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  1. I'm certainly not trying to tell anyone what to do, but I'll note that if you're going to carry this, the Girsan has the modern BHP firing pin safety (the best FPS ever devised for an SA auto, IMHO) and the SA does not. Larry
  2. Photos updated with the three C&R handguns. Appreciate everyone's help- Larry
  3. I'm guessing it wasn't converted, because there's 7.5 (?) 'Argentine Mauser' factory ammo in his stash. Pops tended to hoard ammo for the weird ones, it's looking like. Larry
  4. I got the LCP II in .22 and the LCP Max in .380, and BOTH needed to go home to the mothership; the .22 just so it would run with ANYTHING, and the .380 because it was shooting about 5" low at 20'. The .22 now runs most ammo (which is typical for any .22) and is 100% with Punch and Velocitors. The .380 is only an inch or so low at 20' now, so 'good enough', I suppose. The .380 also got an aftermarket trigger, since the OEM slapped worse than my AK, and that's saying something. Fair-to-OK with the aftermarket trigger kit now. I like them both-great form factors and profiles, and tiny for their calibers-but don't feel like you could buy a current Ruger and run it out of the box without some very thorough testing. Ruger can make a good gun, but it seems like it takes them two tries to do so... Larry
  5. I appreciate the advice and responses. If anyone feels like poking through some pictures and offering any info or advice, it would be appreciated; having real difficulty finding out ANYTHING about that sporterized FN, in particular. Hopefully this link will show the pix I took this AM: https://ibb.co/album/3rz7rP Thanks again, Larry
  6. Appreciate all the responses. Yes, I know a bit about guns, but mostly post 1970, apparently. Dad was into WWI and WWII stuff. I'll check out that show, although transporting these (there are about 15-20 that should end up for sale) will be a trick. Larry
  7. Howdy, My dad passed last week, and I've been tasked with disposing of many of his C&R rifles that my brother and I, along with our adult children, just don't have room for. (We each got several of his firearms to keep for sentimental reasons, don't worry.) My dad was a C&R holder for decades, and some of his stuff is frankly hard to even ID. I've figured out there's an Argentine Mauser, a K-31 Swiss straight-pull, a French MAS-36 (?) bolt action, a hex receiver Mosin and some others, along with ammo for most. There's a beautiful FN without so much as caliber markings.... <sigh> I'm looking to find a dealer who'd be interested in these (preferably as a lot), as I'm trying to turn these into $$ for my mom in a reasonable time, and selling each individually to private individuals would probably take quite a while. Is there a dealer in the Crossville area or reasonably nearby who might be a good choice for these guns? Appreciate any pointers- Thanks, Larry
  8. The fact Timney isn't drop-safe pretty much prevents me from considering it, which is a shame-it's supposed to be a great trigger. Larry
  9. When a country makes dismembering unborn babies in their mother's womb 'health care', how on Earth do you expect them to raise children who value and respect life? America has made a suicide-pact with a specific segment of the population, and we've become afraid to say men can't become women just by declaring it, unborn babies are actually babies and a father in the home is a critical part of child-rearing. I'm a hard-core liberterian- I don't want to control what anyone else does AT ALL-but being forced to pretend whole categories of objectively impossible things are 'true' is tearing this nation apart. Larry
  10. This will be more interesting when someone finally designs a gun around this cartridge, rather than simply converting 9MM designs to chamber it. A narrower slide, narrower frame could be really significant if done correctly. Larry
  11. I had a boss who used to say, "When it comes to traction, it's more the tires than the horsepower." Same goes for traction in life... Larry
  12. I got the Apex model that came complete with the trigger, an installed trigger bar and a connector. My 48 had a *terrible* trigger, averaging around 7 1/2 pounds; much worse than any Glock I've owned before, and the Apex made it much better; still around 5#, so not super-light, but improved take-up and break (along with the connector.) And then Apex recalled it...so I just sent it back, with a replacement scheduled for about 8 weeks from now. Larry
  13. All I can add is, don't give up; doctors can be skilled and gifted, but aren't always right. Growing up, my brother's best friend was a goofy, smart, funny kid born with half a heart; the doctors told his parents he would only live to about 12. Advances in technology, along with old-fashioned toughness, brought him almost to 40. After a back surgery that went bad years ago, I was told I'd never walk again; when I walked, I was told I'd never be able to work. I went on to earn four black belts, race motorcycles and live a fine life. The point is, every person, every medical case, is individual. Never accept a limitation a doctor tells you, work to create a better path forward for your daughter and your family. Larry
  14. Just following up; closed the deal and got to walk the property last weekend. It'll be a while before we move in full-time, as we have to wrap some things up here, but we're getting there. VERY excited to meet a lot of friendly, normal folks in the shops and restaurants around the area. Also confirmed there are some terrain features that will make a perfect natural berm. Larry
  15. Hi, just found this forum through a search regarding shooting on private property in TN. We've got a contract on about 16 acres in Cumberland County, and will be using it as a vacation home for a few years until we can escape the dreaded hell-hole that Illinois has become. Looking forward to moving to America! Larry


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