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  1. There should be a bolt inside the grip to remove the pistol grip, place plate against the receiver and reattach the grip
  2. Look online for a sling plate. Looks like it mounts between the grip and the receiver, with options for QD or clip. Something like this: https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/ak-47-74-sling-attachements-prod45023.aspx Can you fit an adapter between the recever and stock? http://stormwerkz.com/accessories/ak-sling-plates/
  3. The type of fish and quantity will determine how much oxygen you need in that pond. If it's a small decorative "bait" pond as you put it, the waterfall with the right aquatic plants may be all you need for oxygenating the water. Put in a small filtering system and you should be good to go.
  4. How far is the creek from the "pond" and does it flow well? Would it be easier to put in a small water wheel to generate the power to light the pond? Then you could bury the lines to the pond and not have to worry about the aesthetics of solar panels.
  5. Anybody looking for a higher end optic, EuroOptics has their Nightforce on sale for 15% off. These rarely go on sale. (along with lots of other scopes at different discounts) https://www.eurooptic.com/Nightforce-Black-Friday-Sale-2019.aspx
  6. Are you talking about the pawn shop/gun store on 64 on the East side of town? I remember somebody telling me the prices were decent. The reviews online are positive but at least a couple of years old. Look up Bang Bang Guns.
  7. Shorty

    New Deer Rifle

    For a scope, EuroOptics is running a closeout on certain Nikons, several in the 4-16x range and FFP (about $350). Thats plenty of magnification for hunting within a few hundred yards. I bought a scope from them recently and it arrived pretty quick. They are a popular place to get scopes on another long range forum. https://www.eurooptic.com/Nikon-Tactical-Closeouts.aspx
  8. Shorty

    New Deer Rifle

    How far out do you think you'll be taking shots? I use the ole .308 but I've looked at 6.5 Creedmoor a few times (not for hunting). 6.5 has less recoil, cuts the wind better and has less drop than the 308, but inside 500yds isn't substantially better. 308 has more bullet choices currently. There's a decent comparison on palmetto arms blog. That said, if you are only going out a couple hundred yards and like 30-06, get a 30-06. https://www.primaryarms.com/blog/6_5-creedmoor-vs-308-winchester-caliber-battle
  9. Sgammo sells the HST 50rds for $30. Not quite as good but better than other places I've seen.
  10. Yep, plain as day that pic says MA1. Definitely not a Garand
  11. I used Arbor Country Tree Service (Jared Pieper) to take down 2 decent sized trees and clean up several smaller ones. Price was good and he cleaned up the yard of all debris.
  12. Would it fit in one of those 6 pack tube style coolers?
  13. Since tomorrow starts the season again, I'm bumping this in case somebody missed it in the new regs like I did, but they changed the rules again on natural scents. Page 15 and 37 of the 19-20 regs says we can again use natural scents but it must have an ATA seal of approval on it.
  14. Does that mean it's a rough area or just that there's nicer areas to stay? Unfortunately my wife just told me she already booked it, so I'm kinda stuck, but can prepare accordingly.
  15. I'm planning a family trip to Chattanooga in October and it's been years since I've been out that way. We tend to like to rent cabins/vrbo since we have small kids so they have room to play. Is there anywhere /areas I need to avoid looking for a place to stay for a few days? My wife found a place East of Lookout Mtn. off 58 and St. Elmo Ave. that looks nice, but I have no idea about the area. Anybody have any input or better suggestions?

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