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  1. I talked to a guy today when I was looking and he basically said there is more profit for the manufacturers to sell assembled rounds than selling components so there are less reloading supplies out there. Another guy said with the high demand for rounds, there's not a lot of excess to sell for reloading. If either or both of those are correct, the shortage makes sense (excluding hoarders/flippers)
  2. Let us know what you think of the swap. I have a couple of factory Kimber mags that could use an upgrade. I didn't see a deadline or did I miss it?
  3. If he really wants a jeep, look for at least a TJ with the 4.0L inline 6. LJ's have a little more room in the back, but people really do think those are made of gold ($$$). Wranglers hold value, but not what some people seem to think.
  4. Shorty


    Yes please! I'll take two.
  5. Shorty

    OH CRAP!

    It's been going on about 2, maybe 3 weeks now from what I've seen locally.
  6. Look at Customer service. When it comes in around my area, that's where they put the highly desirable calibers.
  7. Put a rubber snake on the ledge where it's roosting. I've had to do that before on a window AC unit. If that doesn't work, a board with lots of nails in it, close together
  8. Early rifle started last year. For the culling, it's 4 antlered and 4 antlerless to get the sportsman's license or 4 antlerless to get the hunt/fish combo plus hunting implement of choice license added. Has to all be harvested from unit CWD and tested.
  9. I've heard planting Rosemary or Sage will deter deer from eating nearby plants. Haven't had to try it yet though.
  10. Those batch tests were supposed to be a faster way to test and use less supplies. If the batch came up positive, each sample in the batch would be tested individually to ID the affected. At least that was the intent.
  11. For sub $1000, EuroOptic is still running a sale on their Bushnell Elite Tactical smrs ii 1-6.5 in black for $600. If they still have the PRO model in FDE in stock, those supposedly have ED glass. My buddy has a higher magnification version and really likes it. I used it a few times and the Elites sime well built. Glass was clear and the turrets tracked true. https://www.eurooptic.com/Bushnell-SMRS-1-65x24-ILL-CQ-BDC-Riflescope-ET71624.aspx
  12. If you're still looking for brass, I found 70 pieces in my shop. May have more if I keep digging.


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