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  1. While water isn't an issue with this scenario presently, it would be a good idea to think about it for future preparations. I'm not saying you need to go out and buy cases of water now, but a "couple" of good water containers should be considered, especially if your storing a lot of dry goods. A Reliance Aqua-rainer holds 7 gallons and costs less than $20 each. Just cycle the water about every 6 months.
  2. Just about any lake/pond you go to, your chances of catching something are going to be within a couple of feet of any structure, as in docks, fallen trees, brush piles and trees hanging low to the water. (bass and bream). Grasses and lily pads are good too for bass. If you can find any of that near a running spring or creek that dumps into body of water, even better. Expect to get hung up on something occasionally, it's part of fishing. Right now.may be a bit tough with all the rain we've had.lately, but water temps should be going up soon and the spawn won't be far behind. Look up your local fishing reports before you go to see where and what the fish are biting on.
  3. Sportsmans Warehouse in Southaven has a short wall of materials. Since I don't tie flies, I couldn't tell you if it's a good selection or not. Seemed decent though.
  4. For clarification, are you talking strictly CV (basic services still available) or "you're on your own"? If it's the second, then in no particular order...several 7gal jugs to hold tap water, bleach, batteries, first aid/meds/scripts, several gallons of gas, lots of salt to preserve food, alternative cooking method...oh and barter items, booze, cigarettes, lots of cheap lighters
  5. Have you looked at the Sig Sauer rangefinders? I have a 2200mr, now discontinued, but it ranges well. Has clear 7x glass, easy to use, used it as close as 10-15ft out to 1000yds+. Not sure what the.current models are, but they are worth taking a look at.
  6. +1 for the Old Mill. We get breakfast there every time we're in the area.
  7. Have you looked at Black Eagle arrows? The ones I've used are very accurate. Haven't tried them in a recurve though.
  8. I know somebody with a used Gen 1 PST 6-24 with MRAD reticle if you want to save a few bucks.
  9. There should be a bolt inside the grip to remove the pistol grip, place plate against the receiver and reattach the grip
  10. Look online for a sling plate. Looks like it mounts between the grip and the receiver, with options for QD or clip. Something like this: https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/ak-47-74-sling-attachements-prod45023.aspx Can you fit an adapter between the recever and stock? http://stormwerkz.com/accessories/ak-sling-plates/
  11. The type of fish and quantity will determine how much oxygen you need in that pond. If it's a small decorative "bait" pond as you put it, the waterfall with the right aquatic plants may be all you need for oxygenating the water. Put in a small filtering system and you should be good to go.
  12. How far is the creek from the "pond" and does it flow well? Would it be easier to put in a small water wheel to generate the power to light the pond? Then you could bury the lines to the pond and not have to worry about the aesthetics of solar panels.
  13. Anybody looking for a higher end optic, EuroOptics has their Nightforce on sale for 15% off. These rarely go on sale. (along with lots of other scopes at different discounts) https://www.eurooptic.com/Nightforce-Black-Friday-Sale-2019.aspx
  14. Are you talking about the pawn shop/gun store on 64 on the East side of town? I remember somebody telling me the prices were decent. The reviews online are positive but at least a couple of years old. Look up Bang Bang Guns.
  15. Shorty

    New Deer Rifle

    For a scope, EuroOptics is running a closeout on certain Nikons, several in the 4-16x range and FFP (about $350). Thats plenty of magnification for hunting within a few hundred yards. I bought a scope from them recently and it arrived pretty quick. They are a popular place to get scopes on another long range forum. https://www.eurooptic.com/Nikon-Tactical-Closeouts.aspx

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