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  1. Recently acquired a SSK-50 receiver so I need to find some barrels and other related parts. Looking for a few specific things but I may be open to other things that might not be on my immediate radar. 14" (preferred) or 10" (acceptable) 44 Mag barrel (stainless preferred) 14" preferred but will consider other options, 22 LR Match barrel. Again stainless preferred 10" (preferred) or 14" (acceptable) .357 Mag barrel. Rifle length barrel 16"-21" in 45-70, stainless preferred Open to barrels with or without rings, mounts, or mounted scopes. Target or Pachmayr style rubber grip (G1 style) Target or Pachmayr style black pistol fore end for above pistol barrels. (G1compatible) Wood Target style pistol furniture set (G1compatible) Wood rifle stock and fore end (but will also consider black composite/rubber stock set. (G1compatible) I am not planning on buying all of this at once, well my wife is not planning on me buying this all at once anyway. I am just getting my wish list out there so I can start building back up the T/C Contender collection I had years ago (and never should have sold). Let me know what you have available. In Middle TN but will travel a little for the right parts or a good deal.
  2. I live down McFarlin off Kidd. It would not be the same neighbors as I can hazard a guess and say I am 2~4 miles from you but there is fairly frequent weekend gunfire at a property over the hill from me and I have never heard a complaint or noticed any law enforcement visits. No posts on the neighborhood Facebook groups for the nearby subdivisions that I have seen either. I did see a post pop up on that stupid Next-door App my wife signed up for once and the general replies to the post from other users were, "this is the country, not the city", "mind your own business", and "they can do what they want on their property so leave them be". Build it safe and be respectful of the time of day you shoot. If you can shoot suppressed, it is wonderful. If all else fails make friends with some of the neighbors that might also shoot and invite them to use it on occasion. Make allies incase the enemies come knocking.
  3. Forgot to update mine when they came in. Despite different submission dates the approvals came on the same day. Submitted Jul 28, 2023, approved June 24th so 33 days or 10 months and 28 days on my 30 cal can. Submitted Nov 22, 2023, approved June 24th so 216 days or 7 months and 3 days on my .338 can. Shot the .338 can last Friday, sure is sweet.
  4. I have never run into that and I have gone to South Carolina, Louisville Kentucky, and Cincinnati Ohio to buy vehicles. I rarely have a vehicle serviced at the dealer I bought it from. Always found some good deals looking 100 or more miles from home. Dealerships make money off the manufacturers warranty no mater where the vehicle was purchased. The book hours and rates don't change based on where the car was sold. Since most dealer service departments operate fairly independently from the sales side, including financially, they could care less where a car was originally sold. Dealerships make more money selling used inventory than new inventory. They also make more off the financing, supplemental warranties, and dealer add on services than they do off the sale of new inventory. Bottom line is the actual sale of a new vehicle independent of all of the above is probably the lowest income generator and thus the lowest priority of the dealer. What they really want is to sell you undercoating, extended warranties, fabric protection, and finance plans. Those are their real products, they just happen to be attached to a big chunk of metal and plastic you have to buy first. You can negotiate a good deal locally but I have found better luck shopping online, negotiating a sale via phone one I found what I wanted, and driving or flying to go finalize and pick it up. Saved thousands doing that and it is easier to back them off of all the "extra" crap when you are well outside their region with your own financing. I once had an engine replaced under warranty at 32,000 miles, just inside the factory warranty. Did not purchase it at the local dealer but I did have it serviced there. I bought it new on the other side of the state, cash deal no financing and no supplemental warranties. Local dealer had done the oil changes since I drove it home from point of purchase and they had zero issues replacing the motor when it spun a bearing. it was not really their decision anyway. They had to run it through the regional warranty manager for the manufacturer to approve the warranty claim. They got paid the same by the manufacturer for the work and the OEM sent them the engine to install. Dealer service is the important part of that equation and why I have my work done at the dealer or dealer approved service location while it is still under warranty. When they have the records of regular maintenance and it was performed inhouse it is harder for them to deny a warranty claim for poor maintenance or owner neglect. Once it is out of warranty and I am footing the bill it is either in my garage or at trusted local independent shop.
