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  1. Does that mean it's a rough area or just that there's nicer areas to stay? Unfortunately my wife just told me she already booked it, so I'm kinda stuck, but can prepare accordingly.
  2. I'm planning a family trip to Chattanooga in October and it's been years since I've been out that way. We tend to like to rent cabins/vrbo since we have small kids so they have room to play. Is there anywhere /areas I need to avoid looking for a place to stay for a few days? My wife found a place East of Lookout Mtn. off 58 and St. Elmo Ave. that looks nice, but I have no idea about the area. Anybody have any input or better suggestions?
  3. RTIC is having a labor day sale, some up to 50% off. The trick to making a cooler stay cold longer (supposedly) is to pre-chill the cooler before use. When you're ready to use the cooler, put a couple of hard Ice packs in the bottom then cover contents with ice. As the ice melts, it re-freezes on the ice packs and extends your cooling time.
  4. Have you tried Gold Medal Match in your M1a? I have limited experience with M1's to know exactly how they behave with different rounds. GMM will group well enough to meet club requirements easy. If you don't want to work thru all the range levels, the club recommends participatingin a 600yds match.
  5. HSGI Riggers belt (no d-ring) with a cobra buckle has served me well for carrying a 1911 or anything else. The cobra buckle makes undoing the belt super quick/easy.
  6. The distance won't be there, but Shoot Point Blank has a long gun range. Don't know what their requirements are. That or go as someone's guest to MSSA.
  7. Sounds like a solid plan to keep ppl hunting. The extra bucks will be interesting
  8. New regs out for this area labeled as "Unit CWD". https://www.tn.gov/twra/news/2019/5/30/new-cwd-unit-hunting-regulations-established-to-aid-in-efforts-for-disease-management.html
  9. Shorty


    I read somewhere that years with a heavy mast crop (acorns) tend to be followed with an increased tick population. Dunno how true it is, but it kinda makes sense. I soak all my clothes in Sawyers ahead of time if I have plans to be outdoors. If you spend enough time at the cabin, you may consider some type of ground bird (guinea fowl, chicken) to help with the ticks. For mosquitos, I would have never believed this works, but we got desperate for relief...mix 3 cups Epsom salt, 1 bottle of minterest mouthwash and 3 cheap beers. I added some lavender oil, but eucalyptus oil works too. Let the salt dissolve and spray everywhere including bushes. I may see a random mosquito but nothing like before. Supposedly it will last for about 2 months.
  10. Well my seeds came in today. 4 business days from order to arrival is pretty good in my opinion. Seeds came in sealed, clear packaging so you can see what's in itand the seeds look to be in good shape. Hopefully these do well if I can get the soil right.
  11. I was going to try some of the Whitetail Institute clover on a different plot. Thought about some of the Power Plant too to compare to the mix I'm putting together.
  12. I gave Hancock Seed a try last night. I did a small order to test them out. They seemed to have a good variety to choose from and shipping was free. I got a tracking number first thing this morning so we'll see how fast they ship.
  13. Anybody have a reputable website they recommend for buying seed? My local feed stores tend to only carry the more common options (corn, clover, etc.) or prepackaged mixes. I can read reviews all day, but I prefer first hand experiences if I can get them.
  14. Nightforce just announced last week two new NX8 models, fyi since you have the itch. Specs sound promising.
  15. Don't forget to check Visa requirements. A lot of countries don't require them if you are staying for X amount of days, but some do. When work was trying to send me to China, I was going to have to apply for a visa and send them my passport to have it added which would have added to the turn around time.

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