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  1. Being a licensed driver in VA for 15+ years then moving here is a noticeable improvement.
  2. I’ll be the first to say that area of drivers do indeed drive aggressively. No idea why. Tides baseball is very fun. One of the best Triple A ballparks around. Hampton Roads bridge tunnel is a nightmare anytime of the day. Monitor Merrimac is a little nicer but puts you way out in the sticks.
  3. In all honesty the “locals” are a grumpy bunch. I’d guess about 50% of the area are retired. Tourist season is busy and spread out into some of the newer neighborhoods.
  4. @jeff43 I'd guess a model 637.
  5. Two Drummers, https://www.twodrummerssmokehouse.com/home, for good eats. Went to school with both if the fella's that own that place. Both of them were in Fife and Drum for Colonial Williamsburg, hence the name. I grew up in Williamsburg and left in 2005 after 28 years. Shorty's Diner is a local spot in an older part of the 'burg that folks like. If you see a sign for Camp Peary, don't visit that place. They are kinda rude when you say you got lost. Do not at most any cost use the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel if at all possible. It's a nightmare about 24 hours a day to get to Va Beach. Hit up Yorktown for a beach and battlefield instead. New Town is a cool spot also in Williamsburg. Shops, nice pool hall (Corner Pocket), fancier restaurants too. If you go there check out the General District Court house across the street. Got my marriage licence there and the gentleman's name on the outside is my uncle. Nice guy too! Shopping-Premium Outlets is the place to go. If your in Colonial Williamsburg, The Cheese Shop is a local and tourist favorite with the house dressing. Don't forget Jamestown, I'll probably tote the kids out there when we get back home in July. I grew up riding my bike on the island. If you play golf, PM me. I know a guy. Rambles are over. Seriously PM me if you need anything there. Mom is still there close to Ford's Colony. Pierces Pit BBQ is a long staple of that area. I'll add Water Country along with Busch Gardens. Beer is good too, Bud-something is made there. Spaz over..
  6. And the other side of this, Ruger Mk series mainspring won't seat unless the magazine is in on reassembly.
  7. Ha! I worked at the Shipyard before I moved here. I’ll never forget the smell of Budweiser brewing.
  8. Welcome aboard from a Williamsburg transplant. In the Nashville burbs since 2005.
  9. First time I've hit these little red bugs with something that made them quit moving. All quiet around here for the time being. Not having pets or kids that lick brick and concrete, that gallon covered the driveway, porch and bricked crawl space (outside) with a few drops left over. Dried long before little foot traffic was on it.
  10. I've strolled by this thread for years and never thought of reading in. I for some reason have chiggers on the outside bad this year. With two kids that like the outdoors I was at my wits end with getting rid of these pests. Porch and driveway were awful as well as the outside of the house along the crawl space. I've got a gallon pump sprayer but for the life of me can't seem to figure the ratio. Any help would be fantastic. The last few cool days have backed them off but heat is coming back shortly. This isn't computing in my brain for some reason: From Amazon; For initial clean up of severe insect infestation, dilute at a rate of (1) part concentrate in 19 parts water (6.7 ounces per gallon) (0.5%). For normal infestations dilute (1) part concentrate in 100 parts water (1.33 ounces per gallon of water)
  11. 18+1 capacity? Don't forget to pick up a Maglula Uplula If I was after a fuller size I'd pick that up.
  12. I think this started in December 2018, so 4 months ago? I've had mine since February 2016 without a hiccup besides a few junk new reman's. I always carry condition 0 and never had an out of battery situation. Not sure that's possible if you don't ride the slide closed. Suppose I'll do the recall. Apparently I never filled out the warranty paperwork. I didn't receive a recall notice myself.
  13. If you wander over towards Nashville I'll take it. My wife travels over that your way occasionally, I'll check with her too.

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