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  1. AKVAT

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Done, the same ^^^^^
  2. I have had this on my calendar for 6 months, counting the days. But, too much black ice in my neck of the woods.
  3. This event is today. I have not been able to get a final count of who is attending, but if you want to join us last minute, let me know, I can probably fit in 2-3 more people and I think we have enough hot cocoa, coffee and cookies!
  4. Reminder: This event is this weekend. I need a count of who is attending soon, so please let me know if you are interested at your earliest convenience Thank you!
  5. I did not see any posting at the Sevierville Convention Center.
  6. To thank our EMS, Police & Fire Departments for all that they are doing to keep our holidays safe for us, we have w FREE open spots at each of our January events to say "Thank you!" Contact me to reserve your spot today.
  7. What she did was awesome. It goes to show how cowardly these perps are who insist on beating on people smaller and weaker than them. I have been in some really scary situations in my life and I have never peed my pants, lol!! People like the ex are disturbing, especially since I have gone through life as a petite woman and it is not uncommon to have someone bigger and stronger than me think they can lash out at me, push me out of the way or take advantage of me. I do not look forward to looking older, not because I am vain, but because older is yet another category perps think they can take advantage of. I have always said, the gun levels the playing field, old or young, man or woman, big or small.
  8. Sorry to hear of her passing, she sounds like a lady I would have enjoyed shooting with. I bet that was a huge step forward for her, to confront her fears the way she did. In my younger days, I moved out young, got my own place, had a decent job, but because I was a young woman living on my own, I had issues with nosy landlords coming into my apartment when I was not home, and a stalker ex-boyfriend or two. Even without a gun, I was determined that I was not going to put up with prolonged harassment. I told the perps I did not believe in restraining orders, that I would handle the situation myself. That was enough to keep them from coming back. A little bit of attitude has gone a long way, lol! I bet if I had a gun at the time, and they had known, they probably would not have attempted to harass me in the first place.
  9. I hate to hear that. There is nothing that is more satisfying for me than to see the initial conflicted smile of a woman who has just realized she is more capable than she previously imagined. It makes it all worth while!
  10. As the female owner of AK Virtual Arms Training LLC Sevierville, TN, I get plenty of women coming to my business who are curious about firearms and firearms training. In our first few months, it has become apparent that many newbies are reluctant to go to a live fire range for their first experience. They may not want to admit it to you. At my laser simulator range, we give the reluctant, nervous and timid a place to start that is warm, comfortable and fun to take their first steps toward being in charge of their own safety. Often times, they have so much fun, they will WANT to go to a live-fire range and start shooting their first live-fire pistol! The future of the 2nd Amendment depends on us bringing NEW shooters into shooting. AK Virtual Arms Training LLC does that very well. In addition to our regular training, we have women's only training and host women's shooting groups through events, parties and fund-raisers. Use one of our gift certificates to give that special woman in your life the gift of confidence and self-defense through one of our classes or events. And maybe, you will get a new shooting partner out of it! PM me if you want more information on our "women's only" courses.
  11. Thursday January 24th, 2019 6:30-8:00p.m. at AK Virtual Arms Training LLC 2662 Wears Valley Road, Sevierville, TN 37862 Steel Challenge Competition Practice Social Build the discipline and skills necessary to compete in a live-fire Steel Challenge competition, while making new friends and having a BLAST! Steel Challenge Competition Practice Social will be at our comfortable and warm log cabin on Wears Valley Road. Use our police and military grade firearms simulator, shot detection, surround sound and laser training pistols to build speed and accuracy under pressure. It gets your heart going! We have professional grade laser training Glock 17's, Smith & Wesson M&P, recoil enabled Beretta M9's and a recoil enabled AR-15. Comparing my scores from last years live-fire Steel Challenge, to this years live-fire Steel Challenge after using the simulator, I have seen a 20% overall score improvement for my Ruger Mark IV .22LR and a 13% overall score improvement for my Colt 1911 9mm. I hope to get some improvement numbers on using my S&W M&P 15 .22lr in the next couple of weeks. I am using the recoil enabled AR-15 at the simulator range to practice. I am excited!! The simulator DOES improve shooting times and accuracy. And there are no worries about ammo costs. Come by and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. The cost is $15 per person and includes competition, scoring, use of laser enabled firearm, unlimited shots and coaching. Recoil enabled firearms have an additional gas fee.
  12. Saturday January 19th, 2019 2:00-4:00p.m. The cooler weather makes great indoor handgun competition season! Our simulator competitions are a great way to beat cabin fever, have fun, get dry fire practice, meet new friends and it is very inexpensive when you consider live-fire ammo costs! What is an IPSC competition? We have professional grade, fully animated, mathematically correct simulator software that moves through 5 different stages and each stage has 3-4 individual runs. There is no time limit. Whoever has the best time, most hits, least misses and least penalties wins! There are cardboard double tap targets, steel single shot targets and the dreaded Texas Star! The simulator gives the feeling that you are moving with the targets. Check out our video on the home page of our website, it shows some of the IPSC stages in motion. It is similar to IDPA. We will be using the S&W M&P’s and Glock 17’s for this competition. The cost is $15 per person and includes competition, scoring, use of laser enabled firearm, unlimited shots and coaching. The simulator DOES improve shooting times and accuracy. And there are no worries about ammo costs. Come by and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Advanced registration is required. Please contact us to reserve. http://www.akvat.com AK Virtual Arms Training LLC Laser Range 2662 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, TN 37862
  13. Saturday January 5th, 2019 2:00-4:00p.m. AK Virtual Arms Training LLC and Indoor Laser Range 2662 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, TN 37862 Come for the excitement and friends, and get in some dry fire practice at the same time! All experience levels welcomed! Our professional grade firearms simulator DOES improve shooting times and accuracy. And there are no worries about ammo costs. Come by and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. The cost is $15 per person and includes competition, scoring, use of laser enabled firearm, unlimited shots and coaching. What is the dueling tree? You shoot one side, your opponent shoots the other side. Every time you make a hit, the target gets pushed to the opponents side and visa versa, until someone entirely clears their own side of targets! The more equally matched you are to your opponent, the longer you go! Then we rotate the roster so you can be matched against others until we come up with an overall winner. The more contestants we have, the bigger the prizes! You can use your choice of full sized Smith and Wesson M&P, Glock 17 or our sub-compact laser pistol. Our recoil firearms are not appropriate for this particular event, but you are welcomed to demo the recoil Beretta M9 or AR15 after the event. Advanced registration is required. Please call for reservations no later than 48 hours in advance of the event so that we have time to better plan YOUR experience!

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