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  1. The two spots for "overflow" that I know of are empty. I think the battery plant construction slowed a bit too. Haven't been by there in a few weeks.
  2. Here in Spring Hill, 9/20 is when they will restart the plant.
  3. What time can I stop by?
  4. More traction if you post over here, make a new ad...https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/39-firearms-classifieds/
  5. Welcome to TGO! Spring Hill's housing market is nuts right now. Anywhere south of Spring Hill will be an easier commute for sure. The further north you look the pricier it gets (Thompson Station, Franklin). South and south west of here it's a tad quieter and your housing money goes further as well. Been here almost 16 years and watching it boom still. We are about full though.
  6. WSMV just showed body cam footage. The officer they showed racked the slide as he was walking in and drew down on the guy. Weird.
  7. Spring Hill Heating and Cooling has been fantastic. Based out of Columbia but very good folks. 931-381-2285
  8. I’ve got into the Ring cameras. New house so we tried the Ring door bell. The Echo Show is linked to so you can see who it is. Or ask Alexa to “show me the front door” and she does. Looking at getting something for the back of the house too. We’ve already got a flood light so the camera might be a little cheaper.
  9. jhc77

    45ACP bug

    It's 4" I believe. The M&P is 4.25". That may be what's throwing you off.
  10. jhc77

    45ACP bug

    No. The lever is fine. The trigger pin is dirty though. Haven't had time to clean it. Just moved 2 weeks ago and getting cardboard boxes emptied and house put together has priority these days.
  11. jhc77

    45ACP bug

    After getting back to work a little over a year ago finally got to scratch my 45acp itch. Picked up these two in the last 4 weeks. The M&P thankfully came with a box of range lead and I had someone local check his shelves and found 2 50 round boxes of Speer Gold Dot. Need to get out to the range! Standard M&P with fiber optic front. The Champion has Novak nights that still work. Not sure of the age on it but spring is stiff and trigger is crisp. Holster is on the way.
  12. $20 for 6 month membership is well worth it. Welcome to the forum.


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