etc. of clerks at Reloaders Bench. I had not seen much of that until lately, which I can't explain. Partly depends on the person you're dealing with. Seems like, since the Corona thing, they rather you didn't show up. Since I don't go to socialize, it doesn't really matter to me. I usually take care of myself. I go in get what I want, if it's there, pay & go. Mainly, on primers, powder, no Hazmat fee . Other than that. online.
  2. Most, these days, I buy wherever I can find it. Some days, no problem, others, nothing. Mostly luck.
  3. I've got 4 big trees on the ground now, already had one down. I'll be til frost getting this mess cleaned up. Of, course, I have to go shoot my Henry 45/70 now & then too, LOL
  4. Finally got mine today. Doug, yours should show up soon.
  5. No, Vets & SS all comes from the IRS. The content of my post came from the IRS & VA. If you receive compensation from the VA & are required to file with the IRS ( VA is not taxable but you still have to enter it on the from ), then the IRS has your #. That's it in a nutshell. Too long to put it all here. Google will take you there.
  6. That article has a flaw. Vets will receive a stimulus check, same as SS. As usual, the VA is slow in getting their act together. I received an email from VA, explaining the situation. We were originally told ( everybody ), that low income would be first. Obviously, that is no where near the case. Apparently, this an overloaded, system, so who knows how long it will take. Take a looong nap & wait.
  7. I've been looking at the 407K, for my PPSM2 w/ RSMc. Thing is, as another poster mentioned, there will have to be some mods involved, as in removing 2 of the posts & shortening the other 2 to accommodate to 407K. After this is done, the RSMc can still be used. ( all this according to the Shot Show spokes person. Price, will be approx. $219. I have an issue right now with Shield's warrant service, or rather the lack of it. The LED went out, sent Shield a claim. They had me send it to Valley Stream, NY. Haven't heard a peep from either. Messages, not answered. Not sure if maybe COVID-19 has them shut down, or what. Needless to say, I'm no where near happy with Shield, and have no intention of buying anything else from them. No way to do business. So, this has me looking for a replacement. The 407K "looks" good, but it's new, so, have to wait & see how the reviews go. Also, they're not supposed to hit the shelves 'til May.
  8. Same here. Take the flu shot every year, haven't had the flu since. Yes, if there was a proven vaccine, I'd definitely take it. On a side note, not directly related, but I went to the VA in the 'boro this AM. Nobody at my clinic but me. weird.
  9. I have a huge hack berry in the back yard. One of the limbs, about 2' dia. broke off, and on the ground. Gonna be quite a while getting this monster cleaned up. Apparently, social distancing, means no one offers to help, LOL. So I guess I'm good to go.
  10. Bonanza was the original name, now Forster. Other than a design change on a part, should be interchangeable.
  11. Yes, you would have to handle each primer. You could use a hand primer if you so choose. I didn't really care for the hand press thing. The co-ax seats them the correct dept each time, no room for error ( unless you put it in upside down, LOL ). Your choice, good luck.
  12. Primer seating speed will be about the same as a regular single stage press. It likely won't compete with a turret feed, but then, it's not supposed to. The other operations,tho, more than make up for that. No more screwing in dies. Set one time & you're done. They slide in & out the slot.
  13. Forster Co-Ax single stage press. You won't need all that extra Hornady stuff. You only need 2 shell holders, which covers anything out there. I load anything from 9mm to 45/70. one holder comes with the press. I bought the bigger one for the 45/70 also. Wish I had bought one years ago. Much easier to operate.
  14. I had a model 742 BDL in 30-06 yrs ago. It was stolen out of my Bronco. Had it for about 10 yrs. Never had an issue with it. Laid quite a few deer & groundhogs to rest. It was the forerunner of the 7400. Can't say how well made they are today. If possible, run some rounds thru it & see how it goes.
  15. LOL, I missed the nane & initials 'til just now. Yep, I know you've got a sack full of them. I forgot you said you are on here. Tough getting old & forgetful. See ya around, pard. Take care, Larry

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