  5. I use a credit card exclusively and have for a number of years. As a result I have not paid for a hotel room, flight, or rental car in about 5 years. I have a card with travel focused points/benefits and use those to take (basically) free vacations. I even got them to foot the bill for my TSA Precheck and Global Entry ID. I say basically free because my points don't cover food, fuel, souvenirs, and tickets/entry fees. I spent 16 days on the road last spring traveling 7200 miles. Cost me about $2000 in food, fuel, gifts, and national park entry fees. The $2000 got me a few points towards the next vacation . I have never carried a balance past 30 days on that card and have paid no interest to the CC company. I do pay a small annual fee for that card but many years I manage to get that either waived or offset by some promotion/benefit. It has also had the bonus of being a shield against identity theft. I once had my ATM card hacked back when I still used one. It was a nightmare to get charges reversed with my bank. It was costly because I had a number of overdrafts or returned auto payments that occurred before the hack was discovered. I have had my CC number hacked or stolen a few times since then and every time the CC company caught it before I did. They locked the card number, contacted me about the potential theft, and reversed the charges within hours of the first fraudulent charge. I did not loose a penny on any of those occurrences because the CC company was so diligent about fraud. One of those occurrences was hours before a flight for a trip with my wife. The CC company overnighted new cards to the hotel we were staying at so we would not have an interruption or inconvenience on our vacation. 0.00% interest, or even a promo rate like 1.9~2.9%, on a new car can be a screamin' deal. As long as the 30k or 40k you would have spent on the car is sitting in the bank earning 5%~6% or more in interest. I had a hell of a time paying cash for my last new car. The dealer did not want to play ball at all on a cash deal. He was happy to offer all sorts of incentives on financing though thanks to all the backend money they get on those that pay lots of interest on a crazy 72 month loan. Property Tax Assessments are a buzz word the media can use in a headline to scare you. My property tax assessment went up some crazy percentage a little while back but the actual increase to my property tax burden went up less than $100 annually. Less than inflation honestly. Honestly one of the biggest issues I see is a complete and utter lack of saving/investing. That is not just the young folks that are struggling to get ahead, or just get on their feet, but the middle age folks rapidly approaching retirement age. I started my first IRA at age 18. I did that mostly for a tax break at the time because I was making too much money with few deductions available to me. I kept that trend going for many years and only failed to save a few very lean years where under/un employment issues occurred in the family. Even with over 3 decades of IRA, 401K, cash, and general investment savings under my belt I fear I will not have enough saved to live comfortably in retirement. I know I am in significantly better shape than probably 90% of my peers though. I have friends and coworkers that feel like they can't afford to participate in their company 401k plans because they need every penny from their paycheck to cover the house, cars, and credit card bills. Credit can be a tool. It is not in and of itself "evil". Using it as a crutch is a choice, a poor one. Now predatory lending practices are a different matter entirely. That topic could support it's own multipage thread.
  6. What makes fish bite? If you can truly answer that question you will be one of the most popular people on the planet. I agree with Alleycat though, the cicadas are driving lots of critters wild right now. The snakes are really out in force right now since several species love to gorge on them.
  7. I am not a Harley fan at all so hack and spray away! There is a reason those original parts sell for such good money though. People want to restore wrecked or previously hacked up versions of the bike back to "original" Seldom do modified bikes bring original bike money.
  8. Current trends and many serious hikers including thru hikers on the AT and PCT are going exactly the opposite direction. Over the ankle and heavy hiking boots are not favored by many hikers. Lots of really good options in low light weight shoes that look more like cross trainers than traditional hikers. They utilize similar base and sole construction to old school boots but the uppers are more tennis shoe like. Much lighter, less fatigue when putting on the miles or long trail days. I still have a pair of Keen hiking "boots" but have gone to low top hikers almost exclusively. Wore out a set of Merrells and am currently on a set of Keen Headout's.
  9. Joaquin Castro and Veronica Escobar out of Texas and Maxwell Frost out of Florida. Texas and Florida should do better. The majority of the 50 cals in the Cartels possession came from US State and Dept. of Commerce approved purchases by Mexican or Central American military and law enforcement agencies. The straw purchases trafficked across the border do happen but they only one small portion of the guns that make it into the hands of the cartels and gangs.
  10. Had them flash fried and drizzled with hot honey. Crunchy, most of the flavor was from the hot honey though. Not much added flavor from the cicada. Had them battered and fried as well. Same result as above. Most of the flavor was in the batter, oil, and the provided dipping sauce not the cicada. 4/10, would eat it again if I had to. There is not much I have not or will not try food wise. I have consumed plenty of wild game meat, including, alligator and snake. I have had horse meat, dog, and likely cat. I have had more cured, pickled, dried, and canned seafood than I would care to recall including Hákarl . On the bug side I have had crickets, ants, grasshoppers, meal worm, and a couple of agave worms that were at the bottom of a bottle of some clear liquid .
  11. Yup, that is nearly the exact feedback I got from my teaching family and friends. High risk, low reward. Like you said most would throw their own body between an attacker and a child but none see being armed as the right answer to stopping an active shooter or protecting kids in classrooms.
  12. Two teachers in the family, two more close friends or neighbors that are teachers. 3 of the 4 hold TN carry permits and do carry when not at work or on school grounds. None of the 4 have any desire to carry in school. 2 of the 4 specifically said they would not carry even if this bill did not have the restrictions or stipulations about gaining permission. Neither had any desire to take on that responsibility and quite frankly that risk. One specifically said they had no desire to get sued by a parent if things went sideways in their school at some point. The one without an existing permit is not anti gun but has never owned one and has zero interest in learning to shoot much less obtaining a permit. She is married to someone who does own, carry, shoot and hunt but she has no interest in knowing anything more about firearms. My conversation with the two family members indicated that they had yet to hear a fellow teacher express any interest in obtaining the required permissions. General consensus of the educators in their circle of peers thought it was a pretty stupid idea and useless bill.
  13. Oh it certainly looks a bit blocky/chunky, I agree. I guess you don't want delicate but it could probably be slimmed down some and remain durable.
  14. Just over 11 lbs (5.1kg) with suppressor and 1 loaded mag. 8.4lbs for the base rifle. Not crazy by any stretch. Maybe a pound over what I would have envisioned considering the 13" barrel.
  15. Ahh, gotcha. Yeah the sleep study is a pain. Not just from the new hoses and leads but in my case they woke me up at least twice to change or add something. I started out with only the monitors, once they got readings in that state they put the CPAP on me and went again. Then they switched the CPAP setup in the wee hours of the morning again.


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