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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe he's saying that if all vehicles uniformly ran DRLs, then motorcycles and the like no longer stand out in daylight hours as the "something different" that gets your attention by having headlights on.
  2. Shorty

    Hot Sauce

    My wife and I have developed an immunity to hot sauce. Much like a druggie, it's taking more to get the heat effect. We picked up several from Pepper Palace in New Orleans the last time we were there. I think we've gone through about 6 bottles of Jean Lafitte's ghost pepper hot sauce. It's got good flavor, but since it's an order item, we try not to go nuts with it. The Death Stalker scorpion pepper saucethey sell is good to. For every day foods we use a lot of locally sourced El Yucateco or Crystal hot sauce.
  3. I saw the aftermath of that wreck. It was so bad they put up some sort of tarp barrier to prevent ppl driving by from seeing it. That car was destroyed.
  4. Shorty

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    2 new reported cases in Marshall County. All 3 cases are in a tight cluster so I guess that's a positive. I suspect the bans recently put in place will carry over into next season.
  5. Shorty

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    I don't know how they haven't reported another case in Marshall or by now Benton County, MS with that distribution map.
  6. Shorty

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    Preliminary results for 11 more testing positive from the same areas. https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/twra/news/2019/1/7/-11-additional-deer-preliminarily-cwd-positive-in-fayette-and-hardeman-counties-.html
  7. Shorty

    Drones Sightings Keeping Airport Closed

    Depending on drone size (small), they could just use the Peregrine falcons airports are already using to control bird populations at airports.
  8. Shorty

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    I'd love a generator connected to the house. My FIL had one connected to his gas line, super quiet and convenient. On the flip side, a lit house in a completely dark neighborhood will be like a beacon to all sorts of people.
  9. Shorty

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    Well that's just **cking awesome. My lease is just past the Hardeman county line. Really hope these are false positives, but unlikely
  10. Shorty

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    They are $80 at several places right now. I want to say you can daisy chain them also.
  11. Shorty

    Antlered Deer Defined

    Conquest has their deer tested. Saw an episode of Conquest 200 last night where the owner submitted cull deer and any natural deaths to the state to be tested. At least I think it was the state, could have been private.
  12. Shorty

    Antlered Deer Defined

    Well that sucks. I'm honestly superised there's not already some regulation on testing urine based products for CWD with all the concern throughout the US of it spreading.
  13. Shorty

    Lifetime Sportsman License

    Bought one for my son when he was born. I want to say all I had to do was send the application, fee and copy of birth cert. Easy as that.
  14. Shorty

    So Maggie went AWOL ...

    His name is RJ. Hershel wouldn't be a baby anymore either since they did the time jump.
  15. Shorty

    LTS Food Sale items Fall 2018

    Good to know. I figure a few in our inventory wouldn't be a bad idea. The family probably wouldn't eat them, but I would to stretch the foods they will eat.

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