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  1. furycarrysolutions.com I have 2 of their holsters and have no complaints. They are in Maryville, TN also. Found this a few minutes ago. Q: What if I don't see my firearm listed? A: We offer a mold trade program. You purchase the gun mold that matches your firearm and mail it to our shop (we'll help you find the proper mold). We then build your holster from that mold. You receive the holster free of charge and we keep the mold to build holsters for future customers. You only pay the standard shipping fee for your holster. Your lead time starts once the mold arrives at our shop. *Mold
  2. “Hole” is a problem. While its rated fireproof, I’d rather not make another hole in it.
  3. Mine has been in the garage since 2008. It’s not the best climate but do have rechargeable dehumidifier that does well. Also keep everything wiped down. I did buy silicone laced sleeves for longer things. edit to add-most newer ones have plugs to get power into the safe. Mine doesn’t so that’s why I have the rechargeable stuff.
  4. Thought this would fit on my 2.0 compact but won't and no returns. Instead of trying to sell it, it's here M&P 1.0 FDE grip insert, small. Fits 9/40.
  5. It’s 38spl brass. Send me a PM if that will work and mailing info.
  6. If you need brass I have a small stash I’ll send you. I kept it for some reason.
  7. I picked up a 19 already. Thanks for the offer.
  8. Got the itch for a basic 19 or possibly a 17. Scarce as hens teeth I know, but I have cash at hand. I can meet from Columbia to north Brentwood to Murfreesboro. Reside and work in Spring Hill. Thanks @jonathon1289!
  9. I haven't looked at ammo prices in a long time fortunately. That's twice what I paid last time I bought a pile of plinking rounds. Reman is all that's left.
  10. jhc77

    Palmetto PS9?

    Still waiting for this. Cash at the ready!
  11. I’ve got a mockernut hickory that’s been dropping for a couple weeks. Didn’t have any on the tree at all last year. Seems the last time was 3 years ago and squirrels stripped it clean in the fall.
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