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  1. Their biscuits are make you choke dry, especially when you slap a piece of semi dry chicken on it. Those are to be avoided at all costs. To be fair most white chicken meat is pretty dry in my opinion. Many places struggle to cook it well so it is not just a problem with CFA.
  2. Anyone have a source for a smith to cut and thread a shotgun barrel for Remchoke style chokes? I normally do most of my own work for rifles and pistols but have a few shotgun projects in the works that I am just not tooled up for. Middle Tennessee area preferred.
  3. I used to spend 42 weeks a year on the road. I have tried dozens of locations across a multitude of states. Never once have I been impressed with anything other than the service. I generally avoid them but sometimes it was the best/only option for a fast lunch on a driving day.
  4. Actually Russia is a second or third in titanium production depending on what year and what level of production you are looking at (ores vs refined goods). China is first and Japan or Vietnam is often second. We source our titanium tube and bar from Japan (for DFARS needs). Russia does mine a good bit of sponge but does not produce nearly as much refined goods. China is also first in Tungsten and Vietnam is actually second, again Russia is third.
  5. To each their own. Those waffle fries are about the only thing on the menu worth ordering there. Their chicken is dry, flavorless, and unimpressive. The service is top shelf but the product is disappointing at best.
  6. I guess my primary issue with this the fact that this letter was sent to existing tenants already under a lease agreement that did not contain this language or restriction. Existing tenants are now a) forced to sign this new agreement/contact if they wish to remain in their home, b) incur the expense and hassle of moving if they refuse to accept the new restrictions. c) face eviction if they choose to not sign or violate the new restrictions after signing the new agreement in bad faith. I am also slightly surprised that Tennessee would have code on the books that goes counter to a tenant
  7. I saw this letter floating around community pages on the Book of Faces last night. I was unaware that Tennessee, a normally 2A friendly state, had such a code in effect. Apparently it is legal for a landlord to prohibit a tenant from possessing firearms on the leased/rented property under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. This seems like a fairly significant overreach to me and goes rather counter to castle doctrine (or similar principles of TN law). A landlord can prohibit tenants, including those who hold handgun carry permits, from possessing firearms within the leased
  8. Midway is no friend to gun enthusiasts. They have taken part in price gouging for ammo and components. $90+ dollars per 1000 primers when they had some in stock last month. That was before the hazmat shipping fees. You gouge on prices because of perceived shortages and you have lost my business.
  9. Looking for an 18" to 20" short barrel for my standard Remington 870, 2 3/4" and 3" chamber length setup. Would contemplate a longer barrel that I can turn down. I just do not want to turn down my original barrel with my turkey choke. Prefer matte finish but beggars can't be picky. Prefer Middle TN but will travel a bit to pick up or cover shipping costs for the right deal.
  10. In the last couple of months I have; a) paid normal pre pandemic prices ($26/1000) for new primers at a retail store, b) paid normal'ish prices ($28 ~ $40 per lb) for powder from both individuals and retail stores, c) paid normal to slightly high prices for projectiles. I have not horded or resold any components but I have bought them when I had the opportunity and I bought what I thought I could conceivably use in the next year or two. Now I have traded some of these items for other things I did not have and I have traded some components (mainly brass) for primers and powder.
  11. FYI most of the UHF/VHF traffic (70cm/2m) is on the area repeater systems Some examples Repeater Frequency Tone Shift Franklin – UHF 444.025 MHz PL 110.9 + Franklin – VHF (FOW) 145.150 MHz PL 123.0 – Fairview – VHF 145.130 MHz PL 156.7 – Brentwood – VHF 145.210 MHz PL 173.8 – Kirkland – UHF 443.875 MHz PL 107.2 + Murfreesboro - VHF 145.1700 PL 114.8 - Woodbury, short mt - VHF 145.4900 PL 100 - There is also Mount Juliet, - VHF 146.4150 La Vergne - VHF 145.2300 lots more that I do not hav
  12. Williamson County Amateur Radio Emergency Services does classes every year. They have technician classes starting in May. They run it on Saturdays from 8am till noon. The classes can fill up quickly since they are cheap/free if I recall. Those interested in attending should contact Jack Cox via email at: ka4otb@comcast.net https://wcares.org/
  13. Had the virus last year. It was rough for me and I don't wish that on anyone. It nearly put me in the hospital due to the fluid on my lungs and lowered O2 levels. I avoided the hospital and potential vent because I a) caught it early, b) started treatment early, and c) am a moderately healthy middle aged person with out a lot of comorbidities. Got my first vaccine shot (Moderna) on Monday. It kicked my butt a little but nothing like the virus itself. I had a bit of a headache the afternoon of the shot that was knocked back easily with Tylenol. I had some weirdly achy legs the following d
  14. tacos de carrilleras de ternera, si los amo. tacos de cabeza, no tanto.
  15. Anyone got a set of .308/7.62 dies collecting dust? Need a set. prefer either neck only or a full set with full length and neck only dies but beggars can't be picky.


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