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  1. jhc77

    GP100 holster recomendations

    @gjohnsoniv makes a terrific holster. I’ve got two pankake’s of his. Couple other guys make them here on TGO also. Use the search function. Talented folks on here.
  2. jhc77


  3. If you have a good stand of it still, you can probably mow it. My neighbor enjoys it to keep spring weeds at bay until the burmuda kicks in and takes over. He doesn’t have to reseed for it either. It will burn off once the normal regularly programmed summer heat stays. My rye grass burned off the last few days finally.
  4. jhc77

    Freedom Munitions...squib

    No telling how much I’ve got left. Guess next range run I’ll try to finish it up so it’s gone. Could be there a while unfortunately.
  5. jhc77

    Freedom Munitions...squib

    I had one today. Short of wetting myself I put my handgun down and called the RSO over. Case ejected but hung up loading the next round. Nothing got damaged. Had a decent fireball (for 9mm 115gr) blow out from the chamber not the muzzle end. I was flinching a bit finishing up the rest of the mag and a half.
  6. jhc77

    AT&T Field Techs with Armed Security

    Both times I noted above traffic control wasn’t an issue at all. But at any point besides the 30 seconds it took me to pass them they could run into needing traffic control. Could be like other comments where you can have irate folks yelling in the ears of these guys if they are digging or working in neighborhoods. They sent outsourced door-knockers thru my neighborhood in the fall. They ignored no soliciting signs and I reminded them constantly.
  7. Just curious as to when this started? Little ol' Spring Hill, TN is booming and just won't stop so I understand new lines and "switchboard thingy's" need to be put in. Up to a couple of days ago I've now seen two instances of this. I don't care really that they are doing this, just why the armed guys? One of the locations was an underground set up and the other above ground on the other side of the city. I can't think of a decent reason cause I don't relate to the work they do. Any info is brain food for me. Thanks, me
  8. I wouldn't recommend it. If stuff went south your shoty is empty right? You are cleaning it correct? It might get stolen then the PD would come and ask questions and who knows what story would be given as to why your heater was taken from you.
  9. jhc77

    Springfield EMP 4" 9mm

    Very nice Greg. A fella had one in my HCP class. I was staring at it like a kid in a candy store. I guess this line was introduced in 2007 which was when I was very green to handguns and much less seen a 1911 that close. I do know it was a 3" model. Enjoy it, hope to own one in a few years.
  10. jhc77


    Welcome aboard
  11. Good price with it including the trunk tray. I’ve got this in the same car. Wish I had these in my Highlander.
  12. jhc77


    Welcome from Spring Hill. Northside Gun Shop is a tidy little place to wander about. No idea what’s going on with King’s down your way.
  13. What's the blade length on lefty?
  14. jhc77

    Hello from Rogersville

    Welcome aboard!

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