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  1. jhc77

    FN 509 tactical 9mm

    I’ve got a Garrett Industries kydex leather lined you can try. Fits my FNS9 fine. May have to massage it a touch for the front sight though. Barrel should just fit too. Send a PM and I’ll text you photos of mine in there.
  2. jhc77

    Coonan Arms .357 magnum 1911

    I've seen videos of these. Being a 357mag fan, I'd get one if I could. Didn't realize the heft on these monsters, they have it weighed in at 5 lbs. Personally, this would be a range toy at that weight. My avatar is looking towards the firing pin of a S&W 686 with a 6" barrel.
  3. jhc77

    Old Tech

    You wouldn't happen to have an iPhone 7 or 8 (Verizon maybe) just laying there would ya?
  4. Bought this pair when I was into GLOCK, not sure why but I did. Long rid myself of those but found these today. Never worn Strideline brand socks. Guessing they come up to your shin and probably would look nice rolled too . I’m in Spring Hill for $25 or will mail for the same.
  5. jhc77

    OC an empty holster?

    Honestly didn’t notice. Trying to figure out how to open the door without catching something. I understand your situation but if a bad guy wanders by and sees what I did they might stop. Keys easily would come off and find his car. If the holster was holding something I wouldn’t care either. But empty with car keys dangling is almost as bad. I believe other than uniformed officers firearms are no go.
  6. This past Saturday, wife and I took the littles out for some putt-putt. In the hustle to get there as soon as they opened, we happened to see Keith Urban and Nicole leaving one of their children’s party at the facility which was awesome. On to the rest: Kids wanted to go to a place I call and rhymes with chunky cheese. Knowing the policy I obliged but had something with an edge on it just in case pizza started flying. Just about to leave and I noticed a fella with a Blackhawk Serpa on his belt - empty! Not sure the reason why. Looked to have snaps vs belt loops or the paddle. Why? Just why?
  7. Interested in #2. Need to find some scratch first.
  8. I’ve been to both and didn’t notice. Maybe once they got the kinks out after opening they posted them. The family isn’t digging the food so much, not sure I’ll be back in anyways. Shame because it’s so much easier than dealing with the Crossings for me.
  9. jhc77

    GP100 holster recomendations

    @gjohnsoniv makes a terrific holster. I’ve got two pankake’s of his. Couple other guys make them here on TGO also. Use the search function. Talented folks on here.
  10. jhc77


  11. If you have a good stand of it still, you can probably mow it. My neighbor enjoys it to keep spring weeds at bay until the burmuda kicks in and takes over. He doesn’t have to reseed for it either. It will burn off once the normal regularly programmed summer heat stays. My rye grass burned off the last few days finally.
  12. jhc77

    Freedom Munitions...squib

    No telling how much I’ve got left. Guess next range run I’ll try to finish it up so it’s gone. Could be there a while unfortunately.
  13. jhc77

    Freedom Munitions...squib

    I had one today. Short of wetting myself I put my handgun down and called the RSO over. Case ejected but hung up loading the next round. Nothing got damaged. Had a decent fireball (for 9mm 115gr) blow out from the chamber not the muzzle end. I was flinching a bit finishing up the rest of the mag and a half.
  14. jhc77

    AT&T Field Techs with Armed Security

    Both times I noted above traffic control wasn’t an issue at all. But at any point besides the 30 seconds it took me to pass them they could run into needing traffic control. Could be like other comments where you can have irate folks yelling in the ears of these guys if they are digging or working in neighborhoods. They sent outsourced door-knockers thru my neighborhood in the fall. They ignored no soliciting signs and I reminded them constantly.

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