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  1. I'll show this to my BF. He says he has the tools to do this. Doing a lot of shopping, not really finding something that fits me.
  2. I just looked at youth guns, I am not seeing any in 12 gauge, only 20 and .410. Just spoke to my BF, he said he has the band-saw equipment to cut down the stock. How would you suggest sanding the pad on it to take it down to fit the reduced stock?
  3. I did find a side-by-side youth Coach gun by Stoeger, it was a 20 gauge. Maybe they make a 12, I don't know. The youth was easy for me to handle but I wanted the 12 gauge. I like the gun I have now, it seems I could take down the stock an inch or so and reinstall the pad, I don't have the tools for that right now and the competition is coming up in a couple of weeks. I could take a peek at regular pump action youth shotguns that are 12 gauge 5 round capacity, if they make them. Needs to be inexpensive. Suggestions?
  4. I am a smaller woman, not tiny. I know a lot about handguns and rifles, but not much experience with shotguns. I have competed with Handgun and rifle, not shotgun, until now. I am going to try 3 gun. It is informal and I was told I can use my side by side coach gun. It’s new, needs some slicking up. I bought it to try with Cowboy Action. I really don’t want to purchase another shotgun for 3 gun when I am not sure if I am going to like it or not. The stock is a little long on my shotgun, and the recoil pad is quite deep. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good, thin pad, maybe gel that I can replace the original pad with so it is not such a stretch for my fingers to reach the double triggers. I just bought a 3 gun vest that has built in recoil pads. Ideas? Experiences?
  5. Welcome! Andrea from AK Virtual Arms Training LLC https://akvat.com
  6. We have a $25 gift certificate for the winner, from Mountain Chick/Docs Donuts in Wears Valley!
  7. Mountain Chick/Doc's Donuts is donating a $25 gift certificate as a prize! More to come...
  8. When: May 25, 2019 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m. Where: AK Virtual Arms Training LLC 2662 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, TN This is our biggest, best, full blown, simulator VR competition package! There are activator targets, poppers, cardboard and a super realistic Texas Star which are all scientifically and mathematically precise in their movements; you cannot tell the difference between the simulation and live fire reactive targets! Get some very real trigger time, have fun, make new friends! There will be donations of prizes from local businesses. The more people participate on a regular basis, the bigger the prizes! I may even work a grand prize into all of this, of a real gun!! You must sign up in advance on our website https://akvat.com/ola/services/ipsc-virtual-reality-handgun-competition?olaT=2019-05-25T19%3A00%3A00.000Z&olaR=542660 Our website also has a demo of this competition on the Video page, second video down: https://akvat.com/video It's just $15 for 2 hours of light hearted, competitive fun!
  9. BTW, I should give the business another plug here. If you are wanting a TN Carry Permit, we give the official class too ; ) Contact us when you are ready!
  10. I just took it to the range yesterday with a change of grips and tried new brands of ammo. Will be posting pictures and updates in the next few days.
  11. I belong to Gatlinburg Sportsmans Club. It is a nice, private outdoors range.
  12. We host a monthly 2nd Thursday of the month Sevier County Gun Club Virtual Shoot at AK Virtual Arms Training LLC 2662 Wears Valley Road Sevierville. There 1000+ members in Sevier County who may have helpful information for you. The next event is 6:00p.m. tonight. https://akvat.com
  13. I just purchased the Ruger Mark IV Hunter to replace the Ruger Mark IV Target that I sold to my business (so my clients can use my personal awesome competition gun to qualify, if they don't have their own gun). The Hunters' weight is in between the Target and the Competition. I felt I liked the balance of the Hunter better than the front heavy Competition so I went with the Hunter for my new competition gun. Here are my initial findings. Very pleased overall. It came with 2 mags, slab grips, TruGlo fiber optic front sight, V rear sight. As new, it felt very tight and a little gritty, so I cleaned and lubed thoroughly before shooting it the first time. It felt a lot better after that! In two short range sessions, I tested 5 types of .22lr ammo, at least 2 magazines of each. I used both the two new magazines and several older magazines I used for competition with my Mark IV Target. I did not mix ammo in individual magazines. All ammo and magazines tested ran flawlessly! Remington Thunderbolt, Aguila Supermaximum Hyper Velocity, Winchester Wildcat, CCI Stinger, American Eagle 38 grain. I realize these are some hot loads, they were what I had around the house. I have more more brands to try at my next range session, a little less hot. The front sight came loose near the end, and I did not have a proper wrench with me so I ended the session. This seems to be common with these particular front sights on the new guns from the factory. They need to be checked and tightened. I am not sure about the V rear sight. I need more range time with it. I felt like I was shooting better with my Target square rear sight, so I might have to switch them if I don't start taking to the V sight soon. I hope you enjoyed my review! I am in the process of building out my website blog to include more reviews and information like this in the near future. https://akvat.com
  14. I got listen to the owner of The Shoot Point Blank chain speak at an NRA event a year or so ago. It is not a small LGS shop, but to me, Shoot Point Blank is the brainchild of a man and really, the good old fashioned American dream. He observed the down-side of other ranges, studied why they went out of business, came up with a formula based on a lot of research cost/time/location/legal and seems to be one of the few successful range "chains" in existence. He knows how important family-friendly is with regards to the 2nd Amendment in general, plain and simple, the 2nd Amendment needs new and more supporters. Don't feel bad about having a membership there. The owner is "all in" and this chain is not a franchise at this time.
  15. Thursday May 9th, 2019 - 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. AK Virtual Arms Training LLC 2662 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, TN 37862. Join us for this SCGC social event and challenge someone to a firearms simulator competition! It is only $10 You to join the gun club, and you can attend the monthly virtual shoots for only $10! You also get discounts at other area 2nd Amendment supporting businesses! https://akvat.com/events

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