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  1. If you can find one they made single tens. 9 shot 22 revolvers are great though. originally typed single seven. Freudian slip since I want both.
  2. back of the sofa has two ends. someone memed a find the mistakes pic LOL
  3. I've done several searches on it. I only came up with the 2017 and 2021 break ins. But my wife and I were i the store the morning after the last one, just a couple of months ago. I did see it on their FB page at one time but looks like they have a new page now.
  4. My instructor said always start with the last thing that was touched. Take the ac belt off and see if it stops. A/C compressors get really loud when they are about to disembowel themselves. Not sure about big block Chevy but I had a 400cid Ford that would throw the pushrods out of the rocker cups if it sat too long. They only knock for a short time until the pushrods get bent, then you have a dead miss. A collapsed lifter would show as a dead miss. If it's a stuck valve it could be a large ole in a piston. Start with the A/C. Then check for a miss. After that it's removing the rocker covers. Keep in mind, if it is just a lifter, you still need to replace all 16 plus the cam. Now you're into money pit time.
  5. Specialty Arms II in LaVergne? They were broken into in the same back through the front again not long ago. Thieves somehow got around the two large concrete planter style blocks. I think this was the 4th time. Can't find the article but wife and I were in the store the day after.
  6. I agree. SR 22 is a great beginner's pistol. I like mine. If I didn't have it the TX22 would be at the top of my list for auto pistols, Not sure for revolvers. Low cost definitely Wrangler, but I do miss my old Single Six.
  7. missed second gear in a new 78 F150 and nearly broke my knuckles on the windshield. Old FOMOCO shift levers won't break
  8. DOH! I didn't look at the original date. yep, I'm slipping
  9. Mexico, Cuba, maybe. We don't need the commiestates gaining more in numbers. Personally I think they should all be tried for treason.
  10. My sympathy on your loss. I miss my dad still. I would keep the guns, but I'm sentimental. Dads got away before he passed. Have a custom holster made for the S&W, you won't regret it.
  11. My kids would have heard the sound,,,they all know the sound of my belt coming off.
  12. Federal 125gr SJHP. I read that 30 years ago. The only offsetting factor is that the original data started being compiled when most highway patrol and many local LEO carried 357s with Federal ammo. One hypothesis is that the marksmanship training helped contribute to the one shot stops. Gelatin tests and goat testing also favored this load. This is all assuming a two legged predator, for hogs or bear I'd stick with 158gr FP. I read the "reduced muzzle flash" of modern loads and got a chuckle. Even with a 6 inch barrel you're going to have a big flash. Still, I would be quite happy with 125gr SJHP of any brand in a gunfight. BTW, 230gr Hydrashok .45 is 92%.
  13. When we lived up north we locked our car inside a locked garage. That was in the 70's. Our family never locked their cars, hell they left the key in the ignition. People tend to do what those around them do, I was always afraid I'd lock my keys in the car but guessing the thought of it prevented that. If you look back at the discussion of the Memphis police officers being shot by a criminal released on recognizance you'll see what I think of the problem. Our current state of disrespect for the law should not be happening. It is a symptom of lack of respect and responsibility brought about by anti Christian ideals promoted in our schools. Now I need to use my soapbox to prop up the mower deck while I rebuild it.
  14. a. You should be able to do/not do a lot of things but the bleeding hearts have allowed the ne'er do wells free reign. b. I have a lock box in my car for the offhand case of having to enter a building where firearms are not allowed. c. I try hard to avoid entering said buildings. Most I won't enter without a subpoena. d. With freedom comes responsibility.
  15. Wish you were closer, I'd take at LEAST the HyrdaShok


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