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  1. The land around me that is being developed, at an alarmingly fast rate, has not been farmed for at least a decade, if ever. Most of that land was either owned by a farmer who has been gone for at least a decade or two and the land was left in Family Land Trust but not actively farmed or was owned by a large land trust for the purpose of speculation/wealth. The only farms that still exist in a ~40 mile radius of me are 30~100 acre hobby farms with less than 100 head of livestock, a few hay fields, or a few 10~20 acre fields of row crop. At least here in my area of Mid TN the ground is too rocky or the hills to extreme to row crop for food production, efficiently or economically at least. The ~30 acre field behind me had soybeans 7 or 8 years ago. That was the last time it was planted. The last planting was left unharvested and the field was returned to weed/brush growth. The cost of the diesel to harvest the beans was greater than the yield from the field would have paid. I think he has partially bush hogged it twice in the last 7 years. Not a huge loss in my opinion, soybeans are horrible and the more fields of those we loose the better off we are. Along those lines our, now sold, family farm was up in Robertson County and in the middle of lots of small to medium sized tobacoo farms. With already low and further decreasing demand for tobacco products much of that land is being repurposed. Some of it went to corn or hay, some of it went to developers, some of it went to livestock but there is a lot of it that is just not actively farmed for any purpose anymore. I don't think the blame is solely on home development even though it hurts to see pretty woods and fields turned into subdivisions.
  2. Back when I had a decent salsa garden (tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, garlic, multiple peppers) I made upwards of 100 pints of salsa every year. Some went to family but we tended to go through at least a jar a week in our house alone. Since I had the water bath canning setup I threw cucumbers into the mix and made ~20 or so jars of pickles annually. I ended up getting pretty good with jams and jellies as well. Friends and family always wanted my jars of pepper jelly and Blackberry jam for Christmas every year instead of gift cards or a bottle of wine. I never got setup to pressure can so I never did try low acid veggies or meats. Now I do not have a garden and the new house is not conducive to starting one. No fences and hordes of deer, rabbit, armadillo, opossum, and skunks make it nearly impossible to keep plants alive that are not right up against the house. If they ever develop the land behind me and I have to put up a fence I might try again. I adopted the square foot gardening raised bed method for my last garden and had some great success with it. Efficient and easy maintenance as well.
  3. A world record Walleye came out of Old Hickory Lake in 1960. In the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's it was a regular practice of northern anglers to come down to Tennessee to walleye fish in the winter to get some "warm weather" fishing in while their home lakes were frozen over. It was nothing for them to pull dozens of walleye out a day. Now there are few if any walleye left in Tennessee. There is a small population in the Caney but it is not significant by any stretch. Licenses and limits are in place for just those sorts of conservation issues. Snag fishing for paddlefish is another prime example, without a limited season and limits there would be no native populations left. Most anglers now target crappie, bass, or catfish not because they are a preferred species but but because they have breeding rates that allowed them to proliferate through extreme overfishing. There is simply not that much else left to target. Even if you are a trout fisherman in Tennessee you are not fishing natural/native populations but rather controlled hatchery spawned populations. Hatcheries paid for by the a portion of your fishing license as others have mentioned.
  4. Or the thought of going to a retail location to stand in line to buy those paper tickets including going hours early if it was a high demand show. To explain it to the young folk. "Apple just launched the latest iPhone and each apple store only gets 100 each of them."
  5. Oh god, trying to stay awake through another showing of the slides when any relatives came to visit. My pops had thousands taken from the window of a C130 over Vietnam, Japan, Guam, and most of the south pacific islands.
  6. Still had three pedals no matter where the gear lever was located. Learned to drive in a 65 Chevy C10. Straight 6, 3 on the tree.
  7. Ammo manufacturing can come with some big issues. Requirements on how much powder you can store, where you store it, how much you can have in a single location, Distance requirements from your storage location to nearby structures and roadways. If you are getting into more commercial level volumes there are a bunch of other things to consider like static discharge prevention. Things that are not a huge concern for a home reloader become a much bigger concern when you start dealing with pallets of powder kegs and primers.
  8. 3 Pedals is so rare now. Last time I took my wife's car to a place we needed to valet park I had to do it myself. The no one on the valet staff knew how to drive a manual. Or a well in general even with an electric pump. My grandparents place still had 2 active wells, one with the above hand pump and one with an electric pump out in a small pump house.
  9. Music Videos on MTV 3 channels and no remote control on a console TV Cable Box with a rotary knob/dial (and flipping that rotary dial back and forth quickly to try to catch a glimpse of a channel you did not have!) Gas below $1.00 per gallon
  10. OldIronFan


    I am 6'3" and bounce around between 250 to 275lbs depending on how much I have been working out. I did not fit well with the factory 93 LE seats that were in the car when I got it. I now have modified seats it it that fit me much better.
  11. No necessarily cheap or covered by insurance but there are sources for emergency meds/antibiotics without an immediate need. https://jasemedical.com/ Is one such source. They cater to preppers, adventure travelers, international travelers, ect.
  12. OldIronFan


    My 2wd F150 is a low mile former farm truck. The 82 year old farmer I bought it from bought it new in 06 and managed to put 62,000 miles on it going to the COOP every Saturday for supplies and meds for his Hobby Herd or dump runs. He was a wealthy retired attorney who happened to have a 60~70 head heard of beef cattle. He got rid of his cows at 78 or 79 years old. Finally sold the Farm at about 82 or 83 and moved to "town". I bought the truck from him in 2021 with 62k miles. I do know he had never owned a 4wd truck in 50 years of owning and operating that farm, always 2wd F150 short cab long bed trucks. The couple of times he did get one stuck he just pulled it out with the tractor and went on about his work, no big deal I guess when you have a couple tractors around.
  13. OldIronFan


    This is my 3rd MX-5. It is a supercharged 97. Had another 97 (bounced it off a rock wall) and a 95 that I raced for several years before selling it. Raced a 1st gen RX-7 for a few years as well. Honestly I think the Mazdaspeed 3 would be my favorite if they had just carried the awd system from the speed 6 to it. My MX-5 needs a power steering repair before spring and my Speed 3 needs an injector seal so I have been driving the 5. Once I get the Speed 3 going again the 5 will be sold off, too many cars and not enough garage.
  14. OldIronFan


    It really is interesting to see the change in norms. When I was young a factory 4x4 truck was a rarity. A vast majority of of trucks sold were 2wd. Now in the current full size truck marketplace the vast majority are 4wd. If you want a 2wd truck you are either buying a fleet/work truck or a small midsize truck like a Frontier, Ranger, or Canyon. AWD was virtually unheard of. Now it is also common place in sedans, crossovers, and small SUV's. I started driving at a point were cars were transitioning from mostly RWD to mostly FWD. I currently have a 2wd full size truck (F150), a FWD hatchback (Mazdaspeed 3), a RWD sports car (MX-5), a FWD Van (Mazda 5), and an AWD crossover (Forrester) in the fleet. I stole the wife's Forester last week to get to work. Snow mode and AWD made life easy. Today I took the FWD van since the roads are all but clear. I will probably drive the truck the rest of the week since it has not had any exercise in a couple weeks.


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