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  1. You're right, Red, my bad. Looked at the calendar wrong. Eyes or age, or both, LOL. Thanks. Larry
  2. It was a good show, as shows go these days. Next one in Lebanon,tn is this weekend, July 21/22.
  3. I remember this day, Apr.25, 1967, as if it was yesterday. We were on a search & destroy mission in "Nam, walked into an ambush. I was hit twice with auto weapons fire in the R. leg, several times with the old Chicom "tater" masher grenades. Some of the fragments are still in there. Spent 16 mos. in an Army hospital, almost lost the R. leg, still got it tho., even if it is a bit shorter that the left. A couple of others were hit the same time I was. Another guy was killed later. We were almost overrun, but managed to fight our way out of it, wiped them out. Not one of my better days.
  4. Good idea. Should have some money left over.
  5. Noticed Bill Hagerty's name is absent. Wonder why.
  6. Well, jokes aside ( and there are plenty to be had ), this is an enormous achievement. Soooo, who here is gonna pony up $250,000, to take a ride? Let me know how it went.
  7. Give P J holsters a try. Paul might be of some help. I've bought several from him.
  8. One difference the new RCBs scale has vs the old Lyman & others, is that it has the increments on both sides for lefties ( I'm not ). Also, the pan has two tabs for either hand. One issue with both scales was, that my eye level is at an angle to the scale pointer. Fixed that by adding a small bedroom mirror which is adjustable. What I did was, zero the scale from eye level, then adjust the mirror to get the same reading when I'm seated. Works great & much easier to work with.
  9. I went to the Lebanon show this am. Surprised at the amount of reloading components there. COVID prices of course. Ammo, the same pricing. I was there early, no long lines then. Crowd definitely down from previous shows. Bought nothing, as usual, just checking things out. If you have a wallet in each pocket, you can get ammo & components.
  10. I haven't kept up with the bump stock, except what was on the news. My wonder is how the current adm. will look at it. Hopefully, not.
  11. Agree. Seems to be the same or similar principle as the bump stock. Matter of time before the knock on the door.
  12. I bought my one and only powder scale in 1968, used it ever since. It served me well. It was a Lyman/ Ohaus D5. Lately, I decided it was time for an upgrade, so I have ordered a RCBS Model 500. It has a heavier base, a bit easier to read. Old eyes call for desperate measures (pun), sometimes. Should be here sometime next week. I've got 300 more 45/70 to load. Thought this would help out. Getting old is better than the alternative, or so I'm told.
  13. Think I'll wait for the one in Lebanon,tn in 2 weeks.


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