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  1. Grunt67

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    Yep, I've been running mine year around for a couple of yrs now. Never know what you're gonna get. It's fun waiting to see what shows up. I keep corn out & a mineral brick ( deer ,squirrels, rabbits, lick that thing).
  2. Grunt67

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    Yep, almost black I guess, hard to say at nite. Only one to show up thus far, also had a buck & doe. Buck is growing, but rather ugly right now. Had likely the same buck last yr., ugly as a mud fence, LOL. I keep shelled corn out in a box at nite. Also have coons, rabbits, squirrels, doves, possums, skunks. Busy place back there, only about a 1/3 acre of timber. They make good use of it.
  3. Grunt67

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    I've had this "gentleman" visit in the woods behind my house, several times, just nosing around, LOL. Wiley coyote
  4. Grunt67

    TN Senate Preference

    Marsha!! According to an article in the Tennessean, Bredesen was "recruited" by Chuck Shumer. Not good.
  5. Grunt67

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Dang good point!
  6. Grunt67

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Well, Happy Birthday early, in case I miss it, but it beats the heck out of 74, LOL
  7. Grunt67

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Oh, to be a youngun' again, LOL
  8. Grunt67

    BOA on the ball for sure!!!

    Good move Bersa. I've been with WB&T since 1990, no problems. Very satisfied.
  9. Grunt67

    Early Voting

    Got it! Voted this AM @ 9:30. One less thing to remember to do, LOL
  10. I replaced all 4 shop lights with LEDs, carport light, next. Big difference for me.
  11. Grunt67

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    You can use the receipt they gave you when you renewed in person, some form online as well. It will suffice until the new permit arrives.
  12. Grunt67

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    PM would have been better, I agree. Apology accepted. I prefer not to discuss the matter any further, & let it drop. Tks, Larry
  13. Grunt67

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    Mac, I guess I'm confused here. On the " where to go in Maine" thread, Chucktshoes referred to Canadians crossing the border as " Snow Mexicans". Is this OK?
  14. Grunt67

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    Apparently you did not see the things he called me. I responded in kind. I hope it can be resolved, if not, I'll move on. I'm not a PC type person, & I stand my ground. I am not the person Chucktshoes claimed me to be, regardless of his interpretation.
  15. Grunt67

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    I agree, but since he chose not to go the PM route, neither did I. BTW, the thread was deleted, so no record, I guess.

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