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  1. I was given a couple of these 3-4yrs ago, half as a joke, after seeing folks cook with it on a game show. Supposedly they task acceptable https://www.amazon.com/Yoders-Canned-Fully-Cooked-Bacon/dp/B006YXOOI6
  2. Molasses and trace mineral salt poured on a stump worked well for me
  3. Probably didn't realize what he was voting on.
  4. You may want to add more items ro stop a bleed, depending on the trauma you're willing/prepared to take on. My wife (a nurse) just had to dig into her kit this past weekend while out of town when she and 2 other nurses rolled up on a large accident on the highway. What they needed most while waiting for EMTS to show up was multiple pairs of gloves, tons of gauze and irrigation.
  5. So TDOT appoach appears to be "Let's check and plan a reasonable opening" while ARDOT is"F@$k it, we'll do it live!".
  6. It's been a while since I was in there, but the army surplus store off Collierville square had surplus metal mags a while back. May be worth checking out or at least calling them.
  7. You think his ex-wife started that petition?
  8. Can you program a separate code for delivery drivers and then add that to the comments of the order?
  9. This place sells, delivers and removes safes. They may move them also. Worth a shot anyway. They're on Summer near Midtown https://townandcountrylocksmiths.com
  10. Bikini Bottoms is up in Dyer county if you're willing to drive a little farther. I hear it's a decent ORV park.
  11. Cowpeas with Lablab and something like sunflower/sorghum/sun hemp to grow on as it vines. The lablab is drought tolerant in case the summer gets dry.
  12. A soil test is a good investment and will potentially save you money. If you are worried about being able to turn soil, plant something like clover or brassica that doesn't require more than 1/4in of soil coverage. Clover can be annual or perennial depending on variety. Rye and brassica will require replanting each year.
  13. Try the International Market in Cordova by the movie theater. You could almost reassemble a cow from all the parts they have there and prices are generally pretty decent. Or try Fayette Packing.
  14. This is the same council, albeit different members, that claimed there would be blood in the streets if people were allowed to carry into resturaunts/bars.


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