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  1. I've heard planting Rosemary or Sage will deter deer from eating nearby plants. Haven't had to try it yet though.
  2. Those batch tests were supposed to be a faster way to test and use less supplies. If the batch came up positive, each sample in the batch would be tested individually to ID the affected. At least that was the intent.
  3. For sub $1000, EuroOptic is still running a sale on their Bushnell Elite Tactical smrs ii 1-6.5 in black for $600. If they still have the PRO model in FDE in stock, those supposedly have ED glass. My buddy has a higher magnification version and really likes it. I used it a few times and the Elites sime well built. Glass was clear and the turrets tracked true. https://www.eurooptic.com/Bushnell-SMRS-1-65x24-ILL-CQ-BDC-Riflescope-ET71624.aspx
  4. If you're still looking for brass, I found 70 pieces in my shop. May have more if I keep digging.
  5. Sounds like you just need a vault door for your closet instead lol
  6. That's a damn good price. Better get it Chuck. Byrd and I are going to start reloading for these soon once I get enough brass cleaned. Link - Does this mean you'll be offloading some ammo too?
  7. If I remember correctly NRA money was used (grant) to help build that range/club. They won't take a substitution, including classes from other well known groups for qualifications.
  8. I saw a couple of articles citing restaurants that were giving out food vouchers if you come in and swap $5-10 in coins for $5-10 in bills just so they could have coins on hand for making change.
  9. It's not a production shortage but rather a distribution shortage from people spending less with paper money and coins. A lot of folks went electronic.
  10. Surely intended to be driven to a location then fired, but would that scooter come to a dead stop if you tried to fire it while moving?
  11. Put IR lights on your truck then technically you do have your lights on.
  12. I've really liked my ZT350. It seemed big at first in my pocket, but it's flat and takes up less space than you would think. I never leave home without it now.
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