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  1. Holosun 508T X2 Red Like new condition, includes hardware and tool. I've misplaced the original box, manual, etc. but it will ship in a similar Holosun box. I'm asking $300.
  2. Trijicon SRO, 2.5MOA, includes box and manual. I mounted and zeroed the SRO on one of my pistols and it has sat in the safe since. Excellent condition, I'm only selling to fund an Acro P2. $SOLD, prefer FTF in the Tri‐Cities area but I'll ship at buyers expense.
  3. S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact, Optic Ready, with a Holosun 507c X2 mounted on a CHPWS plate. All were purchased new, zeroed, and have sat in the safe since. Probably 100rds or less fired. Includes 2 factory 15rd magazines, box, a total of 4 grip inserts, and the factory optic plates, lock, manual, etc. $650 FTF in the Tri-Cities (Bristol, JC, Kingsport) area. I can add a Dark Star Gear AIWB holster (grey, RH) for $50. Also have several new, unfired 15rd factory mags for $25ea.
  4. I had a similar issue when the Compact optic-ready M2.0s came out in November 2021. The threads (both holes) in my slide were super tight using the factory hardware. When threading one of the screws into the slide to install an optic it sheared off with minimal torque. The screw head hadn't even began to touch the optic when it happened. I understand your frustration, I was livid. I didn't want to wait on an RMA process so I took it to my local gunsmith. He extracted the screw with no issue and chased the threads. After that all hardware threaded smoothly with no resistance. I purchased a second copy of the pistol a few weeks later that had the exact same issue, minus a sheared screw. I had those threads chased as well. The gunsmith believed it was possibly a tolerance stacking issue caused by the finish applied over the threads? Who knows but since having the threads chased I haven't experienced any issues after approximately 3k rounds. Concerning the cover plate screws, about a month ago I purchased a Shield Plus optics ready and my screw heads were also rounded out from the factory. I hammered a Torx bit in them to successfully remove them. Very disappointing. I'm currently waiting on a CHPWS plate and hoping to avoid any fuss with the hardware. I've been a devoted M&P user for 5 years and pretty excited about some of the recent releases but the issues I've had are very irritating. P.S. if you decide to go another direction I'd be interested in buying that CHPWS 509 plate off of you
  5. I received mine this week after finally sourcing one and I wasn't disappointed! Looking forward to hopefully getting it to the range this weekend. The front serrations and extended slide stop levers are two of my favorite details about this pistol. S&W has a winner here!
  6. I'm also a j-frame fan. I have a 442 w/out the lock. I would highly suggest the Apex j-frame trigger kit, it's cheap and makes a world of difference in the revolver's trigger. Makes the DA pull lighter, smoother and is an easy install. My j-frame has become something I always carry like my wallet or pocket knife. In conjunction to a great carry gun it's proven a useful training tool. The use of the heavier trigger in the j-frame has translated over to improving my trigger control. I also find the j-frame fun to shoot. It loves 148gr. Wadcutters! I generally carry 135gr. +P Gold Dots in it, when I can find them.
  7. Visiting family in Franklin, TN this week and have noticed several city officers but couldn't really make out their sidearm, looked like a Glock. Can anybody confirm (didn't see them on the list)? On a side note, I was impressed to see a moto-officer with a 14" barreled 870 on his motorcycle. Very cool.
  8. Check out Dark Star Gear. He's a small, kydex holster guy in PA. He's making sheaths for these that ride horizontal. I've been using his holsters and he's a good guy. Excellent customer service as well.
  9. Here's another vote for the Spyderco Sharpmaker, effective and easy to use.
  10. I've onwed a 9mm 239 in the past. It was one of the most accurate pistols I had at the time. I was always suprised how well it shot for a smaller sized pistol. The DAK trigger system is great IF you take the time to train, practice and learn it. If you purchase a DAK and carry it exclusively I say go for it but if you have a number of different guns (as in different action types like DA/SA, SA, striker fired) I wouldn't buy the DAK. When I had my DAK 229 I also carried a DA/SA 229 and a Glock and the different trigger set-ups didn't jive to well together. When I focused soley on th DAK I loved it and became more effective with it. YMMV. With that said, here's some food for thought. The 239 is bigger and heavier than comparable guns in its category. Look at a Glock 19, about the same size roughly but holds almost twice as many 9mm rounds as a 239 9mm. The 239 vs. a 229 is roughly the same size as well but the 239 is definently thinner but loses capacity. Try to get out and shoot one, they're a great pistol if it meets your needs.
  11. Nice build. I also just built up a BCM midlength on a Spikes Tactical lower. I'm really impressed with the BCM product from their barrels, upper receiver, even the Mod.4 chargin handle is quality. You gonnna love it, especially when you shoot it.
  12. In 1996 my folks got me a Remington 870 LW Magnum 20ga. Beautiful, smooth, sweet shooting gun. It's still in my safe and will remain in my family for eternity. It's killed most of the usual small game hunted in East TN, powdered thousands of clays, and given me hours of enjoyment along side my loved ones. It's probably why I have a must buy obsession with 870s.


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